Karoi brothers up for murder

TWO Karoi brothers have been arrested for allegedly slitting the throat of a soldier based at Magunje Infantry Battalion with a sharp object, killing him instantly following a beerhall brawl on Sunday.


The two are now facing murder charges.

Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara confirmed the incident and identified the deceased as Wellington Nzombe (23) and the suspects as Shelton (28) and Respect Kavhayi (25).

The alleged incident happened at a bottle store at Magunje growth point.

According to the police, Nzombe was drinking beer with his colleague Albert Matara at the growth point when the suspects approached them and asked for beer. A brawl soon broke out after Matara turned down the request.

When Nzombe intervened, Respect held him by the hand while his elder brother slit the soldier’s throat with a sharp object, killing him instantly.

“This case is not a political case as some people want to treat it. It was a misunderstanding between people at a bottle store and unfortunately it involved a soldier,” Mabgweazara said.

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  1. manje vaita kusiko for the next week hapanwiwi doro pamagunje. kuuraya musoja?muchazviona henyu

    1. Iwe Gabarinocheka know that that is the result of tainning youth to kill ! Zimbabweans vakazviramba izvi but see now !!1


    A human being is different from a chicken. These stupid murderers need a stiffer sentence.

  3. we all know the party which trains the youth to become murderers .these are the results. sorry to the bereaved family.

  4. they should not be punished, they killed only one person.

  5. May his soul rest in peace?

  6. Ndabazezwe Viki

    State security apparatus should not take their portfolios to the bars because they have instilled fear among peace loving Zimbabweans.People are living in perpetual fear of death because of these soldiers.We should bear in mind that where there is threat of death there is fear,where there is fear there is hate and where there is hate reason surrenders to emotions and our instincts for survival take charge.

  7. Thanx it did nt happen in mthwakazi territory yu wil have comments from mujibhaz claim otherwise

  8. The fear of the Lord is the beggining of wisdom (vakatadza kutya mwari vakomana ava)

  9. Magunje growth point need an small operation so they can see that soilders are not for undermine

    Respect soilders and they are there for protect our country ,

  10. reporters pliz get your facts right Respect is the elder brother. Im now made to believe that we are gaven wrong news on daily basis. Pliz do proper research before publishing

  11. they killed my homeboy ndoita sei manje vakandirwadzisa vanhu ava

  12. May his soul in peace as for you the karoi brothers think of it u hev blood n your hands all bcoz you wanted to reap what you did not sow.shame to you.homeboy my bestfriend can’t stl believe that you are nomore .may the law take ts part.Rest in peace .the family of the diseased i am sorry for the loss ,for we hev lost a lovely @ friendly person

  13. Just what I needed, thanks a lot.

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