Makandiwa, Angel defiant

SPIRIT Embassy founder Uebert Angel Mudzanire on Sunday lambasted Finance minister Tendai Biti for challenging him to “produce” $10 billion required to retire government debt, saying “miracle money” was not meant for those who dipped their fingers in national coffers.


Angel also said the money was not for those who had failed to run the national economy.

“I am sorry minister (Biti), the miracle money is not for someone who has failed to account for his duties or for thieves in government,” Angel said.

Angel said although some people seemed alarmed by the “miracle money”, there were greater miracles coming this year, which he branded Epikaizo — Year of the Shadow of God — and those writing negatively about him would get tired.

“Under this year’s theme, the Year of the Shadow of God (Epikaizo), big things are going to happen,” he told worshippers on Sunday.

“These (issues about miracle money) are small things that you are talking about.

“All the newspapers writing about Angel, you are going to get tired.”

United Families International Church (UFIC) founder Emmanuel Makandiwa, who recently prophesied that Zimbabwe was headed for a gold rush that would see people picking up the precious mineral from the ground as God begins to offer divine solutions to the country’s challenges, on Sunday said people might not understand their predictions and their way of life.

Without making reference to Biti’s challenge during his sermon also on Sunday, Makandiwa said: “I am living in the supernatural sphere.

“People should brace for more foresights in the short distance future. Many miracles are going to be revealed.

“I will continue to equip my church with the understanding of spiritual things.”

Biti on Friday challenged Angel and Makandiwa to prove the authenticity of their “miracles” by helping the country secure
$10,1 billion, $260 million and $200 million to liquidate government’s external debt, balance domestic arrears and fund the referendum respectively.

This followed claims that Angel had enabled his congregants to miraculously receive money in their hands, pockets and bank accounts.

The “miracles” reportedly happened in Botswana last year during Angel’s Miracle Night and at the City Sports Centre in Harare during his New Year’s Eve service dubbed Crossover with No Carryover.

“I respect the men of God, Angel and Makandiwa, because of the miracles they are performing.

“But if they are printing real money, I am asking them to deposit the money in our (Treasury) account at CBZ (Bank) so that we can pay some of our arrears,” Biti was reported as saying at the weekend.

Meanwhile, Tourism and Hospitality minister Walter Mzembi in an interview yesterday came out guns blazing defending Angel and Makandiwa, saying the two should not be persecuted as they constituted the country’s tourist attractions.

Mzembi’s said the two prophets were contributing positively to the country’s tourism sector because of the international response to their “religious attractions”.

“Today, I believe securing an appointment with (Nigeria’s) TB Joshua is a nearly impossible feat for ordinary people, because of the international response to this famous religious attraction,” he said.

“So don’t persecute the local prophet. I endorse religious tourism itself as a source of revenue.

“Who is the bereaved or the aggrieved in this case? Has anyone been short-changed?

“These are miracles that happen when God’s presence has been invited in a specific spiritual environment and moment in time, the glory of God.

“There is no case between the prophets and their congregations, many of them well-heeled, educated and literate people who are looking for spiritual solutions to their myriad of problems.

“It’s the external audience and competitor churches that are crying more than the supposedly bereaved.Why?”

He said if Treasury needed the money, it should go to a church led by its minister, Biti.

“If Treasury wants miracle money and solutions, it must go to church led by its minister,” Mzembi said.

“I go to UFIC and Spirit Embassy from time to time in solidarity with the exceptional support they are giving to tourism, notwithstanding my own faith.

“They are a major tourism attraction.

“Their benchmark is TB Joshua of Nigeria to whom some of our affluent classes quietly and discreetly go for their own spiritual solutions.”

Makandiwa is on record as saying he can assist people to amass material wealth.

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  1. If it is not meant for thieves how come you have it?

    1. Mzembi should not blow things out of proportion.People are not worried about his going to those prophets because if he fails to attend and get the devine intervention he will lose the elections.When Biti commented on these miracles,he was not challenging the Man of God’s performances but was only saying let those that can do miracles assist the dying nation.Why is Mzembi taking it as if he wants to settle some scores with Biti.

      1. I’m with you abbie. Tell them.

        1. Anotori rude futi munhu waMwari wacho. Zvinoshamisa veduwee

        2. Asi iwe wasatan ndiwe unobvumidzwa kutaura zvaunoda?

        3. Not him only even his children. Like spiritual father like spiritual sons — all fake and rude. Hazvikuiti munhu waMwari izvozvo iwe ‘Mwana’ uchawana miracle money ugoshaiwa denga. Vanity of vanities Bible rakatichenjedza shamwari. Solomon akanga ainayo kwete ‘miracle money aiwa’ chaiyo asi akati mukupera kwezvose it’s vanity munhu itya Jehovah Mwari wako. Uchamira papi iwe? Mwana – Mwana wenyoka.

        4. iwe Jesu paikanda rough kumapharisees wanga usingapo here iwe..unoda kuty tikurespecte futy imi vasatan ,hamutonyari su

        5. Him being rude is not an issue even Jesus was very rude, He wld answer with another question eg. saka iwe unoti urimwana waMwari? and he says…inga wataura wega..kiki jus that boys idzi dzaita mari chete but zhet ravo rakapenga vakadii kundi daidzao kani

      2. ati assist vanhu vanoba mari ye hurumende…money is for believers ndosaka usina

        1. Busi am not in a war of words w any of you guys but pliz please juss remember that money is the root of all evil

        2. The LOVE of money IS the root of evil, read from 1Timothy 6: 10

        3. Haa, Busi are you trying to say that vese vane mari are believers? Name one Christian in the top 20 world richest list… Washaya ka… okay try mutop 50.
          Kwana, madofo muchapera kuvharwa mese nana Angel ava.

        4. Muchakanganwa kutsvaga Mwari nokuda kwemari. Is money the answer to life. Is money going to buy you a place mudenga raMwari…..??? Handifunge kudaro. Itai mari dzenyu mudye munakirwe muchiri pano pasi. Kana tasvika kudenga tichaenzaniswa. Vamwe tichashanda nesimba tichinamata kunaMwari Musiki Wedenga Nepasi Rose kuti aropafadze mabasa emaoko atinoita. Ikozvino arikungotiropafadza, tirikungofara, tirikungodya wani, tirikungo drivhawo dzimota dzacho, tichigarawo mudzimba dzinongovewo dzakanaka…. asi zvose izvi zvinobva mukudikitira tichiita basa ratakasarudza kuita asi Mwari vachingotiropafadza. Izvi zvenyu zvekungowana mari dzave mumaAccounts, haisi fraud here. Zvenyu zvkungowana mari dzave muhomwe, haasi masaramusi here. Sure munhu ungati wapfuma nemari yausingazive kuti yabva nekupi, mari inoita kunge yemapipi? There were so many Prophets in the Bible who were used by God, and some of them spoke directly to God, and they were never preaching about kupfuma kwepasi pano. They would speak about the heavenly riches. Why have people become so obsessed nekuda mari/upfumihwepasi pano. Potsei vamwe muchauraya nekuda kuchekeresa kuti muite mari. All these things shall come to pass, but the kingdom of God shall be for ever.

        5. ndosaka uchitambura

      3. iwe abbie why do you try to defend biti and blame mzembi. you are an mdc fanatic
        drunk with hatred. biti started it by challenging the man of god, and by the way mzembi
        as he clearly stated, he is a believer. he is talking like a believer and not yr kiya kiya biti.

        1. Can you pliz open you eyes and read clearly Mzembi is saying these two are tourist attractions and he is not after theri spiritual healing. I am suprised that he is saying they are not short changing anyone for which I say he has been brainwashed by Makandiwa and Angels tricks, these two guys are wasting their followers’ time and tricking them into believing that they can make them rich which I doubt because Biti has asked them to come to the countries rescue with their god given powers and they start to give excuses. The country needs help and they should step up not to play with people’s minds

        2. Its all about money now isnt it? what about Christ and God?

        3. Come-on Reason, stop defending Mzembi, the man was clear that he goes to the prophets ‘in solidarity with the exceptional support they are giving to tourism’ and of-course because of his faith. I think Mzembi and Biti both share something common as far as the prophets are concerned – they want benefits (Biti wants money in treasury and Mzembi wants to boost tourism)! What a Joke!!!!!!!!!!

        4. all of u ar just poor beggers n morons if u cant wek 2 get money u hav 2 steal thats wat these self proclaimed prophets ar doing STEALING imagine u wek up in a miracle house o plane God z not confused

        5. and you **Reason** are a Zanu P.F Fanatic drunk with hatred and ignorance. Biti didn’t challenge them but he commended them for what they are doing and also asked them to come in and assist the country’s ailing economy. But because you and your prophets deep down in your hearts you those miracles are just nothing but fake you see it as a challenge or as if Hon. Biti is against the so called prophets. Vanga vari makristu chete here vanga varipo pakaitwa miracle yemari iyoyo handi yanga iri mixed group of people- saka nokuti ndiBiti azotaura zvashata manje. Zvinoratidza utsotsi kutanga panewe kuenda kuvaporofita vako. Kuvhunduka chati kwata hunge une katurike.

      4. Point of correction there prophet Angel.
        Minister Biti was the 1st gvt official to recognise your miracles as an act of God.
        He actually cited if Jesus made money can come frm the mouth of a fish then miracles &prayer were solution for this country.
        We are on ten days and actually heeded the ministers plea to save such a dying economy,
        My interpretation was tht he actually exorted christains and prophets alike to pray so we can aliviate the $10b debt genuinely without mockery.

      5. Point of correction there prophet Angel..
        Minister Biti was the 1st gvt official to recognise your miracles as an act of God.
        He actually cited if Jesus made money can come frm the mouth of a fish then miracles &prayer were solution for this country.
        We are on ten days and actually heeded the ministers plea to save such a dying economy,
        My interpretation was tht he actually exorted christains and prophets alike to pray so we can aliviate the $10b debt genuinely without mockery.

      6. exactly what i thought……


    3. may God punish you.

      1. Point of correction…. HE is a God of Mercy, forgiveness and Love not punishment for a simple comment… Pray hard mazimbo….gore rino hameno…. Ngavatipe mari zvipere $10bn chete… Kwete kuswero tenderera tenderera….. Mari ndeyaMwari vanhu vemuZimbabwe ndevaMwari so hasha ndedzei????

    4. kikikikikikikikikikiki politburo.

      1. My long lost identical twin, chauruka. lol.

        I am so happy to have found you. Where have you been?

    5. ndeipi t.b wabva warwadziwaukatanga kuresponder wega.

      1. vakomana zvenyu hanzi kuchava nemaporpfita anoti gomo ibva apo enda apo.

    6. The real evdence of the scandalous nature of these weird and wild preachers of evil and doom is in the so-called man-of-God wildly and publicly engaging in a political fight with a government minister. That has nothing to do with God. In fact, God needs nor defence nor does he need marketing. Almost all of these scammers mascerading as prosperity preachers are phoney and yes, scoundrels. It is unfortunate but they will surely see no heaven. God likes no ugly, we say.

      1. Who are you to judge the authenticity of God’s prophets? Which criteria are you using to prove that they are not God’s prophets? Mathew 7:1 says “Judge not and you will not be judged…”

        1. The same bible says ‘Try every spirit whether its of God or not’ So we tasted the spirit using the so called prophets – judging by the Bible WHICH IS THE wORD OF God and we found out that the spirit using them is not of God. And if you think this is not a true and correct observation just wait and see.. Chinokura chinokotama musoro wegudo uchaita chinokoro. Rega nguva idyane ichataura kana iwe uine chokwadi mumoyo uchadzoka zvakare uchitsvaga vaida kukubatsira pano. Remember Mponda, Gilbert Dheya and many others where are they? Oblivian …. very soon you are following and your prophets and hauzombodi kunzwa panotaurwa nezveZita raMwari warasiswa. Unopera simba wazocherechedza zvawaifunga kuti ndiMwari wazoona kuti ndidevil. Go back in the pew and get right teaching before becoming a Pastor. Seek God and repent you fly by night Pastor.

        2. you do not know what you are talking about these men are real agents of the devil.coz the bible says it is difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God so when they preach the gospel of prosperity they are putting the life of many in danger.they must proclaim the good news and this will be a witness to all people then the end will come

        3. Una satan warwadziwa nei? ndipe yese mari yaunayo usare usina womirira kufa kuti upinde in yo satanic heaven!

        4. People need a change of nature before they could claim to be Christians; this person trading as ‘Mwana’ on the internet is worse than the devil himself… satani anotochiswawo kuti ko zvandaisaziva kuti munhu anogona kuipa zvakadayi. Is very rude, hard headed, rigid yey this can not explain him/her correctly he/she is just the devil incarnate.

        5. haa guys, apa hapatomboda kana bible, idzi ndidzo dzinonzi mbavha mhani. vanoda endai zvenyu but hapana kudenga kwamunoenda nazvo izvi, kikikiki.
          hee zimbabweans are educated chii chiii, madofo ega ega azere muno. Ndosaka Bob achikukwapaidzai everytime. Bwahahahaha

    7. MaPoliticians ava; Wolves in sheep’s clothing

    8. iwe musatani hurbert lucifer, ndiwe mbavha.

    9. Please what caused the man of God not to follow God’s commandment guys . There are two things whether the power you used belong s to Jesus or else.Angel having a service on Sunday what is the reason behind. Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy

      1. iwe manje une judgement scale hanti unoti the man of God havatevedzere God’s commandment? ma Pharisee!!

        1. Judgment scale is The Bible that your porofitas read from vachida kukusvuurayi itwotwo tumari twamunenge munatwo. Kana vachikwanisa kusika mari vanodii kumisa mabasikiti emari dzisina magwaro dzinotorwa dziye? Kana vachikwanisa kusika mari vanorambireyi kuenda kumaruzeva kusina mari vachipa target yemari kuti ngavatange va-raiser mari yakawanda kuti vazoendako vachiitira misangano yavo mudhorobha chete mune vanhu vane mari dzavo nematambudziko akawanda ekuda kusimukira muhupenyu – vano-riska zvose zvavainazvo kuti neimwe nguva zvingangoita vakawana kubudirira.

    10. How do you know those who received the miracle money in Botswana are not thieves? And by the way Mr Angel you are number one in sucking people’s pockets. Without followers you wouldn’t have any money do you agree? Chechi dzinemitupo yevanhu dzinonetsa.

      1. saka warwadziwa nei? hatina kubatirwa pfuti kuendako wazvinzwa? iwe usingade gara kumba kwako tiwone ukawona Prophets Angel & Makandiwa vakakutevera. After all even after dying for us God gave us free will to worship him! Even though God holds yo life in his hands he hasnt forced yu to worship him saka iwe gara kumba kwako wakati mwii!

        1. anogodireiko kuterwa nemasatanist aya, usiye mwana wemuridzi

        2. l agee brother

    11. simple becoz hes not a thief in God’s eyes except mako iwe is it not fortunate yu are nt God! otherwise what a scale unongoziva anasatan havamusi fair

      1. Mwana akagarwa nemademon uyu. iko kutuka maiwe. thank god pa internet otherwise mwana aikwapaidza vanhu vane maonero akasiyana neake. Thank God mwana haasi ku politics otherwise…….

    12. nekuti prophet Angel havasi mbavha

      1. False prophet angel ndiyo inonzi mbavha of the worst kind. Haatotyi kushandisa zita raIshe Jesu. Shame, iwo mafuzawo anomutevera ngavabirwe nekuti varamba kuvhura meso asi mabhaibheri vanawo. Nxaaah.
        Kutaura chokwadi is not being judgemental. Mbavha imbavha mhani.
        Biti akatovapima kare.
        When Jesus changed water to wine at the wedding, was only for believers? No, everyone benefited, nemaPharisee futi. So why can’t they create money for the national budget? Kuti nyika yese ibenefitewo. They can’t because they are not tapping into the power of heaven. Theirs are petty tricks meant only to deceive. Nothing tangible will ever happen.

    13. Angel had it spot on when he said the miracle money is not for those who dip their money in the national coffers. Didn’t Biti write off the MPs car loans worth several thousands ? Biti is part of a giant scam called politics and is barking up the wrong tree messing with them prophets otherwise they’ll start prophesying him into oblivion ! I don’t like Biti. He is smug…. He said that indigenisation and empowerment is a temporary thing ( as regards one of the sticking points in the draft constitution). He can afford to spit nonsense now that he has gone to school on the back of Sekuru’s progressive policy of educating his people. Wakadya ma payout nema grant waguta wadzidza. You turn around and condemn policies that favour black masses to curry favour with the Bretton Woods institutions varoyi ve Africa. Pretty daft. Now you condemn miracle money ! Leave the scam alone. Or is it ?

    14. ndiudzewo 1 akambouyawo kwauri achiti ndabirwa mari na Prophet Angel..vaChihuri chaivo vakanyarara ,iwe usina kana rank zvayo ndiwe unongoda kubvotomoka pachena chena pakadai ..




        1. So why do you kneel to them if you meet them on the streets of Harare? Havent you read this scripture?

          REVELATION 19:10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

          A real angel refused John to kneel before him but Makandiwa and Angel allow people to kneel to them. Am i missing something?

        2. I think you a missing a lot. Angels are not made in God’s image but man.

          I pray that God gives you the spirit of revelation. The things of God cannot be understood without revelation. Read Mark 4 verse 11

        3. iwe baba vako namai vako unovapa things wakamira? haisi tradition here?

        4. only stupide followers kneel for stupide founders

        5. People, people, please stop using CAPITALS. Its rude. Educate yourselves in proper etiquette for letters, email and forums communication.

        6. Sly… In which image is God? And can you please tell me if angels are earthly or heavenly beings?

        7. zvapinda papi isu tiri kutaura nyaya dzemasatanist aya iwe ndipo pawakutsvaga basa reteaching wakakwana.

      2. @KK People do not worship prophet Makandiwa or Angel but they respect the anointing upon then chete. Hauzivi here kuti bible rinoti Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities be it political, at work or church. U respect man of God, God will honour u, remember the issue of Miriam, Aaron vs Moses. What God did to them when they where against Moses.

        1. Why is Angel then blasting our beloved minister. Is Biti not a governing authority?

        2. Bro Elisha makapenga, I love the way you think bro

        3. Mukoma Elisha you are right

      3. kana usingazivi chinonzi spiritual father huya tikudzidzise before saying wild accusations

      4. you may say that again and again,and you are 100% correct.u know people like us should not get tired of telling the truth as it is.

    2. amen….l wish that he may prosper and in good health

      1. Paul says “follow me just as I follow Christ” chinopa kuti mutye kutevera vakuru vekwenyu havasi kutevera Jesu. Why do we go to church if it is not for the man of God’s annointing. hanti God is everywhere, why do we go to church, if not for edification from our fellow human’s who can share THEIR grace with us. mumwe achati grace ndedzaMwari hapana dzemunhu, endai munoverenga bhaibheri musatishupa.

        1. Lamsig07 ndiwe wakarashika kusvika kwekupedzisira. Remember all anointed men that came here on earth were prophesied about. The last one was Jesus who appointed his apostles and the last of such apostles was Paul who was anointed in a unique way. One of the apostles wrote the last book of the Bible Revelations. With the bible complete we know what is going to happen and not through these sprouting false prophets who are after money. Ask yourself one question? If Jesus was here going to a particular church for services, would he be going kwaMakandiwa kana kwetuvaprofita utwu. No! thats the answer. Many people are being cheated by these new church-formers who are after money yenyika ino nepfuma but they preach about going to heaven after dying. Why cant they die soon and go to heaven soonest? Would it be nice wrong or right? Hindava muchikotsiriswa so. Pengenukai mhani!!!!

    3. Nhai kk, ko zvekuti MDC zvapinda papi apa… u are not a spiritual person usanyebera vanhu… a spiritual person does not analyze a situation from a political point of view.

    4. Get away_vote for zanu n c who cares!

    5. What ajoke KK Mzembi wants to use these guys as tourist attractions and I wonder what kind of tourist is he going to attract. Its just someone desperate trying to get mileage out of stupit things. That shows that his brains work going backwards and him like the public lining up for the money they are getting from Angel lunatics. Please may you look for a job or start a projectand earn you money in a proper way. Why is Angel refusing to step up and help the country that is broke instead of giving excuses. Even if they are thieves like he said they are still children of god and they deserve help not shunning them like he is doing. Something does not add up.

  3. Let these great Prophets show us the power of God. Why troubling them for no reason. The very same pple who criticize them go by night and seek help and deliverance. Remember when you go to second Kings, what Prophet Elisha said about food and prices at the gate early in the morning. Prophets are very powerful pple who can influence things both in the natural and spiritual realm. Elijah simply said a word and there was no rain for 3 1/2 yrs and when God saw hw pple where suffering, he went to Elijah to plead with him that he may say a word so that rains come back. Thus prophets where given power and authority by God to do the impossible because he is God of the impossible things. Its not a mystery what prophet Angel and Makandiwa are doing, they actually shall do more that this by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ whom they are serving. God bless u Prophet Makandiwa and Angel.

    1. don’t interprete scriptures wrongly stopping rain and multiplying money is different, rain is from God, Fish from God, bread from God, but money is earthly. Money is accounted for by the Federal Government of USA how do they account for this miracle money? Does it have serial numbers miraculously entered into the American bank’s database imiwoye.

      1. @wamromo ko pakati Jesu kuna Peter enda unobata hove mudziva. Yauchabata yekutanga u will get a coin then it will tample tax for u and me. Mari yacho yanga yabya kupi? kudenga here kana kuti pasipano? Uye yaiva neserial number yekupi nhai iwe?

        1. Do’t you see that you said coin. Do coins have serial nos? Free money is not possible otherwise God will be reneging on his sentencing of Adam after he had sinned. Just get up and go to work.

        2. iwe enda unoshanda….vanoiwana neminana rega tiiwane

      2. God created heaven and earth, federal government of usa ndeyamwari. mari yacho ndimwari akasika

        1. Mwana waMajor, The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor… chimbofara hako

        2. tinotenda baba…kufara ndiko kwatinogara tichiita.

      3. mwana wemuprofita

        @wamromo munedzungu vakuru ndosaka bible rakati my pple perish becoz of lack of knowledge. nyika nekuzara kwayo ndezvaishe……Federal Government haina chayakasika pasi pano. the bible says as God is so are we in this world nt any other, in this world.

        1. gore rino tichaona end of year statements from banks. they are going to enjoy hefty profits. kukohwa usina kurima here nhai vanhu we. mwari vakanaka zvechokwadi.

        2. You are going to hell and you will be in good company coz there you shall also find Angel and Makandiwa.
          Repent before its too late.

        3. idiots will remain like that munotaurisa imi jesu vachauya why a man of god oppose the other man of god gwarirai kuparara leave angel and makandiwa alone endai kunana kunonga vanoda kuuraya maJOURNALIST


        1. silver and gold is GOD`s,i agree but the same WORD says HE blesses the works of our hands.this means u work in order to get silver and gold..Adam was told to till and maintain the garden,Abraham was a farmer,miner,welldigger,Isaac,Jacob…………….,even in the new testament Apostle Paul was a tentmaker.hakuna sirivheri kunyope……………simbe enda kumujuru.

        2. Taura hako Kepekepe Bhora….. God blesses our hands….. chatabata, chatashanda chinove blessed. Ainzi ani uyu, Abracadabra, aizviita ka zvirikuitwa nevarume ava. Arikupi izvezvi? Mari dzake dziripi? ma followers ake nemari dzavo dziripi?

          Brothers and sisters, lay up your treasures in heaven above, where no moth will destroy. Zvepasi pano muchangozvisiya, handizvo zvinoendesa kudengaba!!!

          Pray to God Almighty to forgive us of our sins…. zvitadzo zvekutungamidza mari pamberi.

          Kuti uve a “member of a church” hanzi tanga wabvisa “joining fee” – asi chechi yacho yave club here? Kuti mwana abhabhatidzwe, hanzi tanga wabvisa “registration fee”. Kuti mufundisi vauye kunhamo apo wafirwa nemwana kana mai kana baba vako, hanzi ko afa wacho anga ari “member” yedu here. Asi mave ma burial society?

          Sodom neGomorah….. pasi paora Nguva yakwana!!!

    2. GOD pleading?!?!

    3. Elijah mind you did not say a word. he prayed earnestly as we told in James. He did not just do it for the sake of doing it even though. He did it as a way of punishing the Israelites who had left the commandment of Moses and gone after other Gods, it was in jealousy with Gods word. And these miracles that are happening do they have a message behind? Its just a show off of what someone who terms himself a prophet can do. The spirit of God is not as arrogant as your lost Angel is!!

      1. Warning and woe to you all who are vomiting nonsence & talking rubbish about these anointed man .the bible clealy says (TOUCH NOT MY ANOITED ONES AND DO NO HARM TO MY PROPHETS) YOU ARE PLAYING ON DEADLY GROUND MY FREANDS . REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND

    4. So may these prophets help a poor nation by creating money for its domestic debt tiwone shuwa kuti vane simba raMwari waElijah naElisah. Zvavo izvi hazvina maturo. Their ministry puts money first, Jesus put it last. Musavharwe veduwee.

  4. nonsense.

  5. If you want to tell the difference between a leopard and a cheater let them run a little, one of them will climb a tree but the real cheater keeps running, all I am trying to say is Only time will tell where that money is coming from. If that money if from God then it will last but if it’s some flying fake miracle only time will tell.

    1. Profound statement.

    2. Dudu, ndiwe chete wataura. Ko vamwe vese vanodireiko kutukana nezvinhu zvirikuitwa nemaprofita maviri aya. God will curse those varikutukana.

      1. Roger waita zvakanaka; don’t be one sided for the statement above is not either for the critics or the prophets. Usatuka vatsoropodzi nokuti iwe unofarira vamakandiwa kana vaangel haisimhosva kuvanemaonero akasiyana asi kana uri zvako zvandareva ndizvozvo [Dictator] then let everyone share your belief in the said prophets.

  6. money without sweat

    preaching a cross less Christ. is always devilish that’s one of the temptations of Christ just kneel I will give you all the kingdoms of the world mmmh! no crosss no throne

    1. Money, your comment is too deep for most people. You need to simplify it further. Because if they can be deceived by these pety conmen they surely need to be spoon fed.

  7. If you give aperson lucky to win lotto fine and ok, but to create millions of dollars from a mere 10 usd is dreaming and I want someone to prove to me kuti akatenga mercedes benz nemari yacho. Setious a bank just sees my account which has a ballance of 1.70c balloning to 1.7 million dollars after a sunday service does not work will not work and has never worked. Zvakafanana nekuti muprofita uyu achangoti Pick and Pay ngainyuke pa Mazungunye apo kumusha kwake yotobuda sechibage ipapo ipapo.

    1. @wamromo. All these things that you mentioned do not work, will not work and have never worked with man, however, remember one thing, God is not man, he can do anything anytime. With God, nothing is impossible.


    The bible is very very explicit on this. It is clear on false prophets stating that they will perform all sorts of miracles and doing this in Jesus’s name. It is not money or earthly wealth that matter in the spiritual realm but growth and wealth in spirit. Material riches were never God’s aim in bringing salvation to man. Christians should live by the WORD, the Bible and avoid those who are proud and seek glory from man. May the LORD save our nation.

    1. Well said mafirakurewa

      1. Edy. Zvakaoma veduwee. Nyika ino yananga kumangondo. Taking the Word of God to be a tourist attraction. Shoko raimboshandura upenyu rave rokuvaraidza vanhu. Vedu Ngwarai

    2. Mafi, i think u read the same bible randinoverenga. Patakaverenga magwaro matsvene takanzwa zvichinzi christians should be like Christ. Christ was never reach, he did not lust for earthly things among which is money. Hatiende kuChurch kunotsvaga mari – Iro ramunoti prosperity gospel richatirasisira vana vakaenda kuma satanist.

  9. Thank you Minister Mzembi.

    1. What are thanking Mzembi for? For being a fool he is. He is failing to acknowledge that these “prophets” are killing tourism. Who would like to come to a country where, if you go to a church service, you can find yourself without your money and it is given to others in the name of a miracle.

      1. Kune akashaya mari yake here? ngaataure ka.haikonai kutaura zvamusingazive imi

        1. Lol, inini handina

      2. If it was gold yes ,Money ,serial numbers etc?In Economics that is an increase in money supply and is inflationary .I admit I do not understand these spiritual manifestations.Those in spirit and even the holy spirit it self should assist us tatambura isu

  10. lets go to scriptures & see what God says about his prophets @ any given time.what time our living
    sir?God bless his true prophet of our time,not these prosperity preachers,we are should focus on
    heavenly divine not earthly .can any of these prophets live like David,Solomon,Moses,Elijah,Noah,John etc.These are man of God.

    1. Do you have a cell phone?

    2. well said bro ,,i even made that comparison…think about Elisha who made iron 2 float all of these were done in order for GOD to be glorified not what these guys are doing ..they need to repent while time is still there

      1. Shokon rinoti; Chose chakaitwa pakavanzika chichabudiswa pachena. Varume ava ngavamboita, unogona kuvanzira nyika yose zvivi zvako asi haungazvivanzire Ishe. Bhaibheri rinoti; Wakazviita ndikanyarara, ukaita zvakare ndikaramba ndakanyarara ukati ndakapusa – NdiMwari vanodaro. God’s patience worketh salvation to usward. Vadikani hama, ngatiregeyi kumhanya nezvinhu izvi ngatimirei nguva itaure.

  11. all being said and done all come to pass when the truth shall be manifested zechariah13:22 And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord of hosts, that I will cut off the names of the idols out of the land, and they shall no more be remembered: and also I will cause the prophets and the unclean spirit to pass out of the land.

    3 And it shall come to pass, that when any shall yet prophesy, then his father and his mother that begat him shall say unto him, Thou shalt not live; for thou speakest lies in the name of the Lord: and his father and his mother that begat him shall thrust him through when he prophesieth.

    4 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision, when he hath prophesied; neither shall they wear a rough garment to deceive:

    5 But he shall say, I am no prophet, I am an husbandman; for man taught me to keep cattle from my youth.
    havasi vaporofita ava matt24:24 prophecy bein fulfilled in youir own eyes wake up Zimbabwe

  12. Biti’s challenge is genuine, no wonder these so called prophets have come out defensive. I thought God is not selective when giving, whether a thief or not. I would also like to believe that treasury genuinely needs money, so why don’t these money making prophets come to the rescue. Despite, why is only those who come to their church benefiting? Gods mercy shouldn’t have boundaries. Instead, it should reach out to those who know less about him.

    1. pfutseke mhani

    2. ko unoiwana seiko mari yacho uchiswero tuka varanda va Mwari…..ndeyedu isu vana veminana.unoti iya inonzi mana yakadona pasi rese? manje iwe haunayo isu tinayo and inotenga.

      1. Mwana wamai, repent and be served, unenge wakawachwa pfungwa nemapofofita aya. Tsvaga chiso chamwari upone.

        1. iri rava Jealousy revanhu vashingaira years kurima vasingakohwe, unoti 30 years kurima zvisina Mwari pane chaungawane. apa vana Prophet Makandiwa na Prophet Angel church dziri kupfachuka, vanhu kuita masvosve, imi kuverenga munoita 30 including vacheche kikikikikiki nyangwe mukatituka hatibveko nekuti we have seen the hand of the Lord kwete kumakereke kwenyu kunodyarwa mbeu apa Mufundisi wenyu odiridza ne hot water kikikiki mati kungamere chinhu?

          mirai muchiwona isu vana veVaprorofita tichibudirira but anyway rambai makadaro coz we will need servants in our houses and workers in our factories murimi zvenyu vaimbova vatuki!

        2. One day your sins will find you out! If you think kuti money is the answer uchaidya zvekuti dhuu in this your short and pathetic life on earth. thereafter, your spirit will be roaming in the darkness uchishaya musuwo wedenga

          Imboitai…. tichaenzaniswa

        3. hama kristu akataura wani akati pindai napasuwo rakamanika nekuti suwo rakapamhama rinoendesa mukurashwa.kuwanda kwevanhu kuchurch hazvirevi kuti mwari anavo.sign yakataurwa naKristu yemazuva ekupedzesera hanzi maporofita enhema achawanda.tarisa how they are sprouting like mushroom.blesed is who reads.God does not work with mobs or is power hungry.he only saves those who deligently seek him.he saved Noah and his family as well as Lot with his 2 daughters.u will be shocked to hear Christ saying to you “i do not know u workers of iniquity, go away from me”.havasi vose vanoti mwari mwari vachapinda muhumambo hwamwari.

        4. you may say that kaka brian washwa kobva kainstallrwa virus

  13. I think it is very clear that Biti was not mocking these 2 men of God.He was actually pleading for miracles to rescue our treasury.

    ANd the other questios is hw come the money was not even sanctioned by the RBZ?? Is this miracle money coming atraight from the USA or ….??

  14. for the love of money is the root of all evil .they are bogus prophets not men of God.trained to steal by their spritual father called Victor

    1. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” Proverbs 18:21. How do you know they are stealing money? you can say this now and these men are true men of God. “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world” 1 John 4:1, what measure are you using to tell that these prophets are fake.

    2. God have mercy kumwe kwacho kwamunoenda kunokunyudzai vabereki,sometimes its good not to comment zvausingazivi,ukanyarara zvinganzi hausi murume here remember dzungu hakusi kungwara ngwarira mashoko ako chikomana and futi kushamisira uchitaura zvausingazive hakubhadhare.wakashayeiko chako

      1. We are at the end of Gentile time false prophets are busy to attract those who are erected. So you children of God come out from these greedy and lovers of money than lovers of God, Ubert, Makandiwa TB, Victor, Christ and etc. Mostly all these populary prophets and pastors.

  15. I thought Mzembi is level headed but alas he has taken a wrong turn. Tourism attraction my foot. He wants the Ministry of Finance to go to this church and repay debts vakomana, Now I know how these people believd diesel oozinf from the rocks in Chinhoyi, they will not stop at it. I used to think he is a logical pin in ZanuPf but I was wrong from this he has shown me that. Yes Mzembi the educated go to these but are they really educated or they are just chancers. Zimnbabwe is in the doldrums with these so-called educated people who believe in miracle diesel, miracle money, miracle power and all that sort of mess and the country goes haywire. I will excuse Makandiwa he did not multiply people’s money save for those avocado leaves in Mabvuku-Tafara, but his prophecy of Gold makes sense, we have gold we prosper but I have a 1 usd i go to angel I come back with a million Mzembi ndikakuudza izvozvo unganditengesera prado yako ndichishandisa mari iyi here iwe?

    1. haiwa vana wamaromo you expose your shallowness, anokutengesera prado tsuro yakaita sewe. kana pane gear lever remotokari hautombiziva. zve diesel ndezven”anga apa tiri kutaura zvamwari. if you can not diffirentiate the two, it follows that you can not differentiate
      a person and a baboon. you must be one.

    2. Well said Wamaromo. I am also suprised by Mzembi but lets forgive him because sometimes common sense is not always common. I pray and hope he will come to his senses and reason

    3. Hold that thot my dear future worker/ servant Wamaromo for surely yu shal reap what yu sow

  16. I think the minister just made a request. Why are people so irate about it? The minister said “If they are making real money can they please deposit some with treasury” much like “if you are producing real money can I have some?” I don’t see anything wrong with such a request unless the prophets concerned are feeling inferior.

    1. request yeiko imi he was actually mocking the prophets…

  17. kikikikiki saka ini ndakutorega basa ndomirira miracle money


    1. ‘Word” such bitterness eish could it be a frustrated Preacher? I wonder…….

  19. Mwana we mu Porofita

    gore rino tino kicker goridhe chete

    1. toriita mitsamiro yedu

  20. vanhu munongotaura nekugumbukiara zvisinei nemi
    1. Pane akapiwa miracle money asiri kuida here?
    2. munoenda here kuchurch yemaporofita awa?
    3. Minana iri kuteera kudzimwe church here?
    Endai ma church enyu makanyarara muite zvamunoita ikoko mosiya isu vana vemaporofita tiitwe zvatinoitwa.
    Jesu akatuma Peter kunotora mari mumukanwa me fish, who can account for that money? yakabvepi? Prophets in the bible wud do mighty things eg Joshua akamisa zuva kufamba, Moses kudai tsvimbo mugungwa kuoma kuti gwa vanhu vakapfuura moswera kuti money money…wat is money before God? We save a God of impossibles, ndiwo ma impossibles iwayo.

    1. Taura hako mwana wa Mjoar

    2. how much came from the fish’s mouth? Jesus said if you follow the word all the miracles will follow you not the other way round. this is one way believers. never follow the miracles but the word of God and all these will follow you. it takes less and less people to believe a prophecy cause it doesn’t happen there and there but it takes time so that those who can doubt or shall backslide can do so before the fullfilment of the word can been done. there are visions seen, discernments done and pliz don’t confuse these as prophecy. can God sent several prophets for one age? a big NO because he is a God of order. in the old time, sheep followed the shepherd, he was always leading the flock and nowadays the shepherd is now following the flock. why? the end is nigh. minister mzembi you are now losing it, there is no commercial gosel unless it is of the devil. i rest my case.

        1. rest yo case of what ‘Rhodes’ MYSRIP kikikiki

    3. GIVE M A VERSUS which SUPPORT THIS “Jesu akatuma Peter kunotora mari mumukanwa me fish”

        1. why waste all that time going to the lake? why didnt He pray there and then and the money will just come as did our prophet?

    4. musada kuti vhara muromo apa….imi zvakanzi zvakaoma sengamera kupinda pam=buri retsono pane kuti muofumi apinde umambo hwedenga, imi madire enyu emari ayaka……chenyu kutsvaka mari chete hakuna chimwe hapana patakamboona jesu achitaura vhangeri remari isu, judas paaida mari paakati dai tatengesa mafuta aya tapa varombo….”mari” JESU akati chiiii… are decieving people…..

    5. VanaMakandiwa ava ndeve mubhaibheri ripi ava mamiracles aSatani chaiwo . Jesu watinoziva aiziva kuti mari ndeya Kesari not ye chechi .

  21. Many shall be led astray ……………. even mountains will obey……………sounds familiar ndoonguva yacho iyoyi. Mari haina nzvimbo kudenga ngatigwarirei zvivi zvedu tinamate Mwari mupenyu kwete wecash zvimwe tingawana nyasha tikava vaadyi venhaka


    2. yep, example yakapa ka Angel yekuti Peter akatora mari mumuromo wehove yakanaka but Peter akatoshanda kuita fishing kt awane hove ine mari iyoyo. We shld work for our wealth not kt unofumoona mari yave ku bank woti ndeyaMwari, kunyepa chaiko. Aya ndiwo masaramusi aana Sosiomit chaiwo. Chin’anga chaicho pachena. It promotes laziness in that munhu anenge ave kungofumoenda kuchechi kwavo ikoko hoping for that dirty rotten money instead of going for work. fuck those two prophets of doom.

      1. Money is money…inotenga chete! ko iwe shanda yako ka isu tipiwe hedu yedu??? vamwe vachidya mana yaidonha kudenga unoti kwakange kusina vaiti isu tinoda chingwa chatabika tega?

    3. @tinashe
      you are correct in saying money has no place in heaven bt wrong in yo interpretation.
      Looking at the origins of money.
      First and foremost the life that our father ADAM lived in the garden of Eden prior to the fall in Genesis was a life without toil or labouring for food and sustainancy and is a life a Christian is suppose to live.
      After the fall؛
      men was to toil or till the land for food-kudya cheziya- umongst other curses and also came manly transations &money.
      But now becoz of sin money became a manly convinient way of managing the curse of kudya cheziya-toiling for food.
      Even the Bible agrees tht ‘money answers all things’ & MONEY IS NOT AN EVIL BUT CAME AS A RESULT OF THE FALL-SIN.
      JESUS CHRIST- the 2nd Adam came to reverse the curses that came because of sin or restore men to the original pre-fall state.
      Umong other thngs is to provide mens needs in its many forms.
      You certainly do not expect the old ‘manna’ in ths age but we certainly now expect miracles in the form of contemporary ‘manna’ in its varieties of contemporary forms wc cud be in the form of money..
      After receivng Godly provisions it is your duty to honour God by devouting more time worshippng Him.

      1. Vana Ronnie, kana Jesu akaita reverse the curse, why is it that women still experience labour pain when it was one of the curses. Are u saying mukadzi wa Angel doesnt experience labour pains?

        1. Chaminuka huya kukereke uone minana usamirira mapepa imbozvionera wega


    1. vaudzei vanhu ava…regai tiitwe zvatinoitwa kuma church kwedu….endai kwenyu makanyarara murege tidyiwe mari topiwa imwe futi!kuchurch kwedu kunonakidza isu. Major tinyanyei kusvika kunyanya kwanyanya kunyanya…vachasvotwa vakazvirega. We know the God we serve

      1. newewo

      2. tofiakwa!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. VaBiti zvimwe zvinoda maturity and realisation yeWeight yechigaro chamakapiwa naVaMugabe.Yours is guetto talk divorced of any business or religious sense.Kuraivo vakomana.

      Munhu ngaavangarire kuzvarwa patsva asafunga kuti kudzidza kunokunda simba raMwari.

      Musatukisa nyika nemaonero amunoita imi vashoma vari pazvigaro.

      Vatongi venyika seek spiritual guidance and wisdom from prophets of your time and do so at the shrines not at a bottlestore apa maziso kusvinura mave kuatadza nokudhakwa.

    3. Wqafonyorwa brain Busi Sly but its your choice but may you pliz leave Biti alone. I think he is also a son of god like you and all others in your church and countless zimbos and as the finance minister in a country that is broke he is begging for help and any help will do to make his job less stressful. Pliz may you heed to his plea. May you continue with your good work becauce Mzembi seems to have seen you as a tourist attraction.

      1. ku UFIC handibve

        asi chaizvo vanhu manetswa nei, kuchikoro ndakaenda ndega, mari inodyiwa ndakashanda ndega, saka manetswa nei? ava VaProfita ndotoda vadye yese yangu lol ko ndeyanguka kwete yako. iwe ipahako kwaunoda, do leave us alone to exercise our FREE WILL

    4. Busi Sly, REPENT for the Kingdom of heaven is near. If you know kuti mari yacho iri evil, why are you accepting it.

      Repent now or the kingdom will pass thee!

      Tendeuka ubve muzvivi.

  23. We should focus on preaching repentance and spiritual abundance instead of material prosperity. I once happened on a prophet relative of mine’s list of goals, and one of them was to own six good cars. For what? To God’s glory? Do not be led astray, but let the Bible be your guide.

    1. bhoyi uri raiti. These are the true agents of Satan who were sent to lead people astray by shifting their focus from the way of God to the dirty earthly wealth and also by worshipping their Pastors. Anopfugamirwa chete ndiMwari kwete Makandiwa. Anonzi Father ndiMwari chete asi tiri kungonzwa Papa; Father; Prophet etc. Satan auya achifamba kuti gada gada chaiko.

  24. Wy cnt pple mind their own buznes, siya isu takarasika tiende ku ufic ne spirit embasy imimi musina kurasika vanhu vasvinu itai zvamunoda

    1. tell them!!!

    2. Chokwadi, saka nharo ndedzei munhu ngaaite zvaanonzwa kuda asi remember Mwari vakatarisa

  25. ..ka angel aka hakasi kangochana here????

    1. tisiye tiende ku church ye ngochani ndokunotiitra….iwewew ita yaunoita

    2. mwana wemuprofita

      God help you bobo. Taurai zvamunehuchapupu nazvo

    3. No he is not gay. he is married to a woman and has kids. he also does not have a boyfriend.

    4. its not a nice one that statement and yes he is not gay pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz

  26. I thought these “prophets” were supposed to help by giving spiritual wealth and not earthly wealth. Further more where is the humility I’m their acts? Instead they are bragging and appearing in all of the newspapers?

    1. ndomafungiro akowo….

    2. haana kushata mafungiro ako,kungoti zvaunofunga hazvisizvo

    3. People are starved of spiritual wealth, focus should be on the spirit, earthly things will come to vanish. Lets seek God first then we can be blessed with earthly gifts but the spiritual wealth is the greatest of all.

      1. iye hakati hatitsvage Mwari kuchurch ikoko ndiani? Mwari ndowatinototsvaga, ukauya ikoko uchitsvaga mari haulume…Miracle money is for believers

    4. ku UFIC handibve

      Ensign Tongs’ who told yu we are not getting spiritual wealth too, hey mind yo life live us to enjoy ours under Prphet Makandiwa and Prophet Angel!!!!!!!

  27. Im sorry major, but i think Biti doesnt need your miracle money, he said, ‘I’ve respect for these men of God….’ and went on to say, ‘if they are PRINTING money, may they help treasury’, key word being PRINTING.

    1. how did major print this money?so are you saying moses baked manna in the wilderness?iwee ahhh our key word is also MIRACLE MONEY…swallow it

  28. In the US they recently had a major scare because they had printed money to help major corporations during the recession resulting in national debt. They have managed to agree of the first part of a necessary exercise to raise taxed and part of the debt payment. The next step will be an agreement to curb expenditure. We had a situation here where you could invest Z$ and get astronomical return in terms of interest. That was one of the early signs of our economic collapse. The point is (its also biblical) you reap what you plant. As a Christian person who strives for righteousness I can confirm that the last time GOD gave people directly without them having to sweat for it was in the Garden of Eden. There was of course the time in the wilderness when Israel got food and water but we all know that was temporary. Since then the only money or fruit you will enjoy permanently has been the money you work for, especially when you pray fro God to bless the works of your hands. People and economies have never been sustained by issuing free money. So the question therefore becomes if indeed people were “blessed” with free money was it really free? And whatever its source what is the expectation of the giver to those who receive it? Is this sustainable? There is a price people and what is it in this case? Lets all study his word and pray so that we can discern that which is from our God almighty from that which is not. This God our father, the creator and most holy belongs to all those who seek Him and my understanding is that everyone one who believes, has faith and is obedient will has access to Him. Pastors, prophets and spiritual leaders should rightly be concerned with lost souls and bring them to Jesus.


    2. hatidi tisiyei tri kwatiri…imi namatai kwamuri


  29. God commanded us to work, he said we shall eat of the fruits of our sweat, and Mwari is not Santa Clause anongopa vanhu zvinhu vakarara, Mwari anovedzera pamusoro pekushanda kwawaita, he multiplies from your efforts. This gospel about money just appearing in your pockets is not biblical, chero Jesu chaiye while on earth, never peerformed miracle akadaro. Makandiwa na Angel ma porofita havo asi they are not God’s prophets!

    1. so y dd he provide for israelites in the wilderness kana vasiri santa

      1. nekuti vanga vari muwilderness vasina chekudya. compare this to the status of the beneficiries of miracle money. It becomes evident kuti the conditions necessary forthe ,iracle are completely different

      2. By the way Busi Sly, Santa is an anagram for Satan, they only moved the n.

  30. I don’t know yet whether these men are “true” prohpets or “false”. I think we should be guided by scripture in all we do in Christendom. Prophecy is a tricky area and even the Bible warns to ‘judge prophecy’. Like someone said earlier, time will tell. We all need the wisdom of Gamaliel as in the following account:
    Ac:5:34: Then stood there up one in the council, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel, a doctor of the law, had in reputation among all the people, and commanded to put the apostles forth a little space;
    Ac:5:35: And said unto them, Ye men of Israel, take heed to yourselves what ye intend to do as touching these men.
    Ac:5:36: For before these days rose up Theudas, boasting himself to be somebody; to whom a number of men, about four hundred, joined themselves: who was slain; and all, as many as obeyed him, were scattered, and brought to nought.
    Ac:5:37: After this man rose up Judas of Galilee in the days of the taxing, and drew away much people after him: he also perished; and all, even as many as obeyed him, were dispersed.
    Ac:5:38: And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought:
    Ac:5:39: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.
    Ac:5:40: And to him they agreed: and when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go.
    Ac:5:41: And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name.
    Ac:5:42: And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.

    I thank you.

    1. seeing is beleivin….

    2. Well said Gunguwo. I personally do not want to stand judge over these men. I cant say they are bonafide or otherwise. I understand that in the bible, when miracles were performed, it was for the non-believers to believe and in almost all the cases, there was a critical need for intervention, otherwise human life was at stake. So I agree with you entirely Gunguwo. If what these guys are doing is of God’s making, noone can stop them. But if it is not of God’s making, then it will surely be revealed

      1. guys, if you see someone stabbing a person till they die, if you call them a murderer would you have judged them??? No, wangotaurawo chokwadi. Makandiwa navamwe vakawanda varikubira vanhu muzita raJesu.
        Do not be scared, hapana kana chinomboitika coz havasi anointed naMwari vanhu ava.
        Do not cheapen God like that,
        ini ndirimutadzi zvangu asi ava ndavatya, vakashinga varume ava.
        But veduwee mavet emuno akangwara vakomana, kanawo one zvake anenge arikowo.

  31. kuziwa manhimanzi

    believing is seeing, a lot has been said and done in the past why not today. prophesy is there to stay and reveal our future why despising it when believing in witchcraft. GOD IS GREAT

  32. Please don’t tak sme people serious…as learned as they are,with their suits and prados they go to see the MIRACLE DIESEL,later they arrest the poor nyanga for lying…my guess is as gud as yours as to wat they will do wen they mak a u turn abt this MIRACLE MONEY…biti is just making a plea for poor zimbos..I don’t see any attack on that statement

  33. Kana vari vechokwadi ngavamboenda pa Parirenyatwa Hospital vaporese vanhu vanorwara

    1. malvin has a valid point. Iwo maporofita enyu aya who talk about mari 80% of the time but dont do s.h.i.t for the sick and orphans. Im nt surprised that UFI memberz arent criticising ths point. Its obvious, chenyu kungoda mari chete. Nherera zvadzichatobatsirwa nezvidhakwa. One mr thng, Angel shuld watch hz wordz asiye politics to polititians coz thngs cld go bad 4 hm (munovaziva vanhu vaya vaya). Makandiwa ndopaakangwarira manje coz hes an astute thinker, i hate the f.u.c.k.e.r asi to sm extent ndomupa sando dzake, he brainwashes

    2. Hapana valid point apo ngavauye kunoporeswa varwere vacho ndosaka tiine mahealing session. Jesu vanoporesa vanomutenda, remember He couldn’t perform miracles in His home town because of unbelief. Kuenda kuchipatara means you believe in doctors saka firai ikoko, kuuya kuna Jesu means he will give you life, not life chete but peace and provision.

    3. I second you, vanorwarwa first then financial support.

    4. But U and i know that not everyone believes in God, healing is your faith.

    5. Jesus never went to sick people to heal them. instead, they went to him in faith and got healed. If all those who are in hospital would leave and go to church to look for God in faith, they would get healed.

  34. I am suprised by wat some pple are saying what Biti said wasn’t even political bt some are takin it to be, he made it clear that he respected the prophets. I dont h did wrong by askin that from the prophets, Angel doesnt have remorse at all hw wld a leader lyk him say that, i dont see any wisdom @ all. People shld reli ask themselves questions, thats y w wr given the spirit to descen the purpose of the miracles hapng in this world. People shld be careful Mtt 24 says it all

    1. ska iwewe ndiwe une wisdom manje?u nid deliverance

      1. can u please reply malvin naLawrence Dube coz ey stressed valid points. Kwete kungoti “touch not my anointed” as a defense. Lets deal with facts for a moment

  35. As Mbonisi would say; Gukurahundi prophets and their followers.

  36. man of god pray for rain

  37. If these Makandiwas and Angels are real men of God why don’t they go to hospitals that are overflowing with the sick and heal them and leave the hospitals empty? Varikuraura hove mubhavhu.

    1. Lawrence ngavauye kunoporeswa varwere vacho ndosaka tiine mahealing session. Jesu vanoporesa vanomutenda, remember He couldn’t perform miracles in His home town because of unbelief. Kuenda kuchipatara means you believe in doctors saka firai ikoko, kuuya kuna Jesu means you believe in Him, He will give you life, not life chete but peace and provision.

      1. Vana Garikai munongowomoka, unoti vanorwara vanoenda kuchipatara isu tinoenda kuUFI, medical aid card raunaro ndere UFI?

    2. Jesu wakamuona muchipatara chipi? endai kuma church muporeswe ikoko. Isu kuma porofita vari kupona varwere and zvirema zviri kufamba.

  38. Minister Mzembi has gone astray Tourism attraction Makandiwa and Angel? Oh that is hogwash. Some people are lazy and expect wealth from nowhere, Hey wake up and work for your wealth and stop stealing through miracles. The wrath of God vakomana ka muchachema.

  39. Pardon Shaun Gwenzie

    I hate to criticise,but I’ve heard that jesus changed water into Wine,a few loaves of bread and fish into plenty of food to feed thousands,but never had of him making money for any individual or a congregation at large,which keeps me wondering whether these prophets are really God’s,I would plea to God to give me divine understanding whether or not these men are performing miracles from his spiritual power,no offence but I really need to be sure,but as for where I’m standing right now,I’m in the middle,I don’t know what to believe,I wish if there is any scripture or revelation that correspond to these miracles,I’m very worried to what extent this is going,

    May peace and love be upon true believers of God,BE BLESSED!!!

  40. varume… mwari vanoti ndicharopafadza basa remaoko ako.. kwete basa remunamato wamuporofita…
    zvasiyana papi nw nyoka inorutsa mari???

  41. Ava ndivo vanonzi vaporofita venhema. Masaramusi ataiona kuchikoro tichirivana. Mboko ndodzinongotevera dzisingadi kushandisa pfungwa nemaoko adzo. Muchayeuka bako manayiwa vafana.

  42. Kana musingazive mushandiro wamwari or holy spirit ndinokumbira munyarare. See Mathew 12 vs31-32

    31 And so I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. 32 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come

  43. moyo makanaka steve

    iwe vanhu ava vari kushandisa mushonga.someone anobva kumusha kwemumwe we ma prophet arikuti kune tumadhara twemushonga anoti unoda upi wekuita zvechivanhu kana kuti zcechechi nekuda kwekuti chechi yakachena kuvazhinji varikupiwa mushonga achiita rakanyora munhu unodya cheziya.Mari dzemahara dzichakupandukirai

  44. Haa mazimbo ndoshaya kuti munonzi muri intelligent pai. How and why this whole issue is being blown out of proportion I don’t know. Biti said his words in jest and any self-respecting individual who read the report should have seen kuti journalist wanted to draw certain people’s ire. I’m surprised the good man Angel had the audacity to respond in such a scathing manner……”“I am sorry minister (Biti), the miracle money is not for someone who has failed to account for his duties or for thieves in government,””. Seriously???? Leave politics for the politicians and just preach salvation.

    1. tiri intelligent chete.zvimwe zvose hazvina basa .we are intelligent full stop.

      1. And your contribution to the discussion at hand? Your response borders more on emotion rather than logic. Kana uchiti zvimwe zvose hazvina basa one can be forgiven for concluding that your acumen is still in a developmental stage…..which is quite forgivable.

    2. Ndafunga kuti ndini ndega ndarasika or ndarasiswa naAngel, atopfekedzwa bachi naMzembi!!!! Where has Biti failed? Did he ask for his personal money? Leave politics for politicians!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Asi ndingabvunzewo muprofita kuti Dzavanoti mbavha dzemuhurumende ndedzipi. Tikavati vadzimate vaneumbowo wavainavo here wekuti tingaendese kaCG VaChihuri. Ini i think its painting Government black. Sure, he should retract his statement yekuti mbavha dzemuhurumende. thats lack of respect for authorities.

  45. Religion is now tourism???

    1. Its all for the money….even if these prophets use misoro yemasope kuita minana yavo probably the Minister of Tourism would say as long as we have religious tourists that ok!

  46. read matthew 24 vs 11.zvakazarurwa 13 vs 13 anaapurakata chaivo.

  47. And this is headline news…how?

  48. Hehehehehehehehe…..heeeeey!!!!. Vakauya riniko ana Makandiwa ava?. Chi chinonzi makandiwa?.

  49. UFI were still waiting for u to reply Lawrence Dube and Malvin… Oh wait, i forgot, munongoda zvine mari mukati kwete zvenherera nevarwere.

    1. ku UFIC handibve

      Chokwadi akakuudza hatisi kuchengeta nherera ne chirikadzi ndiani? huyaka ku healing session uone kuti varwere havasi kupona here? yo problem is yu have no idea what happens to Spirit embassy and UFIC, I challenge yu to attend one service?

  50. Pipo of God true and false,i hud like jst 2 sy wat e bible sayz kuti dnt judge,dnt conderm.let as all live all things in Gods hand iyee anoti regai zvikurirane tichasangana pakucheka iye mucheki mukuru
    if they are of pipo 4rm God expose them by castng e demons in them out,Garai nezvamunaziva kana kutenda

  51. This false prophet for profit belong to a spiritual underworld! Zimbabweans must wake up and tell these fakes to go to hell .They pounce to distort reality in the process taking advantage of people’s desperation. Money is biblically the root of all evil, yet the prophets’ miracles are pivoted around money. If these prophets didnt come from Lucipher’s ranks then where else are they from? Certainly not from The Mighty Living God!

  52. Well said mafirakurewa

  53. The Prophet’s remarks are an insult to Honorable Minister Biti. Biti is simply saying here that the country has no money, and if the prohpet’s money is real, give some of it to Treasury, and what does he get – he is associated with dipping hands into the coffers. What evidence does he have that Biti has stolen Treasury money? Maporofita eZanu aya? Hamuone Mzembi abva adairira. The Zanu PF ministers go to those churches to campaign, and nothing else.

    1. Taura hako Mike

  54. Major ndi major prophet angel na prophet makandiwa maporofita amwari and miracle money ndeyechokwadi

    1. zvakazarurwa 13 vs 13 vanongona kana kuburutsa moto kubva kundenga,kana vana va aaron vakambo tanga astranger fire .saka miracles does not mean that God is at work.


    1. Thank you Brother, it is people who do not read and understand the Bible who jump to anything that involves money.

  56. Let those who believe in Makandiwa and Angel to follow them and get the “riches”. Let us not judge them. But for a government Minister, to say the two are tourist attractions is childish. Why compare Zimbabwe to Nigeria. Remember we used to say we were British and would not be like any other African country. What happened, where is our currency, corruption? Follow the Nigerians and we will see where we will be a year’s time. There are no thieves in government but in our own Churches. If there are thieves in the government, what are the man of God doing about it? See no evil and hear no evil? Is that what Jeremiah, Isaiah, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ die when they saw evil. Jeremiah stood up and confronted them. Now the men of God are busy telling people to get rich and being afraid to confront the same thieves (ministers and others) in government some of them who were bidding at the auction for Angel’s clothes. Let us not allow the country to be sold to the highest bidder who is the devil. Let those who believe in miracle money look for the earthly riches.

  57. Kubva nyaya dzemari idzi dzichitanga pane munhu here ati asangana neWitness yakabva kuchurch yaAngel negwama rine mari otaura kuti mari yacho akaitengesa chii?tinoda kunzwa umbowo hwekuti ange asina mari yacho and that he did not cornive naAngel or his associates to deceive people kuti yakangokaruka yapinda muhomwe iye zvake akaplantwer to deceive everyone else.ndikamuwana munhu akadero kana pano paforum then surely people will start to believe it to be the truth.we want an independent investigator kuti aende kwaAngel then follow those people vanotestifaya kuti tawana mari and really quizzy them.akomana kana zviri zvemanyepo ka these guys will have to be exposed sana Morris Cerullo and Peter Popoff.anyway,i think it was Gamaliel who said give these things time…kana zviri zvaMwari zvicharamba zvichienda mberi.3years normally prove and test a ministry.
    Asi Angel kana uchinyepera vanhu uchishandisa bible…hama yangu rega ndikuyambire…kudonha kwako kukuru…ndiwe uchange uri tsotso dzekugahena kwaunoudza vanhu kuti wakamboenda.

    1. Bill even Pharoah’s n’angas did miracles, so just believe in what the Word of God says, and you are home and dry. If God said you have to work, and He God worked when he created the world, why should a normal human being expect “manna” to drop from heaven. Manna was just for one meal, the Israelites were told not to hoard, so this comparison of manna and money dropping from heaven is neither here or there. What does the Bible say about those who were greedy and hoarded the manna? Bible riri kuverengwa nevanhu ava rakaita seiko nhai Bill ringotaura nezvemari chete. Jesus Christ said you can not serve two masters, money and God, then where are getting lost nhai vana vaMwari. Let us seriously follow the Word. All those running business employing us Zimbabwe which denominations do they belong to? Did they start these businesses when these men of God were around. When did Econet start and is its growth through manna from heaven or it was through hard work. Did Bill Gates pick money? Open your eyes Zimbabweans. Anyway, this is a free country, you can choose whichever political party as well as any Church. You can also chose to follow God or the devil.

  58. People should read and understand….Biti did not persecute anyone he is simply asking the Men of God to help the nation.

    1. n’anga nemaporofita hazvina kusiyana to hell with both of them. there is nothing like miraculous money. masaramusi ana hapurakatapura aya. nonsense

  59. Even Jesus was called names because of doing miracles. Becarefull of sin of blasphamy which is not forgivable.These are Men of God

    1. wakapofumadzwa!!!!


  60. Go and read read Matthew 24,Matthew 7 and Isaiah 8v19-20. The test of a true prophet of God is not based on miracles, signs and wonders because even the false prophets can perform those miracles, hence our Lord Jesus’ warnings in Matthew 24 v24 and Matthew 7.Remember even Pharaoh’s magicians were even able to change their rods into snakes as Moses had done.The standard of measurement for a prophet is found in the Word of God.If people do not read the Word of God they will be deceived.Revelation 1v3 says blessed are those who read, hear and keep the word of God.So my fellow Zimbabweans,it is not about miracles but following in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus and keeping His commandments.

  61. Joel 2 vs 28

  62. people lets not take this into a political arena… Biti is trying 2 use the works of the church wrongly why should his mismanagement of funds be rectified by Angel? As for mzembi are you on Angels side because u believe in the GOD he worships or its only because u are seeing them as an investment 2 your ministry? Let us not live a lie people if u believe in the miracle money then so be it why giving a fuss about someone’s opinion

  63. Tirivana vemaporofita!

  64. Mzembi arasika apa, Biti ari right. Nyaya yaPeter neHove ndeiyi vakomana navasikana.

    The miracle was not in the coin but in the fact that the fish had a coin.
    The coin was ever in existence and shown by the facts that it had features of the current currency then.
    Munana waiva pakuti hove yakaita mari mumukanwa uye Hove the correct one had to come for the bait and be caught.

  65. ………………..@mandhla mukoti wt d u mean and wc church d u go to

  66. Some time Makandiwa said he had gone to Ghana for spiritual uplifting from his spiritual father called Ba**teng. From my understanding he is supposed to get spiritual uplifting from God. Sekuona kwangu Makandiwa naAngel in’anga vakaromba kubva kuna spritual father wavo. How come they have the same spiritual father.

  67. u people u are lost who are u caling prophets makandiwa n,anga no no no musareva zita rajesu pasina do u knw the works of prophets in the bible

  68. It is a crime to spend money credited to your account from no where, may I know, which account will be debited? Thus why banks reverse such mistakes and if they find that you have used the money you become liable to have committed fraud.

    God give us power to acquire wealth instead! and one man of God says “those unwilling to work will not get to eat” II Thess 3:10. I am expecting influencial people to tell people the truth. People must work it has never changed, thus why God also says in his word He will bless the work of your hands.

    1. Say that to Makandiwa and he will tell you your faith is too small and he is living in the spiritual and you in the physical and in his world only miracles are a way of worshiping.

  69. Silver and gold we have none, but in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth stand up and walk.

    Years later… Silver and Gold we have plenty…

    1. God bless yu Mwalimu, wabaya

    2. And in the name of Makandiwa go and spend it.

    3. kkkkkkkkkkkk lol well said…..

    4. You may repeat that again Mwalimu: Kana ukadonha kubva mumaoko aMwari nyasha unodonhera mumari ndiwo maoko asatan disgrace.These guys are turning the grace of God into disgrace.

  70. “In that tym propherts shall come , who have power to perform great miracles they will command a mountain to move and t shal move and they shall prophecise’ that its from God ,jst knw that the end is near. Now i think the scriptures are being fulfilled .

  71. mwana wemuporofita ndini

    with God all things are possible. wat things are possible sei muchida kutaura shoko ramusingazive. mapharisee, kuda kunyamdira ini manje ko iwe unoziva Mwari upi iwe waunoda kuswera uchitaura zvekuchurch kwedu. mind ur own spiritual business not urs. wen u are on top u are the topic. rambai muchitaura isu tichongoenda mberi chete napapa makandiwa. muchasvotwa nevafundisi venyu vasinganzwe Mwari, vanogara vachitaura past truth wat the present truth muchanzwa rinhi?

    1. wabaya iwe…ngavasare isu tichienda, vanhu kuswerera kurebesa miromo zvenhando. kana vari vemweya yetsvina, imi vatsvene vanamatirei ka

      1. iwe. hama dzako dzakauya kuchurch kwangu vachida vatendi dzikati “there is only only 1 major prophet in the one world……”. beware kana zviriizvo zvamunoudzana. by the moment you say 1 major prophet ini ndinobva ndatofunga kuti uri kuda kuti Jesu. manje iye akati Hubert Angel.
        wakomana musadaro. munorowesa munhu neshamu namwari, imiwo mukarasika

        “tourist attraction” apa minister vawanza apa.

  72. Zimbabwe abandoned the use of the Zimbabwean dollar because of hyperinflation caused by printing money haphazardly by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. This should have been a lesson to everyone that even if you have the power and machinery to print money it is very damaging to the economy. Now this idiot, you are calling prophet, is doing exactly the same albeit using some tricks he learnt somewhere.

    The question to put to this idiot is if producing money is permissible why do companies spend time producing goods like bread, computers, milk, clothes, shoes, etc to sell to the public to make profit instead of just producing money printing machines and print money for themselves? Surely, it would be easier to just make money printing machines and print money for themselves or for every person to buy themselves a money printing machine and print money instead of looking for a job to earn money.

    What’s astonishing is that the Minister of Finance has seen the funny side of this counterfeiting stunts instead of having it stopped at once. These “prophets” are lowly educated.

  73. All the tym u are worsting tlk abt Makandiwa and Angel dai maiti mwari mwari taipona muno munyika kana naiwo mwari vaifara, wat i cn tlk abt is the living God not all these nonses ndokunamata here vanhu vakangokura vachinamata mwari mumachurch maisava nemamiracles bt vakaramba vachinamata saka chamisira pamamiracles awaya ichi than to pray 2 God to us wisdom to know his way

    1. Taura hako, our God is not a God of confusion, and all this is to me rubbish, rubbish.

  74. Zimbabwe abandoned the use of the Zimbabwean dollar because of hyperinflation caused by printing money haphazardly by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. This should have been a lesson to everyone that even if you have the power and machinery to print money it is very damaging to the economy. Now this idiot, you are calling prophet, is doing exactly the same albeit using some tricks he learnt somewhere.

    The question to put to this idiot is if producing money is permissible why do companies spend time producing goods like bread, computers, milk, clothes, shoes, etc to sell to the public to make profit instead of just producing money printing machines and print money for themselves? Surely, it would be easier to just make money printing machines and print money for themselves or for every person to buy themselves a money printing machine and print money instead of looking for a job to earn money.

    What’s astonishing is that the Minister of Finance has seen the funny side of these counterfeiting stunts instead of having it stopped at once. These “prophets” are lowly educated.

    1. They are desperate fools who can not work for money like everyone else, ava ndivana tsika mtanda vanhasi and you can just yourself where those funny idiots are by now, vave kutoshanda just like you and me, zvinopera chete.

  75. sometimes its okay to keep quite if you are not sure of what you are saying,touch not the anointed ones

    1. You’re taking the words, “The anointed” too far, remember it can not be measured by a tape measure or scale.

  76. these are false prophets. only an idiot can believe their stories . mzembi is of course on zanu pf business to infiltrate any organisation . he is a university graduate who shamelessly vomits such rubbish . the police should arrest this devil calling himself an angel for producing counterfeit money. makandiwa built a mansion for an uneducated tribal chief who does not want to see any supporter of the mdc in his fiefdom..

  77. I have seen that some people do not apply the Bible in their views:
    1) Prophets come with thus saith the LORD as the Bible indicates.
    2) The fish which had the coin which was caught by Peter had swallowed the coin.
    3) These so called prophets are compromisers on the standards of the WORD if you look at the dressing of their women,their conduct themselves and the conduct of their congregants.
    4) Vanin’ina ava vanonzi ma prophets mislead the people if you remember Makandiwa once said there were stanists who reversed the decrees they would have made which is unscriptural.The bible says if christains bind anything on earth its bound in heaven meaning that even satan himself can not reverse what has been bound/decreed.
    5) Do theses so called prophets mean that they were not worshipping God before they met their purported siritual father since Makandiwa aienda ku AFM and one would think thats where his spiritual father is.Kana oti spipitual father vake vanobva ku Ghana hakusi kupanduka here uku?
    6) I challenge those who had money deposited to their bank accounts to come out in the open and an investigations is done about the origin of the deposists.
    7) I dont see how God can create money ivo vakagadza ma governments to run the earthly affairs as the BIBLE says and these print the money nad regulate earthly affairs.
    8) Also challenge anyone who was healed in the meetings of these guys to come out in the open for verification purposes.

  78. Inini zvangu what I know and can bet is Zimbabwe as a nation will and can never be financially rescued by these Makandiwa and Angel whatever, kana vanesimba tell them to go to the hospitals and heal all the sick and to Jairos Jiri and Ngoma Huru and make the blind see and the crippled walk, go to Matapi and get those people descent accomodation, how come their miracles are only meant for worldly standards? Regai zvikurirane mbewu neshawi kusvika nguva yekukohwa then we will know them by their fruits. These magicians will get enough chance to perform their miracles until they are fully exposed and all can see them for who they are, remember we are fighting against principalities in the highest places and these toy prophets are well aware of what they are doing and only their followers are in the dark yet sound so confident they are right, this is painful.

  79. Minister Mzembi vanoda munamato chaizvo, ndikokunonzi kurasika kokupedzisira. Of all people who do not understand spiritual things, Mzembi will come last. Whoever thinks he is supporting the miracles is mistaken, Mzembi is operating from a materialistic realm. He is being propel by his ego to be the best performing minister as opposed to appreciating what God can do. Murume mukuru kutoti hee itourist attraction, that is immaterial.
    We should seek for God in Spirit and Truth, and let miracles by which ever shape or size reveaal the omniscience of God, but zvevanhu zvinoguma. Let them do whatever they are doing.

    1. What else can u expect from him brnmugwidi? Dzakatotamba nepwere kare vanamai vaenda kumariro.

  80. Busi sly, mwana maMAJOR, newe 04040000 u are fools, naive and very ignorant wen it cmes to the issue of the bible. Are u even born again. Hapana anorambidza munhu kuita zvaanoda muhupenyu. Asi budira vanhu pachena kuti mamuri kuti muma church, mumachurch hamo asi ari ezvikwambo. Do u even know how makandiwa and boateng met in the first place. Do u even knw what makandiwa’s initial response to boateng’s request was. Musangotevera zvamusinganzwisise nekuti mari iyoyo ichazoda kuripwa neropa. Pamuchazotanga kufirwa nehama ndipo pamuchaona kuti hamuna kungwara. God’ s desire is that all must be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. Therefore let us proclaim the message of God to the nations. ‘turn to me and be saved all u nations for iam God and there’s no other’. The word of God says seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these thngs shall be added unto u. Its true that God has given every person the right to choose and wateva u choose u get. Asi wateva u choose dnt mislead others, budai pachena coz the truth wil set us free and The Lord Jesus says he’s the way the truth and the life. Dzidzai kuverenga bible prayerfully and wait on God. Dnt be brainwashed by the so calld prophets and i wonder if they even preach the gospel of repentance.

    1. Matthew 5:22, “But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire”. zvino zvimwe zvese zvawazonyora hazvicharevi chinhu

      1. a brother SDD not a thief. Wake up and read correctly or wear your spiritual glasses.

    2. WELL WELL WELL WELLto start with am not a fool,neither am l naive or ignorant,l do read the bible and understood it very thoroughly.therz no reason to ask me if am born again wen in actual fact ts you who needs deliverance.and you being the wise man educate me on how makandiwa and boateng met and the agreement they med.going to the church l go to means l bi,liv in wateva they do and l fully understand how they are doing it.kufirwa nehama kana kuchazoita a result of the church m going then let it be so coz in as much as l hev known GOD and l hev known prophet E and Prophet Angel they are great man of God.l have grown spiritually,they made positive impact to mi life and l use evry prophecy in line with the word…so iwewe just do yo thing,do yo church,if you reallywant me to repent to yo so called real christianity,you can start with my fathers …because wereva they are going they are taking me with them..


  81. these are thieves, liers, are you saying that the money’s meant for the holier than thou when the scriptures are saying for all have fallen short of the glory of god, why lie. dont blindly follow these so called prophets. hakuna mari yakadaro unless kana zvava zvikwambo zvasiyanei nevanhu vane nyoka dzinorutsa mari, mishonga iyi. the kingdom of god shall not have mercy on this!!!

  82. God and popularity lets wait till judgement some of will pay for this Math 24 vs 24

  83. There can never be any miracle money other than a Blantant lie and cheating of people.If such money existed every follower of these so called churches would be rich.Its obvious its stolen money or the thousands of dollars the followers are cheated of. never never can there be . BITI is 200 % correct. With proper and thorough investigations fraud will be unearthed.

    1. ko itaika mainvestigations acho muri kumirira kuti ani aaite nhai

    2. ku UFIC handibve

      Brian huyaka uite iwe mainvestigation uine akabirwa wacho mubva masunga!

  84. Constructive analysis and criticism of issues is only needed when responding. Hasha hadzina kunaka. Write your facts to support your idea then you stop there. Ngatikurei pamweya kana tose tiri vana vokutenda. Kutikana hakuvaki musha. Kana varamba zvokwadi siyai zvakadaro zvikurirane masawi nezviyo zvichaonekwa pakucheka. Aripamusoro pemba ramba uripo nevarikumakomo garai ikoko. Zvakazarurwa 22 vs 11 mukomana Johane pachitsuwa chepatimosi unoti wakaipa ngaarambe achitevera nzira dzake dzokusarurama asi wakarurama ngarambe ari mutsvene. Wauya wauya mucheki mukuru.. vanhu vachaona ishe wekudenga..zvinhu zvatinoona zvose zvichapera… vasakarurama vachazoparadzwa vaiswe kunzvimbo yokutambudzika……….. parts of the song.


    I have seen that some people do not apply the Bible in their views:
    1) Prophets come with thus saith the LORD as the Bible indicates.
    2) The fish which had the coin which was caught by Peter had swallowed the coin.
    3) These so called prophets are compromisers on the standards of the WORD if you look at the dressing of their women,their conduct themselves and the conduct of their congregants.
    4) Vanin’ina ava vanonzi ma prophets mislead the people if you remember Makandiwa once said there were stanists who reversed the decrees they would have made which is unscriptural.The bible says if christains bind anything on earth its bound in heaven meaning that even satan himself can not reverse what has been bound/decreed.
    5) Do theses so called prophets mean that they were not worshipping God before they met their purported siritual father since Makandiwa aienda ku AFM and one would think thats where his spiritual father is.Kana oti spipitual father vake vanobva ku Ghana hakusi kupanduka here uku?
    6) I challenge those who had money deposited to their bank accounts to come out in the open and an investigations is done about the origin of the deposists.
    7) I dont see how God can create money ivo vakagadza ma governments to run the earthly affairs as the BIBLE says and these print the money and regulate earthly affairs.
    8) Also i challenge anyone who was healed in the meetings of these guys to come out in the open for verification purposes

    1. ah wadii kubvinza wema newspaper wacho vanokuudzai izvozvo

    2. ku UFIC handibve

      OLIVER theres a better proposition, come yoself to any of the services at UFIC and Spirit Embassy and conduct investigations, yu are also welcome to the healing sessions and physically check before and after, yu can even bring doctors and take pple for xrays. Am sure yu shall have all the answers after that! Dnt challenge the healed come see them before healing then check after healing, pliz dont do it from the comfort of yo desk but exactly at the churches!

      1. You are not God to declare that! Remember Saul of Tarsus. The day that you will meet the Lord is the day that you will come to know why.

  86. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. God loves himble people. Humility and love are the most important attributes of a Christian. Hanzi anopa cent muchechi nemoyo wese will be better rewarded than the boastful rich man. Hama dzangu beware. Shine your eyes!

  87. haa magororo aya vashandiri vasatani

    1. mwana wemuporofita ndini

      ko iwe hausi here? do u even pay tithe?

  88. There is not enough evidence in this article for me to conclude whether Prophet Angel is right or wrong. if anything, this article might have been edited! but there are things that are certain and can be drawn from this article:
    1. Prophet Angel’s (the “Man of God’s”) response to Tendai Biti (The Man of Finance) was inappropriate and not something expected from a servant of God.
    2. Miracle money is only acceptable if it is not popping out from nowhere into people’s hands; and it is acceptable if it can be accounted for by its owner, the federal Government.
    3. Jesus did not create the coin in the Fish Miracle. if he did, there would have been no need for him to go ‘fish’ for it. the Miracle was in the manifestation of God’s Omnipotence: He knew where to find the Coin.
    4. Jesus Taught that everyone should render to Caesar what is his, and “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities be it political, at work or church.” as was mentioned earlier. and in that regard, if the country – YOUR country – were to come to you, asking for money – regardless of how that money is going to be used – are you not obliged to give it? won’t you be honoured for it afterwards? if not, the prophets stand the risk of teaching us to avert from paying taxes because they claim the authorities are corrupt.

    so much more can be said. but let me end there…

    1. My friend too educated, the little you said says it all, thank you.

  89. OUR GOD IS ABLE. Anoropafadza basa ramaoko angu, Please God its my prayer, Ngavasaziva bank account number yangu kana homwe dzangu. Mubvunzo wangu ndewekuti saka iyo mari yacho inotobviswa chegumi here kana kuti ndiwo mashizha emi AVOCADO?

    1. “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us” Ephesians 3:20, already you doubt God can provide supernaturally becoz vanhu vagarisa muhuroyi

      1. Your God is your pocket and belly; nonsense. There is an eye watching you.

  90. mwana wemuporofita ndini

    @ zvokwadi tikataura vatinochengeta hanzii zvinomboshambadzwa here, tikarega hanzii hamuitee. why do u want prophet makandiwa and angel kuti vachengete nherera dzese dzemuZimbabwe, ko mamwe mapastor anochengeta here? to sat the least it means ndivo vega mafundisi so far in zimbabwe thats why u tok abt them and analyse wat they do so much coz ndiwo vanhu vaMwari vacho. prophet makandiwa feeds more than 4000 orphans daily and 3500 widows daily. zviripo mumanewspaper enyu, christmas with the less priviledged and so any many in the newspaper but still u want mo. ko iwe zvokwadi unopa ani? hausi chisikwa chaMwari here? do u hev the rite to give also. we hev so many pastors in zimbabwe why is ur focus on these two prophets coz deep down u know they are men of God and u are clouded by jealous coz hamukwanise kunzwawo Mwari sezvavanoita. kana muchinamata chaizvo but now if they were fake u shld hev expose them. check ur spiritual level before u utter rubbish coz vamwe venyu hamunamate asi munongoti havasi vanhu vaMwari vaunzwa naMwari here? my advise to the zimbos thoase who claim that these two are not prophets of God, pray and expose them. my bible tells wen light enters darkness tries to hide so ur the light of the world shine upon darkness. kana Mwari wacho hamumugone kumunata asi munoda kumuririra Mwari imi.

    1. Nonsense mwana womuporofita ndini . You are blood worsening their conditions nokuvapa zvikwambo. Go to hell with your ill gotten money.

  91. Mzembi is taking tourism too far. He once said President Mugabe was a tourist attraction, thus equating his boss to all sorts of touristic things, the beautiful and the ugly. Now he equates religion to tourism again. True religion is for the spiritual nourishment of human beings not a touristic attraction. If these ‘tourism prophets’ are in it for tourism, then they are fake because they have lost the real purpose of worship, making it an attraction for onlookers, just like the Victoria Falls or Kariba. Mzembi should not forget that the Nazi torture camps are tourist attractions here in Europe, not because they are beautiful, but they show the ugliest part of the human heart and the greed for power and money. People visit these camps from all over the world to feel the pain of the millions massacred in those gas chambers.

    So, please Mzembi, stop thinking that anything which attracts people is good tourism. Even a murder scene is a tourist attraction. By virtue of your thinking, it seems you would appreciate more horrific murders and bus accidents in order to bring in tourists to view the horror places.

  92. does mzembi know the implications of this money if it ever exists to the economy, this money will not benefit the nation except to destroy the marginal gains and bring more suffering. these guys must be arrested, they are criminals

    1. yes madam.

      chihuri ari kupi?

  93. The miracle money that you talking about for starters has not been verified. God does not contradict his own systems. He does miracles for a purpose and not just to show off. What was the purpose of creating miracle money in Botswana? If you ever got a chance to do Economics 101 at college you will know that when money is created without an equal or commensurate production base there is inflation. So is God now responsible for the inflation that will occur because someone is using trickery to fool idiotic people? If God was the one responsible for causing inflation then he would be bringing bad upon the people meaning he is using his power to bewitch the people. This cannot be ladies and gentlemen. The bible says the silver and the gold is mine saith the Lord. This was talking to money already in circulation. God does not need to create money as these prophets are doing. Creation is the highest level of miracles and God reserves the right to that! Even when Jesus was on earth he did not create. He used something. He used water and turned it into wine. He used the five loaves and three fishes and multiplied them. He knew where the fish was that had the coin in its mouth (its common for big fish to swallow stones etc).

    The scripture that people are using in the original greek said If you believe in me the works that I do so shall ye do, and even more works than these shall ye do… talked about greater in quantity and not quality because Jesus did everything: stopped nature, spoke the dead to life, walked on water etc. If we asked these prophets to walk on water they would probably drown. Is it because they do not believe in miracles? Absolutely not! But it means that there is a time and place for everything. You cannot invoke great miracles out of the blue without a divine message behind that great miracle. After Jesus did the miracles he said repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. Elijah after bringing fire from heaven did not dismiss the people. He told them to go back to the true God not follow after Baal and then separated the disobedient head from the silly bodies. Noah came with a message to build the ark. What message do these two young prophets bring? Their immaturity proves that they are still apprentices in these things. Pastor Chitsinde started preaching in 1975. And I pray thee when was Prophet Makandiwa born? Not that God does not use the young but when he does use them he still is the same God. He does not break his own word. Too many things these prophets are doing are going against the word.

    1. problem yamuonayo ndeyekuti imi vanhu mune nguva yekutambisa muchitenga mapepa and ivo vemapepa vacho vanotozviziva kuti kana vachida a major boost to their business kungonyora nezvema prophets iwaya and chokwadiwo muchitotengawo kwazvo mibvunzo yese iyi yamuinayo ine mhinduro mufunge isu tingatotadza kukutsanangurirai zvinhu izvi buty kutaura chokwadi its not abt money only some of us our lives have improved greatly kwete zvemari chete

  94. religious tourism kwaani iyo mari yakazofuma ava mashizha (miraclemoney)

  95. So, for Honourable Walter Mzembi, since the Twin Towers in New York are a tourist attraction after the massacre of innocent people, it might be better to have more such massacres. I find Mzembi’s logic warped in that I see in him the thinking that anything which brings foreign currency and foreign visitors is good. Tourists sometimes come to poor countries like ours to quench their wierd appetites like cheap sex with local sex workers as well as child sexual abuse. Mzembi should know that there is a massive paedophile network preying on our children after visiting as so-called ‘tourists.’ During the forthcoming tourism conference, Mzembi will see how many sex workers are going to flood the poor Vic Falls town, hotels and brothels.
    When people are appointed ministers, they should sit down and carefully study the broad perspectives and issues which pertain to their ministerial positions. If I were Mugabe and being labelled ‘a tourist attraction’, I would be furious. The minister should have a sense of irony, just a little bit of it. The ugliest man in the world is also a tourist attraction!

  96. Mupfana weBikini

    Fake prophets! Munoyeuka here vaporofita ava uye vava chii iyezvino, Boniface MPONDA, Benamin Burombo , vamwe mai vekuMbare, etc

  97. well said Minister Mzembi no wonder why u are minister of the year…ini ndinonzi Kev Kev ndopinda Ufi and a proud member of the ministry the first time i heard about Prophet Makandiwa i heard a lot of nonsense about him bt thank God i did nt utter rubish abt him had a chance 2 hear preach a couple of times and what i heard him preach and wat people said are two different things ndopandakaziwa kuti kunze kune vanyengeri.. The Prophet does nt preach about money only vanobata all corners of the word one thing i know is that those who speak negatively abt him have never even heard a sermon from him or comment thru hateragem…tengai muone ma disc muone kuti does he preach abt money only ko yakamboipei ko mari yacho ini ndinoida ini i dnt love it bt i nid it…Ufic ndizvo..Spirit Embassy ndizvo

    1. kev kev, how can proudly proclaim in a public forum that you were brainwashed at ufic?

      its a shame kev kev, several years form now u shall regret all the money u have wasted on these fake money-mongering so-called prophets.

      know wat im talking abt, been there done that.

  98. no offenc bt did u kno e top 10 richest pp in Nigeria r pastors!!! preach prosperity,health n ur good 2go!!! May Lord God save us..Amen

  99. Veduwee vamwe vachanotongwa kudenga. huprofita hwenyu hwamunowana pasi penyanza uhu huchakuparirai. Satan is at work.

  100. It frightens me to realize that we have already forgotten the Chinhoyi Diesel Debacle and now barely six years after that saga some Ministers in government are promoting the same nonsense in the name of tourism.Miracle Money!Oh my foot! We must get serious.VanaMuzembi chenjerai kupusiswa sezvamakaitwa gore riya. Vanhu ava havasi vanhu vaMwari. In’anga nanatsikamutanda vakandoromba kuGhana nekuNigeria and to call them the “anointed or men of God” is a misuse of the terms by their blind,desparate and brainwashed followers. If ever these men were or are anointed, then they were anointed by Satan.Vane nyoka dzinorutsa mari vanhu ava and vane zvikwambo zvinohwanda nezita raJesu Mambo wedu.Ndosaka makaona veZINATHA vakanetsana navo gore riya kuti vauye varegister ku ZINATHA nokuti veZINATHA vanoziva kuti vanhu ava vanoshandisa simba rerima uye kuti in’anga.Because their followers do not read the Bible, they follow blindly and some of the worst deluded and deceived among them go to the extent of calling themselves “vana vomuporofita”.Muri vana vaMwari kwete vomuporofita.It’s really pathetic.VerengaiBhaibheri muzive chokwadi.Jesus says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.John 8v31-32

  101. Gukurahundi thugs producing coins and then what? Pliz pliz don’t ever mention the name of god or jesus when u speak about these 2 gukurahundists we cal them morden day thugz brainwashing morden day their follwers are know premitive in thinking.Guyz Biti said if and only if they are printing money they can deposit some in our treasury acc not in my acc or biti’s but the nationals acc.we politicians cal them thugz who can entrust his loyality to a thug who sells his shirt for $ us4000.GURAHUNDISTS OF GUKURAHUNDI PARTY FULL OF GUKURAHUNDISM

  102. The problem is that we are busy fighting over a religion given to us by colonialists and neo-colonialists.These prophets are there to relish the white man’s religion which we do not understand.Ngavaende paward revanhu vakakuvara mabhonzo paParirenyatwa then vovanamatira vobuda vachifamba vose.How a whole generation of people can be so superstitious and pay for it boggles the mind.

    1. Chikwambiti. Repent or you will perish!

  103. evangelist....grter wrks shall u do

    Evangelist Munyaradzi Edson
    Lets:Try by all means to avoid meaningless discusions abt man of God are ey or he real or not..1 tim 6:20-21..and oh,my dear Timothy,guard the treasure you were given!Guard it with yo life.avoid the talk-show religion and the practiced confusion of the so called experts.people caught up in a lot of talk can miss the whole point of faith..
    th wrath of the Lord z upon em who critise the anointed ones of God..its rather kip quite if u dnt noe,the best thing z to pry that God may reveal to u ,z this a man of God or not…the devil raise his pple n e media z one of e devices e devil be careful.1 john 4:1-6
    Pry fo pple dat God may reveal to them e truth…The grt thing to do wen u feel this is not gud or doubt abt somethng or some1 pry to God rather than jst tlkng..enough of this..guys lets pry to God,& focus n press towards e mark of a high calling.
    Talk wout doin anythng is as good as nothing.our God z not the author of confusion…1 john 4 ,and remember God neva says that he has ceased to raise his own prophets wen he said false prophets shall come..BITI nd Mzembi be careful if u dnt understand kip yo mouth shat….and you others…

  104. people stop shouting and calling each other all sorts of names. It only shows your level of maturity in christ. If you have a fact just put it across in a good way not kutukana.
    Kutuka hakusiko kunochinja munhu but it is the word that chages a person.

  105. makandiwa is really silly

    1. and its good we like the silliness and we enjoy it and we are benefiting from itand its entirely by choice





  106. Avo vanozviti evangelist is quoting the scriptures out of context in order to defend these ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing.Ndokupi kwamakambonzwa kuti munhu anopinda pasi pegungwa kuti adzoke ava muporofita waMwari? Musarasise vanhu vaMwari nokuda mari kwenyu imi vanaevangelist vezvikwambo nenjuzu.Musi mukuru werutongo muchamunzwa achitaura kuti ibvai pano imi vaiti vezvisakarurama.Matthew 7v15-21.Pauro munaRomans anotaura kuti zita raMwari rinotukwa pakati pevahedheni nokuda kwenyu(imi n’anga nanatsikamutanda munonyepera vanhu muchiti tiri vaporofita, hee we have been anointed).Who anointed you?.How do you explain muporofita waMwari anotengesa hembe yake for USD 4000?Endai mundosevenza nyika isimukire kwete zveMiracle money zvamuri kutaura izvozvo. Minda iriko uye maconditions for setting up businesses are fairly conducive.

    1. Iye Giribheti uyu ndiye anoti here ndinooneka kuUnited Kingdom ndiri muno muZimbabwe zvakare nhai iwe komboni yatsva? Muzembi uyu arikungozamawo raki, hamuzivi here kuti voshandisa makereke senzvimbo dzekunokambeinira atozviwanira tikiti ipapa. God is not man that we might fool him. Anomirira mukombe wezvivi uzare kuti munhu arege kuva nokupokana nokururama kwokutonga kwaMwari. Vanhu ngavadzidze kuenda kuchikoro, kutsvaga mabasa, nokusevenza zvinotibatsira tose.

  107. I salute you Minister Mzembi. I thank you for appreciating the prophets of God we have in Zimbabwe. God will remember you for that. As for this moslem Minister Biti, let him think about civil servant salaries rather than mocking our God. Amen

  108. Iwe Muzembi, chenjera kupururudzirwa nemaSatanists ari kungoti we salute you awo. Mhiko dzavo hauzodzigoni.Udza vanhu vaende kuminda yatakavapa vandoshanda kwete kutarisira mari inorutswa nenyoka dzanaUbheti naManuwere.

    1. He thinks he will get miracle votes. No ways matsotsi awo. Musi waanoruza vote ndipo achaona haana kungwara.

  109. Mzembi is a big yawn. Please get serious. First you are lying to the citizenry that the UNWTO assembly is bench marked to the soccer world cup. Now I hear that you post-posted tender bidding and even went on to re-advertise the tender on UNWTO to accommodate your girl friend. Relevant authorities – if any – you can investgate. This complete rubbish coming from the toursim minister. No wonder you need devine intervention

  110. Saka nhai veduwe Cross over yanga iri yei? To give people money or to lead them to Jesus Christ. Inini I go to church because ndiri kutsvaga ruponeso kubukidza ne The Same Man Of God, hongu mari ndinoida asi Bible shoko dzvene ra Mwari rinoti SEEK YEA FIRST LINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU………. When I go to church I went to LEARN more about this Jesus Of Nazareth i want to learn more about his compassion his patience and his love that lead him to die for us on the cross. I dont want to mbe lured to him because he can make me rich and wealth

  111. hahaha Nuff Reeespect all of yah…

  112. If indeed people got money in their bank accounts, cellphones, etc; hameno vanoita accounts vanoti credit ani – debit ani, does it mean kuti ma banks achatadza ku balancer accounts dzavo or what

  113. mwana waMwari akaroverwa pamuchinjikwa


  114. politicians must leave these two prophets alone instead focus on govt issues. Some of us want miracle money coz tabaiwa nekutambira nzungu. To Prophet Angel and Makandiwa pliz make my bank account smile with MIRACLE MONEY AMEN.

    1. arthur. Have you received some yet? Uchafira mukutarisira mwachewe? Unofira yadya tsvaga Mwari umunamate.

  115. can somebody answer me. how many prophets can God send for one generation?


  116. unlimited i dont really know but from the past generations 1 per each
    (to rhodes)

    1. as many as he want…God is unpredictable..nemazuva ekupedzisiora your sons and daughter shall prophesy


        WHO KNEW?


        2. BUSI SLY! There are facts of life you can’t run away from and that only must enlighten your mind and follow Christ and Him only. Handi variko vari kufa vari kuenda kuUFIC? Vanodii kuudzwa ramangwana vatizeka rufu vonovandaka panzvimbo yechengetedzo. I’ve got my neighbour ari kutorarama nezviri kubva munharaunda wekuUFIC mumba make muneAlter yaanoisa mari kana achida kukumbira chimwe chinhu kuna mwari womuporofita wake. Ngavaporeka! Inga Jesu wakati anzwa shamwari yake yafa wakarwadziwa neshungu akandoimutsa kubva kuvakafa. Hamusi kurwadziwawo here vamwe venyu vachifa nekurwadziwa neHIV Aids iri kudai kubaya vanhu? Ko munombochemeyi pandufu dzavo kana musingarwadziwi? Tisakuvadzana nenhema veduwee! Tapota taneta. Vari kutambura asi varikutenda kuti vane muporofita anogadzira mari iripi zvino? Havana nhamo iri kuita zvokunhuhwa. A-aaah tisadero mhani!

  117. BITI said “on a lighter note” and Angel goes on to say the money is not for thieves or those who have failed to manage the state affairs. This i would expect from Minister Saviour/Shamu/MZEMBI/ Nhema because they are his political “opposites” but not from a man of God. Does he have evidence. Why doesnt he like to save all zimbos but only those that come to his church.

    shouldnt they be praying for peace and prosperity for the country these prophets? if yes, why not bring prosperity by removing Zimbabweans from the bondage of debt? Isnt it the governments’ debt is a debt for all zimbos. Prophet, select words carefully.

    1. Chine manenji hachifambisi, chinomirira mavara acho aonekwe. Zvavari kuita maprophets ava zvikanaka. Give a fool enough rope… Musavapa pfupi please ngairebe vanyatsozvisunga nayo. Remember, Judas Iscariot and the money that he got for himself [mukadhiri kake kokutengesa Ishe Jesu] he didn’t enjoy it wakaidzora akazviuraya. Isn’t one Calvary enough for our Lord saints? But they are crucifying him again in their churches. Vari kudzimbira maronda aIshe nokushandisa zita rake mukuita zvisakarurama. Shame on you, you Hypocrites.

  118. there is a thin line between faith and stupidity.i keep away from both.

  119. People do not judge, let he God the Alpha and Omega and his only begotten son Jesus Christ pass judgement. He answers all, and he distinguishes evil and good. Lets not take God’s place by judging, imimi namatayi chete Mwari mutsvage nyasha dzake. Zvamusinganzwisise pfugamai munamate Mwari akuzarurireyi akuratidzei gwara rakanaka. Musatuka vanhu veduwe nekupa vamwe mazita ekunyomba, remember the greatest commandment ‘love one another’. Hatingagone kuenda mberi sevana vaMwari tichituka nekushora Mafundisi nemaPorofita kana maBishop edzimwe chechi. Join a ministry that the holy spirit manifests in, or were you feel the Lord’s presence, its a free choice. Kana wava ikoko chiita zveikoko kwete kutarisa kuti mamwe maChurch arikuiteyi. Ita zvemuChurch yawasarudza, siya vanotenda mumaPorofita vaite. Miracle Money issue Mwari achapindura. Its not your duty to JUDGE, judgement is for the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Amen

  120. KetaSon of Prophet

    Hats off to Hon.Mzembi

    Im sick of pple who just criticise & yet they have neither been to Ufic/ Spirit Embassy or been close to these Men of God. Stop relying on newspapers & general comments seek to understand by attending their services. Just to update u prophet Makandiwa is at the forefront of championing the cause of the less priviledged. Just recently at city sports, streetkids wer treated to an early xmas on the birthday of my father.
    Several orphanages are relying on his charitable hand every month to the extent that even the first lady & mai VP named some kids after him. I have seen widows, vulnerable people, able bodied receiving groceries, houses, cars u name frm Papa. If all critics would dare to read not only negative articles you would recall this is the same prophet who built a house for chief Kasekete, donated bedding & medical equipment for Chitungwiza, cataract operations at st Alberts not mentioning christian ministries that are relying on him for their day to day running. Currently several christian Tv stations local & abroad, which are not his, are being funded. Hundreds if not thousands of students at various theological colleges throughout the country are being funded by him including their upkeep. The face Chitungwiza would have already changed had it not been of the continous demonic beakerings, but still the hand of God will see it completion.

    Stop commenting wen u are enlightened.
    People are being healed in services as the Prophet of God will be ministering just this sunday we witnessed ressurection power of Christ.

  121. Aaah aah iwe Angel what kind of response is tht yu gave the Honourable Minister.
    I ddnt knw u r ths arrogant, childish and foolish.
    Hv u ever wondered y ppl are finding it dficult to accept yo miracles though they are genuine &biblical?-kusakura kwako.
    Biti the minister was actually confirming &approving yo miracles hoping they happen at national level for the benefit of yu, me &our chn iwe woti hazviitike kumatsotsi nevakatadza.
    Ndiudzewo anemaoko akachena pavanhu vese wavakanamatira ndiyani kusanganisira iwe wacho.
    Better wanyarara& apologise to the nation and minister ryt away kapwere kemunhu b4 waloser honor yehu man of God yaurikurwarira iyo.
    Waona Mwari achshanda newe ukafungaa kuti wave papa wemunhu wese.
    Give respect to thoz whom respect is due.
    Saka iwe unofunga kuti ndiwe watanga ne miracle money?
    Nx nx nx..Secretly go &ask mature prophets &missionaries lyk Guti, Wutawunashe, Madziire yu wl discover the secret of their keepn quiet..

  122. Spirit Embassy? A residency of evil spirits i presume. where ambassadors of Satan dwells. What a telling name.


  123. miracles doesn’t mean that u ar a man of God ,,,,No bt tsvagai pazvirikubva muchapawana bcz even evil sprit can do the same so VaMakandiwa nevamwe venyu zvinzverei kana zvamunoita zvisi zvababa vekudenga ..hama tendeukai kana zviri zvababa itai ,,nemi vateveri musafosa kti titi ngezvababa nekuti munongoteverawo u ar in darkness u dnt knw where u ar going kusiya kwewauri kutevera ndiye anoziva zvaari ,,,,,,zvimwe mungazonyara pamberi pababa mochipupurira VaMakandiwa nhema ,,kti ngevashe izvo zvisiri

  124. which is which now

  125. judge not for u nt to be judge

    1. More; Jesus Christ made us Christians KINGS and PRIESTS. What is purpose of KINGS? To judge. Priests atone. It’s simple.

  126. Vatanga. The desperate Mzembi wants THE DIESEL KUCHINHOYI again. I recall the ministers of that time believing that diesel could just oze out of a mountain.

  127. nhai,vanhu havazikusvotwa kani, vese varikuquestiona mari nechiporofita vanhu vakanyatsoverenga bible vakarinzwisisa especially pamaprofita apa so they are seeing kuti hazvisikuenderana hence they ask kuti ko ndeipi iyi,becoz ye desperate leaving muno a lot of people vasina kumbopinda matraditional churches are easily attracted kuminana and nhasi uno ndovawanda vanoda maquick solutions which a man akakurira mutraditional church will tell u kuti hakuna zvakadaro takura muchinjikwa wako Mwari wachakutura nenguva yavo,ko ivo vanoenda muapaper nhau ka saka rega vanhu varesponde.Kana kuine vanokwikwidza muchitendero rega va questione chiporofita ichi,nekuti zvakanyorwa kuti ehe vabvunzei kusvika magutsikana,ko Chimwe chinoita kuti vanhu vati mafake ndechekuresponda kwanoita Biti haana kuvatuka inga akatoti I respect them wani ko man of God anotuka here kana kuti anoinviter nokuconvinca zvakanaka sezvaiita Jesu

  128. it would be good if the man of GOD could go kuJairos Jiri to get all those people to walk without the need of equipment. they could close those schools and facilities and convert them to churches if the wonders work at Jairos Jiri centres.

    1. endaka unovatora iwe ku jairos Jiri kwacho wovaitira faith wouya navo kuhealing service kwacho! handiti yu remember in the bible that they had to one time remove the roof kupinza the sick so that Jesus could heal them? saka be the remover of the sheets BRING THEM TO UFIC AND SPIRIT EMBASSY!

  129. What caused these prophets to preach the word of God on a Sunday .Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy

    1. Jesus Christ is the Sabbath friend; not Saturday yako yawakaudzwa naMrs. E. White or Watch Tower kana Majekenisheni kana Zviratidzo Zvavapositori kana Mwazha. Sabbath means rest not saturday. Jesus said ‘Huyai kwandiri imi mose makaremerwa makaneta ndikuzorodzei’ Kana wawana Jesu wawana sabata. Iyoyo idzidziso yesangano rako zvitende zvakadaro kwete kuda kusunga vamwe makirisitu nemitemo yekuchechi kwenyu hazvina chekuita naMwari. Kunze kwaizvozvo vanhu vanogona kuungana zuva nezuva vachishumira Mwari. Rest from your sins not kubika sadza. How readest thou? Kana uchitoda murairo iwoyo pawakapiwa paiva neDistance yanga iri limited yokufamba yet you travel long distances going to church — go back to your bible and read scriptures correctly. Reading with understanding.

  130. aamm,Prophet Angel responce to the minister exposed many things,his words are not to be expected from a man of God,a servant of God should reply in humilty, in love and in salvation of souls,that is if there is a need to reply at all,bcus God always fight his battle, take for instance TBJOSHUA of Nigeria, the people and the press are saying so many negative things about him, but he always responding with humility and love and in most cases he doesnot respond at all and God is always fighting for him, Well let God jugde,

    1. TB Joshua anotombori nehunhu nyangwe zvazvo sevanhu tisingapasise umwe munhu nokuti zvoitwa zvawandisa kwete ava vanaHanjeri. It’s not even a white or pale hose but a black one – zviri pachena izvi hapana kana nharo dzingaitwe apa machinda maviri ava varikuita zvokumba nemweya yevanhu. Chokwadi chichabuda zvacho pachena.

  131. No argument will justify kuti Makindiwa and Angel are proper prophets, just con artists kupera!!! Mzembi is plain silly!!!

    1. yu are the silliest of them all! yu want the world to agree with yo satanic beliefs and anyone who contradicts is silly. Prophets Angel and Makandiwa are MAN of GOD uchida usingade!!!! fortunately yu dnt have the keys of heaven!!!!

      1. Are Makandiwa and Angel the keys to heaven? Mwana

  132. HEY, WHO SAID FALSE PROPHETS DONT PERFORM MIRACLES? None of the people making noises can truly testify that the two guys are real prophets. God knows who is a prophet and who is fake! So dont kill each other over such issues. See?

  133. 1John 4 vs 1. If we had the spirit of descenment we would not be arguing.

  134. Oh, by the way, the ironic thing is, here is Minister “Tindo”, well know for leading “DEMOSTRATIONS” in college, and being a “RASTA”, now screaming about miracles…mmmmmmm, anzi naJesu, before you look at someone’s log in the eye, remove you “BASE STATION” pole in yours first….kikikikikiki….Minister Tendai Biti, he cracked me…

    1. Saka iwe wakazvarwa uri mutsvene you didn’t even make a mistake in your life thus the Lord Jesus Christ is of no use to you for He came to redeem the lost. O-ooh people!

  135. read Acts 5 verse 29-42 please and you will understand, if these men are from God they will last but if they are not you will see what will happen to them. Ko Muponda akaenda kupi how many prophets came to Zim and disappeared

  136. Makandiwa and Angel vazoita mbiri muZImbabwe vakomana. Hapana asisavazive munyika. Kana mwari vachiti ndichasimudza zita rako ndizvo zvazvinoreva. vemaNewspaper vanoziva kuti havasati vapedza kana vasati vavanyora varume ava. Macomments acho ngaawande online kutaridza kuti vanhu vahombe.
    if you talk of America you think of Obama
    If you talk of South you think of Mandela
    manje manje Zimbabwe ichazikanwa not by a politician, but by Prophet Makandiwa.
    Ndimi vateereri nevanyori murikuendesa zita rake kure, rambai makadaro. Long live the prophets of God. Rambai muchiita zvinyuwani se miracle money kuti zvinyatsorwadza vavengi.



  137. If i remember these are in the Bible we all go to the different denominations to read and supposedly follow, a stick changing into a snake in the hands of a prophet(Moses), a coin in the fish, salver mixed with soil to form two eye balls, water turning into wine,parting off a sea and walking on dry ground, only some of the few I can mention. I pray that one day they bring a stick or rod into church and pray to have a snake, just one day for that to happen then we will see how you all will respond to that. This great God the prophets serve is good,
    we are all debating about a miracle whatever you may call it cause everyone has something they believe and follow/worship, let those that follow and worship the God of these Generals do so. After all if it’s witchcraft and fake unorwadziwa neyi mari yacho isina kuwuya mumawoko ako, kana kuti we all were hoping for that experience but missed out.

    Ndotodavo, ko what if we all start to see and hear of the miracles coming out on GODTV of gem stones on rings that are growing in size, people who get gold teeth after prayer, gold dust on their trousers, diamonds in their hands, then what are you going to say they are not our prophets, anyway Jesus faced persecution from his own hometown and they all missed out.

    Pamberi navaranda vashe who are after the things of a living God.

  138. read Acts chapter 5 verse 35 it says “kana kuita uku nebasa iri zviri zvavanhu zvichaonekwa nekuparara asi kana zviri zvaMwari zvimwe tingapikisana naMwari” so just wait and see

  139. Guys, lets leave personalities out of this, Biti angotikuma face ema ‘MIRACLES’, or Anemasimba, imbotibatsirayiwo, kwete kuti tidye, but kuti tiripe zvikwereti, thats all we need from the two guys. they can send the money directly to those we owe, chetechete.

  140. God sent Moses to take the israliets from the land of eygpt ari one to lead the people. when moses died his brother aaron took over. now thats order in the house of the lord asi izvi zvekuti nyika one inowana two formidable prophets at one go. raises a lot questions vanhuwe. hameno Mwari vanoziva asi the truth is no to two prophets for one generation. and on their women preachers in the book of corinthians, paul said a leader should be a man of one wife not a woman of one man. dont confuse it but its written in plain and simple english.

    1. ok ndevamwewo avo vanotarisira vakadzi pasi

      1. Relily=== Rhodes here just quoted the scriptures; Iwe Relily woti kutarisira vakadzi pasi zvatichiizve izvozvo? Iri iShoko raMwari chairo kana kuri kutarisira vakadzi pasi iwe chitiShoko raMwari rinotarisira vakadzi pasi kwete Rhodes uyu nokuti angonyora zviri muShoko raMwari.

    2. Who said these guys are prohets who…who. they are Satanists

  141. one thing that makes me wonder abt these miracles, yu never meet anyone that yu know anoti zvamazviokwazvo, ini ndakaiwanawo mari yacho, ndikatengesawo chakati nechakati…. unongowona vanhu vacho pa tv?????????????????????? hameno, kana kuti ini ndaiva bofu ini, nhasi ndavakuwona, kana kuti icho chirema chiya chaigara corner yakati yakati, ndicho ichi chofamba……

    1. doesnt mean if you hev neva come across them ,it has neva happenned…dah!thats a lame statement……

  142. F.UCK YOU BUSI SLY!!!!!!!!!!!


  143. Chengetai Katandika

    Just think of it, Israel took so many yrs to complete a journey which was suposed to tek a few days, and the reason for the delay was becos vainyunyuta sitereki, he he where is your God iwe Moses, hona gungwa dzvuku pamberi pedu iri toita sei, then Moses used the chaff as instructed vakapinda.

    In the wilderness vakashaya mvura and they did the same, then again Moses used the chaff and mvura ikabu…da.

    Not only tht, manna fell from heaven and the feasted on angels’ food

    Becos all this is chronicled and in the bible, now we use the power of the Holy Spirit to create zvisipo, pipo are blowing off their heads, he he hakuna mwari akadaro, mwari anoita ichi neichi, okkkkkkeeeey takunzzwai.

    Now my worry is, this god of yours ane so many Limitations ndeupi uyu,

    1. could he be the same one who divided the red sea,

    2. could he be the one who provided water from a rock,

    3. could he be the one who provided manna from heaven,

    4. Could he be the one who used the raven to deliver meat to Elijah during tht drought

    5. Could he be the same one who med Isaac to reap 100 in a dry season

    6. Could he be the one who used a single man to in David, Gideon to deliver the entire nation from the hands of the philistines and midianites respectivly.

    7. Could he be the same God who caused a virgin to concieve and give birth to the Lord Jesus Christ

    8. Could he be the same one who resurrected Jesus Christ from death, 3 days afa

    9. Could he be the one who raised a man from the dead 4 days atovigwa

    11. Could he be the one walked on water

    12. Could he be the one who turned simple water into a special wine

    13. Could he be the one who made chain fetter on Paul,Silas and even Peter to fall away and break them out of jail,

    14. Kuti ndiye here the same one akasimudza chirema on the beautiful gate

    Guys zvigumwe zvangu zvaakutoorwadza, i can go on and on, but tell u what, in all this, these great miracles, yekuti dai asina kukanya madhaga akaisa muziso remumwe akaona, daia prophet angel vakazozviita nhasi, mainyora futi mapepa enyu kuti adii aenda to every blind instition akanodARO


    Hamurambidzwe kuenda kuchurch isina mamiracles, mongonamata makanyarara.

    As long as bible rangu richitaura mamiracle isu tichamadausvika votwa. In fact we dont love the miracles, iyo ndiid pakanzi signs,wonders and miracles s fol thbieve.

    Imi itai kuti makabva pazviziviso, moenda pakupupura,mozobvapo moita sing 5 hours weshoko wozoparidza 5 mins woti enda kumwari vakuropafadzai.

    God loves u so do I….


    2. kunotopona vanotenda chete

  144. Me, myself, i seDaughter yaProphet Emmanuel Makandiwa ndnokmbrawo wanhu wane magrievances mwya to one of our services mtawra all your issues in the presence of us his children&our Papa cause pablog hamngapdz to vent. Do the same for Spirit Embassy. Proudly UFIC

    1. ON POINT

  145. I think there is no worse thief than the one who dupe people into believing that his smelly socks have a spirit of speed and overtaking. Prophets are there to support the State and the community and i tend to wonder what kind of Prophets are these guys when they amass wealth at the expense of unsuspecting mostly poor people. God will catch you one day Ooh!

  146. imi Biti is genuinely asking for miracle money and if Angel said mari yacho yakabiwa then my question to Hon Mzembi is , If Hon Biti want to clear National Debt and Prophet Angel voti yakabiwa then imi moti don’t persecute the prophets hamusi mave kutyawo kutaurwa kuti vamwe venyu vakaba here? nekuti wen the National Debt was created Vabiti was just an Activists…….i rest my case on Persecuting vanhu vamwari. Kuna Prophet Min Biti is genuine ehe mari yakabiwa sezvamataura but Biti was not there wen these monies were stolen hanty. those ululating about Angel’s defiancy take a close look at the prophet’s words . Kana election yacho mungawhina here pakadaro apo….muchinzi maka failer national management ye economy

    1. I am surprised by the way the so called profita hanjeri responded to the request by the Hon. T. Biti; Scripturally Prophets were given to a nation so that they could help by giving advice or war strategy to the whole nation not that they were for a group of people who were only positive to the leadership of the Prophet for example Moses was sent of God to lead the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage; it was a mixed multitude, critics were there like Datan and Korah murmurers but that didn’t stop Moses from assisting the nation – He just performed his duties anyhow; Who are these? Prophets or porofitas. The Prophet Samuel; being a Prophet to Israeli, there came a time he got older and his children were not doing right in the eyes of the people; The Israelites demanded for a King to lead them; What did he do? He went to God and performed his duties anyhow. Thats the kind of people or Prophets God will sent to his people to help them. Now word is going around that God has remembered our nation by giving us two porofitas at the same time but they refuse to assist the nation out of its debts. Ladies and gentlemen, lets sit down and think deeper; Who are these? Prophets or porofitas? Tisanyengereke hama dzangu Mwari haapi chipo kuvanhu kuti chivadadire aiwazve anopa chipo kuti chibatsire vanhu. Saka Mwari paaituma maProphets He would make them very humble, down to earth people so that they could be in a position to assist even the least/poorest in the society – kuti vave vanhu vanosvikirika not vakaoma seava vatave kunzwa ava. Those oldtime Prophets if they had ever wanted to live large large, they could but the Spirit yanga iri mavari yairambirana nazvo nokuti hazvina maturo zvepfuma izvi. Moses was to be the next Pharaoh in his time but he chose to suffer with the children of God nokuti akacherekedza kuti mufaro wokuva Pharaoh uripo asi kwechinguva chishoma. Upfumi hwenyika ino huripo hahwo asi kwechinguvana uchapera. Elijah a man who could increase food who could be anywhere, run on foot and could overtake the fastest mode of transport of his day by the power of God. What did he do? The Spirit of God in him yairambirana nepfuma yenyika ino iri corrupt. Who are these porofitas? Are they Moses and Elijah of Revelation? By no ways; this time its Moses and Elijah to the Jews. Who are they? Ndivanani ava? Budai pachena varume. Muri kupinda nepasuwo reShoko here kana neumwe mukoto? Ngatibatsirane. Samanyika Joe probe on- That’s right, ask them.

  147. you dont just perfom miracles, you dont tell the prophet what to do or to prove as each every miracle has to be done by God thru the prophets. Only when God want to heal the nation thats when you can say let the prophet produce” $10 billion required to retire government debt. Angel and Makandiwa are just the messangers of God. U can go to them for healling and come back without being healed because God had not healed you and they can not as well becoz they use God ‘s powers. so people dont force them to do what they are not told to do by GOD.

    1. Ndanyarara hangu asi wazvinzwa here zviri pamusoro apo. Mwari achimbotuma mupofita one kuvanhu vake asi iko zvino atirangarira nekutipa maporofita maviri. Mwari asingashanduki uye ane nzira dzisingashanduki saye – Hoyo kwatiri washanduka. a-a Hameno

  148. Zimbabweans zimbabweans veduwe why bicker and trade accussations at each other why cant we give God a chance its funny kuti right nw ivo Mwari vanyerere zvavo and He knows all the answers i believe time is our greatest judge and remember kuti a word out of my mouth handizogoni kurimedza if things go otherwise machristu ndimi vacho pamberi castigating others kana isu tichiziva chokwadi ngatinamatirei varume ava kana kunovadzinga madhimoni ari kuvadaro….

  149. musatonga kuti imi murenge kutongwa

  150. To everyone who thinks about those surpasses head cell phones are worth money: you happen to be bamboozled. Get a Sony facilities monitor dj headphones instead.

  151. Hee Hee religious tourism……that’s a new one!!

  152. Stephen Amazing

    Can somebody from pastor Makandiwa’s church explain to me why you call him your father when the bible in Matthew 23:9 clearly says “And do not call anyone on earth ‘father’ for you have one Father, and He is in heaven.” Clearly Jesus was not referring to our biological fathers but spiritual fathers and He said we are not to call anyone father apart from our biological fathers. So why call him that and if he okays it is not this one contrary to the Word and if anyone teaches anything contrary to the Word he is …….

  153. Kana vaBiti nevamwe vavo vachiba.. vadii havo kuita miracle money iyi vai administer vega vana Prophet. Vanoita maprojects akadai sekuvaka zvikoro, kuvaka zvipatara, maroad etc. Chishuvo chomunhu wese muZimbabwe kuti agare zvakanaka saka kana pane vane nzira dzoku ita “miracle money” hazvina kushata-mari ngayichibatsira hayo vanhu kupundutsa upenyu hwavo. The Prophet has concerns about mal-administration, corruption and all..we will not mind even if he administer ma projects aya iye mbune.

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  158. Nhai nyaya iyi ndeyechokwadi here kana kuti kungotaura, pane here akaoan ava nemari iyoyo, kanakuti vanhu vashomanana chete. ndanga ndichida kunzwa kana paine akawana mari iyoyo angatibatisere chokwadi tinzwe kuti yakaita sei mari iyoyo. pamwe kunyepa kwevanhu, becoz ndoziva vamwe vanoendako vasina kana chinhu, vanotofamba netsoka kuenda kuchurch ikoko, varikutotambura zvisingaite. Mwari ndovanoziva.

  159. I’ll complain that you simply have copied materials from a different source

  160. not many of us are qualified to comment on the things of the spirit. pray for discernment so that our good GOD will give us the extra eyes we need to see in the spirit.

    i rest my case brethren.

    1. dhongi we kwa lewanikwa

      yah,vana vamwari hev been going thru all the comments about angel and makandiwa.the truthz ther wer many churches in zim even b4 1980 nd pple hev bn worshiping their God since then.I dnt see any need to fight over these to pastors vazouya nhasi.lets kip on going to our traditional churches and worship the most high the same we did yesterday,today and tumoro.

      I am slightly worried we had a certain church yainzi Mathieus and Mildred,it had may followers during its tym,i hardly here abt it tdy?cld it be that thz same followers are the same who dash to every new church wher promises fo riches are made only to run away to another new church if the promises are not fulfiiled?????????.

      I am very glad to be be an Anglican since i was 10 years old until today,and that same God serve me well.May God bless all those who worship him wholeheartedly.GOOD DAY TO YOU ALL!!!!!

  161. pple i took some time to analyz these comments and one thing i have noticed is that we have ppl who are logged on 24hrs of the day postin responses to all comments that seem to oppoz , question or seek clarity on the miracles these 2 “men of god” are doing….iwe Mwana wa Major and Busi Sly na Mwana u seem to be working on a Makandiwa / Angel call center that posts counter statements and do fire fighting….u resemble a mafia style of runing things ….ordinary Zimbos may not know this coz it has never happened her inZim before but in other countries these things are so organised that you wont even notice….you guys will be paid to do damage control and yes market the prophets..this is big busness… you pple of these churchs are tricked into un-knowingly marketing these men, turn them into a brand , thats why Minister Mzembi said he needs them to boost the tourism coz they are now a brand…like Vic Falls n GrtZimbabwe…and what you call miracles are well calculated and practised moves that are used to lure ignorant pple….well abit of majic masaramusi and all……to you Busi Sly , Mwana wa Major and Mwana surely you cant spend the whole day posting from as early as 8am thru out the day to 12:11pm vanhu vara…..not even clever enough to space out but actualy posting after every 2 to 3 minutes clearly have nothing to do..any way Zimbos , we always fool our selves thinking takadzidza and all but its said to know some of the silly stuff we conform to….and yaa Mwana be a little less harsh withthe words kana waku responder coz you realy need a mouth fix

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  167. The time shall come when religion will be regulated in the country and this idea will spread the whole world.There will be tight religious policies and during that time they will fall.There must be separation of religious issues and politics.The miracle money cause increase in demand for goods and services which upsets sound economics in this country.Even God is a great worker so how come you want easy money without working.Also, what about money supply.We shall see not everyone is afraid of the so called prophets because we know the bible than them ,we committed fornication with the bible we know what will happen.It is just a matter of time

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