One-man rule over: Tsvangirai

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said the new constitution sought to do away with one-man rule and usher in a new democratic dispensation.


Addressing mourners at the burial of renowned academic and MDC-T parliamentary aspirant Professor John Makumbe in Buhera, Tsvangirai said the proposed new charter would be a departure from a culture of impunity.

“Power is institutional and not individual,” he said.

“You don’t know what this constitution is all about.

“It’s a departure from a political culture of one-man rule, violence and impunity to go to a democratic dispensation.”

Tsvangirai’s statements are likely to be seen as an indirect attack on President Robert Mugabe who has been in power for the past 32 years with all pillars of the State, including the security apparatus, centred around him.

Two weeks ago, principals in the inclusive government endorsed the draft constitution paving way for it to be presented in Parliament next week before it is taken to a referendum.

The draft seeks, among other issues, to regulate securocrats’ role in active party politics and level the political playing field ahead of harmonised elections likely to be held this year.

Presidential tenure will be limited to two five-year terms. But Mugabe can still serve for another 10 years if he wins the elections.

Both Mugabe and his MDC counterparts Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube have agreed that the forthcoming elections would be guided by the new constitution.

In his graveside speech in Buhera, which is also his rural home, Tsvangirai rapped what he termed party newcomers and rabble rousers for questioning the political credentials of such cadres as Makumbe.

The MDC-T leader said the late academic was actively involved in the party’s behind-the-scenes activities since its inception.

“In politics, if a person wants to contest for any position, let them contest freely.

“But we have warned against vote-buying. People should go and campaign, but we hear others saying where did John (Makumbe) come from.?

“Do you know how the MDC started?” said Tsvangirai in reference to party stalwarts who had privately questioned Makumbe’s credentials .

Makumbe, a fierce Mugabe and Zanu PF critic, collapsed at his Chadcombe home in Harare on Sunday and died on admission at a private hospital.

The fiery political analyst was earmarked to succeed Buhera West MP Eric Matinenga, who has indicated that he will quit active politics at the end of his term.

“Others now want to reap where they did not sow. You were not there during the difficult times,” Tsvangirai said.
“MDC is here because of two movements, the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) and the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and things were tough,” said Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai also deplored violence during and after elections.

“Politics is not about beating up people. Why beat your brother, your sister or any relative?

“Chief Makumbe, I want you to declare in your area that there should be no violence because if a chief says there should be no violence, then there is no violence.”

Meanwhile, Matinenga, who is also Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs minister, denounced sloganeering during campaigns, saying both MDC-T and Zanu PF slogans incited violence .

“I said there should be no slogans that denounce anyone in Buhera West. If we chant our own (MDC-T) slogan and say ‘bhwaa (crush)’ and trampling someone, then there is no difference between us and Zanu PF.

“These slogans are meant to destroy and not to develop, so we have to graduate from that culture,” he said.

The burial was attended by several MDC-T ministers, Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn leader Simba Makoni and local traditional leaders.

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  1. John Makumbe was a fearless cadre who trod on where most of us would dare not. May his soul rest in eternal peace

    1. To Papaz
      On john Makumbe, as a Zimbabwean, may his soul rest in peace. But, kana paine munhu akatukirira, ndiJohn Makumbe. He was so vulgar and acted more like a village rascal than an academic. I sincerely hope no other Zimbabwean will take from him. It is usually what you wish to happen to others that will end up happening to you. Ngati tsiuranei (constructive criticism), kwete kutukana zvisitori zvezera redu.
      The elections will soon come, and what the people will say, will determine the day. No level of hailing insults and vitriol, will determine what the people want, and very soon the truth will be known.

  2. “Others now want to reap where they did not sow. You were not there during the difficult times,” Tsvangirai said.

    what exactly is this fellow trying to say? he sounds like zanu pf because that blood suckers’ party always says only those who fought in the liberation struggle should have a say in the governance of this country.
    here we now have tsvangirai saying people want to reap where they did not sow. so those who did not take part in formative stages of his mdc should keep shut! very interesting indeed. i’m not surprised because it is coming from a zanu pf son-in law. he knows the tricks, he knows the choice of words.

    1. Black Crow i feel sorry for u because you have to be seen to be doing something by your paymasters since everytime MT says something you are onto him like a fly.You use diff pseudo names and attempt to make MT look the fool, well sorry to inform you that it is becoz of zealots like you that millions will vote for him. Let us who believe in life after Bob do the talking while you continue to spend part of the Hundred million allocated to slender Morgan. In the grand scheme of things the Black crows will cease to be relevant and move about the streets aimlessly shouting out ‘MT is a Traitor’. We will give Morgan his five years and if he impresses maybe another five and WE will elect another as along as it is not Robert. And you wil continue with your baffoonery whilst everybody else moves on. Mufowetu there is life after Bob and it will come, like it or not. Zimbabweans are not idiots.They will not vote for a party which spends 100 million of tax payer’s money in slandering one man.Life after Autocracy is coming.Life after Bob very soon. Period!!!!!!

      1. John weku Mabvuku

        Iwe Vavariro, who appointed yu protector of the MDC-T presidential aspirant? What kind of democracy says only one view/ideology is correct? Where do yu get the moral right to include subtle threats of “relevance in the wider scheme of things” Who made yu spokesman of “Zimbabweans ” whose denotation are yu using? This platform is interesting because of its open-ended nature, political banter and light hearted humour. Yu present yo thots as some divine scripture, castigating any alternatives as blasphemy! Unorwara mupfungwa… let a thousands opinions blossom! If the contributor doesnt like Morgiza he has his reasons, so do all of us, for or against. Personally Im voting for Egypt Dzinemunhenga for president!! Or yu Vavariro if yu werent so besorted with routing for the MDC-T “project” as the US state department calls the PM. Thats democracy. Usvotwe!!.

        1. Ahhh………wekuMabvuku the lasttime i checked the name was Egypt Dzinemunhenzva……careful not to vote for the wrong guy mate!

      2. John weku Mabvuku

        Iwe Vavariro, who appointed yu protector of the MDC-T presidential aspirant? What kind of democracy says only one view/ideology is correct? Where do yu get the moral right to include subtle threats of “relevance in the wider scheme of things” Who made yu spokesman of “Zimbabweans ” whose denotation are yu using? This platform is interesting because of its open-ended nature, political banter and light hearted humour. Yu present yo thots as some divine scripture, castigating any alternatives as blasphemy! Unorwara mupfungwa… let a thousands opinions blossom! If the contributor doesnt like Morgiza he has his reasons, so do all of us, for or against. Personally Im voting for Egypt Dzinemunhenga for president!! Or yu Vavariro if yu werent so bessoted with routing for the MDC-T “project” as the US state department calls the PM. Thats democracy. Usvotwe!!.

    2. Reaping = Afford USD40,000 lobola, pay the girlfriend USD 200 000 handshake, Globe trot, build and live in mansion, six figure salaries, best cars, best hospital treatment, international well placed friends, sympathisers and financiers, preferential treatment in business…etc etc.

    3. To Black Crow
      If we are to be honest, has there ever been “One-man rule”, in Zimbabwe? Where is Morgan Tsvangirai getting such theories? Does he not even know that Zimbabweans voted ZANU PF with about 82% of the vote during the 1980 General Elections? Did he want ZANU PF and its leader VaMugabe to turn down the people’s decision in 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005? so that some failures like Tsvangirai himself could form government? Does Tsvangirai not know that it is the sum total of individual votes that add up to be a majority and that it is the decision of this majority that determines who rules them? Does he also not know that the elections of 2008 resulted in the creation of an Inclusive Government unlike in the past, simply because there was an impasse caused by the people’s voting pattern? Well, if children tend to love their parents and keep on supporting their policies even when they too are adults, does not mean that it is the parents that are forcing them to love them. It is the correct policies that President Mugabe has been putting before the people that make them continue seeing worthiness in his leadership. The other’s time will come!

  3. Relevant speech l am sure if Makumbe was alive he would have been dealing with most of the issues. While the intention of the MDCs in rewriting the constitution are laudable putting them into practice and inscribing them into minds of citizens is the biggest challenge that still faces the exercise. There has to be a lot of education and discussions…

  4. Precisely my sentiments Black Crow. He is already starting to show signs of ZPF. Ndisu takarwa hondo ndisu takarwa hondo. Intimidating people while they loot, bring down the country with stupid plocies, enrich their cronies in the name anti imperialism. This time we should not rest in our laurels and let people vachipinda nomwenje mudziva. We should push him out after one term if he wins.

    1. Black crow and People Power are not myopic. Surely these statements should be coming from Zanu Pf and not him. After all, the NCA and ZCTU needed our support to be relevant

  5. prophet jeremiah

    the peoples revolutionary party Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front shall prevail.

  6. I guess the PM does have a point..because if indeed you look at ZANU..the party was destroyed by ‘vana mucheka dzafa’..these carrion birds have sounded the death knell for the party. Of course thats not to say new players are not welcome to take up posts in the party but they have to pass the test first. Selling the confirmation process in the party has unfortunately been left to these ‘mucheka dzafa’ brigade who like those in ZANU do sometimes sound more catholic than the pope! The MDC is a people’s project and nobody should try and own it but rules have to be explained to the electorate who at the end of the day call the shots. People want to see a sneak preview of what is to come by making the candidate selection as transparent as can be..This is a selling point on its own..

    In addition the fact that everyone is calling for Matinenga to stay says volumes about how the electorate perceive this great man..these are the kind of people the MDC leadership should be reproducing in the land..with just a few of these they can win this election in a walk. Matinenga can still continue to serve the people via the party…he seems to fit the bill for party manager very well..this would release Biti to concentrate on his government duties..Matinenga could be like Montashe in South Africa just running the party and but not in government. If the party is straightened out then by extension the caliber of officers it deploys will also be beyond reproach. Just a thought!

  7. What Zimbabwe needs is to get rid off zanu-pf completely, that is voting Tsvangirayi in and give him one term only just to thank him for delivering us from evil zanu, then find another leader for two terms. This is possible as we are to have a new costitution that would give the people the tools to be governed by a leader of their choice not by force or violence as is the case right now. We can develop much faster as we have all the resources available be it human, nutural or otherwise.

  8. one man rule is a myth because many contested but failed to win, this time people will re-elect zanu-pf because you ‘tsvangirai’ you are a black-watcher for the whites, you are a puppet in the mould of savimbi.
    pansi labathengisi otsvangirai!

    1. councillor zimbabwe

      When we formed the Elected Councillors Association of Zimbabwe in January 2011, Prof. Makumbe was unanimously chosen by councillors to be one of its first Trustee members. He politely agreed and always advised us how to move on. With only a hundred men and women like Prof. Makumbe, Zimbabwe would now have been somewhere better. Rest in eternal peace- fearless action packed Whiteman of Buhera.

    2. Buy many you mean Joshua nkomo , Simba Makoni,Tekere, Dzinemunhenzva??Tsvangirai has the support shamwari bhurakwacha or not.

  9. Gutter Poet thanks, look at the families of the people who truely fought for this country, they have been sidelined by the Mafikizolos, and worse still once they die, haaa we wil only remember during Heroes Day commemorations

  10. Is this not a bit rich coming from a man who caused the constitution of his own party to be changed so he could continue indefinitely? As the saying goes a freed slave follows the ways of the master. Morgan is a true son of Robert. Zimbabwe is in trouble, moreso with the false dichotomy that ONLY THESE TWO are what Zimbabwe has to offer. The will of the majority can also be a disaster in societies like ours where tribal affiliations are more important than policies and integrity.

  11. well spoken save

  12. I think if you get wat PM was saying you appreciate the context of his statement.I dont think he was tryng 2 tek a swipe at the newcomers bt he is giving direction to them so that they can be guided and not derail the pipos train.Vana mafikizolo vanowanzo batira zvinhu padumbu vokanganwa history.In any endeavor in life there is need to luk bek and reflect,thus the importants of history my fellow Zimbos.On Matinenga’s issue i think he is a rare commodity its too early to quit the pipos’ project Honourable Minister,we stil nid yo brains and wisdom,reconsider yo decision ,sir

  13. Zororai henyu Sinyoro. Basa makasiya mapedza. You destroyed the stranglehold that Mugabe had on all the people of Zimbabwe. Your death at the eleventh hour is just like that of Tongogara. Rave basa redu to make sure Tsvangison haazorambiri pachigaro after he becomes President this year. Tinomupa one term chete chete otherwise akagarisa anozotinetsa.

  14. Rest in peace Sinyoro .
    Vazungu vemachira machena
    Hekani Muroro
    Muzungu wangu yuyu
    Zorora murugare Moyo
    Wakariga mukono webere raive
    Rarura richibanda zvese nevacheche
    Zorora murugare
    Nyadenga Zame Chipindikure
    Tambira jeche rako riri
    Rawadai kukwanhura kubva pamhuri yaro
    Zorodza mhuri yake
    Hama neshamwari dzake
    Hekani Muzungu wemachira machena
    MuNjanja wangu yuyu
    Zorora murugare mwana wababa vangu

    1. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  15. Willard Sibanda why do you think that anyone who holds a different view point from your own is a puppet of the whites?You are a racist who has no business to be in charge of any institution in this modern world.The catch word should be progress.Anyone who is not for progress whether from the MDC or ZPF should not be given a chance this time around. Taneta nekudyira uroyi mukunyara!

  16. Colonel Tumiravanakuhondo

    @ Hacha Ndizvo, ndini newe nevamwe vashoma vane pfungwa dzinenge dzako. Munhu anobvisa vanhu muIjipita haazofanirwe kugarisa pachigaro otherwise a monster will be created. 1 term yaapinda iyoyo tozotsvaga vanoita 2 terms thereafter

  17. ”where were they during difficult time” Tsvangirai

    lindoda ilombono we zanu pf qho ehlala ibuza abantu ukuthi babe ngaphi ngesikhathi sempi. This is not surprising coz tsvangson is zanu pf to the core, wazalelwa ku zanu, wafunda i politics ye zanu. kanti unjani lumuntu

  18. Utsho kahle mfondini uTshangilayi yiZanu qho.

  19. Mbonisi uripi?

  20. John weku Mabvuku

    Politics! Saka ku CHINJA kwatovawo nema “fikezolo”! Experience has proved that word to be very damaging and ultimately divisive. Beware, any organism that cannot self regenerate with new cells/tissue faces time-determined extinction! Morgiza avakutotaura nezvekuti vanga varipi, ko vamwe pavaiva kuChimurenga iye aiva kupi? When ZPF says that to him he says we dont eat the past.Ka Hypocrate!!!!!!! Whatever happened to his tenure as MDDC party president? Zimbos be alert..Vana BITI neuyu woku Zaka rinopisa murikuiteyi, Batai Munhu… ?.

  21. I think if this constitution is adopted it will be a good move and its a win win situation for all the parties but the most positive thing is whether we like it or not it has put that Handiende man to his final journey. Even if he can get those ten years thay will be his last one and By that i see the benefits of the constitution. Its the end of road Bob and go with dignity old man no chance to cheat anymore. Well palyed Morgan and Welshman with this break through I salute you and I hope things will be better in future

  22. Let all parties unite and bury their differences to get rid of zanu. we are tired.

  23. I am apppppalled by Twangishit!!! The lunacy infected fool accepts in total a rubbish draft contitution without any question. Nnnow after being hand handled while holding a white cane by mugabe vachibatsirana namutambara kutungamira bofu iri, he stands and wants to be champion of a costitution whose ideals he took 7 months opposing. The guy should shut up. Even MDC surporters know he is a condom. Should the time for family making ever arise for MDshit ever arise, he belongs to the sewarage.

  24. I think @ Chingara you are a day dreamer and urizidofo and it is can be deciphered from your shallow comment. It shows that your have an inverse understanding of things for I thought it was Morgan and Welshman who wnated the draft to be endorsed soon after the second stake holders meetings but Mugabe and his politiburo wanted to rewrite the constitution of which Morgan and Welshman blocked until recently it was endorsed with minor changes which i think when these guys are in power the constitution will be rewriten again without Zanu Pf input. Wait and see

    1. @chinja you, like everyone else, you have one vote. Your vote is cancelled by mine. So you and I can hang on a little longer for evryone else to vote. Voting is totally different from writing in various names on this and other sights on the internat. Let the best man who does nt shift goal post too often win.

  25. though it may tally it shall surely come to pass”

  26. vanatsvangirai vanoda kutiuraira nyika manje hapanadoor rwendo runo. Kutokarira musati mapakurirwa tatovona. Hakuna chevanoruta mukore uno.

  27. Says the man who working hard to perpetuate it. Tell us are all these looters going to loose there when your One man show finally comes through? That’s the only thing we want to see. Gushonga being evicted from his looted land. Mpofu assets from for looting public resources?

  28. true mdc was founded by zctu nca & the people

  29. But yeah Many thanks for taking the time to chat about this, I consider strongly about it together with in actuality like learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your web page with more information? It really is exceedingly helpful for me.

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