Police warn against violence


POLICE yesterday said they would descend heavily on perpetrators of political violence, regardless of party affiliation, as the country gears for next year’s harmonised elections.


Addressing senior police officers at a function to welcome a 15-member local police contingent returning from a United Nations peacekeeping mission in East Timor and South Sudan yesterday, Deputy Commissioner-General (responsible for administration) Godwin Matanga urged political leaders to rein in their supporters.

“I wish to assure the country that ZRP (Zimbabwe Republic Police) will be equal to the job at hand,” he said. “The organisation will not fold its arms and watch lawlessness being perpetrated against peace-loving Zimbabweans. Perpetrators of violence will be brought to book regardless of political status or affiliation.”

Matanga urged the returning officers to use their experience to inspire other fellow police officers in discharging their duties for the good of the country.

Police have in the past been accused by mostly the MDC formations of being biased towards Zanu PF.


    • I think this article was written last year and due to utter incompetence, this reporter did not update his/her information.

      Wake up guys!

  1. ahh taneta isu nemi ZRP, i c u i c corruption at its worst i dont really care wt u can or can not do

    • It takes two to tango. Zimbos are corrupt, including you. Wakatombo offer bribe zvikakuitira asi zvakazokurwadza after that so keep quite

  2. In another article a certain individual wanted by police handed himself to the police but was quickly handed over to the soldiers without regard to his rights. Now he is detained for reason clearly murky . Is this the same police promising non violence to zimbabweans. they know they have nothing against the gut but must punish him for being mdc. Violence in Zimbabwe is pepetrated by the police straight from PGHQ. Zimbabweans are peaceful but the police are the ones perpetrating the violence. Prove me wrong.

  3. ZANU & MDCt ndovane violence kwedu hakuna, voterai vaNcube, the next president even Makandiwa saw that

  4. Matanga you will be heavily sunctioned for your utterances…. which political party will you descend upon heavily? buda pachena ungotaura kuit MDC tichaipa blame for every political violence occurence pama elections. Mapurisa zivai kuti when your masters lose pamaelections you shall be accountable for your actions. tichakubvunzai chete.

  5. Will you please shut up and just support Zanu PF yenyu zviripachena. ZRP – Zanu Republic Police. Mind you, your days are numbered.

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