PSL beats Super Diski

THE International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) has finally put to bed the raging debate on which is the better soccer league between the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League and the Absa Premiership of South Africa.


The Germany-based organisation rated the local league as superior to the lucrative South African league yesterday.

The IFFHS is an organisation that chronicles the history and records of national football associations basing on all national championship, cup competitions and inter-continental club competitions. They then produce Club World rankings.

In its latest rankings of the Strongest National League in the World released yesterday, the IFFHS put the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League on position 67 in the world, 14 places better than the well-sponsored and much publicised Super Diski.

The PSL is ranked eighth on the continent with 300,5 points while South Africa’s league is on 11th position with 260,0 points. South Africa share this position with Qatar league, which is equally lucrative.

This is despite the fact that the Zimbabwe league continues to lose some of their best players to the super-rich South African league with Soccer Star of the Year Denver Mukamba the latest victim of the great trek after he joined Bidvest Wits from champions Dynamos.

The strongest footballing nations in the world, which send more clubs to the various continental competitions, have the advantage that only their five top scoring teams are taken into account.

This probably explains why the local league is ranked higher than the South African league as local clubs such as Dynamos have in recent years done very well in continental competitions such as the Caf Champions League while South African sides have traditionally struggled.

While this system is by no means definitive proof of superiority, it should boost the local Premier Soccer League’s reputation both on the continent and across the world.

Spain’s La Liga retained its place as the top league in the world for the third year in a row and their superiority was confirmed earlier this week when they provided all 11 members of the FIFPro World XI for the past year.

The Sudanese league, home to Warriors and former Dynamos kingpin Edward Sadomba, has taken the continent’s top gong from Egypt after attaining 401 points to land on position 35 in the world.

Egypt’s league inactivity due to a civil strife early last year has seen the North Africans plummeting to position 14 in Africa and 91 in the world.

Behind the Sudanese league is Tunisia which is ranked 42nd in the world on 372,0 points while Mali (45), Morocco (56), Nigeria (60), Ghana (65) and Angola (66) completed the list of the top seven leagues In Africa.

Brazil’s Serie A is second behind La Liga thanks to the performance of Corinthians in the Club World Cup in December last year.

Without the 34 points the team claimed from winning the competition, the German Bundesliga could have come in second.

It’s worth pointing out the downward trend of the English Premier League, notably since 2010, with the EPL dropping to fifth spot.

The erratic performances of English clubs and their poor showing in continental tournaments also means that other leagues are closing the gap to the once-feared league.

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  1. Mr Editor maybe you should also get actual facts as to what exactly is the criteria used to rank the leagues. this would also help a lot especially to find corporate sponsors as they would understand some key areas of supporting football. Because we cant just say we are better than the Super Diski yet every player in Zimbabwe dreams to play for any team in that league. So its really important to outline exactly where we are better and where we are poor.

  2. ha iwe mutiro vanhu vari kuenda down south coz of cash baba . takavasiiya avo hazvimbodi debate izvo. imari chete yavari kutikunda kwete chinonzi bhora

  3. yes thats very true bhora ririmo muno we are better than the SA league. SA ine mari chete

  4. Like everything zanu pf, we all tend to celebrate on the offside. The reporter says EPL teams have had poor showings lately whilst he had earlier on said local clubs such as Dynamos have done well in recent years. I don’t remember Dynamos doing well recently, any one to comment. My foot!!!

  5. @Lazy Boy.Remember that the issue at hand is a comparison between the two leagues. Therefore whatever comment is made must be interpreted in that context.

  6. Which local team won an African cup…Orlando Pirates did… South African also won AFCON….Zimbos wake up from false sense of saying you good at everything..and Why are Zimbos obsessed with proving that they are better than SA

    1. tru d@ futbol is beta thn ours by far.our plyrs lack basci skills lyk holdng & passing da bol.

  7. @la vida i agree! yy r zimbabweans so obssessed wth beatin sa? in terms of flair n slick passing, super diski z betta. i luv football a lot n games involving pirates, chiefs n sundowns r beta thn matches betwn dembare, bosso & caps! also e’ fact tht our bst playerz go thr strengthens the absa league. finally man for man i think we are at par, bt south africans r more skilfull..

  8. josefa chinotimba

    Come on all of you,talking rubbish here.Zimbo soccer is far much better than the South African so called super diski okay.

  9. I question criteria used by this IFFHS org. Absa psl is better financed, better marketed, their stadiums are far more superior than ours (Zim) and almost all their teams draw crowds and its entertaining so I for one would put that league higher up. I think absa is amongst the top five leagues in Africa with rhe likes of Tunisia, Morocco , Angola and Ghana.

  10. Thats why we wont go far cause we think we are already there yet we aint moved an inch. Maybe we are ahead of SA pa belief in Juju.

  11. South africa has lucrative football tournaments that pay better than africa champions league thats why they put effort in their domestic competion than caf games,mzansi has won afcon plus orlando won the champions league they have even represented africa at the world cup.zimbabwe has cosafa only to talk muno nyadzisa

  12. Our last season star player of the year, Denver is undergoing medical at Bidvest. This should tell you guys where we belong. Not even big teams at ABSA, so what are you debating here.

  13. South Africa is only 20 years old interms of continental and International football but they have won it with Orlando Pirates, Bafana bafana and they have tested theplaying in world cup final competations twice……………………………… and you still think Zimababwe is better, Kupenga uko.

  14. Haaaaaaaaaaaa! Mpira urimuno mhani. macoach chete ndoo mboko. havagone kudzidzisa mutambo. Look at other teams muPSL. They dont play attractive bhora.

  15. serious pple, zimbabweans luv 2 think thr ahead of sa in soccer, evn education. evn if absa league had local sa only, its stil beta thn us in terms of quality,marketin,flair,entertainment, passing n ball control. i think we shld luk at al these things seriously b4 we say tirinani. we actin like zanu!

  16. Zimbos seem to have a score to settle with mzansi but the truth is south africa is ahead of zim in what ever you might think of thats why we flock there,use their currency,import their zesa,almost 80% of things we use come from mzansi including the fon you are using to attack mzansi.zimbos are good at grabbing and political violence

  17. why are you discussing facts?every consideration was done and shows that our league is better, period!!!

  18. pple lets get e’ facts:(1) our best players go thr, makin their league beta n reducing e’ quality of ours, also they gt otha gd foreignerz. (2) in terms of beta organisation nd seriousness they r far ahead, money aside, & their football z beta in technique n entertainment. (3) their clubs have won e’ caf champs league it (4) they attract vry gud foreign coaches. lastly if these factors wrnt thr, psl wld be at par wth mzansi, bt for nw sa z beta

  19. Just to let you know, this content looks a bit bit weird from my android cell phone. Who knows maybe it definitely is just my cell phone. Great post anyhow.

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