Macheso admits poor reception to new style

SUNGURA king Alick Macheso has admitted he erred on his latest album Kwatakabva Mitunhu (Kure Kwekure) by incorporating a new style that is not popular with his fans.

Entertainment Reporter

In an interview with NewsDay recently, Macheso said the album had failed to make an impact on the market because fans had resisted changes he made to his music.

“People were used to certain traits in my music, but this time I decided to change and bring something different. Unfortunately, this did not go down well with them,” said Macheso.

The Tafadzwa hitmaker said though the album has been received with mixed feelings he was hopeful that people would understand it with time.

“My hope is that people will get used to the change. It is a new style in our beat, but for now there has been a certain level of resistance on the market,” he said.

Songs like Macharangwanda which is slowly attracting attention, Cynthia and Samasimba have, however, been regarded as better songs on the musician’s album.

He said the album’s performance in the first half of the year would determine when he will record his next offering.

“If it performs well, then we are going to take two years without any new offering, but if it fails to impress we might go back to the studio this year.

“People say we rushed to record the album, but we actually took time to have that project and I am still hopeful people will appreciate it,” said Macheso.

At Macheso’s live shows people are requesting for more songs from his previous albums than from the latest offering.

The album has faced stiff competition from Sulumani Chimbetu’s Syllabus and Nicholas Zakaria’s Kurapa Nemanzwi.

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  1. Cheso mdara,he did wel

    1. I namuneti iyo mdhara, rega zvakadaro

  2. Imwi chenyu kupakura mogadzike, kushata kana nhapitapi vachadudzire ivo………..

  3. Ha yes i like musicians who accept failures in their job this is a typical example Macheso you should have not changed your musambo unoziva ngoma inonzi TAFADZWA paya paka rowha ngoma paya i dont know why you decided to change your style of music.

    So i think you need to go to the studios as early as you can bcz apa haunanzwe.

  4. yah i also like the 3 songs cynthia, macharangwanda and samasimba,though they are below the standard you set for yourself.i usually consider you as having your own class but this time vana sulumani newe makangofanana if not better than advice go back to the studio as soon as possible

  5. Yakarohwa: album rose ndinorida. I like the new style.I know don’t want change but more people will appreciate this album with time.I guarantee that!

    1. uri die hard supporter.unenge we Dembare and Zanu also.

      1. That’s a stupid comment Mr TK, if you do not like Macheso’s album just say so ,wakazvimiririra not to trash what others think.

  6. i lyk the new shows ur creative bt next tym dont change 2 much lyk wat u did here coz pple may fail 2 understand u.though the album may fail 2 produce a hit lyk tafadzwa every song on the album is enjoyable.hope u hv learnt a lesson nt 2 experiment 2 much.kochee

    1. hapana zvaakaita apera macheso

      1. Wataura chokwadi. Dzokorodza futi

        1. u a kidding man,Cheso power akarova apa,usataura zvana Sulu vana vadiki vachiri kupfeka mapampers vaye.pliz kana washaya zvekunyora dont post junk pliz

        2. Wazvinzwa chete, wazvinzwaka iwe?

      2. In Macheso history, i salute the past years combination of Luckie Mumiriki, Innocent Muzhindu, Noel Nyazanda, Zakaria Zakaria and Slomo. That was the best ever

        1. he shld learn to retain his staff. Apa akabika mbodza

  7. Senior Advocate

    Hapana zviripo apo. Cheso wakazora Duzv????????????????? apa.

    1. @ SENIOR please if you have nothing to say close your beak

  8. I like this guy becaz he is man enough to accept that he erred. However he has to go back to his style of music. I appriciate Macheso ‘s efforts to bring new things but sometimes fans have their own tastes particulary in music. ‘The Man Himself’ is actually a unique artist in that one can differentiate song by song, album by album. He doesnt repeat his works but sometimes the desire to impress can cause can make one too adventurous and overdo things. Its acceptaple KING OF SUNGURA. Go back to the studio and show them, vana Sulu vapfana ava.

    1. yes unique indeed, song by song n album by ulbam n in an effort to distinguish himself from the monotony that has of late characterise the sungura beat, he brought something that was not expected of him. However the style in itself is not bad at all but further shows his creativity n with time I hope it will sink in n pple will appreciate it-change is not always embraced instantly. VaMacheso ndinopa zvangu kutenda pakuchinja kwenyu zvinhu, zvakamboitika pamakaunza rewz waya(Vapupuri Pupurai) asi vanhu vakazokunzwisisai pava paya, bhora mberi……………kochekera mdara

  9. Macheso you are right. Go back and do your thing. Album is below standard indeed.

  10. Apawagona macheso kubvuma kuti wakapakura mbodza ndozvinoitwa nemuimbi wevanhu Chaitanya wagonesesa yes sulu mwana Murillo but akagonesesa it means kuti hazvina basal nemakore unogona kuporonga wagara mundima basing on these albums sulu is the best this time.

    1. My friend if you like Sulu just say so not to say his album is better that Macheso’s because that’s not true. in your opinion may be true but in mine no, even with this album you regard as below standard ,is is in a level way ahead of Sulu because when you look at Sulu you do not have to ask or wonder what he has released but what he has copied/remixed from the previous works of his father, therefore Sulu should not be mentioned here because haana chake chaanoridza.

  11. chokwadi malevels adzika pasi baba shero. but i will stand by you forever dzokerai kustudio mubike muchishandisa ma ingredients amazuva ose. toda mhanzi dzinopfuura tafadzwa . kochekera iripa low profile. ndatenda.

  12. chero mukafuridza pa mic ndinotamba chete. Murivahombe veduwee. Simudza tifambe nayo kete

    1. kana akasurira mic unotamba chete. “Nowero sura tifambe nayo keteee.

    2. Song yawainba Franco, poor. Kutzvaka chiremba, poor vocals. Macharangwanda, yakapotza ya representa album. Samasimba, excellent vocal ability-very few can sing this notes on same tempo. Cynthia, average. Zvipo, gd. “handina kuponba kana zuva times etc” that computerized track kana iri yako wakabhaiza kuiramwa, that would have been the hit song from day 1-If U can heed my advice include that track on yo nxt project! U take time to come with a gd album by once pirated u twist it, avoid it-it nearly spoiled nekuti ndezvashe whose composition basically outclasses ndezvashe. Swallow pride and bring back fans zaka mijuntu etc havaranbi-4 they ar struggling down ther! Thiz guys can do beta and u no it. The new rhythmists dnt v the punch. Pama vocalists (live shoz) lots can match yo voice avo mavoives avo ma1-audition and come with real vocalists eg chemdhara

  13. do not let the fame/mbiri take u beyond the need. munhu ukafarisisa unopedzisira wadumbigwa.

  14. Matakadya Karen haanyaradzi mwana.sure wagons kuti wabvuma hanzi akurumanzeve ndewako wanyadzisa avo vashoma vaiiti wakagona isu tokuudza chokwadi wakakanya don”t do it next time take your time kwete kupakura mbodza ivo vanokupembedza pawatadza ndovanokukanya mbodza imbodza.

    1. @solo macheso is not saying ndakatadza and haana kutombotadza he said he just changed and people are taking time to appreciate the change.Because of people like, thats why the nation is still suffering.we need new mindsets bro

      1. ati akatadza. Its implicit. ati vanhu havasi kuifarira even kumashows vari kuda zvekudhara. Saka kana ati vanhu havasi kufarira anorevei. Kana dai akafungakuti akagona asi vanhu vasingaifariri zvakasiyanei nekutadza

        1. Kutadza hakuridze bhera iwe. akatadza akatadza chete.

        2. TK you clearly sound stupid either you cannot read or you can read but cannot understand what you read.

    2. Solo this album imbodza kwauri not to all. So make sure when you comment about it you remeber that urikutaura zvemupfungwa dzako, wanzwa otherwise you may end up sounding stupid.

    3. Aiwa musambo wakare uya unoita vakomana asika kochekera.

  15. I am particulary not disappointed in the latest offering because i keep my mind open, the Singura genre is one of the toughest genres in music and to stay afloat and intriguing to it’s followers it is sometimes necessary to introduce new styles. However if the style feels drastic to the followers it either takes time for them to appreciate it or the style will be dismissed as sub-standard.Therefore my advice to Cheso is ,like from his previous works namely Vapupuri Pupurai ,he introduced the style dominant on his new album on 2 songs ( Amake Bhoyi and Hupenyu Hwemunhu) ,then Ndezvashe 2 songs as well (Chengetai and Amuna wanga) ,then Zvinoda Kutendwa (Zvinoda Kutendwa) but then the difference with all these and the new album is that the style was a bit subtle and the album was dominated by the songs which carry the style familiar with the fans ,that’s why they were well received. This time around the style dominated the album as a result the response is not very positive, so next time he better have the dominance of his usual style back and have little of the new style that way there will be balance, otherwise the songs on his latest are fa from boring to be fair but its just not and different from what most people expected.

    1. You are trying 2 to reason out for the guy, but the truth is, MACHESO APERA. Things do not stay the same always. I tell u , he is not going to do better anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. gava unonyatsoziva music yamacheso ende watsanangura wena, unombonwirepi iwe ndimbokuitira quart? Well said gava, I share with u zvose zvawareva apa, kwaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hapana change apa Cheso makamamira this tyme. Jonas wakunyangadza manje, tipe rimwe number hama yangu apa wakatokanya bt thanks pakunzwisisa

  17. Apa wataura Gava

  18. nothing wrong with this album, a good artist must not be predictable misambo inofanira kumbochinja. imbomira kudzokera mustudio mudhara tod kumboitamba chaizvo. kochekera

  19. i jus dint enjoy it as usual…something was missing even in your voice. too much politics dzemu musungura music…jus sing titambe….bla bla bla No No Noooooh! Cheso

  20. that z why we call avant-garde in art circles

  21. macheso i dhara that z what we call avant-garde in art circles especially in this postmodern era.

    1. cheso shld stik 2 pure sungura jst like what dembo did becoz its not izy to mix or change genres.on kwatabva mitunhu i think kutsvaka chiremba is th best.

  22. The truth is the Guy messed up,no new style was introduced .the song composition is full of Chibhambi and you can tell that there was no care at all to produce quality.This is a test case that you fame alone cannot produce quality ,you have to work to produce quality.Zvinonyadzisa and remember fame will not always be there.Ukaita zvenzungu kudzokera kunoburitsa izvozvo futi waovertaker naSulu.

    1. Well chimbambi chinozivikanwa kunyanya nembambi than munhu asiri mbambi. If you are not happy with the new offering fine but do not mock others,wanza. Sulu waunotaura anechii so far chake chaati aridza besides remixing old Dendera songs by his father and Naison?

  23. Only drankards can compare macheso to sulu..those who do that are not familiar with simon & naison..sulu only plays around wt his fathers music offerings..i like him though? Talk of maybe madzibaba,chipanga,zhakata,tuku not pwere idzi…huroyi kuenzanisa baba nevana

    1. Taura zvako Jinko. Suluman cannot be above Macheso for whatever flimsy and filthy reason. suluman haagoni kushama muromo asi anozevezera. Regardless of him having the most experienced crew mupfana uyu anofanira kudzidziswa chinonzi voice projection. Dendera hariimbwe pachisalad asi unotobudisa tsinga uchishaura!!! Morever the two genres, Sungura and Dendera are different, asi kuti Suluman is above Macheso kupenga kunoda kutsvagirwa mapengadin!!!!!! I enjoy Cynthia, Samasimba, Chiri Munyama: Song idzi huchi pasina nyuchi. Kana wakamboridza guitar unozvinzwisisa zvandinotaura, asi kana uri wekungoterera nekutamba pamwe zvingakunetsa, asi vamwe vasina kumboriridza vazvionawo kuti pamasongs awa pakabikwa zvedi

      1. Shoko rawareva ndarida

      2. Macheso wacho anogona here voice projection???????? I like macheso doing his thing paBass not vocals, poorest of them all. Sulu is much better live.

  24. changing styles can be disastrous at times. Zvakadzikisira Zhakata izvozo. Kungotiwo pakazongoitawo politics hapo.

  25. well macheso’s album is below the standard he set for himself easpecially on his last three albums namelly Vapupuri Pupurai , Ndezvashe and zvinodakutendwa . Macheso i think tried to bring a rapid change to his music but we fans we are still or tichirikuzora butter as seen kumasoccer and parties . I think Dhara cheso ngambotora kamusambo kaakaridza pana ZVINODA KUTENDWA ambofambanako then oita tumaremix so takangowandawanda achisanganisa vana Baba naAmai , Murume, Amake bhoyi ,Madhau and soforth i think that way we fans will not be lost . Ko ivo vakomana vakabata mainstruments pana ZVINODAKUTENDWA varipo here LUCKY Mumiriki , Zaka Zaka i think vaiziva tumanecessary changes. HANDIFUNGE KUTI MACHESO ACHABUDA FUTI NERIMWE ZINGOMA RINO DARIKA ZVINODAKUTENDWA EASPECIALLY TAFADWA . KANA ZVICHITA NGAITE TIONE ASI INI NDABEJA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. sulu ndiye ane nyanga dzose

    1. Sulu haana nyanga that is wishful thinking. Ngaadzidze kuimba arege kuzevezera, mira ndikupe nhamba dzangu umupe ndigomubatsira kuimba. Tryson is a better singer of Dendera genre than Sulu! Sulu inherited fame and everything but haagoni kuimba, terera song inonzi sean timba…Jah Prayzah avakuita kunge ndiye muridzi wesong nekuimba zvinerujeko, sulu achizevezera.

      1. Zvimwe muchitendawo vanhu vaMwari.Kana iye Sudza achizevezera asi murikungozvinzwaka?Iwe Chiteke wadii kupa Macheso nhamba dzako kana kuridza wega tikunzwe.Kana usina nhau nyarara murume kwete kungogwauta mhani nxaaa.

        1. Wanyura chete mese namacheso wako Chitege, Dendera racho makaratidzwa kuti muri vapwere pakuriridza, lyric racho anenge ndiye choppa, Mota yasulu ichawaridzirwa futi mazambiya nemafans sezvakamboitirwa baba vacho muGwanzura mazuva ejenaguru aye pakakandzwa Lullaby waiziva apa macheso asati aluma.
          Basa rekuswera kuda kuattacka vana achitadza kunorongedza mashoko nemagire kustuduo uko. KwaSulu ye kwaSulu? Ayeeeeeee!

        2. Ndiwe wanyora zvandanzwa. MaDie hard supporters eDendera ose ari KwaSulu. Tryson akanamira pamafans aMacheso

  27. Zvakanaka zvakadaro…inonzi orchestra mberi kwazvo…tafadzwa nyarara

  28. its good that he has admitted to poor reception of his latest advice is go back to the style which pple are used to and work on improving your styles wont be accepted coz chakabaya chikatyokera fans are used to the old beat.As an established artist stick to your beat,leave behind unnecessary grudges nevana vadiki and give time to improve on quality.i think going in studio at the end of this year is a good idea coz if you take two years with this stuff on the market maone chaiwo.

    1. Macheso is too scared of rumours.. Sing from yo thing i tell u fo sure z that,u r the king of sungura but yo reign must improve wt age..look at tuku,he never fades out..pliz macheso ,compose songs of the same standard wt Petunia,Sarah,Shedia,Madhawu,Madhuve,Tafadzwa ,Teererai,&Monalisa..kwatabva tose mitunhu ofcourse but handingafiri izvozvooo, ndichateerera zvangu bhama irori kusvika watiburira rimwesu,mwari ave newe,kusvika nariini woseeee

      1. Kucompare macheso naTuku here varume? Inga muri kusetera mwana an uphill task uyo. Manje garai maziva kuti kukwira gomo husendemara and pakusendemara unogona kubva wangowa zvachose nachose.

        1. He has not been compared mhani, can u read and understand what you read here nahi iwe Hokoyo Nenhamo. Its a pity i hope noone reads and confirms your comments before you upload them.

  29. actually you realised you did something below our(fans) expectations. Dzoka even pamarovero ako aya muchiri khiama boys esp on kuva nemari, just listen to the song again ghitare rine nguva yaro kwete noise dzawanda nemadrums anyanya. We should have a time to listen to the rhythm yeguitar chete

    1. But haasi marovero akezve aye, ndeamadzidady.

  30. macheso has lost it, truely speaking dai Dhewa aripo waiona moto becoz that guy aigona kutymira, sezvaakakuita panavapupuri pupurai iye ndokukukandira Naye paya wakafema

  31. u a kidding man,Cheso power akarova apa,usataura zvana Sulu vana vadiki vachiri kupfeka mapampers vaye.pliz kana washaya zvekunyora dont post junk pliz

    1. Vana nane vana vana. Bt madhara apera zvawo takangoyeva isu. Ruzha kunga chigwedere!!!!

  32. Dont worry ,nicholas zacharia & i have something fo you this year..vezai nzeve

    1. Ley it b so ba Sharo. We are alwayz by yo side mdara. When are we xpecting this????

      1. Maakutoda idzva ko iri racho makutorasa mubhinhi? Paita mbodza? Futi?

    2. Thank u baba shero but i want u to play yourself simbaradzo & zvakanaka zvakadaro ndiko kugona ikoko

    3. Viva Baba Sharo!

  33. Dont worry ,nicholas zacharia & i have something fo you this year..vezai nzeve

  34. he shud nt mix different themes in one song lyk wat he did pana macharangwanda

    1. Haagoni shona, ari kutoidzidzira. Zvakavhara.

  35. that guy akava popular kare saka nw akuda kutsvaka noise sezvaaita na Tafadzwa akati zorai butter pose pose vanhu vakungoti zorai seri neseri saka aida kuita zvitsva oti kochekera vanhu voita noise but ini i luv Kutsvaka chiremba, Macharangwanda, na Cynthia.

  36. there is line which i did not get right in one of the songs when kasamba sys “baba shero mdara zaza…..?

  37. Kuiita Ruzha hakusiriko kugona kuimba hate him love him sulu akagona and hatirambidzwe kuvacompare coz verse vaiimbi totaura zvatoda coz tisu tazoita kuti macheso abvume kuti akatadza plus vamacheso taurai chokwadii chess kuenda kwaNyamhondera (ex producer )mabva madzungaiira shame.

  38. Shuwa taura halo all albums produced by Nyamhondera Havana kuposherwa ivo Ana shiga shiga nayellow ndovanokukanya.

  39. Tyson anogona kukopera vashakabvu kupfura sulu but iye mbune haagone kupfuura sulu haana kana-hit ibodzi zvayo yaakaimba so achiri mutete chaizvo.

    1. Wataura seunombonzwa neni. He lacks creativity and innovation.

  40. choga brightmore

    @ least macheso has been man enough to acknpwledge that his album is way below the standards he set for himself which standards have been the yardstick he undoubtedly is the king of sungura and as such we always expect great things from him i used to like the competition he would get from dewa it meant that every time 1 of them would try do a better project to outsmart the other but alas mwari vakatonga. so to baba sharon u really have to do another album this year and make it a better 1 otherwise we might end up seeing the ngwenya brothers,zhakata cases were 1 starts up high and eventualy goes into oblivion

  41. pinda mustudio nhasi kwete zvawakatiitira wakasara, tora frango aite tunhu twake watotsvaka chiremba

  42. pinda mustudio nhasi kwete zvawakatiitira wakasara, tora frango aite tunhu twake watotsvaka chiremba#

  43. E e chiteke musoro wakaoma kunge bunda ungati sulu ha gone tichinakirwa naye akagona akagona chete Lana mukatsamwa zvinengei tinongomutsigira tozomusiya atadza for now its OK muchasvotwa mukaneta the star dad is too high ask macheso adzishaya hope

    1. Tate iwe urikunakirwa naye but that does not mean merit, a lot of rubibish pleases people and this is one of those cases.

  44. Vamwe vanhu vanorwara shuwa ungati sulu ha gone kuimba voice rake makeke mufana uyu kurwadziwa muchaneta hatina basal nezve nhaka ndezve Mumbai mavo chedu mandorokwati emumhanzi weDendera for you Sulu and Tyson don’t let us devide you batanai on one album chete chete

  45. this is the worst album macheso has produced so far

  46. Ipa nguva kumarhythm guitars ako one by one Kuaridza ose nguva imwe sometimes creates noise Bass lead nemadrums are unnecesarily too much above rhythm mhedzisiro yava noise Play your music smoothly kwete kungoshandisa bass lead nemadrums kuisa mabrakes pesepese Plus nyaya yekungosiya bass rega all the is now old fashioned ZORA BABA SHARO

  47. Vapupuri is the best so far. don’t expect much from this guy. He reached his peak kare kare. Hazvichabude, sungura yacho haachatoide, zvese zvaakuita kuzama kutiza the old genre. Takafara kare akomana.

  48. Right NOW IS THE TIME THE so called Big Macheso is falling down. Hope makamboitawo musoro panguva yenyu. Choppa akasotaura kare kuti mumusic industry unotombosiirawo vamwe kuti vave panyanga. Sulu ndiye ave panyanga Kana newe uri kutozvidawo zvakaitwa nemepwere uyu handiti?
    Kwanzi navaMacheso just after album launch, ….Isu hatina basa nekuti pasherefu pane chii, chedu kungogayisa kaupfu kedu, vakambokadya vanongokadzokorora,….’ NONSENSE you can’t take people for granted BOY. Hokoyo naSudza Sudza iwe Sean Timba, ponda musoro, tichisorta munhu.

    1. Hokoyo Nenhamo you clearly like Sulu’s music and you are trying as much as you can to raise him to a higher level than Macheso but that will not happen, it’s your dream but unfortunately not reality.

  49. I have liked all Macheso albums from the vakiridzo to the latest kwatakabva mitunhu. The changes he makes to each album has kept him a step above the rest coz vanamurondatsimba pavanoda kukohwa pavasina kurima vanoona zvinhu zvashanduka. i also am objective hence like and appreciate all good music and hard work, represented by the Sulu, Jah Praiser etc. But lets get facts right, Macheso is the supreme force, is still steps ahead, is the symbol of perfection, an entertainer par excellency…..i would edge Cheso to go back to the studio early for only one reason….I Cant Wait Two Years For Such Good Music.
    But then if you havent listened to Sarawoga by TUKU…..then you are also missing on the finer things in life…..vakuru vakuru. to mudhara ….chokwadi hapana zvekuita kwatongwa kare..Hope the wounds heal but i understand, do they?

  50. Ungataure kuti sulu mwana mudiki kuimba hakuna izvozvo how old was the great zhakata paakaimba mugove?second sulu akatanga kuiita band muna1995 akarambidzwa nababa vake tarisa muma record Ari planet so mufana uyu akabva lure uyu kungoti manga akafundirira kwemakore hobho.

  51. Mwaka uno ndakatadza asi tichapagadzirisa ipapo…

  52. Undo hausisiri mukore wemabhanchu mkoma mawacha gore rhino heya heya

  53. Kutora Franco haasi mwana wake ka.

  54. Baba sharo musanyeperwe nekutyisidzirwa nemacomments ari pano makagona samare tirikufara naro bhama renyu

  55. It’s a bite at a time. Ndiwo madyirwo enzowo kusvika yapera. Kana naiye macheso wacho asingaone competition iyi he is only fooling himself. Nyama yakanaka inotaura yega. Ko inga iyi yataura yega kare wani kuti zvakaramba. Macheso is only beta than sulu paexperience, maybe 20 chakadaro years of experience vs 5 dzasulu bt paquality macheso aona moto. Sabhuku nedhongi waiziva? Music is dynamic, ndinoreva macontents, theme neinstrumental, haungaudze munhu wanhasi nezvekukwechekera ah! Ndochii ichocho?

  56. Dai Dhewa achiri mupenyu maisatamba nechoko paboard baba Sharo. Since makurumidza kuzviona gadzirisayi pachine time dont listeb to yo blind followers, vanokudonhedzayi and wil b the first ones to laugh at u. Munhu haasi bhoo

    1. this album lacks messege Macheso aingoimba rubbish kunge music yemahwindi etc no messege at all,he should go back to his early albums lyrics ndiyo sungura chaiyo,Pengaudzoke before their split they use ti have their real genre of music vasingakopi thats what Macheso need to stick to and else his original band members were the best go back to gramma and record there mdhara becoz at ur studio lacks proper producers like Mhondera,Tongai use to produce good albums every year and new dances.

  57. NdiDhewa Masvingo neCarpet

    Am also number one fun yababa sharon but apa dzakabhaiza ndicho chokwadi chomene

  58. Dzosera Zaka Zaka apinde muoffice afaxe faxe achiemeiller. Womubhadhara takanana dhen wodzinga Kanonzi Donald Gogo kungouya kwakaita Zaka oramwa Noel, Franko,Mumiriki oremara mishonga.even u produce another album with madzibaba pasina Zaka Zaka maone tinongotambawo hedy.

  59. album rinonakidza iri baba Sharo.wt i like most is tht the songs are short,hana kurebesa n anopera achrikunakidza,lyk Cynthia..i suport the guy ati muri dhara pakuti u differentiate song by song,album by album,

    kochekera,clipper clipper,hooker!!

    1. Macheso messed up he should drop jonas

  60. The truth of the matter is Macheso ngadzore Zaka Zaka ,Yahwe Mumiriki .naNoel ,even Franco should come back Macheso ngaaregere kuwomera nemari yokubhadhara vamwe vake .Greedy destroys. Plus ngaasamhanja .Macheso take your time and compose good songs usingamhanye. Rythim ngaibude one by one kuti zvinakidze

  61. macheso has lost it, truely speaking dai Dhewa aripo waiona moto becoz that guy aigona kutymira, sezvaakakuita panavapupuri pupurai iye ndokukukandira Naye paya wakafema…. admire wandinakidza apa kikikiki akaoneswa moto zveshuwa bhambi uyu na Tongai Moyo gore riya. akapotsa akanda magitari pasi.

  62. i follow macheso bt this time am very disappointed. Instruments,vocals,arrangement very poor. I even doubt the producer

  63. Only the strong can accept pavanenge vatadza, while the weaker will continue kutuka munhu ati sorry

    1. do not sympathize with this man. usadherere vanhu iwe macheso sezvawanga wavakudakuita. mwari ndiye anokugonesa kwete kuzvirova dundundu uchiti zvese ndiwe wakatanga nazvo. ndimwari anenge achingokuitirawo nyasha kuti urarame kuburikidza nemaoko nepfungwa dzaakakupa mahara. chiteerera. do not hate other musicians. be humble to god. focus on playing guitar. god will exaulty you and your music. ukazvirova dundundu you will be humbled and guess whats next?, Tafadzwa will dirvorce you.

  64. Iwe bwanji ndepapi paati sorry ?Inga akaimba wani paaigona gore riya kushata kana nhapi tapi tapi vachadudzira ivo izvo zvazvisi zvake Tisu ivo vanodudzira akaporonga akaporonga akutonyepa kuti change of style.

  65. Vocals are way below standards both backing and his, particularly the one song he sings about nhamo yeusavi. Macheso chasara kungotaura hakozve magatare achiridzwa. But the guitar works are excellent, try the listening with the vocals mute function on.
    Tisatsikisa takadhakwa pliz.

  66. Iwe bwanji ndepapi paati sorry ?Inga akaimba wani paaigona gore riya kushata kana nhapi tapi tapi vachadudzira ivo izvo zvazvisi zvake Tisu ivo vanodudzira akaporonga akaporonga akutonyepa kuti change of style.

  67. Was at sulu album lunch macheso akataura pfocho pamberi paSulu hapana kanaakazvinyora .Mwari haasi wemunhu one ndabvuma Havana Lana mashoko akanaka aakataura June vaiveko munondipupurira kupihwa mukana wekutaura ruremekedzo but akabvoronga kutaura honai kwazvava.

  68. mdara makarova pple must not resist change,they want you to sound flat,predictive and boring like NICHOLAS.KEEP IT UP CHESO MACHARANGWANDA

  69. Van a bunaz daily maitenga maoriginal CDs or kuenda kumashows macheso haaichemama mutsigirei pachokwadi kwete zvefake izvo moita.

  70. chokwadi chaicho ndechekuti ,macheso haana ruvengo nemunhu but vaimbi vazuro vanoda kusimukira nekutuka vakuru…. macheso shungu dzangu ndedzekuti dai wasimudzirawo Simon Mutambi ..allbum razvino chokwadi haaziwo ma standards ake..asi se fan yake garo ziva mimba haibvi is full of flip flops asi mukuru mukuru chete………………..vose avo vanonyora zvakanaka and even avo ve junk,vanozviziva kuti macheso vahombe…dai zvisizvo havaimbo pedza nguva vachi typer ma comments avo..mashaya sadza here?

  71. kunyangwe nzara irume sei,sadza nenhopi hazvinaki asi zvinogutsa. poor vocals and poor arrangament of music by macheso.tirikuteerera asi hatisi kunakidzwa.

  72. Van a jinko hatina kuramba kuti tiri mafuns make tiri kumuudza chokwadii warwadziwa nei?

  73. No doubt Sulu has tried bt his msg won’t last 4 a long tym(buble gum music)u cnt compare him naMasheso,ungatomuisa mugroup ranaBigman.Jah praiser mukuru kuna Sulu musically,voice rake,msge yake n e composition-he made Sean Timber audible,Sulu z stil crawlin apa Cheso avakutosprinter……don’t hate e talent tht Cheso Power posses he z BIG no doubt…u cn only compare Sulu naCheso kana Sulu asvika palevel raSimon naNaison……..album riribho Ale Ale….ZORA-AAAAAAAA!

    1. Imbosiya zvekuimbavanhu vanenge vakusiya the are a lot of happenings you can utilise the likes of kufa kwaDhehwa waichema in front of everyone iwe macheso so why didn’t you sing about him.Aids is killing people road accidents plus a lot of themes.You ar suppossed to go back and redoo something 2013 iyi to tell you the truth haiteerereki.I like your music but iyi haaa

  74. mdara akashaura kunge munhu ari kudaidzira kuti Kombi izare………Iwo ma INSTRUMENTS acho kunge munhu ari kuWELDER kuSiyaso kana kwa Gazaland. Tipeyiwo ma serious mr CHESO POWER.

  75. Cheso mdara its only a matter of tym bt pple will get used wth tym,,,mirai season yebhora itange muone maDeMbare naiyo kochekera iyi…Ndinonakirwa zvangu naKutsvaga Chiremba,Huyai Samasimba and Cynthia…Keep up supporting our Cheso power…Ask mafans paNyagadzi paDiva apo…Genius

  76. We all like a change in style and that shows creativity in an artist but one thing to also consider is that most of your fans are used to too much noise dzaunoita nemagitare saka dai wakangoramba uchinyanyo vaitira ruzha rwako as usual. Leornard Zhakata did the same and were is he now , this is also the beginning of your downfall , hehehehe ndiri kuchinja style , signs ekupererwa nemazano admit kana zvaoma zvaoma veduwe………………………

  77. Right zvamataura mese ndazvinzwa. Here is my view;

    1)Musically ,there is nothing wrong with the new album, by musically i mean that assessing the tune and arrangement of the intsruments and the cohersion of the words (singing) and the instruments, the tone and tune of the voice and the overall coordination of the lyrics and instruments combined. Looking at these things Macheso did no wrong of the instruments and the lyrics are good on Cynthia, in-part Macharangwanda (the tone and voice pitch is slightly high in the beginning of the song,Samasimba,Chiri Mumawoko, Kutsvaga Chiremba (the pitch is slightly too high but nothing alarming), Zvipo (the pitch of the voice in some parts of the song are too high) and there is no discord on all of the lyrics, but the high pitches on the voice reduce the quality cohersion and slightly the overall coordination. So overally musically this album is good and on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent) is a solid 7/10. Most of you do not take all these parameters into consideration when you judge music because you are merely consumers who do not have the expert appreciation of music.

    2)The style dominant on this album is different but not entirely new to Macheso’s music.This style you hear on Cynthia ,Samasimba and Macharangwanda began to clearly show on the album Vapupuri Pupurai on the songs Hupengu Hwemunhu and Amake Bhoyi and continued on Ndezvashe on songs Chengetai and Amuna Wanga then Zvinoda Kutendwa on the title track Zvinda Kutendwa and then on this new album its on 3 songs. the difference from the past with this style is that it never dominated an album, the hits from the previous albums were all in the usual Macheso style as a result the fans easily embraced them but this time they have taken over and the vintage Macheso style has taken the backseat.

    3)The message on the songs is in majority good, but one thing tricky with message is that it is subjective but being objective on the album there is nothing wrong here. On Chiri Mumawoko he sing about basically betrayal and loyalty and these two virtues are key in any knid of a relationship in life be it work,marriage,friendship,church or any other sphere in life. Here it is easy for one to make which one relationship he was referring to considering what he has gone through with his band members but the general message is a discouragement of betrayal and an encouragement of loyalty. In all fairness how is this a nonsense piece os message. On Samasimba he is purely submitting to God’s great power and asking for the strenght in life to survive and go through life.Is There anyone to dismiss the message on this? On Machangwanda he touches a delicate subject of the males betraying the females after time in a intimate relationship when the lad fall pregnant and the responsibilty rises. This is very common in our society and there are many single mother out there who are victim of this behaviour. i find this a very deep message because this kind of behaviour ends up negatively affecting the child’s life.So i give Macheso 10/10 as far as message goes on this one.Then Kutsvaga Chiremba is confusing to most but its a basic appreciation of that all successes emanate from action taken. This is a good message which ages action to be taken to achieve success, then Zvipo is expression of how we all have different talent and how any of our desires cannot be hindered if we ask for divine intervention in the use of our talents. Cynthia is the weakest of them all and its feel is of a song just enjoy and not think much about the message.its a love song , a guy is seperate with his sweetheart when she departs for studies abroad and the song basically is a message from the guy to encourage fidelity and loyalty from the lady.
    this ums up all of these songs and as far as message goes i give Macheso 7/10.

    4)Finally the competition with Sulu. It is ridiculous to compare the two because they cater for different types of listeners and they are vastly different in terms of talent level and experience. Sulu’s talent is average (this is because from a musical point of view he does not have to do much. The beats are manufactured and engineered by the veteran guitarist who understand the Dendera beat due to their tenure in the band which dates back to the infancy of Dendera music under Simon and Naison) he therefore assumes the role of the frontman and only has to worry about the words to sing and the lyrical arrangement is borrowed from the previous works by Simon and Naison. So properly assess his talent it will be after the departure of the veterans as of now not much to say. As for Macheso ,his talent is exceptional, he created a new beat/identity after breaking from Khiama Boys and has over his solo career continued to change positively. this is evident if you listen to the differences in themes of his album most from Simbaradzo to Zvakanka Zvakadaro ,then to Zvido Zvenyu Kunyanya ,then to Vapupuri Pupurai ,to Ndezvash-eh ,to Zvinoda Kutendwa and now to Kwatakabva Mitunhu. this is evidence of his creativity and expertise of the sungura genre.His so called new style is derived from the primitive sungura namely chachacha beat and kanindo and his ability to fuse it with modern beats to make relevant today is a true testimny of his understanding of the genre. So let’s not bother compare the two but just the contrasting style of Macheso and that of Sulu without creating unnecessary war between the two.

    Verdict- Macheso’s album musically is 7.5/10 good and the reason for the poor reception is clearly a matter of people failing to quickly recognize with the dominance of the new style, so my advice to Cheso is keep the balance of the your glory beat and the new one in check, more of your usual trick and less of new the ones thats the formula that has worked and that will continue to.

  78. ayo ndiwo anonzi macharangwanda, machonyonyo chaiwo, this time wakazora mudhara, dzokera mustudio chopaz, coz zvaakutotibhowa, kana kadance kako ndekemanga-manga hakana dhiri. wakabhaiza zvegore rese !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Cheso will be on top aof the rest musingade muchida anhuwe.Jelous ngariite shoma and don’t compare him with Sulumani.handifungi kuti kuchaita an artist ari very creative like him.His music is a good as breast milky healthy inodzima stress.(Kubata kwamwari ukarasika kufunga kutadza kuziva kuti kunoshandwa,Uchati kunorombwa ukandobata moto Pisha) Sulu is still a young star and I can tell u that his music won’t last (Kutaura kwevanhu ndekwevanhu kwayave mwari ndekwamwari ,Isu venyama hatizvigone)Cheso I number 1

    1. I was told that good music take tym to get into u.coz u r a slow learner.Vanhu vanonyanyoteerera sulu mautengerei cd raBaba sharo kana maiziva kuti idofo.u just lyk varoyi vanovenga munhu arikuita twunhu twake Grow up mhanhi kuti Cheso ndookuti music.Mberkwazvo forever

  80. aita chake ndihombarume inga zhakata akareva wani zvinombopotseka.

  81. Macheso akuenda achipera apa ndoinonzi mbodza yaakabika

  82. An awesome post, I just passed this onto a fellow worker who was doing a little analysis on this. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile.. So let me reword that: Thanks for the treat! But yeah Thnkx for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it not to mention love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more details? It is exceedingly helpful for me. Big thumb up for this post!

  83. i think Macheso u need to make arrangements with Bothwell Nyamhondera and make him do ur next albums coz anga ava kunzwisisa ur music. That guy is the best, and mixing is in his blood, so try talk to him next time. Jb is good tho but on this project he made it sound more like a demo. Coherence in instruments yaitoleka zvayo, even mavocals aiita kunge ekiya kiya. With tym pple may get used bt i strongly biliv Bothwel is th man for u.

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