Nigeria-trained doctors rank second on UK blacklist


A DARK cloud seems to be hanging over Nigeria–trained doctors desiring to practise in the United Kingdom.

Report by The Guardian Nigeria

Figures released under the Freedom of Information Request by a British tabloid, the Daily Mail, reveal that  three-quarters of the doctors struck off the General Medical Council (GMC) register  in the past years are foreign-trained  and that  those trained in Nigeria rank second on the list of those  removed from the professional register of the GMC .

According to the figures published in the Mail article of yesterday, India-trained doctors top the list of foreign-trained doctors to be struck off the GMC register in the past five years and Nigeria-trained doctors have the record of being second.

Egypt-trained doctors occupy the third spot. The paper revealed further that “194 of the 285 doctors struck off for misconduct or incompetence in the past five years were foreign-trained, while 29 of the 39 removed from the medical register in the past year received their medical degree overseas.”

Continuing, the paper disclosed that “with only one-third of the 250,000 doctors on the medical register trained outside the United Kingdom, this means that those from overseas were more than five times likely than British doctors to be banned.”

Quoting the data it obtained under the Freedom of Information Request – the equivalent of Nigeria’s Freedom of Information Act – the Mail revealed that “India has the largest number of doctors struck off in Britain since 2008, followed by Nigeria and Egypt.”

This is in sharp contrast to Hong Kong, which has the best record, “with none of more than 700 doctors working here – in the UK – struck off or disciplined in the past five years. New Zealand’s 600 medics also have a clean record.”

Based on the revelations, the paper quoted Julia Manning, the chief executive of the 2020 Health think-tank, as saying “these figures are really worrying and shocking” and that “we need to take a hard look at the assessment of all doctors coming into the country.”


  1. It’s obvious, people of colour are being targeted and singled out for elimination. Racism is alive and well. This is an attack on the psych of persons of colour. Piece of advice, guys stay home. Marketing, advertising and public relations through the print, radio, television and film industries are massive brain-washing mechanisms. They potray the west (read white) as better, more qualified, superior etc

    The same doctors that are dismissed in the west are valued back home and non of them would face this kind of persecution. I have been attended to by doctors at home and I have had no complaints. Proof that this is a smear campaign and attack on race, check out how many white people would like to be attended to by a doctor of colour!!! It is the same in business. Because they are human they are prone to mis-diognise just like their counter parts oversees. Their crime is that they are not the desired race. Ask the diregistered doctors how they were abused, denigrated and systematically attacked for various meaningless issues during their tenure of work prior to being dismissed.

    To those who have not worked with our pale friends or should I say people of no colour, I advise you to not just believe and take this article at face value, ask why the New Zealand doctors are ‘clean’ and non of them have been dismissed. If you are a person of colour I can only urge you to pray to God for protection at all times and to be extra vigilant at work and in all you do. Martin Luther King Jr said this; ” A man can’t ride your back unless it’s bent”. This is what it means, what you tolerate you permit. Proverbs 22 verse 3 says; “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences”.

    My advise is for these doctors fro home to stay home, they will do well still and to leave as soon as they sense the slightest of hints that they are being plotted against. These white guys are always skimming and do not like it if a person of colour is walking toe to toe with them. They are critical of Asians yet they drive their cars and use their gudgets enmass. I could go on. Come back home guys, here we will appreciate your hard work and you will be rewarded.

    • l find your comment baseless and very insulting when you quote from the Bible yet you are expressing primitive racial sentiments, “people of no colour”. whats that?are u really a Christian?

      Do you have proof that this is a target against blacks?Worldwide Nigerians are known for being corrupt (in case you don’t live in a real world). South Africa once deported Nigerians because of their increased criminal activities.Was it a target by black people against black people? Its also sad to note that we still have people who have such as your mindset in this era when education has become widely and extensively of dispose to everyone with only a passion.

      • DJ Gudo I dont know where you live but what Matanzima said has a lot of truth in it and I have experience of that having been a manager in a number organisations in the UK when a person of colour makes a mistake it is formally dealt with but when a white British makes a similar mistake it is dealt with informally or not at all.

      • Gudo, the opposite of persons of colour will obviously be persons of no colour. I do not think that is racial at all. I am not black neither are you. The so-called whites are not white either they are pale. Please do not fall for the negative paradigm which the colonisers deliberately twisted to systematically brainwash us to think that we are inferior. Check out the word white, it refers to everything pure, clean and good and the word black means everything that is bad and dangerous. Check out all the movies from America that always cast African Americans as thugs etc.

        Look at what is happening to African Americans who have been presented with this negative stereotype relentlessly for years. 80% of the prison population is made up of African Americans yet they represent less than 20% of the population. 20% of African Americans have a mother and father. Fatherless homes are are higher amongst African Americans than any other race in America.They have the highest school drop outs. They live in dilapidated housing. Actually a study was done which revealed that if children grow up in dilapidated housing with broken windows or a state of dis-repair, those children will grow up with a low self-esteem and are more likey to end up in jail.The system sidelines them in many ways even robbing the man to enter into the productive sector. I could go on.

        The bottom line is that negative stereotyping is a powerful tool it can affect a generation, it affects a race. I am not denying that Nigerian nationals have no social ills, but it is no different within western society. The difference is in the potrayal. Who ever runs the media controls how they are potrayed, its called the first mover advantage. My brother we have a fight in our hands and when I see and hear of such reports I take them with a big chunk of salt. Its a system and it has worked for these guys for years.

        Our Nigerian brothers have lost a means of livelyhood which they worked for yearsfor and their western counterparts are still there and they will continue covering for each other and when a person of colour makes a mistake they climb a mountain and make sure its known. God help us from succumbing to this system. And one more thing Gudo, I do not deny Nigerians may have committed crimes in SA, but the xenophobic nature of South Africans is well documented. And if that is not enough, tribalism is in the same breath. All isms. With the race aspect I was only touching on one aspect of human nature which has been institutionalised. It’s wrong and if I smell it I will confront it. Do not be silent my brother. We cannot allow naivity to continue destroying us. Now these guys have no careers after working so hard. Guys come back home

        Am I a christian Gudo? Yes I am. If I am wrong I admit that to the Lord. And as a christian I will not stay silent when I see an injustice. I will not stop asking questions. Racism and other systems of the same ilk have to be confronted by all means. Martin Luther King was a christian and he did not mince his words. Christ did not mince his words when confronting the pharisees and sadduces, check the word of God. He called them snakes and foxes etc Let us not be silent when some of us are perishing for lack of knowledge. We need to share with others how this world and its systems operate. We only overcome by God’s grace. Come back home doctors, your sector is a sensetive one in the west, come back home.

  2. UZ trained are as competant as their Commander in Chief.I know one who was dismissed as incompetant in one of the SADC country

  3. Most patients in Africa suffer from the oppression mentality and will just put up with doctors’ transgressions, even when they identify them. Patients in the west are not like that. Vanovhurira doctor ndengesa akaita zve ‘fun fun’

  4. Read a more detailed article on this story on Zimdiaspora and get a clear understanding of the whole issue.

  5. Lets not kid ourselves raising black pride sentiments .nigerian doctors are bogus to say the least . Hapana asingazvizivi izvi .

  6. What are the doctors doing in racist UK in the first place? They should come to black Africa and help their kinsmen who are more in need of their services.

  7. My bro bookmarked this webpage for me plus I have been reading through it for the past pair hrs. This is really going to benefit me plus my friends for our class project. Anyway, I enjoy the way you write.

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