Gandiya spares Kunonga sympathisers

HEADMASTERS and school administrators aligned to ex-communicated Anglican Church Bishop Nolbert Kunonga have been allowed to remain at their respective church-run schools until the government decides their fate.

Report by Feluna Nleya Staff Reporter

All Kunonga sympathisers were initially expected to vacate their posts following the takeover of the institutions by the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) led by Bishop Chad Gandiya.

Two months ago, the Supreme Court gave Gandiya full custody of the Church’s institutions and properties, effectively ending a five-year ownership wrangle with Kunonga.

The Church runs 12 primary and 10 secondary schools.

CPCA diocesan secretary Reverend Clifford Dzavo told NewsDay yesterday the staffing issue had been referred to the Education ministry.

“Enrollment at the schools was done. We are trying to normalise working relationships with headmasters who were in charge while we are working on replacing them,” Dzavo said.

“We haven’t replaced the headmasters, but hopefully by second term they would have been replaced. We were told last week that we had to engage the permanent secretary on the changes of the headmasters, so that is what we are doing now.

“It’s a frustration which has happened on our side, so hopefully by second term we would have new headmasters.” Dzavo added some bursars and junior staffers were also likely to be affected in the ongoing purge.

“We do not want to upset the children, as education is important. So we will do it in a way that will not stress the children and disturb any school lessons.”

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  1. Baba Dzavo I am sure the Church is taking the wrong directions when Kunonga was in charge those head masters respected him as the authority when he was ex-comunicated those head masters and staff could not leave their employement to support the cause as the would suffer spitually and financially I know some of the headmaster were our supporters but they could not say it It was a very difficult time. Our education department needs some sort of a committee not just a one man band people think again before taking distructive action

    1. If you do your investigations, you will find that these headmasters and bursars were engaged after the Kunonga formed his won church. They replaced the sitting headmasters whom Kunonga perceived as not aligned to him. Catch 22.

  2. It is better to make a mistake by forgiving than by punishing. Mr Gandiya; that’s the spirit.

  3. Kuchiri kunamata here uku?

    1. These headmasters and bursars replaced sitting headmasters whom Kunonga perceived as not being aligned to him. The Church is doing what is best for school children. It is you parents who complain when these same headmasters and bursars run down the schools because some of them were not qualified and experienced. Catch 22.

  4. kwange kwakambonzi kunamata naniko? read rev 18:4

  5. two wrongs dont make a right . let due process be followed . i think gandiya is right . only savages act barbarically the way kunonga did . by the way where is he ? the other day The Herald was pouring vitriol on him . how times change and alliances built on shifting sands collapse . zanu pf , why hast thou forsaken thy erstwhile bosom ally who articulated your interests behind the pulpit with a service pistol hidden behind the church robes ? the circus is surely in town .

  6. Bishop Gandiya is right..the church institutions are now run by cpca not kunonga sympathisers who ran down school poorly.

  7. Gandiya has not spared them, all he has done is comply with the requirement to consult the Ministry of Education permanent secretary on the legalities.

  8. Im anglican cpca but i thnk dzavo and gandiya are getting it all wrong on the issue of evicting the sku heads..they r nw doing actions to prove power and control wc only makes them better devils than church leaders ey shud be led by Holy spirit in Christlike deeds nt otherwys cz ey wl end up resembling kunonga hmself.heads wek with the responsible authority who is there that tym.u r nw doing it e unorthodox and unbiblical way.yu r busy preaching about peace,love and reconciliation hiding a sword in ur priest gowns.kunonga had legaly won e properties at high court and he becam e custodian of these skuz,,even the police effected ths ruling favouring kunonga as standing.the heads had no option bt to wek under kunonga,ndiyezve anga ahwina kucourt..nhai rev dzavo,wat wer ey suppose to do,kuresigna here,kurwisa kunonga here?dzavo iwewe yu couldnt cary out ur duties in skuz as e diocesen sec for e past 5years evn on a visit cz polic barred yu,we failed kuenda kuB.Mzeki shrine all these yrs kana kupinda kuchurch bldng cz of e high court ruling,saka uchabvawo here pahupriest nekut hauna kuita sm duties wc yu r nw ws nt ur fault cz kunonga ws js in control dt tym thru courts and polic..wt wud e weaker heads do other than to wek undr kunonga.nw yu want to victimize them,evict and transfer em bcz of dt.dnt blame them 4 dt,e situation ws 2bg 4em 2handle..worse still,these heads havana kumboramba kushanda nagandiya cz sm of em are long serving at these skuz and ey hv been cpca before kunonga split e church,,newsdy dont refer to em as kunonga sympathysers,,tht wrng and insulting terminology,,ey r actually kunonga victims..plz dzavo and gandya,say ur prayers before yu wrongly act,dont be the judges Dzavo,God is the better judge of us all.js b God’s priest nt to let people wrongly direct filled wth God’s love nt to seek earthly praise..may the ministry of Edu interven plz b4 its inocnt employees r victimized in these church battles,,thats a bad start gandiya

  9. @dzvinyangoma – gandiya did not follow proceedure to wek with the ministry nw,,actually the ministry of education stopped the move he had made to evict the heads,,e heads were told to vacate by 6/01/12 thru a notice ey wer given on 29 dec and thru complains to e ministry,,e ministry stopped e 1week notice dzavo served on heads without its knowledge and approval,,thus they had to reverse their initial and original illegal actions..
    Nw thts why hez syng im nw consulting e min of edu

    1. I was trying to highlight the misleading headline. If it’s the ministry that stopped him then the headline is even more misleading. Newsday need to work on their headlines.

  10. Bishop Gandiya and Baba dzawo tinokukudzayi chaizvo asi musaite sokufurirwa nevanhu wechurch yenyu wamwe wari kuda zvigaro and chenjerai kuzobudisa mari yakawanda through kuLabour nekuda kudzinga mabursarb kwamuri kuda kuita uku. Wamwe maBursar wakatanga kare before kunonga. Nekada mabasa maida kuti wadii and plus it was a ruling yakange yabva kumatare edzimhosva. Even kuHead office yeDiocese dzorerai vanhu wamakadzinga nekuti muchabuda mari yakawanda. Dzorai moyo munhu wamwari and wakarwa takazviona asi musabvise staff yakabva kare iripo. Mungangobvise vanhu wakaiswa na nguva yakunonga . Itai zvedenga kwete zvohutsinye ndapota munhu wamwari. musafurirwe newatewedzeri wenyu awa. Ndatenda mubate basa ramwari zvinetsye nyoro

  11. Responsible authorities reserve the right to appoint school heads, deputies etc who are aligned to their church, so Gandiya is right, eg Mbungo Mutendi School cannot be headed by Makandiwa, vamwe navamwe ku church dzavo, ngavamirire ku header ma schools aKunonga in 20 years time

  12. Revenge …… I thot the new leaders of the church institutions would take a leaf from the founder of the christian faith. Christ ministered forgiveness, the Kunonga aligned guys shld ask for forgiveness and life continues

  13. two wrongs dont make a right,those who are suitablby qualified and swear allegiece to the status quo should remain

  14. Gandiya now wants to evict some staff,,heads and ancilary workers who worked and developed those institutions before these battles,,sm staff weked wth a generation of different bishops before even dzavo ws a priest and they were in cpca,,js bcz kunonga caused pandemonium in the diocese yu cant make them suffer for all that,,dzavo is nw getting it all wrong

  15. Gandiya now wants to evict some staff,,heads and ancilary workers who worked and developed those institutions before these battles,,sm staff weked wth a generation of different bishops before even dzavo ws a priest and they were in cpca,,js bcz kunonga caused pandemonium in the diocese yu cant make them suffer for all that,,dzavo is nw getting it all wrong..better to remove only those brought nakunonga nt vanga vagara varipo vakahijacker nechisimba nakunonga on being threatened to lose their jobs

  16. I think its a questions of an eye for an eye. These guys should follow their man Kunonga and leave Gandiya to do his work with his people and they are the one who won the court case. So every bodyh who are asking Gandiya to forgive i think you are being unfair let the guys feel the other side of the coin. they also gave other s a hard time so this time its their turn

    1. It’s a Christian church you are talking about which is premised on forgiveness and compassion. Gandiya is just proving that he is just as heartless and vindictive as Kunonga. This is contrary to the Christian doctrine. You are defending the indefensible because there is no retribution in Christ.

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