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Police to pay more for gala


KWEKWE — Police officers in the Midlands Province are being forced to contribute $2,50 each on a monthly basis towards the Commissioner-General’s 2013 Gala and Police Recreational Club Fund.


The amount was reviewed upwards from $1 per member with effect from January this year. According to a radio communication dated January 12 2013, dispatched to all stations by acting Officer Commanding Midlands police Assistant Commissioner Learn Ncube all police stations were ordered to pay $2,50 per member per month.
Before Ncube’s latest directive, police officers used to contribute $1 per month towards the recreational club fund.

The money is paid directly to the member-in-charge administration and no receipt is issued as proof of payment to the paying members.

In the past, the money for recreational activities was deducted from police officers’ salaries and reflected on their Salary Services Bureau-issued salary slips.

Part of the transcript reads: “This office has reviewed the Recreation Club Fund contributions upwards starting January 2013.

“Each member will now pay $2,50 per month and districts will remit the funds as follows: a station will take $1 from each station member and remit $1,50 to the district and the district will take $0,50 from each district member and remit $1,00 to provincial headquarters. The funds are going to be used for sporting activities in preparation of the Commissioner-General of Police Gala 2013. Commanders are to repeat contents of this radio to their respective stations and sections. Remissions are to reach this office by the 30th of each month starting January 2013,” said Ncube.

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