Makandiwa foretells disaster

Zimbabwe could be plunged into darkness and thousands of people could die due to the collapse of a “great wall” if authorities do not move with speed to avert the looming calamity, United Family International Church (UFIC) founder Emmanuel Makandiwa has said.


Makandiwa, now widely regarded as one of the most influential personalities on the continent, told thousands of his congregants at the church’s New Year’s Eve celebration in Chitungwiza that Zimbabwe could be plunged into darkness following the catastrophe.

On the night he also prophesied that he saw tears in the snow and an old woman’s garment falling down and it turned out to be a big thing.

Makandiwa also predicted that three African countries will fight to gain independence and fight against “the dragon”.

He also said the country was headed for a gold rush that will see people in most parts of the country “picking” the precious mineral from the ground as God begins to offer divine solutions to challenges besetting Zimbabwe.

It was not clear what Makandiwa’s prophecy about the great wall was referring to, but some religious experts believe the prophecy might refer to some event that is beyond physical phenomena. Others, however, believe his utterances could have been referring to the poor state of the 128-metre-long Kariba Dam wall, built by an Italian company — Impresit — between 1955 and 1959.

The dam, which provides hydro-electric power to Zimbabwe and Zambia and controls 40% of Zambezi River’s run-off water, was recently reported to have developed cracks on its wall.

“I am seeing an old wall saying, ‘I am tired, I am getting tired and who will help me? I need to rest’ and the wall is coming down and I am seeing thousands perishing and the nation going into darkness. It’s now up to the authorities, if they are going to save money or they are going to save lives,” Makandiwa said during his sermon.

Should this prophecy be about the Kariba Dam and if it comes to pass, many people, mainly of the BaTonga tribe living along the Zambezi River which feeds into the dam, may be swept away by raging floods.

However, Energy and Power Development minister Elton Mangoma allayed fears of an imminent collapse of the dam wall, saying technicians from both Zambia and Zimbabwe were already rehabilitating the structure.

“I think he (Makandiwa) should have heard it from somewhere as it’s now common knowledge. When we opened the floodgates it (the water) ate into the rock underneath the foundation. It’s called plunge pool so there are consultants who are designing how they will stop the erosion. They have been on the ground for some time now. Both Zimbabwe and Zambia are ensuring that something is done,” Mangoma said.

Early last year, Makandiwa made similar predictions, but they went unheeded.

In March 2010, the dam’s rising levels led to the opening of floodgates and a total of 130 000 people were evacuated.

Traditionalists have in the past made similar predictions, attributing the envisaged catastrophe to their angered ancestral spirits — Nyaminyami — that they believe opposed the construction of the dam wall at the site.

During its construction, about five decades ago, scores of people, mainly the Tonga, were killed while hundreds others were displaced by flash floods.

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  1. May God protect our nation, Zimbabwe

    1. I really feel there are some things that Makandiwa says that should not be for consumption by the general public. Some of the things that pertain to individuals should be said to the individuals concerned only. Like the one about the business man dying, was the business man even approached and told as an individual?

      Part of me thinks Makandiwa is giving pearls to swine – sharing “valuable” things with people that will not understand or appreciate those “prophesies”. What is his motive for sharing all these things with people that will not even open their mouths to pray to God?

    2. Elton Mangoma,God speaks to his servants and not you.where did Prophet Makandiwa hear that.God save our nation

    3. “After Judgement Night, lots of things are going to happen in Zimbabwe,” Makandiwa said. “Because of our environment, I will not give much detail, but as prophets, we choose what to say and what not to say. For now, all I can say is pray for Zimbabwe.”

    4. Thank god fo hs prophet. Sm tmz he gd reveals inorder to redeem

  2. ”my people perish because of lack of vision…” Him who has ears let him hear.

  3. aireva mugabe

  4. Profit Makandiwa

    I predict Zesa will continue with power cuts. ZINWA will continue dishing out dirty water. Zanu will beat up MDC supporters. Many will die again on the roads over the christmas period. Mugabe will go to Singapore on official business. Mai Mujuru will remain a widow. Chinotimba will not grow an new teeth.

    Idiots will continue to throng the City Sports Centre to listen to my sh*t.

    1. May God find grace for ‘respecting’ his servant

    2. amen muranda washe. nguva yake yasvika kuti abude pachena kuti muporofita waBhaari kufoya maningi achiba nyaya mumanews paper

    3. WELL SAID…………………

  5. So when is going to die, I mean this old man.

    1. Tapiwa urikubvunza old man baba vako here inja

  6. Is this news? Mr Editor you are losing credibility, how can you allow trash into my beloved Newsday. Even if this guy has many stupid, satanic followers, he did not really say anything, and all you are doing is coming up with ideas of what he meant. The guy was drunk with the devil’s spirit! Even I, a non believer, can detect hogwash dressed as prophecy from a thousand miles. I failed to read the whole story.

    Wasted resources, wasted education, wasted brains, I am really annoyed. You have not resigned already!!!

    1. Mr Nkululeko, let me confront you. This man you are calling ‘guy is a man of God’. If he and his followers are satanic then that means all the satanists have been gotten rid of at other churches-right? Then why are people still getting sick when you are left with the holy ones? Why do you still fight at your churches? You need to pray to God so that he can open your eyes

      1. this ‘man of God’ is a lier period! Vanoda tererai nhema munhu anoshanda naSATAN waakaromba kuGhana.

  7. The man of god here lost it because he beat about the bush and did not say anything but left people confused. Tell him to do better next time at the moment we will wait and see. Nyaya dzenyu idzi dzemaprophecies dzirikukodzera confusions but these people are just there to make money out of desperate people who do not know what to do to survive. May god bless

  8. The only way 2 noe whether a prophecy wz true or false is simply on guard 4 its fulfilment. If it comes 2 pass, 2 God b é praise bt it fails, then an evil spirit is amongst u.

    1. thts true

    2. guys what i thnk u a o dng wrng.the Holy Bible says what w say shld b of benefit to someone bt u a jus provokng each ada to war.thnk God wnt lyk t.

  9. Prophecy prophecy, why always negative, why talk in parables not straight like the Chavundukas` this man is not from God(his prophecies) but from Ghana where his spiritual father is.
    Please his foolers(followers) continue singing for your miracles they will come in all forms.Heard Mathias & Mildred are back backed by another snake again .They are also into construction work in Norton.Makandiwa to the Ghananians

  10. Make sure all u criticising the man of God won’t b amoungst the thousands,God will surely judge u 4 judging his child,mind u,ure breaking this commandment,”DO NOT JUDGE !!!!!”,one day u will all regret yo words…,ts 4 God to judge not pple.and madovi,that means u dnt knw the role of a prophet,his role is to 4tell the future so that pple may be prepared…..make sure u won’t regret all yo words….

  11. Makandiwa is no prophet bt the devil incarnate let thoz who worship the devil do so bt dnt feed us this hogwash. He is publicity monger, dnt gv him a platform

  12. Liar, he is no man of god bt satan’s child doin the devil’s bidding

    1. Do you go to church!


  13. Although we don’t want to make deep analysis of the prophet’s prophetic message,however his prophecy has nothing to do with Kariba dam.But something to do with Zimbo’s political crisis a thing hard to talk about as all visionary Zimbos have foreseen in their twinkling of their obscured eyes.Please lets all fellow religious Zimbabweans pray to God to deliver peace upon our great country because predicament is fast knocking on our doors. We’re peace loving people lets peace abide our great land and love of God.
    We don’t want a situation of gullibility rick havoc in our families as we passing through political transctions and when people given then right to exercise their democratic rights to choose their responsible authorities to carry our country forward ,we’re progressive people lets support each other for the majority cause. Above all lets emulate good democratic transctions shown by other countries-South Africa,Ghana,Senegal ,France, Australia and so on. Otherwise what the configurative disaster warned by the prophet won’t grieve us anyhow.Thank you very much for taking a leaf out of it.

  14. makandiwa son of the devil and his followers are devils as well. to hell with his satanic prophecy, he is not even ashamed telling the whole nation lies. phewwww!!!!! Please God punish this mdc-t thug

    1. May God have mercy on you

  15. satan you were defeated long back with your tricks, keep doing that God will thrash you one day.

  16. ‘The things of the Spirit are foolishness to those in the flesh’. So those calling Prophet Makandiwa all sorts of names are exhibiting the devil in themselves. Such scathing remarks on a prophet of God or any human being for that matter are unwarranted. Let us give God a chance to perform His prophecies. ZvaMwari zvinoitika chete! Satan asingade asingade! Nekuti hapana pakamboda satan wacho kuti tibudirire. God bless the Prophet and those that believe in the prophetic message.

    1. @taurai don’t take opinion as facts prove your point using our syllabus the BIBLE otherwise you are talking to yourself as a fool. The men you are saying a prophet of God the bible is rejecting him. Quote scriptures that shows he is from God. Myself i can expose this false prophet in a biblical way Quoting verses.

    2. after t bs malawi prophesy; mkandiwa predicted the letters J: D:&M. Beware the time wil come everthing shal be open.

  17. @Ini, He needs the power of Jesus Christ himself to redeem this men called Makandiwa is on bondage with evil spirits, sometimes is a child God who is being used, we cant say is satan`s child “Thats where the word “DO NOT JUDGE” is suppose to be used” not @palse use it . What he call prophecy is not prophecy, is just like those who wek at Met who predicts weather. Is a prohet but a falseone with the spirit of Balaam the son of Bosor who loved the wages of unrighteousness( II Peter 2vs15. Using word of God to gain material thing. That system is for the devil.

  18. guys all prophecies in the bible were straight to the point, only time was sometimes not told but it came to pass as was told. this issue of beating about the bush n not telling us of how it is going pass cast a lot of doubt in people. God told noah of flooding and he spake it as he was told and there was time frame on it and it happened within that time. izvi zvekungoti ndirikuona ndirikuratidzwa without a clear picture of it happening is very dangerous guys. how can God foretell doom and prosperity on one age at the same time.

  19. this is very clear olendlebe kazwe ukuthi umakandiwa uthini its very clear akudingi mbuzo

  20. I’m a little skeptic of this guy, personally. But I don’t believe in calling this guy such derogatory names. I mean, yes you can disagree with him certainly it’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it but for you to accuse someone of evil like satanism just because you don’t agree with the way he does things or what he says is ungodly. I mean let’s be adults about this. if you are going to disagree, fine but don’t go around insulting people and saying things about them that you have no hard evidence of. Honestly.




  21. Pardon Makunike

    Disaster is not only about the Kariba wall which is about to crackdown but we are going though disaster everyday across all section of life.
    We have water crisis in uburn areas,political crisis,worn out roads,very limited flights by our national airline Air Zimbabwe,Noczim pipeline have since run dry,NRZ is on the verge of colupse and in addition we see out fasioned,encient tall building in urburn centres.
    The fact that they are upon us everyday and for some of us bornfree we were born and grew up in these disasters and we got used to them as if life is suppose to be like that.
    Help Zimbabwe Oh! GOD.

  22. Ndapererwa nazvo ko tikango namata pasina zvakadai izvi

  23. Mentality of small people to tlk bout Big people…muchataura kusvika maneta muporofita achingosumuka chaanobva hapana,mucharwadziwa zvakanyanya kusvika kunyanya kwanyanya kunyanya…hehe…Pamberi nemaPorofita…

    Wen I heard kuti vanobira ndakaenda ndakadhakwa frm tt day hvnt drank…by tlkn u simply doin free advertisement ende vanhu hatirege kuenda nekuti unofunga zvako wega…


  24. u pipo dont waffle wat u dont knoe kana matadza kubata chokwadi wait;kana zviri zvaMwari zvinoitika uye pachena,uye zvaMwari hazvipere.if u say Prophet makandiwa is from e devil pray that he gets deliverance bt if u dont knoe his position shut up bz ua lost-arguing on baseless grounds!itaiwo zvenyu zvamunogona tione imi vechokwadi vacho?

    1. makndiwa olrdy lied , wat did he do abt his judgement day thing , collected thousands of dollars from pple

  25. Even zvikaitika kune vacharamba vasingatendi. Futi

  26. People of Zimbabwe most of you grew up believing about n’qangas so it will take time for most of you to believe about prophecies. Read Daniel 7 from verse 1 up to 14 and read from verse 15 to 28. He who walks by God’s side shall not be ashamed of his works, shall not be worried about nonbelievers, Prophet Makandiwa carry on with the Godly duties


  27. All those calling Prophet Makandiwa a satanist if you are Christians y do u allow him to use ur Holy Bible, ur songs. ‘From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force.’ Matthew 11:12.

    1. Nobody z not allowed to use e bible , tts his way of deceiving pple , n our constitution says ther z no witchcraft so u cant stop him

  28. makandiwa z busy making pple blv ey wl die so ey cld surrender their riches to him & thus he becomes rich

  29. 1.whay generalize if he is indded a biblical prophet like Elijah..Let him be specific not generalize things.I think the guy is a cheat.If you look at the things zvirikunzi prophecy zvinhu zvinongo zivikanwa ne vanhu.
    2.Tichamirira nyaya ye gold yaakatuaura munun’una uyu.

  30. You see its very simple. If you do not like Makandiwa just ignore him and let us make the most of him isu vanomutenda. The Newspapers love him coz all you idiots out there only buy the paper when you see his name. I see him every Tuesday and Sundays and I dont get excited Newspaper headlines about him.My adrenalin pumps up when I am at City Sports Centre with the Man of God. Prophecy requires a certain degree of prophetic understanding and its clear all you haters have no understanding of what was being said. As for the Minister to comment back it only shows his foolishness to try and make that applicable to his ministry. Who says its a “wall” in the physical sense. Shame on you>….

    1. Chirundazi,

      I think the point being made is that Makandiwa was not clear about what he meant yet he solution lies in authorities acting on the issue. From your argument it is apparent that you yourself you are also not clear as to what Makandiwa meant. You suggest that it might not be a physical wall. If you, who believes him and goes to his church twice a week, are not clear about what the prophecy is all about how do you expect pagans (people in government) to know what Makandiwa meant and try to do something about it as he suggested?

      If you read through the prophetic books in the bible, one thing is apparent, the message was clear and to the point such that people for whom the message was meant were left in no doubt about what was communicated. This is what some people who have commented are asking Makandiwa to do. If you read yesterday’s Herald, one of the prophecies written there was a matter that is already in the public domain.

      Your reference to Mangoma’s comments also shows your bitterness and hatred about anyone who says things that are contrary to what Makandiwa says. It is the Newsday not Mangoma which speculated that the prophecy could be referring to the Kariba dam wall. Now because the Zambezi River Authority which manages the wall falls under Mangoma’s ministry, the newspaper sought a comment from the Minister. What the minister simply said is that it is common knowledge that the Kariba dam wall has problems which are being worked on. I don’t think that warrants your tirade against the minister.

    2. Chirundazi “let us make the most of him isu vanomutenda”



  31. Prophet Makandiwa is a man of God. Its useless to argue with people who dont know even a sentance of the bible. Tell me anything he have done and i will prove you with a bible verse, just anything.

  32. What makes Prophet Makandiwa a satanist?

  33. Prophecy is done so that people pray about it for God to intervene and bring solutions to the foretold disaster. You people why do you want fulfillment of disaster, instead we should join hands and pray to God to show his mercy and deliver his people. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    1. Batsirikai,

      For you to pray you need to be clear about what you are praying about. The verses you quoted are a testimony to that. Those words were said by God himself in response to Solomon’s prayer after he had asked God to hear the children of Israel’s prayers (kana vachinge vatadza Mwari aka vakanda muutapwa, variko kuutapwa vakarangarira kuti vakatadzira Mwari, vonamata vatarisa kuimba ya Mwari). Without knowledge about what needs to be prayed about people can not meaningful prayers. Here Makandiwa just says a great wall will fall if authorities do not act. We need to know the wall he is talking about for us to pray. More importantly authorities need to know the wall for them to take action as he said. His prophecy says solution lies in authorities taking action. Zimbabwe has thousands if not millions of walls because tall buildings can also qualify as walls. He must therefore be specific to be for the prophecy to be useful.

  34. Tichafa Tazvigwira

    There is need to separate a prophecy from a dream. I think Makandiwa was dreaming and if it is a dream it requires people like the biblical Daniel or Joseph who explained dreams. The “wall” might not really be a wall in the literary sense. This disaster might point to the fall of “anything” that symbolises power. Remember China erected the Great Wall to symbolise their power. Now the fall of a wall means the collapse of some once powerful regime and as it collapses it shakes a nation to its foundations and there is usually loss of life. Now God help Zimbabwe! God help Zimbabwe in the forth coming election where a once mighty revolutionary party is likely to lose an election resoundingly which may lead to a blood bath as some elements in the army have vowed never to respect the will of the people. Meanwhile Makandiwa must dream on….! The wall will fall for sure.

  35. wl nt judge cz ibasa ramwari, handituke cz my christian morals do nt allow, wl pray cz thats wht christians do, in the end mwari vachaburitsa chokwadi vega, lets pray for divine guidance,love forgiveness and above all seek the face of the lord in all aspects includin leading us to the true prophets,lets be careful of wasting time on unnecessary arguments that do not benefit us in any way…the devil is a liar

  36. Chaparadze ngwanga

    Chokwadi chakafanana nechiedza mirirai nguva ikwane zvaMWARI hazvina ruzha rwese rwuri kuitwa nevanhu. Chekutanga kuziva pasina izvozvo vanhu vanoparara. Zivai zvaMWARI nezvisiri.

  37. 1.Why do makandiwa’s followers insult other people by calling them idiots when we are raising our points.Why dont they disprove our views by the bible instead yekutituka.

    2.It doesnt mean that if one does not believe that the young man makandiwa is a prophet then hatiziva even a sentance of the bible.That behaiour shows a high level of being naive.

  38. We don`t keep quite yet our relatives are being following the power of the devil. In the book of Ezekiel God said i choose to be watchmen if you keep quite the blood of those people will i inquire from you. So we recieve the Holy Ghost we are watchmen of this gentile generation. Makandiwa is misusing our Lord Jesus Christ whilst we are present. The violance shall be take by force God Force as watchmen. We dont keep quite while the enemy is using out surname. Judgement begin in house of the Lord say St Peter. Paul say in corinth we are going to be judge with our Lord Jesus Christ, why can`t you judge small things e.g to identify that Makandiwa and his fellow Nagerians and Ghanians are being used by the power of the devil.

  39. @believer you are correct we dont fellowship with evil deeds. To tell the truth is one of a good example of LOVE if some told you that the way you are using is full of thugs, is in love with you. To tell you that Makandiwa is a bogus prophet is LOVE. So things like DONT JUDGE is for those who are not sure about their God.

    1. @shoko and believer, these poeple they dont even know the biblical meaning of the DONT JUDGE. To Judge is to sentance someone for a certain wrong thing he/she did, just like their prophet Makandiwa who is sentancing his followers life in hell. Teaching them social gospel not rebuking sin. Busy promising people good life yet they are living in sin, moving around naked with tight trousers, mini skirts, etc. Makandiwa is so cruel, i dont hate him but i hate the system of the devil which is in him, is like the serpent.

  40. I think we could just learn to take heed and pray if everything includes God the Almighty’s name and if the man call himself man of God is lying may God decent hard on him.

  41. we fight not against flesh and blood (fake prophets)but against principalties (evil spirits being the devil)LETS FOCUS

  42. It is very sad indeed that people who published statistics of Zim literacy rate did not also deduce the interpretation rate. Interpretation is the ability to understand what you what one has read. But allow me to make an uneducated guess from the sample of participants of this platform. 4 in every 10 Zimbabweans are well able to read and write but are sadly unable to interpret. Please don’t rush me, but let me hasten to ask fellow Zimbabweans that, is it sober to use barometers to check a patient’s breathing rate or worse still to use worldly standards to measure spiritual and biblical characters, events and God’s word. This platform is very excellent for it gives us a chance to expose our knowledge of God or its lack thereof.
    6 questions to you my brothers and sisters.
    1. Did God say that when a false prophet rises amongst you go ahead and demonise and call him names or you should simply ignore him and never be afraid of him?
    2. Did God give us biblical and spiritual standards to measure and test prophetic spirits, prophecies and prophets?
    3. As a Christian do you have an obligation to drag your brother away from the devil if you realise that he is prophesying using the devil’s spirit. Or rather if you think yourself to be a better Christian than your brother is it possible that you continue making noise about it or you lock yourself up in your prayer room and cry out to God that he might deliver him.
    4. Did God in the past block people’s understanding so that he destroys them because of their sin?
    5. What ways does God use to separate faithful Christians from church goers and jealousy men of the cloth?
    6. Can you distinguish between a false prophet and God’s prophet using the standards which God said you should use in the bible?
    Zimbabwe be careful, we have classical examples of people and nations who demonised people who had been send by God unknowingly. The same God of mercy can kill you if you joke around the aspects of salvation and other important spiritual things.
    I urge all pastors and aspiring prophets to get deliverance from the spirit of pride and accept that the Lord sometimes uses favour to separate us. ( now I am very willing and able to give you scriptural reference to these questions so that at the end of the day we can smile and hug and say that Zimbabwe we have made it).






  44. Touch not the anointed man of God guyz kana ariwekwa mwari ministry yake ichafaya kana zviri zva satan zvine expiring date achabroker

  45. Pardon Makunike

    Here comes a problem.
    There ar people who always talk.
    Now Makandiwa gave a profecy and people are saying the profet is a lier.
    If the disaster befall us,the talking will continue, Makandiwa is mightly used by the devil.
    On the other hand Makandiwa’s followers will be in a wait and see situation. Instead of praying to God to stop the disaster and save people,inwardly they will be saying it must hapen so that those who don’t believe Makandiwa will surely know he is a man of God.
    The very people talking today are the people who used to say if we have men of God in Zimbabwe why didn’t they told people that there were diamonds in Marange.
    So which is which now?

  46. People of Zimbabwe know that even Jesus was said to be of devil. But let us know that a devil can not use its agents to use the name Jesus to prophesy and to do miracles, it cant according to Jesus so i quote you this verse, “And he called them unto him, and said unto them in parables, How can Satan cast out Satan? ” (Mark 3:23).

    According to the bible, which is the voice of God, anyone can prophecy, of which Prophet Makandiwa is using that verse,
    “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God,I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:” (Acts 2:17).
    My question is, who told you that Prophet Makandiwa is a satanist? Is it God or satan? Well, if it is God then may you then cast out that spirit since God reveals in order to redeem. If you were told of devil that he is a satanist then its ok because you are one of them.
    Who told you that?

    1. Amen. Vaparidzire vane nzeve.

    2. Things of Makandiwa is clearly mantioned in the bible even a non believer can it. If God reveals his people about a false does mean we are supose to redeem that men. There are a lot of things why God reveals us for a certain false prophet like Makandiwa, Ubet, TBs and even their what they call spiritual father. God is giving us warning to come out from these hypocrites so that we will not be partakers of their sin. Why? because some of them had already crossed the line of redemption. Just like the two sons of Eli (read 1 samuel 2 or 3 somewhere there)

  47. which 3 countries in africa are still not independent. i would advice the good prophet to dwell on the bible teachings rather than prophecies which will be interpreted wrongly. once interpretation goes political that might spell danger. you know what politics means in zim.


    The things that people are exposed to all because of faith. People please apply your mind . How can one honestly accept these insane and unreasonable claims. People should just put their trust in God and not these fake Prophets and Pastors. This is just another of the so called revelation , just more false claim to fool people in his cult. This is meaningless. He is just enriching himself from the many who have been fooled and have followed him in this “revealed religion” . I am sorry for these people – Just the many that still believe that God communicates with certain individual founders/ members of a religion and forgeting to put their trust in God , but in the person making the claim of receiving divine revelation. Even the media is buying these nonsense!!

  49. Mr Editor give us relevant information not what someone thinks or see, u make me doubt your editorial skills and i have a question on your policies as a publishing house.

  50. the bible say the love of money is what? Do not love money. Be careful peple verengai nharireyomurindi

  51. Makandiwa is a man of God…ppl yu ar not forced to believe. kip doing basa raMwari asvotwa ngaarutse..

  52. iwe getaway ne nharireyomurondi yako…zvirinani kuverenga nhaka yohupenyu pane kuverenga yo book isina kana biblical refrenc inosupporta yo facts..

  53. One needs to have spiritual understanding of the things of God. When the man of God speaks the wise listen. Prophet Makandiwa thank you for enlightening us on the things of God. We will pray for Zimbabwe and the nation as a whole. God bless you prophet and we thank God for having you in Zimbabwe.

  54. “After Judgement Night, lots of things are going to happen in Zimbabwe,” Makandiwa said. “Because of our environment, I will not give much detail, but as prophets, we choose what to say and what not to say. For now, all I can say is pray for Zimbabwe.”

  55. “They are dying. Somebody has to die on that Friday morning so that you will be set free. Some people may blame the church, but God is ready to make changes. Are to be blamed? An Angel of death shal be released.,” prophesied Makandiwa.

  56. Charlatan or prophet.

  57. “I see a group of professionals in Zimbabwe spearheading attacks against the ministry. I will not give you their names, but these are going to come from sectors with these initials: the D and the M and the J,” man of God Prophet Makandiwa said without elaborating.

  58. i believe Makandiwa have great powers though i don’t know n i don’t want to know by what authority. I always wonder why people are so into him since he is a person just like me n you.Even though he is preaching the word of God but m trully frank with this, just believe him will not qualify any one of you even his church followers to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Why are you spent a lot of time try to figure out what is meant by Makandiwa? Obey God’s commantments.Death is always be there.

  59. 1John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
    This gives us the authority to test the prophet whether he is a true prophet or not. So lets check whether he fits the position of being a true prophet. Lets start:
    1. They must follow what God says in his commandments……..Isaiah 8:20To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, [it is] because [there is] no light in them. So do they keep the seventh day as the sabbath??????? Or they keep the first day as their sabbath like what the Roman Catholics do. (Sorry to the Roman Catholics because they have a leader who say it openly that he is antichrist. If doubting check online the page written POPE ADMITS THAT HE IS ANTICHRIST.) for more information read your bible about false prophets or reply me then we mighty have a chat

  60. Think everyone has a choice to follow Makandiwa or not to follow him. But I would advice people not to comment on things they don’t understand therefore heaping burning coals on their heads please be adviced.

  61. I think some of these issues are going to happen because some people do not believe. We are meant to pray against these things but how can the unbelieving nation convince God to stop such things. The only route is that God will let it happen so that fear can come upon the earth. He has done it and he will do it again. If i was Elton Mangoma i would have praised God for coming into my area and work around the “saving money” which you are saying in your words through repairing. manage the wall and replace it.

    Nkululeko, i am very very sorry. I pray for you as a brother to know that Jesus will now do better miracles than human beings. Humans have managed to let the plane defy gravity, they made it possible for us to be on whats up. so if there is this level of understanding then God’s level of miracles is going to be higher. watch the space, God is going to confound you. let God of Prophet Makandiwa be God. and let the News papers be faithfull enough to report the confirmations as they come.

  62. Inasmuch as we col Makandiwa with all sorts of names, lets pray for our salvation for we do not know what the future holds(he may repent). i have got may reference on the Bible. In concrete terms i’m saying this are signs of the end(matt 24). May the Kingdom of God comes!

  63. makandiwa is a really man of God pple must not say what they want becoz its not makandiwa. God is speaking through his prophets 2chronicles 20 vs 20. believe God you shall be established and believe his prophets and you shall prosper.So dont comment nagative what has been not reveled to you. Especially to those who want to comment so pple should be very carefull on what they say.

  64. There are some interesting points in this clause but I dont know if I see all of them eye to heart. There is some validity but I will take hold legal opinion until I look into it further. Good clause, thanks and also we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well.

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