Mpofu defends Makandiwa

Mines and Mining Development minister Obert Mpofu yesterday came to the defence of United Family International Church founder Emmanuel Makandiwa saying “his God given talent should be supported”.

Report by Nduduzo Tshuma

Makandiwa has reportedly performed several miracles at his church services, among them making gold and diamonds appear from nowhere.

The miracles have raised eyebrows with some people saying the prophet must be subjected to laws that prohibit unlicensed people from possessing minerals.

But speaking to NewsDay after officiating at the graduation of 271 police officers at the Ntabazinduna Police Training Depot, 40km north of Bulawayo, Mpofu said Makandiwa should be supported as he was helping the nation.

“I do not know him and have never spoken to him, but he is an inspiration to many people especially the youths,” he said.

“He is doing a good job and should be supported as he is bringing people together.”

“If it is true that he does those things, then he should be supported. He has his gift from God and no one can dispute or criticise that.
“If he can perform miracles let us support him. Why would people then go all the way to consult TB Joshua in Nigeria when we have our own Makandiwa.”

Mpofu also ruled out an investigation into the origins of the minerals that surface at Makandiwa’s church services.

“Government should find ways of assisting him,” he said.

“If he is helping the people and helping the country, we are a democracy that allows freedom of religion. Makandiwa has many followers who congregate in his church, meaning that his works are seen by the people.”

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  1. thank you sir minister, am i not going to be arretsed if found with the gold that i got from the blessings of that day. my half kilo is with me but how do i dispose of it for cash.


    2. Some people speak sense e.g Gono however others are total idiots, we dont need to go any further than You know who. So , no more being arrested for money laundering and illegal possession of minerals. Where are these people then selling their minerals?. Cheap politicking is a poor way of handling campaigns. I hope he was speaking on his personal capacity

  2. Do you still remember the diesel n’anga?

    1. Taura hako diesel rakazoendesa vamwe kujeri today its now a prophet’s perspective,hokoyo nevanhu vanotsvaga support money spinners muzim anybody can claim anything only left is Jesus reappearing in zim.

    2. What are the serial numbers of the money miracled by one prophet Angel. What happenend to the gold and diamonds that Makandiwa’s worshippers suddenly found themselves clutching. This is total rubbish. Anyone who thinks this makes sense is a total idiot.

  3. Thank u minister, zvinhu zva Mwari hazvirwiswe otherwise u will be wasting yr time.

  4. Vakaropafadzwa zvavo maministers who acknowledge the presence of the men of God in our midst.

  5. What else can we expect from a diamond thief. They are one of a kind with Makandiwa. Besides panguva yesarudzo those who have influence on voters must be brought closer so that they campaign for you ZPF.

    1. At least you are admitting that the prophet is influencial and has power. i like it.

      1. Rubbish

    2. At least you are admitting that the prophet is influencial and has power. i like it. good analysis.

    3. zvinoshandaka

    4. @people’s power Those are the rules of the game in politics. find people, talk to them, convince them, once you win their hearts and minds then you are home and dry. This is what minister O Mpofu is doing he is clever, come elections you start complaining hheee!! Hheeee! We have been rigged . Iyo mari yemaDiamonds amunongo chemera munoti inongouya yega kumba kwenyu ikoko Makagara zvenyu paCOMPUTER? muchituka munhuwacho wamurikuda kuti akupei mari ydmadiamonds acho! Haasi iwo here ainzi mablood Diamonds? Saka nhasi anakei? Waakudawo ropa? Kana waakudawo ropa zvakanaka kubva nhasi tinoda kunzwa uchiti “pasi nemaSunctions” Ndatenda hangu!!!

    5. @ Peoples Power blazzi iwewe musoro wako wakadhakwa zvakaipa, uri paya panomarwa nenhunzi… ko iwe uneyi simba rekutuka vanhu vakuru wakariwanepi??? FUZA if our Father tells us to vote ZANU PF ini ndovhota ka 10 10…… Pamberi na Prophet Makandiwa, Pamberi na Dr Mpofu, Pamberi ne ZANU PF, pamberi nema diamonds ne gold mu Church…. PASI NEWE IWE MBWENDE peoples power kudini GET AWAY!!!!!!!

      1. everyone is entitled to their own opinion,iwe ndiwe ndiwe wakatokotsira,ngwa yemunhu

      2. @ gerald kalonga Ha ha ha! You are joking right?

    6. Zvino kana Minister vamukati sare kuti Gold ravo vapiwa naMakandiwa

  6. Mpofu hasn’t really said anything about the gold. has he? He simply took the opportunity to follow the crowd. Its campaigning timè you can tell. Ndiani akabatsirwa naMakandiwa wamunoziva nhai vaMpofu? We expect better from the minister.

  7. hapana apo! mpofu anofunga kuti zvimwe anganamatirwe agorega kusungwa neumbavha hwake…..manje wairasa takamumirira.

  8. Well bottom line is Mr Minister, its campaigning time so you got to do anything to win as much votes as possible.

  9. VaMpofu munonzwisisa zvenyu politics kuti kune vanhu vakawanda ndokwekuenda. Kwete vanaBiti vanoda kurwisana with thousands of urban dwellers kunobva mavote avo.

    1. Handina hangu kumbonzwa Biti achiwanzira Makandiwa, papi, and riini, but an inteligent person can’t vote for ZanuPf because Obert Diamond Chief Mpofu asapota Makandiwa, this country is more than both of these people and sacrificing the future of generations to come because of support yekunyepera then we are lost. Mpofu is not serious but campaigning trying to lure vana vemuprofita.

  10. Kutofarira zvamusina kushandira, murikuda mari here kana tuti Mwari. Hongu manna yakadonha nguva ya Moses asi aya maitiro amava kunamata mwari navo maipa.

    1. If your god can not do it, its a pity. My God is the same yesterday today and forever…still raining manna to us.

      1. @ Trevor. Iyi haisi manna. Manna was made available to the Israelites because there was no food in the desert. It was an emergency, remember, manna was only made available when they needed it. Dai zvanzi kwaidonda mari exactly as every person needed it in their lives (just like the Israelites) taimboti. Manje izvi zvaMakandiwa zvekudonhedza gold risina macertificate jeopardizing his followers izvi zvakadhakwa.

  11. nic one travor

    1. i thaught kuti zita rako zvariri remubible yuo are supposed to know it manje hautoriziwevo iwe..painzi murume uchadya cheziya kwaiva kutukwa,it was acurse,..Vakatukwa sewe ndivo vanotenda mukudya cheziya, with the coming of CHRIST who is the tree of life no more cheziya,revisit your bible you cursed idiot .kana uchitenda kunamwari usina zvaanogona ndeye kwako iyo,,,pamberi nepfuma kuvana vaJEHOVAH………..

      1. Newewo Terrence l suggest that you also visit your bible and search if God support the language you are using like “you cursed idiot”.thats one of the things that signifies zvinoita kuti vanhu vati hamuna Mwari coz if really the Spirit of God was in you you will know how to answer uye kuti its bad to use such filthy language.Pliz pray for the Fruits of THE HOLY SPIRIT you and your other colleague from Makandiwa co obviously the language you are using is not from God

  12. the bible clearly states murume uchadya cheziya zvino iyi goridhe ziya racho riri papi hameno kungotaurawo. vakakomborerwa vanogeza hanzu dzavo dzichichena kuti vave vadyi vemuchero wemuti weupenyu. imi tsvagai muti weupenyu .

  13. Dr Musa’s intelligent response is excellent and instructive. Lapha uDr. Mpofu uyikhuthile. We definitely want to built and nurture our national ‘mnotho” on firm economic principles. Ukubuswa kumbe ukuthemba imimoya lamadlozi hayi Dr Mpofu! Most of the country’s water problems are a result of such strategiless thinking – lizakuna! Aaah!

  14. And you honestly believe you can walk around with the ‘miracle’ gold and not get arrested. Get a life people. There is no need for the gweja to hide anymore just claim you got the ngoda from Makandiwa.


  15. we wil se when christ comes bek.the hidden wl be exposed.thank God for it is all written

  16. God can do anything kutenda kwako chete. Jesu vakati if you have faith muchaita zvakapfuura minana yandiri kuita…….Elijah akamisa mvura wani 1 kings 17, nokuti zvaitwa muAfrica muZimbabwe you start doubting. Muchaona nekunzwa zvakapfuura apa.

  17. mpofu doesnt know what he is can he toc of something he doesnt hev much knolewdge about.clear lies by a top thief like mpofu.he is downsizing his status by venturing into things he doesnt know about.clear politics to the politically immature imbesiless youths.Those youth who support ZANU PF didnt go to school and are not in a position to see where our economy is going.ln addition to dat, they dont hev their own words but infact they wait to be dogmatically indoctrinated by ZANU PF cowards who are in the climax of political desperation

  18. God encourages us to concentrate on riches above(heaven) not on this earth,so the motto of going to church is to strengthen your faith not to gain gold or diamond

  19. Uku ndokunzi kugona kauku…….Watch how Mpofu will rise in his life…….

    1. akuzonamatirwa na Makandiwa aite VP

  20. Mind you there is the Holy Spirit and religious spirit. People need the holy spirit.

  21. Mdudla wethothotho udakiwe. Urikuita sa mai Mujuru vanopfeka magamenzi amapositori ivo varimusaravheshini nenyaya yokukara mavhoti. Zvino wanyangira yaona mfanhami.

  22. kana mpofu arikuitira mavotes akatongwarawo….kovari kuvenga a man of god apa vadakuhwina…..hazvishande

  23. Cde minister learn to interpret simple matters, be it true or false, Makandiwa’s prophesy. Would that mean that the gold is Makandiwa’s or from makandiwa. Y du u claim it helps the youth as if there are the only once who pick it.
    Is there law to protect yu when found with that precious mineral or moda kungotibata kumeso. The day I will be tried u won’t be there so pliz shut the ………

  24. Munoziwa minister,hanzi “touch not my annoited”

  25. thank you minister for your understanding ndimwari varikukushandisai. chokwadi mabasa amwari anoshamisa so who are we to judge. we should just thank the lord for his great works. mwari vanoshamisa.

  26. mpofu you are not clever.iwe unosungisa vanhu vakawanikwa vane gold.shame on you minister do you know maregulations in relation to this mineral.usanyepere rehudofo.

  27. Apa Obie uri kuda kuti kana wozotevererwa mangoda auri kuba wozoti it ws a miracle diamond nt stolen frm chiadzwa….kkkkkkkkkkk

  28. Apa minister mazogona, Mwari vachakuitirai nyasha kana panezvamakatadza.

    1. to begin with mpofu itsotsi

    2. rubbish

  29. Ko Makandiwa sei asina kuona kuti kuchaita ma floods ku Tsholotsho, yake prophesy ndeye gold chete?

    1. Ko iwe Igwe sei usina kuzotiudzawo sezvo iwe uchiona kupfuura VaMakandiwa????

    2. u r @ it bro.u wld expect these prophets to foresee these natural disasters not kungotaura zvemari.2day u tell me kuti uchafamba nemota but wotadza kutaura zvokuti mota yacho ichakukurwa nemvura?????????????????????

  30. some people makes things happen, some people watch things happen some people wonder what is happening, some people were born to criticise, these people who just criticise for no reason are there to fulfill the prophecies, thus you cant be a great man of God without criticism ,the greater the criticism the more confidence we have for the man of God.

  31. I just cannot understand how ‘Ever Obedient Son’ Obert Chiadzwa Mpofu Gushungo got his PhD at ZOU when he is openly so dull. Did someone attend the occasion where Obedient defended his thesis, and could someone tell us what it was about? Can someone put a copy of it on the internet for all to see? Dissertations of reputable universities are usually deposited into the library of the University concerned. Can someone please check this? My suspecion is that I don’t really think Obedient wrote the dissertation himself. Some minerals must have changed hands, I think.

    A minister of mines who does not know that it is illegal to be found in possession of precious minerals like diamonds and gold! You can’t go around with diamonds and gold in your pocket and telling the police that they were supplied by God via Makandiwa. This is madness!

    1. @Prof Chidembo, imi muri intelligent here? Uye makadzidza kupi? Thesis yenyu ndeye chii? Dont just critisize vanhu musina zvamurikuita kunze kwekungogara pacomputer.

      1. Ah ah Lucky ukawanikwa une gold muhomwe unosungwa that is true saka woti ndaiwana kwa Makandiwa? Hazvitombodi PHD izvi. Mpofu arikungoda vote ye UFIC chete but anoziva kuti ukawanikwa une Gold wabaya kujeri. Itai muchizviti vana vemaprofita tione. Isu vana va Mwari totarisa hedu. At least handina hangu kumbonzwa Makandiwa achiti vana vangu nokuti anoziva kuti vana va Mwari, imi munonanzva tsoka dzake ndimi munoda kuita vana ve muprofita.

        1. wamaromo ndiwe une yese. Rako ndo dama risina kana pimple

  32. Chiownai zvino takambozvitaura isu vanhu vakati ijelousy whereas hatirwiri or compete for our God n kunama its not numbers coz it is said vaviri kana vatatu vakasangana muzita rangu…… I begin to suspect kuti these worshipers vakapiwa goridhe na mpofu zvoita sekuti miracle iri a way of campaigning but let me tel u Jesu akanga asiri wenyika John 15:19, James 4:4, John18:36 n akakunda nyika n so do we ndirikuti vamakandiwa beware murikunyangirwa pamwe nema worshipers enyu kuti mupinde mupolitics coz mumachurch ndimo vana mpofu variku campainer mirai panzvimbo

    1. @Be warned, you allegations ekuti mpofu akauya naro gold akapa maworshippers inosetsa. kana ariwo madhonzero epfungwa dzenyu iiii sanganai ikoko muri vaviri kana vatatu zvenyu isu hatiuyeko?

      1. @ana Lucky munotiudzei vana vadiki handiti munotora vanhu vasiri zvirema movagarisa pama wheel chair moti simuka ufambe vanonzwa vopretenda vanoona movati tsinzinai movati mapona svinurai kwedu kamwana kainzwa kakazonzi kanamatirwa kachinzi hakanzwe kakazonzi tevedzera kuti 1 iko kabva kati 2 sakawo Lucky wondiudzei. Kwenyu kunoitika zvese zvese ndangoti munogona kunge makangobatiswawo kuti zviite miracle kwangu ndichafirako coz ndonamata mwari vanonzi naJesu baba vangu vakuru kupinda ini vanonzi Jehovha wena kwenyu kana mukaita Zimbo yese handiuiko n kwedu hatimbokudaiwo coz muno backfaisa sen’anga n munoti mutsetse wemukaka mutsetse wenyama zvichapera zvese 1 day ini ndakamira panzvimbo coz minana yandiri kuitirwa namwari big tym murume ndinaye anondida vana ndinavo basa ndinari ndinodya ndichiguta ndinochena mweya ndinofema, muchaita sana PETER imiii

  33. My only contribution is to Makandiwa. Makandiwa do not seek men”s praise, seek God”s praise and Glory. If you see people of the world, I mean those who are ungodly speaking highly of you then its possiblew that you have compromised with thr word of God. Light and darkness do not mix. When we grew up there were people like Ablankatabla who used to go around in schools performing miracles the way you are doing and those people were from the world. It is not the Minister”s fault to praise you, he is just taking an opportunity to be associated with false prophets who seek the world”s fame. To you all who are led by Makandiwa, are urge you to seek the Giver, that is God and not the gifts or miracles.

    1. I thank God for giving us a prophet in Zimbabwe. Prophet Makandiwa has changed my life and of many others zvakanyanya. I now appreciate the bible like never before after listening to his message How to Conquer your Dark Areas. I can now pray effective prayers after listening to the DVDs Direct prayer and TImed Prayer. He has taught me and my wife about Marriage Foundations. Ndinongoti dai mwari arambe achivapfuudza mberi. I love u papa.

      1. The problem we now have is people are not longer giving glory to God but to a human being. Glory is to God only and he uses his people to manifest his glory but that glory should go to God not to me Makandiwa, Guti, Mupindu, Nhiwatiwa, Mudzvaire aka Angel, or any of the men of cloth but Glory be to God. Now people of Zimbabwe we are glorifying a man instead of God. Lessie’s life was changed by Makandiwa not by God and mark my words God will soon rule on who has the glory.

        1. Wamaromo i think you cant read sure. First line yangu irikuti i thank God. My God is found in Prophet Makandiwa so dont try to separate contents from the container pliz.

      2. rubbish

      3. you see the way yo wrote u said Makandiwa change my life instead of God changed my life..Jehova God does not share His Glory with any1.The Spirit of God (The Holy Spirit l know kuti it give Glory kuna Mwari) not kuvanhu

  34. With all due respect, minister Mpofu if at all he said that Makandiwa should be supported in his miracle Gold and Diamonds then the nation is in trouble.
    In other words from the day that Gold and Diamonds rained on the congregants, the mineral’s act has ceased to operate because all the illegal panners and criminals who have such minerals in their possession will simply credit Makandiwa for their illgotten fortunes. Mapurisa basa ravashoma panyaya dzema diamonds ne goride. I rest my case.

    1. mambo wataura samambo. These guys have brought confusion to the nation. Nhasi umwe anoti ngaivhiyiwe umwe mangwana anoti ngaisavhiyiwe. Inguva chete. O ndanyarara ini

  35. Kana vakuru vehurumende vasvika pachinzvimbo chekuti vanoziva kuti mwari anogona kuita the imposibles aiwaka ndiko kuti nyika yakura.
    Unfortunately vamwe vemachechi varikutadza kunzwisisa kuti mwari vanogona kuita zvinoshamisa yet vane mabhaibheri akazara zvishamiso.

  36. Department remapurisa rino dealer ne maprecious minerals rotovharwa because haisisiri mhosva kuva ne Gold kana Diamond muhomwe got it from a miracle, mahwani.

  37. Ko dai tambowanawo ane testimony yekuti ndini ndinaro Gold racho oenda paTV, Testimony yekuti ndange ndine dollar ndave ne million dollars obuda pa TV. Rega uone zvichinzi zvakanzi na Jesu chienda asi usa taura ndinozviziva ndizvo vachataura but vakonekwa vachitaura vachirumbidza zvavitirwa taurai tinzwe isu vekwenyu.

  38. grrrhh!grhhh!grrrrh!grrhhh!grhhhh!1grrrhhh!!3arruhmm!!1grrrhhhh!!!-arruhhhmn!!1

  39. I dont understand the issue with the miracle gold and miracle money. are you pple judging the audacity of the miracle or the legality of it. Suppose i mean suppose it were true that followers received miracle gold and money, wont that be an economic booster to the nation. If Makandiwa facilitated the issue of miraculous gold surely the gvt shld assist in making it legal to offshore those minerals for money. If we are questioning the possibilty of a miracle then surely we have limited God to our reasoning capacity, the creator of heaven and earth, the giver of life. Nothing is impossible with God!!!

  40. ndangonzwawo hameno

    hanzi yegoridhe nemadhaimani iyi yakatambika pastates apo vanhu tikarumbidza Mwari, payakazonzi ya local ma1 akabva atanga, chimbotsvaga kamwe kadocumentary kanonzi Finger of God kakaitwa nemfana anonzi Darren Wilson, unogona kungoita mamwe mawonero.. madhiri acho zvawo arikuzongonetsera pakuti mukorokoza nemwana wemuporofita pamarket apa vachanzi kudini.. asi NDANGONZWAWO kuti kune mumwe dhokotera mukuru panguva yana Peter mubhaibheri, Gamaliel, akati nyaya dzakadai idzi ngatisanyanyorwisana nadzo nendaa yekuti kana zviri zvaMwari tingazoonekwa tirikurwisana naMusiki tikawacha, asi kana zvisiri zvake Mwari aiwa zvichangopfuura ka hazvo, ko inga vana muponda vakambonetsa wani, godobori vakapfuura nekupfuudza paChi-town zuro uno uyu, vaimbotakura mafans esangano nemabhazi kuenda kuGospero vakazongotisiya pawhite wani… HAMENO, Asi chingogara hako wava mwana waMwari pane kuva weMuporofita,…! ndangonzwawo, hameno…

  41. cuff u vana mpofu masatanist munoziveiko

  42. maBible akazara zvishamiso,but the Devil can also perform miracles.Jesus warned us about false prophets who perform miracles,read Mathew 24v24 and Mathew 7v22-23.He said we will know them by their fruits.The Bible says all who received Him,He gave them power to become children of GOD,not of prophets(John 1v12).Some have spiritual fathers but Jesus himself said ‘And do not call anyone on earth ‘father’ for you have one Father,and he is in heaven(Mathew 23v9).The only spiritual Father I know is God(Jehovah).

    1. apa wataura chokwadi……..ameni

  43. Fist tell us why do our president go all the way to Singapore for cataract treatment yet we have our very own Dr Guramatunhu then maybe we will tell u why we go to TB Joshua leaving Makandiwa!!!

  44. @wamuromo, u want to see people testify bout e gold n diamond issue, then come to e city sports center wobva pa computer pako ipapa. Silver n gold r mine says e lord. Saka murikushamisike chii ipapo. Prophet makandiwa i luv u.

    1. Just to give you insight, some passages in the Bible are written in parables, in some verses true believers in Christ are typified as Silver and Gold. AnaMakandiwa zvose izvozvo havazvione. In many cases the Bible emphasises of the spritual richness and spiritual poverty. AnaMakandiwa they look at the one side of the gospel, They do not even look at the side of the suffering of Jesus Christ , the trials and tribulations Where ithere is grace is judgement. AnaMakandiwa, what do you say about the verse in the last Chapter of Revealation that speaks of not adding or subracting from the word of God. Makandiwa do you know that if someone is preaching the word of God he will be prophesysing because the word convicts, edifies and comforts. What new prophesy do you have Makandiwa which is not mentioned in the Bible. Uku ndiko kuguma kwenyika kana vafundisi votadza kuparidza shoko rinoponesa. As a christian what miracle do you what except the gift of salvation, the miracle of salvation. Makandiwa I want to challenge you to read so many verses in the Bible which speaks about mafundisi enhema, all those verses they identify with you. Jesu anga ari Mwana waMwari , aigona kuita minana inoshamisa, wakamboona achinaisa gold kana madiamonds here? Aingoita zvinoita kuti vanhu vaponeswe. Mwari vachakutonga young man, repent and be baptised in the name of the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and not in the name of Gold and diamonds. Nhasi uno MaMinister ave kutora advandage of your false prophesies.

      1. mwanawaprophet e

        You are so dull my Brother….so you think you are better than Prophet Makandiwa …iyewe?tibvire apa…Ko chingwa neHove zvakabva kupi?Iye Jesu haana kuti if you believe…you shall do more than i did?Kana Jesu akati you shal do more than i did…and he changed water into wine…why not turn air into Gold?If he waked on top of water….and said you shal do more…why not play rugby on top of the water?Iwewe kucvhallenga Prophet E….YOU ARE SO LOST MY BOTHER…dei wambowana one DVD raProphet…i can tell from your baseless comment that you neva had any encounter with this man of God…ihearsay yega yega….pamberi naProphet…pasi neZanu…

        1. you mean an encounter with the man of God????????do people need an encounter with the man of God or with God?? the bible say in proverbs kushingaira kusina zivo hakuna kunaka.

  45. Lets see if the Obedient Son can be cured of obesity. I mean he is the “Largest Minister” our government has ever had ,and Makandiwa has made those who are fat, look slim and beautiful.So go forth Minister stand by what you believe in.As it is you are at risk of dying of a heart attack or stroke and the sooner and faster you lose weight the better.

    1. U hit the nail on the head. He is grossly obese. Hwever he will never lose the weight coz he cant get used to his ill gotten gains. He will die sembuwo those blood sucking insects that die coz they cant stop sucking blood off cattle and other animals. Shame.

  46. Real men of God do not need the approval of a poltician to be taken as bona fide, Mpofu’s approval and disapproval is absolutely of no relevance, its neither here nor there in as far as the legitimacy of the so called prophet is considered. We know that he is after political points. Makandiwa’s messages, miracles (or “magics” as some have suggested) have to pass the bible test and that is what matters. The epicentre of Makandiwa’s message is that people have to give to Pastors in order to be blessed by God, why not encourage believers to also give to their needy parents, needy brothers & sisters, the poor in general,as africans it is a fact that we are saddled with so many extended family responsibilities as an aftermath of the HIV and Aids scourge, do we really have to give to the “Pastor” who in turn acquires a fleet of TOP of the range vehicles, houses and many other luxuries, and for conscience’s sake finally gives to the poor, in front of cameras, the remaining modicum on “our behalf”- This is expoitation of one’s gift to enrich themselves in a very subtle way, I have nothing against giving to ministry but lets’ guard against excesses.

  47. You are right real men of God do not need the approval of politicians in fact hazvizvdzane. So the so called man of God are dining and feasting with the devil. AnaMakandiwa can not bring true prophesy vanotya persecuation.

  48. Mpofu should stop trying to campaign using Makandiwa’s influence, he is just a government THEIF who has grown obess ( and a big ass) on the back of Marange diamonds, he is a betrayal of our trust in him as a lead, Zimbabweans are disappointed with him for failing to account for Diamonds money. May be vari vese mugame yacho naMakandiwa , yekuba mari dzevanhu iyi.

  49. people easily forget that not so long ago we had the miraculous diesel in Chinhoyi! Its a problem when we have magicians and tricksters as our prophets, i feel sorry for those Zimbabweans who will part with their precious money all in the hope that it will miraculously double double!

  50. All the people who are for Obert supporting Makandiwa you are all lost, desperate and fools like I have said before and I will always say it nyaya yenyu yamwari, bible anf these miracles was brought by this missionaries vanova ivo varungu and they way you have embrassed it shows that you have been swept away. You keep on telling us about the second coming of the christ but the truth is pliz help yourself and look after yourself and your families not for god or jeasus to do that for you it show that you are cowards. You have the brains , the body and the earth to make sure that you survive. Ndosaka tisina mascientist kurudzi rwedu nekuti tinofunga kuti mwari achatiitira zvese ivo varungu vamunoshora very soon they will be living in Mars becoz they are busy discovering things using the brain that god gave them while you are sitting on your and chasing on Makandiwa’s miracles. Zvinokatyamadza uye kurwadza. You are busy backing Orbert who is desperate for votes. He is talking nonsese but it does not surprise becauce these guys were once hit for a massive SIX by that diesel n’anga and by his backing of this Makandiwa it shows not only is he sitting on the fence he does not want to appear to be on the wrong side and at the same time winning the hearts of those who are taken by this makandiwa crazy but it is bullshit and nonsense

  51. Breakn’ news.
    Presdnt ‘as announced new portfol’os.
    Mnster of Prec’ous and m’nes expansns:Manuel Upfum Makandrwa.
    RBZ ‘OVERNOR:UEBERT MORE MONEY ANJEL.Mnster of Defence:Dr S’umba frm C’/TOWN.
    Nat’an Us’ku,Presdntl loud speaker.

  52. why now Mr Minister makuda kutsvaga support nekuda kwaProphet Makandiwa yesterday you where saying ngaasungwe and today you are saying lets support him shame on you stupet baboon mpofu

  53. birds of a feather flock together……by their fruits you shall know them…….

  54. mpofu and zanu pf polititions are politically mature and wise. makandiwa iz an influential figure in zimbabwe, the biggest man magnet in the country today. tendai biti and mangoma should avoid at all costs making enemies of religious leaders such as makandiwa, angel, mwazha etc. ndokusaziva politics vane dzungu vanhu ve mdc. come electiontime the prophets will endose zanu pf.

    1. makandiwa for president

  55. I beg to differ Marvelous that not political maturity to base yoor support on lies. that Makandiwa, Angel and Mwazha popularity is just what we call Umlilo wamapepa( Moto wemapepa) the fire burns out quickly. We want to base out support on true values and i think Biti and Magoma are too learned to know that so pliz vasiye nedzunu ravo as you allude but I urge you to wait and see.

  56. U Makandiwa pple u are so dull, wen did this curse yekuti murume achadya cheziya go. God pronounced this curse and he also said mukadzi takura nhumbu, ucharwadziwa pakuzvara. Asi vakadzi vekwa Makandiwa vakuita ma miracle babies wo futi. Becoz if they woman are stil carrying babies fo 9months, man must also work to get food on the table not zvekupa munhu abva kunopomba neakatora murume wemunhu neakatora mukadzi we munhu gold ne diamond. If vanhu vekwa Makandiwa can live a lyf worthy of the gospel ndinga tenda makandiwa. Bt kwa makandiwa hakuna kana mu kiristo kana 1. Hunhu hwa kristo hahuna arrogancy. Mai makandiwa ndi prophetesy pakudini ivo vachigerwa zuda kudaro vachiparidza iro shoko rakati vakadzi garai pasi. Zvakatanga rinhi kuti mukadzi aparidze, iwo ma weaker vessels ava vakanyengedzwa ne nyoka.

  57. The Doctor Minister talking like a folish man …and these are our leaders Lord have mercy on us.

  58. wamaromo ndiwe une yese. Rako ndo dama risina kana pimple

  59. vanamati chaivo havatukani nekutsoropodzana kusvika kumaextremes nekudadirana kuti isu kwedu ndiko kunonamatwa chaizvo.zvenyaya yemashura nezviratidzo kuti muvhurirano magwaro muchionesana imi pasi tsve.munamati haatsoropodzi nenzira iyoyo.mabatiro anosiyana mukukudza zita rashe.minana yose nemhando dzevaporofita zvakatsanangurwa mubhaibheri chero minister of mines.o mpofu wl devalue minerals by publcly acptng and acknledgng profets 2 dishout minerals at their congregations.violatins of prec minerals act.freedm of worshp and ass now ultra vires to the aforesaid act.the actual essence of going 2 church can b overriden by riches and kunamatira eternal life can b forgotten.i also need ngoda.magweja akaendako kuservice ibatai batai.nditumirei mablessings zvenyu vamakandiwa in jesus name.

  60. Handivengi Makandiwa asi kana totaura nyaya dzinoda common sense kuti tichiri pasi pano toita zvinoenderana nezvepasi. MaKristu havasi vanhu vakapusa kana kusadzidza zvekuti vanovharwa ne miracle money or the like. Conscience dzatakapihwa naMwari dziri serious dzinoziva nhema nezvokwadi uye chakanaka nechakaipa. Nhamo yedu muno yatiitisa zvisingaite. Let’s return to innocence Mpofu and Makandiwa. Mitemo yemari nehuMwari ndezvedu separate them clearly.

  61. thank you minister for yo wise words surely we are blessed to have servants of God in our nation,may the eyes of zimbabweans b opened & cee e gift from God for he spik things which come to pass surely God he is our prophet! for our nation

  62. Minister vakangwara! Vafunga zve election! He knows that if he plays the right tune Makandiwa will in turn play the right tune to his followers and give him votes.

    Nice one minister! The “Government should find ways of assisting him,” quote had me rolling with laughter!

  63. wese atuka musatanist nei kusada kusupoter zita rajesu?

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