Police launch lifestyle audit for traffic cops

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has launched a lifestyle audit for traffic police in a bid to curb rampant corruption by officers manning roadblocks across the country’s major highways, Assistant Commissioner Kenny Mthombeni has said.


Addressing the public during the launch of a provincial anti-corruption campaign in Chinhoyi last week, Mthombeni said corruption had become endemic and a way of life among police officers, especially those in the traffic department.

“There is no denying corruption by police officers is rife at roadblocks countrywide. For this cancer to end, there is need for motorists to desist from budgeting money to pay corrupt police officers. It takes two to tango. It is a fact — both the corruptor and corrupted contribute to the prevalence of the vice. If you know your car does not have all necessary requirements, please park it at home,” Mthombeni said, adding the ZRP had put in place tight mechanisms to weed out bad apples.

Mthombeni said senior officers of his rank “had gotten off their high horses” and would maintain a physical presence at roadblocks, carry out lifestyle audits of junior members and mete deterrent punishment on convicted uniformed offenders in order to “nip corruption” as some of them had amassed ill-gotten riches that did not match their earnings.

He urged the public to report all graft to officers-in-charge, district and provincial commanders and where they feel their concerns were not fully addressed they should seek redress with Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri who, according to him, maintains an open-door policy.

The ZRP recently said it had arrested 123 corrupt officers last year and discharged 30 others as it moved to clean its image tainted by years of unrestrained shady practices. Zimbabwean police are rated among the most corrupt in Southern Africa.

President Robert Mugabe last month took exception to police’s growing dubious distinction and urged law enforcement agents to be “straightforward”.

A recent report by the Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACTSA) last month said corruption by the police was worsening.

The report — titled Stealing from the State and Impoverishing the Nation: Zimbabwean Traffic Police Officers Pocketing Huge Sums of Money Through Bribes at Checkpoints — said: “The sin of corruption is now deeply rooted to such an extent that the culprits are demanding bribes publicly as if it is normal to do so.”

The ACTSA blamed traffic police for setting up unnecessary roadblocks along the country’s highways to maximise their bribe collections from motorists.

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  1. Give the guys enough monies,corruption will go down

    1. Mupfana weBikini

      Iwe Chasura handina kumboona shiri yakaita sewe? Anopiwa enough money muZimbabwe ikozvino ndiani?MaCivil servants nevashandi vemaparastatal vese vari kuzhamba.Toda kuziva kuti mapurisa maIPSUM namaNOAH hobho hobho vari kumatenga nei?Mota dzavo ndodzasara paroad dzimwe dzichisungwa. Haisi conflict of interest here iyoyo?Mapurisa must not run zviASINA IROMBE (maNoah) izvi.

    2. names and their acredited numbers required!!!

    3. Vape mari yacho kana uinayo iwe

  2. these thieves wll always try to find a fault in public vehicles so as to get money , i suggest if the government is realy serious on ths it shuld stop these roadblocks for a while or change all traffic police mayb to construction ,we tired of day robbery pliz help

  3. leave my car at home? ndinaiwe zvangu. kana kuendesa mota chikurubi, or mbare kana VID. non of the above inoita.

  4. i dont really care what you do with the police as for me i dont think i trust them anymore

  5. Spot fines are the problem. There shouldn’t be any form of cash transactions on the road

  6. I hope that the police chief is not only theorising the whole issue. Wa want action. We have taken pictures and videos of the riches of some police officers. Let them find a faster online way that we can send evidence directly to management. No to corruption, even Mugabe spoke against it. Thank you Assistant Commissioner Kenny Mthombeni and NewsDay team

  7. what of the cid minerals, cid fraud, cid boarder control, cid car theft?

  8. Zimbabwe Republic Police you are a disgrace to the country.
    Zimbabwe would be much better without ZRP.

  9. Instead of blaming the police only. I know most of these people involved are either in a hurry or late some reason and end up giving the money to the police. Off course there are inccidents where the police directlt or indirectlt demand money, I believe the majority of these cases are on the bases of willing seller and willing buyer bases.The Zimbabwe public are also indeed a disgrace, because if every one was honest and did not contribute to the evil, most police officers involved would have been rooted out. Be responsible citizen and help the police Snr Officers and the force, nand Zimbabwe indeed not to be a disgrace

    1. Iwe that’s not an excuse for police officers to be corrupt hanty their duty is to stop corruption so if they are offered bribes they should arrest those offering the bribes

  10. greatest fraud ever….taking O’Level graduates with two Cs and expect them to enforce law which i doubt they can correctly interpret. taking bribe might be a way of avoiding the witness’s stand and face risk of being exposed as incompetant

    …and offering bribes thats well corruption i mean corruption of the mind and chances are that whatever is offered for bribe are proceeds of corupt actvities and dealings….icho chinhu chikangozi dhiri chete!

  11. “Pipo should report to so and so” hamugone kuferefeta pasina report here?

  12. Mupfana weBikini

    Unoti Chihuri ane ‘Open door policy’ isu tisingazive e-mail yake, address yake kana cellphone yake saka totaura naye sei?Tipe iwe MTHOMBENI 4n yaChihuri yacho titaure naye nezvehuori uhwu.Chero kutipa code yechi’ over ,over’ chake ndiyo open door policy iyoyo.

  13. Just organise several kombis,private vehicles and give them to honest police officers in civilian atire to drive and dispatch these on the various highways and locals. You would probably need assistance in transporting the culprits to the nearest police station for detention and subsequently to court.It is as sure as the sun rises from the east and sets to the west.

  14. Minimize hard cash transactions shandisai Ecocash kkkkkk

  15. Lets face it police aren’t around when we need them even through a traffic jam or during rush hour traffic.

    They have lost the respect of the public.

  16. The last good cops either retired in the 1990s or are dead and my uncle was one of those good corrupt free cops.Neverheless, as a nation we also need to improve the welfare of our law enforcement agents. The few among them who are honest are living miserable lives.

  17. Corruption in the police force is a reflection of the total degeneration of Zimbabwean public institutions, starting right at the top. They say when a fish is rotting it starts right from the head. If the entire leadership of Zimbabwe had zero-tolerance to corruption, this wickedness would not have reached the epic and epidemic proportions we are witnessing! The guys at the top sold their souls to the devil and the lower ranks have evidence of the corruption of the top looters, which evidence they are using to blackmail their bosses into silence and complicity. A lifestyle audit is really a good idea but it must be applied to all public institutions such as VID, Immigration, Passprt Office, Zimra, City of Harare, Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai, Ignatius, Chombo and Obert Mpofu. A looter continua!

    1. Well said. Best blog on corruption which is setting us back 100 years

  18. chances are also high that there are other big fish that are getting big big bribes up there than these road officers who are getting twuma ten dombi paroad. Kungoti zvevadiki ndizvo zvinongotaurwa

  19. It is surprising that the A/C want us to believe what he is saying. Not even a single officer has been prosecuted for having more than what he earns. Some senior officers are being paid by these traffic cops to remain at traffic. You wonder why some have gone for 10-15 years working in the traffic branch and have not been transferred.

  20. this is just a smoke screen by the asst commissioner , when parlamentarians questioned the heavy traffic police pesence in our roads the Commisioner General himself defended it as if his life depended on it , for them now to aknowledge and keep telling the population to report and corrupt details yet fully knowing that only cops from the traffic section are rich trim the traffic lot and you will have more personel to patroll the country more effectively than fundraising for the force on the roads . Its a shame some even go doown on their knees assuming the role of VID Inspectors just for the sake of getting a bribe.


  22. We know their vehicles, houses etc, just give us a secure line and act on supplied evidence and you will be recruiting 000s more to replace the fired ones.

    manoah, maipsum, magaiya, macombi- festive season operation yakapera, atodzoka paroad yet akanzi haadiwipo.

    shame on corrupt officers

  23. SNR Officer, here is the starting point for your investigation, remove all combis, maNoah, Ma Ipsum, maRaum, emangonjo ari paRoad haasungwi ndo corruption yokutanga because they excempted from being arrested. Go pamushika shika paCharge Office maAddress akanyorwa pamota idzi ingori chakati camp, chakati camp. Ndedzemukamba combi idzi. Manje so. tangirayi ipapo .

  24. Kubva VaMugabe pavakangoti bufu kuti mapurisa anehuori tarira uone kutambudzika kurikuita vanhu ava kuratidza kuti hapana chakaipa chatiri kuita. Taurai VaMugabe nezvemvura yanetsa mumadhorobha, vanhu vanzwa nemanyoka, Taurai VaMugabe nezvezhira dzaipa, mota dzapedza vanhu. Taurai nezvehuori hurimo muVID vanhu vachitenga marezinesi, ndivo vanhu vamwechetezvo vachatyaira ngoro dzemoto dzodai kutipedza. Taurai nhau yeZesa inodzima magetsi nguva yakareba kudarika paanenge aripo. Mukataura zvinhu izvozvi tonyatsotera tinzwe kuronga kwenyu kwete kwekuimbirwa neMbare chimurenga choir. Mukadai zvokwadi madhorobha munowana rutsigiro pasurodzo dzirimberi.

  25. Who is doing the same audit in the high places.Vana ndivo vakufira mhosva dzemadhara..

  26. The audit must be done by an independent and reputable organisatio for it to make sense and do away with bias.

  27. corruption is in every public institution even at colleges, worse harare polytechnical college especially electrical department .

  28. In Zimbabwe its all about Survival. If being Corrupt is Rewarding who wants to be Honest even the Politicians are looting the Country resources.

  29. A great initiative indeed

  30. Not all police officers driving posh and flashy cars are corrupt , listen you people; some aquired the property in bona fide means , some going for int’l duties, the majority embracing H.E’s indegenisation policy that is unquestionably bearing fruits to those taking the noble initiative seriously.Only a few bad apples have stinkly tainted our much cherished ZRP in Africa region and beyond in terms of preserving peace and security to every individual citizen who appreciates the work of ZRP. REPORT CORRUPTION , WE FIGHT THE SCOURGE TOGETHER!

  31. Shame to all corrupt police officers,the people have lost trust in them.Similarily the very harsh treatment of pple @ the passport offices simply makes people to resort to bribe.Smuggling is also rampant @ border posts.The civil servants are building business empires,duplex houses,supermarkets in the countryside and buying mini buses and personal cars by stealing from the impoverished national coffers.

  32. Regai ndikuudzei pazvakatangira. Huori wakatanga paye pakabvuta Chihuri purazi ku ashonaland Central. Hongu kubvuta purazi remuchena hakuna kuipa. Asi zvaakazoita kuenda kundotinha mazana engombe kubva pane purazi riri pedyo achiendesa kpurazi kwake kunonzi kuba. Pedzezvo, akatanga kudzinga vese vakuru vakuru vaive pedyo naye, vaigona kumubatsira nemazano uye vaive neruzivo rwakapfuura rwake mubasa rechipurisa. Akatangazve kuparadza iye yavanoti CID achibvisa vaive nezivo uye ugodobori nekutendeka ndokuisa panzvimbo dzavo vaye vasina chavaiziva asi kuti vainyanya kugona kunanzva shangu dzake. Makanzwa nyaya dzake zhinji. Temba Mliswa akataura kuti Chihuri ndiye ane huori hwakanyanya. Mapurisa achitungamirirwa ne munhu ane huori kudaro, mbavha uye iye pachake asingazive basa racho angakoniwe sei kuita huori? Tarirai Chihuri anopfurikidza mwero kuedza kuratidza va Mugabe kuti ndiye anonyanya kuvatsigira. Izvi anoitira kuti arambe aripo panyanga achiramba achiba mari yedu maDzimbabhwe. Ngaatiudze kuti sei achituma mapurisa ake kutora ma spot fines. Sei vasingape matikiti kuti tigonobhadara tega kudare kana ku charge office tichipihwa rusiti? Sei Tendai Biti achiti pamari yese makutukutu emari yavanotora mumigwagwa mapurisa haasi kuendesa ku homwe yehurumende inonzi Treasury? Mutemo rudzii iwoyo unoti mapurisa anogovana mari yavanotora kuruzhinji rwe Zimbabwe? MaDzimbabwe tiri kudyiwa takasvunura sematemba. Ngatimuke. Vaya vari kupurira huori hwemapurira natsai kufunga vakomana. Mapurisa ese zvayo anonyadzisa. Ndinokumbira President Mugabe vaone zvavangaite nenyaya yehuori uhwu munyika. Vana Mudede ku Passport Office, vana Pasi ku Zimra, vana Mandizha ku GMB,,, Aah, zvanyanya!

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