HIV+ rapist sentenced to 18 years in jail

CHINHOYI — A 31-year-old HIV positive Mutorashanga man raped his neighbour’s seven-year-old daughter who had sought refuge at his homestead after a domestic fight at her home, a magistrate has heard.

Report by Own Correspondent

The accused, Cainos Kusotera, was on Tuesday sentenced to an effective 18 years imprisonment when he appeared before regional magistrate Never Katiyo.

Kusotera was initially slapped with a 20-year jail term before two years were suspended for five years on condition he does not commit a similar offence within that period.

The court heard that on March 28 last year at Mussorie compound in Mutorashanga, at around 10pm, an altercation between the complainant’s parents ensued resulting in the daughter seeking refuge at Kusotera’s home.

Accused took advantage of the girl’s vulnerability and lured her into his makeshift bathroom where he instructed her to undress while threatening to stab her with a knife, it was heard.

The complainant tried to resist, but accused became more menacing with his threats to kill her, forcing the minor to comply out of fear.

Accused then repeatedly raped the minor, but was caught red-handed by the victim’s mother who had come looking for her. The matter was reported to police leading to Kusotera’s arrest. ads Ads

In mitigation, Kusotera told the court that he was recently diagnosed HIV and was now surviving on antiretroviral drugs and, therefore, sending him to prison would compromise his failing health.

The magistrate rubbished the defence saying the heinous act would burden the victim for the rest of her life especially if she contracted the disease during her ordeal.

Lucky Dube prosecuted.

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  1. 18 mashoma. They should have been 36.5. Kamba yemunhu

    1. Kamba itori mhuka yakanaka. Kana nyoka chaiyo iri nani nekuti inodzinga makonzo!

  2. Shuwa kubata seven years here ne zimubobobo rake rechinyawo iroro? Uyezve achiziva hake kuti ari HIV+. Zvakasiyana chii nekuponda?

  3. These heinous miscreants should go to the gallows.They are a cumbersome burden to society. Why should you allow them to enjoy life in prison at the expense of taxpayers’ money whom they have grievously harmed.How I wish we could have Sharia law in this morally decadent country!

    1. ndakambozvitaura – an eye for an eye

  4. This is equivalent to murder. Ther bustard knew he is HIV+ and he went ahead to rape the innocent soul and infect her. He should have been hanged!!! idiot.

  5. The parents should be charged of complicity too. If there is no such law one should be made. They failed to provide proper care for their daughter. Ndozvinoita equal rights izvozvo. Long ago our mothers used to be scolded by our fathers vanyerere. Because of that scolding sessions were never that long. But because women scold back these days these sessions go on for a long time and these are some of the results. An innocent child suffers. Shame on you men, women, lawmakers and equal rights activists.

    1. Could not agree with you more! This man deserves to hang. From the facts, he new he was HIV+ before he raped the minor.

  6. ngaachekwe nhengo yacho

  7. Castrate the bastard then you can send him to the prison potato farm forever

  8. 18 yrs is jus too little,which means he wil spend 9yrs since a night in jail is countd as day also.This imbecile deserves a death sentence or his manhood must be cut.hw can someone have sexual feelings for a 7yr old?

  9. Kusotera akaita zvirikuitwa kana zvakamboitwa kana zvinoshuwirwa ne97% yavarume. Vazhinji venyu vechirume muri kushoropodza muri vanyengeri hypocrites! Makawana mukana wacho nyanye pasina nyaya yekuzobatwa munongoita zvimwe chete. Varume vakavingwa nemusikana wechidiki kana mukadzi wechidiki awirwa nedambudziko rokushaya pekuvata vanototi dzawira mutswanda. Kana muchiti ndoreva nhema sei muchidhiraivha mota dzenyu kumaavenue kana kuavondale pakati pehusiku. Pamunoona pfambi dzimire handiti munoendera youngest yacho. Vangani venyu vanotora tusikana tudiki achikuudza kuti ane makore 14. Apa munenge mune madzimai kumba kana masteady girlfriends. Handiti munoti munozviita nokuti ana mai vevana nevakadzi vakuru vave Chivero. Ana younger vari tight. Vakadzi chete kwete varume vanofanira kushoropodza Kusotera panyaya iyi.

    1. Murove Nyamuchengwa

      Let us avoid sweeping statements.What Kusotera did is wrong and any other man who harbours such ambitions is also wrong but not all men are like that.Let us encourage peace in our communities so as to eradicate situations which allow such heinous crimes to be commited.The prison term is very short considering the damage done.All men should value their freedom by staying away from such kind of mischief.

  10. 25 yrs not 18

  11. chamboko fix the chiwero problem and see. your husband will stop visiting the avenues or avondale. ask the old grannies they will show u how to fix it.

  12. Kusotera ngaanoitwa sisi Rosy mujeri. Mumuise ma thick black rubber enyu ane AIDS kusvikira atsemuka mukosho.

  13. typical shonas rapist&barbaric

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