Don’t take Makandiwa too seriously: Minister

YOUTH Development, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment minister Saviour Kasukuwere has discouraged followers of United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Emmanuel Makandiwa from taking his prophecies too seriously.

Report by Blondie Ndebele

He said the prophecies about diamonds and gold were merely about the country being endowed with mineral resources.

Addressing a youth seminar in Bulawayo on Monday, Kasukuwere said Makandiwa’s recent prophecy that gold and diamonds shall fall down like rain did not necessarily mean the precious minerals would cover the land like confetti.

“Makandiwa once said you would pick the gold until you get tired,” he said.

“It is a prophecy, but the minerals are there anyway.
“All he is simply doing is encouraging you to look for it because it’s there in the ground. You should exploit it.”
Early this month, Makandiwa told his congregants that gold and diamonds would appear everywhere. His critics dismissed the prophecy as “too good to believe”.

Added Kasukuwere: “We are born in a country with amazing resources.
“Look from Gwanda to Mashonaland Central, Guruve; we are connected together by a 554km long and 11km wide Great Dyke with enormous amounts of resources.” ads Ads

He implored foreign investors keen to exploit the country’s mineral resources to ensure locals got an equal share of the produce.
“If you do not protect your country from hyenas you will live to regret,” Kasukuwere said.

“Investors are welcome on condition they realise we are here also. Exploit our resources, but make sure we also benefit and our communities develop alongside our development.

“Who said Bulawayo’s economy must be run on your behalf by other people?

“Young people should get involved in the running of the economy. You should walk like a (Biblical) rich man because gold is behind you.”

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  1. Minister u got it all wrong the prophet said the gold and diamonds are miracles for with a sound relationship with the Lord amd its happening. The prophecy was mot directed to you and your barbaric youth to encourage each other to grab resources. As a reminder u are not qualified to tell people not to take the man of God seriously

    1. you forgot to tell him where to get the qualification and also who qualifies people to comment on the man of God.

      1. Who qualifies one to be a man or woman of God?

    2. i dont support kasukuwere and his party of vampires, blood suckers. but when it comes to makandiwa and his prophecies, there is something wrong here. why are churches concerntrating on giving people some riches? why cant they pray for the extinction of HIV?

      1. I believe they are doing so – they are praying for AIDS sufferers.

      2. Various ailments are commanded to go including AIDS, cancer, Obersity etc.
        For there is nothing to hard for Jehovah

      3. mwana wemuprofita ndini

        minister vakazviti vava tyson pakupamba vakazvishandira,nhasi vava kuda muporifita tibvirei apa
        mune annointing ipi yamakuda kuti ratidza.

    3. Clement Matanga

      I suppose that Ephraim you are a believer in Jesus Christ? Your language to the minister is not that sound my brother. You must not call “raca” to anyone. Just explain yourself clearly, without potraying your indignation. Moreover the prophecy has not yet been fullfiled so we can both wait and God will make it happen when the time comes and all the utterances will be silenced

  2. Ephraim, pakuzoti vamwe vanhu vari ‘barbaric’ ndicho chi kristu chamunodzidza ku UFI. Cnt u just defend yo prophet without insulting others. Its very sad!

    1. KD Zvataurwa naEphraim kuti zviri “barbaric”hazvirevi kuti mukristu.Anyone can comment zvaanoda without any hindrance.Maybe iye wacho haasi mukristu.Don’t ever think that if someone comments in favour Makandiwa is now one of his followers–no.Maybe he is just an observer from a distance who is commenting from a layman point of view.

  3. Ephraim, read between the lines, not that I am supporting the minister, but if u look at this report carefuly, Saviour did not say anythng bad about the prophet. Look at the headline and the story, its like there are two very different stories. This journalists was just captivating pipo to buy and read the story, otherwise, I kinda understand what the minister is saying here seeing tht he is not a member ye ufic, saka such kind of interpretations are normal

    1. tru chenge, no prob wth Makandiwa, no prob wth Saviour, thats th jonalist’s skill

    2. Since when did you start hearing from God,minister ?

      1. Anyone can hear from god anytime God decides, eg pane mhondi yainzi Sauro yakaona ishe Jesu ikatotaura navo asi vainamata vatsvene vaivepo. kuonesana Mukoma , chero mhondi inogona kufuma yakuporofita kana mwari vada. Ndivozve vakataura na moses, mukomana anga ari murenje atiza nyaya yekuponda munhu!!

      2. How do u know our blessed does not hear from God and which god does your Profet hear from

  4. Ko! chiiko nhayi maZimbabweans. Hudofo uhu munohutora kupiko nhai. You cannot even connect with the logical deduction the minister is making. Iwe pfocho musango ne fake spirituality yako. Fokoro mhani.

    1. dont link logical education and spiritual education wanzwa

      1. logical education e.g UZ, MSU, NUST, Harare poly, Gweru poly etc is where people are taught inorder for them to have riches, houses, cars, money etc, Catholic, Anglican, ZAOGA, AFM, ZCC etc are mearnt to teach people spiritual education, that is the life after death; heavenly prosperity in the glory of God.

      2. prove yo spiritual education monkey. I can prove my logical

  5. Newsday has put words in the mouth of the minister. That title is not seen anywhere in the story. This again is a serious sign of poor journalism. If the newspaper wants people not to take Prophet Makandiwa seriously, they should just say so kuma Editor’s Comments, kwete kuda kubatanidza nyaya dzakasiyana.

  6. UFIC followers are like ZanuPf supporters. Mugabe says VaMugabe when referring to himself but they want to cll him Head of Gvt and Commander In chief of the security Forces and all those sort of names. Makandiwa says vana vaMwari when he is preaching but because these people bootlick him they called him papa and call themselves vana ve muprofita. It is not Makandiwa’s faulty but those who have taken Glory from God to Makandiwa, same as Angle’s followers. The Glory is suppoed to be God’s.

    1. @wamaromo. Une pamuromo thats wht i cn say about u. Prophet makandiwa is our spiritual father if u know what that means, so we cn cal him papa or father, saka warwadziwa neyi. I doubt so much if u go to church so most likely u dont ve a spiritual father.

      1. @Bothsides you are very right.
        The Catholics have ana Fata (Fathers) and noone complains that the congregation calls their learder Father. Its only a problem when it happens t UFIC.
        Some of these comments are just driven by personal hatred with no justification.
        Its sad indeed that Christians are very good at fighting each other and writing bad things about one another. Why is this same paper not writing about a pastor who came to confess that he was being sent by some “big” church people to tarnish the name of Prophet Makandiwa???
        We have never heard about Satanists fighting each other..But we Christians we seem to allow the spirit of divisiveness to take charge. Lets open our eyes.

        1. Ukariverenga usingamhanye uchaona kuti va Kristu (vanotevera Jesu) vanotoziva kuti vaka komborerwa vanoshorwa nekutevera Jesu (Mathew 5 verse 10). Zvino izvi zvekupaumba hee imari yako here yadyiwa??? He hakuna amanikidzwa?? he unopinda chechi ipi?
          True christians celebrate when they are persecuted. kwete kutanga kutuka vanhu

      2. I am shocked at how UFI congregants feel offended at the remotest provocation whenever someone says something that they think is an attack on Prophet Makandiwa. Personally I enjoy Makandiwa’s sermons, he is divinely inpired and has a rare gift among most servants of God , but please vana vaMwari, musade Makandiwa kupfuura kuda kwamunoita Kristu akakufirai. makandiwa is a man. He has his challenges , like all of us, saka mukanyanyobatirira paari and not on Christ mucharasika vadikani. Mwari vanotaurwa zviri worse and you dont say a word, but ngapabatwe Makandiwa , munoita kunge muchanamatira munhu iyeye kuti afe!! IdaiMwari vanhu woye. How I wish all those stickers and armband were written “Mwana waMwari” instead of “Mwana wemuporofita”. Nhaimi, muporofita akakufirai here? Muporofita anedenga here? Ngwarirai kunamata mutumwa muchitadza kukoshesa amutuma wacho. I mean no harm but I wish we could see that God is more worthy of our loyalty than his servants. Mwari ndivo voga vakakodzerwa nembiri vadikani.

        1. @ Mapamba, waita basa mudikani. Kana iniwo ndinotenda kuti Makandiwa mutumwa waMwari, but this ‘papa’ business confuses me.

        2. i mapamba wataura, i respect u for thatm, which church do u go to. Wataura zvandada wangu. How can i see you, hope u are full of annointing coz watondibatsira. i don’t go to Makandiwa but it was a goo piece.

        3. iye makandiwa wacho anotova nasprituaul father vake.mweya umwe chete urikungobatavo vanomutevera.minister varikutaurawo sekusanzwisisawo kwavo panyaya yechiporofita

        4. True Makandiwa can preach. I have attended his sermons pa city sports although i am not a member of UFIC. Akandibatsira zvikuru when i attended church there when he delivered a sermon on Adultery (i think 18 Nov 2012) and marriage (sometime in April 2012). I thank God for him. Zvimwewo zvekuchechi kwacho i have my own views whats important is the word he shares and he preaches Jesus.I also attended Judgement night where he stated clearly that f asked to die for anyone he would never accept for he is human.
          But ma followers acho some are just overzealos ndo vanhu vanotitadzisa kunzwa mharidzo vanongo screema even pasina chataurwa>..True man a lot is said about god and these people keep quiet but when anything bad is said about makandiwa votoshuvira kuti munhu iyeye dai afa. wonai mwari through prophet makandiwa dont loose the plot

      3. Be Warned and get Alert.

        I’m a Pastor,a missionary as well but I’ll not mention the I worship in.
        Well,I not from Apostolic churches neither do I worship in Masowe or similar,NO.

        Wake up man!!!People of God,don’t be fooled by vagabonds and pagans most of which have turned to be SPITUAL FATHERS(prophets).

        1) The Bible indicates how “avarice” will be people in the later Days.You go there and jump high celebrating MIRACLE money?Wow,you’re going to reap your laziness by sacrificing yourself or someone of type ONLY ONE DAY.

        2) The prophets we read in Bible served a MISSIONARY,WITNESSING and warning messages to a specified and targeted group of people.EG:Moses delivered Israel from Egypt.He was God-sent to bring God’s family back to their original land.

        NB:What the notorious Makandiwa doing is not prophecy,but “WORD OF WISDOM”

        3)Why did the money he gave a lady in Harare(Mabvuku) last year turned to AVOCADO leaves?

        ****Guy, don’t equate Jesus’ miracles to Makndiwa’s magics you’ll be in for trouble !! ****

        If I have a problem which needs a prophet,I would visit T.B.Joshua.

        Hanzi regai zvikurirane zviyo nemashawi.Nyange nhamo ikandirova kwaMakandiwa handiende.Ndipiwe chikwambo kuti ndadii?

        ##Be humble b4 God himself not zvamunoita zvekunamata munhuwo zvake apo manje so akafa modii?KwaUarbet Angel???Heh,kikikiki itai serious vanhu vaMwari.

        Yours Crying
        Royce Rass Makumbe

    2. People misquote Matthew 23:9 which says, “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.” Jesus referred to worshipping anyone on earth or seeing anyone as God in Heaven in this verse. Bible permits an Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Priests etc to be referred as father. There are a number of biblical references such as:-

      Paul calls Titus his son after common faith. Read Titus 1:4 “To Titus, mine own son after the common faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour.”

      Paul also refers to Timothy as his son in faith. Read 1 Timothy 1:2 “Unto Timothy, my own son in the faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord.”

      Elisha referred Elijah as his father as he was being taken by the whirlwind and received the anointing upon Elijah. Read 2 Kings 2:12 “And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. And he saw him no more: and he took hold of his own clothes, and rent them in two pieces.”

      1. @ Christian, does everyone have to have a PARTICULAR PERSON they call father? May be the relationship as expressed in the epistles reflects a general attitude of believers towards the apostles and apostles to believers; apostles were in most cases very much older than the average member of the congregation, especially at the time they wrote the letters. I am also thinking in this case of what we call “early christian fathers” or “apostolic fathers” – we call them fathers in general, not in particular and not exclusively. I am just trying to imagine if among the believers some would exclusively call Paul their father, some John and not the other apostles, some Peter and not Paul or John, some James and not the others, etc. The statement in Matthew 23:9 is very strong “do not call anyone (ANY PARTICULAR PERSON) your father”. In my view Matthew 23:9, just like verse 8 and 10, are very clear and do not require any special interpretation. They mean what they say.

  7. Headline n e actual story hazvisi kuenderana? Ma reporters edu aya????

    1. You can say that again. These reporters cause unnecessary debate.

  8. Cool down Zimbabweans we are always there to protect what belongs to us with God”s guidance.The journey has been too long, from liberation struggle to abundance of resources . Thanks to our leaders.

  9. Chero zvake ari barbarian, Tyson ari kutaura point. Gold yagara irimuno kare. As for kuti ichawanikwa pesepese aaaahh Good luck to UFIC members. You are going to be rich makarara mudzimba nokubuda muchienda kundo paridzirwa naManuwere!!!

    1. Kuti “Manuwere” ndiko kuti baba. Izvo hatirege coz tinoziva zvazvinoreva . Isu hativengi vanhu hama dzangu, chatinovenga ndiSatani asi kana ukachihwandisa mauri haaa!!! Tsuro negwenzi. Ngatiregei kurwisana pachedu satan angatozorora zvake. A Prophet is a place of refugee.

  10. everyday anenge ari mu news paper Makandiwa this Makandiwa that anenge ahhhhh hapana vamwe here aiwa zvaakutobhowa

    1. ndiwe wakutobhowa manji

    2. Wega hauone kuti bepa racho ndiro riri kurwisa. Kutsvaka uta muhari.

      1. True

  11. Vanhu vekwaMakandiwa munongogona kutukana navanhu chete. Zvinongotaridza kuti muri mafake

    1. mwana wemuprofita ndini

      chimboenda kuservice kana muine nguva mumbonzwa zvava vataura prophet kwete kungotukana
      zvisina basa.

  12. Prophet Makandiwa is right to declare riches to the children of God as riches are spiritual.

    Read Proverbs 13:22 “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just”

    And Proverbs 23:4-5 “Labour not to be rich: cease from thine own wisdom. Will thou set thy eyes upon that which is not? for riches certainly make themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle toward heaven.”

    The scripture is simply revealling that matters of wealth are decided in Heaven. This explain why a person can be rich one day and the next is poor. And if we do not set our eyes on God our riches shall fly away toward heaven. Remember the Bible says all the riches belong to Jehovah.

    1. (1) “A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the dilligent makes rich” (Proverbs 10:4).
      (2) “You (who fears the LORD) shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed and it shall be well with you” (Psalm 128:2).
      (3) “Whoever is slack in his work is brother to him who destroys” (Proverbs 18:9).
      (4) etc. Nyaya yekupfuma inyaya yekushanda. It is all over the Scriptures – ishoko raMwari randiri kutaura iri. I am not denying “manna from heaven”, but the Israelites did not eat manna the rest of their lives. Manna was provided in a special situation, when it was not possible to get it by work. God blesses the work of our hands. God provides abundant opportunities for fruitful labor.

      1. Thank you. Saka zvabuda pachena kuti bhaiberi rinoda muridzi waro mwari kuti tinzwisise nda ma verse amaquota mese appear to be in conflic. Satan manje anoriziv rese bhaibheri word for word ndosaka achiita vanhu party achi misinterpreta shoko. mwari tibatsireiwo. i am confused

        1. If anyone quotes a scripture with the implication that it indicates people should not work to be rich, I honestly do not agree. Proverbs 13:22 and Proverbs 23:4-5 quoted by christian above are far from advising people not to work. The first scripture clearly indicates that a good man will WORK to leave an inheritance for his children (he who does not work is a bad man… is that not clear?). Even though a divine redistribution can happen, our focus is on working to leave an inheritance for our children – not to sit and expect God to transfer riches from sinners to us. The import of Proverbs 23:4-5 is in “labor not to be rich” – this means “do not wear yourself out to be rich” because riches are not permanent. This does not mean “do not work”. To me these scriptures are very clear.

  13. @bothsides what is a spiritual father. I thought God who is spirit was our spiritual father not Makandiwa.

    1. @Jongwe. The real man is a spirit who lives in a body. vabereki vakazvara your body vanonzi your physical parents or physical father. The one who oversees your spirit man through the gospel is your spiritual father.

      1 Cor 4:14-17 I am not writing this to shame you, but to warn you, as my dear children. Even though you have ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel. Therefore I urge you to imitate me.

    2. Jongwe Mupoto, you are also a spirit. You were there before you were born. Your body is the first physical blessing that you received from God
      Zodzo rakati tii pana baba vedu. kana catapillar hainditsudunuri. Chekupomera muporofita haungachiwani, kuchenjera kuvhara muromo wotsvaga ruzivo wakanyarara. Ukataurisa denga rinopindira

      1. Rega kuda kutyityidzira vangu iwe Edmore. Infact, God requires us to examine the prophets so that we separate the geniune from the fake. i personally believe makandiwa is a geniune prophet , but zvekutyityidzira zvamuri kuda kuita is not consistent with scripture. Even Makandiwa wacho haambotyityidzira vanhu sezvamuri kuita izvi. He knows kuti his authenticity is proved when he is scrutinized. Manje zvenyu zvekuti kana pakangobvunzwa something about him maakumhanyira kuti tyityidzira, how then shall we know the truth that sets pple free.

        1. Thank you Dhabuka. We are “Bereans”. Edmore Chimbera verenga Acts 17:11 in your Bible. In mine it says “Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, EXAMINING THE SCRIPTURES DAILY TO SEE IF THESE THINGS WERE SO”. It is noble to examine the scriptures to see if certain things are true; it is ignoble to avoid examination.

      2. I think its wise to keep quiet if you have nothing to share that helps evryone to grow spiritually. Provide biblical references vanhu voona like whet other progressive people are doing. ndotype yemafanatic ekubhora iyi : masupporter e dembare: vakaita politics vanhu vanofushirwa vari vapenyu because of having alternative views.
        Asingazive ngaadzidziswe kwete kudadirwa

    3. Wakatarisika vakuru, vanaPauro vaitove maspiritual fathers. Enda unoverenga bhaibheri rako usingamhanye.

  14. get away newsday reporters… lwys Makandiwa ths nd tht…… wat u don knw is tht u r marketing our going kp going guys….

    1. Marketing kuti rava business here?

      1. at ININI ,,,,,,,,,,,,,nt a bussiness as such bt th more u talk abwt him…th more vanhu hobho vachitouya kuzoona kti chii chri kuitika and at th end of th dae they repent…kp going..

        1. @ Pau you need to tell the people the word of God not miracles because they will come looking for miracle and what happens if they don’t get the miracles they are expecting? i believe miracles are a product of your faith, what you need is to tell people the word that will turn their hearts to God and build their faith so that they will be able to receive these miracles. Salvation first then miracles follow.

        2. is that a bad thing or a good thing??

    2. Unoziva inonzi marketing iwe pau ndiye bharanzi hauna kana chisvinu chaunotaura

  15. Munhu wekwaMakandiwa haumugone, why can’t u keep quiet as christian and wait for God to judge why do you try to defend him?

  16. Yah. You know in each time there are lunatics. and lunaticism will not get anyone anywhere. The comments which are against what the Minister said are wrong. Some people who go to Makandiwa’s church have become lunatics. They are busy with titles, Man of God, Prophet, Father, VaMakandiwa. They cant simply say Makandiwa akati or anoti. YET they say Jesu akati, they say Moses akati , Elija akati. Havati VaJesu or VaMoses or VaElijah. Moses and Elija were vindicated prophets. Jesus is God and you dont call him with as much respect and titles. The Word says “therefore there remaineth no mediator between man and God except the man Jesus Christ”. Saka your title “spiritual father” is of the devil. The Bible says call no-one “father”.

    My point is this, God gave the land of Israel to the Israelites, BUT they had to fight for each and every killometre. Kana Makandiwa akati kuchave ne goridhe, hazvireve kuti hauchati shandira, The Minister is correct, the gold is there but work for it. Get licenses and work

    1. Illuminating Illuminated, well said. Lunaticism……………..Reason should prevail over logic

    2. Thats very true man atova mazipenzi chaiwo

    3. Uku ndokutauraka uku. Mwari haana kuuraya vanhu vaigara ku Israel.they had to fight.varume mukangogara hapana chinobuda. munozoona vakadzi vaakuhura ne ma hedheni

  17. God said “Uchadya cheziya”. God blesses through hard work and sweat. Only the devil gives you what you did not work for. Jesus refused to be handed over the kingdom by sata, He had to die for His kingdom.

    Also, why is it all the prophess are of getting rich? Dont they have Spiritually Relevent prophecy? For me, anything of the world is nothing, only necesaary for passing thru earth. You wont take anything of it after death visited you. So why put emphasis on those things which you will still leave here on earth? All those things were in the ground from creation and you came into the world with nothing and you leave with nothing.

    Focus of were youe came from b4 birth and were you will go after death.

  18. Newsday is trying to link God’s work nepolitics so that both religious & those interested in politics kuti vatenge paper chete coz of including a big name ranetsa mapolitions,masatanist ,mapastor ari jealous nepovo iri ignorant about the things of God bt thank God cz the more criticism the more God’presence increase revival has begun

  19. Is it illuminated or Illuminati??

    You sound like your father the devil.. what you are telling people to stop is what I hear demons say when screaming out, they just don’t want to hear the name of my spiritual father Prophet Makandiwa.
    No amount of lecturing will stop me from calling him my Papa.

    What God has elevated no man can put down..

    1. Manje kana madhimoni avekudzingwa nezita raMakandiwa zvatosiyanaka ne scriture. The Bible says “there is no oether name given to man, except the name of Jesus”, zvino imi maakudzinga madhimoni nezita raProphet? Martorasika!!

    2. Enda unovhiya mbudzi. Pano tinoda vanhu vanotibatsira neshoko. kuti tikure pakurwa na Satani. Iwe hapana zvawataura apa. Watadzirwei pakunzi shanda.Mwari anovenga tsimbe – Hakusi kufunga kwangu uku asi ndokutaura kwamwari saka kana usingade kushanda uri simbe>>> Deduce for your self

  20. @illuminated u are very right, ngati shandireyi mweya yedu….

  21. Truth Shall Make You Free

    mukoma kana hanzvadzi illuminated how do you mean kuti Jesus is God. Bhaibheri ramaquota rinoti God not Jesus created the heavens and earth. Jesus also always spoke about doing what pleased God his father. Does the fullness of God dwelling in him make him God the creator. The Bible doesn’t say so.

    1. Jesus is God baba, God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the beginning God said “..let US make man….” who is us? God and Father are not exactly the ‘same’

      1. jesu haasiye jehovha musika vanhu. Hauzivi here kuti jesu simba raaiva naro aitorikumbirawo kumusika vanhu jehovha. Vakasukuwere ndinokutendai nokuudza vechidiki kuti hapana chinouya makarara. Tinoziva kuti pfuma inoshandirwa kwete kungopfugama wotonaiwa nemari

    2. Jesu akambobvunzwa nezva mwari nevadzidzi vake. Iye akapindura akati “AONA INI AONA BABA” .handichaziva manje vanoziva tipatsanurireiwo..I have heard many preachers saying mwari akaburuka iye wega panyama (Jesu) so which is which???

  22. though hako zita rako iro “illuminated”
    handina kurifarira

    1. mwana wemuprofita ndini

      kikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,batai munhu pazita apo illuminati ndosatanism kaiyo.

      1. saka kwa sulumani uriko futi? Hanzi “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speakth””

  23. our father is our father ukaona uchinetseka nazvo it means nebible racho hautorizive

  24. na’nga ndepasi pano Makandiwa huni dzekugehena ita vakomana

  25. Makandiwa is very brilliant,he is a genious young man and i respect him for that,he has managed to grab thousands of congregants if not millions of people to his church.Because Zimbabwe’s economy is down and out,a lot of people are struggling to make ends meet and hence have turned to Makandiwa where they can probably manouvre thinkin that they can be richer within a short space of time..Veduwe hurombo hwakaipa,we just need to work hard and hapana chinouya chisina kushandirwa. munhu achadya cheziya

  26. Cheziya was a curse brot by the first adam, usadherera what the second adam (Jesus Christ) brot….he died so that we can enjoy the blessings of Abraham,Gal 3 v 14. Verse irikutosimbisa ropafadzo raAbraham repanyika kwete rekudenga.

    Gamuchira Jesu, wosiya masmallhouse ako ayo, nedoro nefodya wobhadhara chegumi, wonamata nekutsanya uchaona kuti denga harisi kure.

    1. ‘And to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you,’ 1 Thess 4 vs 11, or
      ‘For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat’ 2 Thess 3 vs 10.

  27. Mupfana weBikini

    MaZimbo mukayi mhani. Kana wagara uri munhu anosvikirwa nezvokwenyu ukaverenga bible chaizvo uno kwanisa kuonesiwa zvinhu zvakavanzika woita muprofita. Ukabuda muchurch unobva waita N’anga.Saka vese vanozviti maprophets ava iN’anga idzi, same same 6 na9.Endai kun’anga dzenyu idzodzo tichaona kwamunosvika

  28. Asi kwakanga kuna vaprofita venhema pakati pavanhu, sezvavachavapowo vadzidzisi venhema pakati penyu. Vachazivisa pakavanda dzidziso dzinoparadza, vachiramba kunyange naiye Ishe tenzi akavatenga, vachiuyisa pamusoro pavo kuparadzwa kunokurumidza. Vazhinji vachatevera nzira dzavo dzinonyadzisa uye nzira yezvokwadi ichazvidzwa. Mukukara kwavo, vadzidzisi ava vachakunyengerai namashoko amanomano. Kutongwa kwavo kwakanguva kwavamirira, uye kuparadzwa kwavo hakukotsiri. (2 PETRO 2:1-3 BSN)


      1. Iwe ndiye unowusimbe wokuverenga soko nokunamata tvaga wega pau.

      2. Pau bible reshona pa Innov Bookshop i $22
        rechirungu patori ne as low as $10 depending on size.
        Maverse ese a quotwa pa forum aya uwerenge ubatsirikane.

  29. Danny Gabarinocheka

    What Kasukuwere really said does not matter. And I agree with someone who said what he said was not neccessairy negative about the so-called Prophet Makandiwa.

    The problem is with UFI followers. They do not want to be criticised or ‘their prophet” to be criticised why. Munotyei. Jesu wani aicriticizwa.Makandiwa is not God, and we will continue to criticise him because we see what you do not see. You are brainwashed and you can see anything – he is looting poor people’s money all in the name of God and all what he calls prophecies are not prophecies. Can the man gives us real prophecies – not the staged prophecies his followers gullibly believe are prophecies.

    You guys are pathetic. Newspapers write want they want and want they perceive to be news and unfortunately Makandiwa is a newsmaker becomes of the his whodunit acts and because he is a “prominment pastor” if you went to journalism you will know what, it does not matter if what he does is good or bad.

    Sis mhani. Learn to deal with criticism!

    1. aaaa, not brainwashed, possessed!!!

    2. @ Danny Gabarinocheka, We have been quiet yet you said whatever you wanted. We are not there to fight critics but to prove them wrong as we are standing by the truth.

      For quite some time, the Christian community in Zimbabwe has been praying for revival to rescue the church that has been weakened by the devil. Contrary to parochial understanding of church revival history, some people seem not to appreciate the fundamental reality that MEN lead God’s revival.

      Agree or disagree, love him or hate him, Prophet Makandiwa’s unflinching faith and powerful vision has undoubtedly shaken Zimbabwe and put the church back on the heanational agenda

  30. Matthew 7 vs 21-23
    Not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my father who is in heaven.22 Many will say to me Lord, Lord did i not prophesy in YOUR NAME and drive out demons and perform many miracles? 23 Then i will tell them plainly i never knew you. Away from me, you evil doers!”
    Pliz watch out for these people because they will do miracles in the name of God do all that God could have done for us.
    Ihave always wondered if picking gold from the streets and miracle money were part of the sweating that was mentioned in Genesis 3 vs 19 when God cursed mankind he said 19 “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground since you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.

  31. If there is an individual who really believes that gold and diamonds will rain in this country this year as prophesied by Makandiwa, then they definately are a candidate for psychiatric examination. Such blinded stupid beliefs are the basis for fundamentalist thinking….. believing in anything that these so called men of god say is very dangerous to the mind…. Chinokunetsai ma Zimbo inhamo.. and instead of working hard to become better citizens, you waste time following these crooks who are out to exploit your weak minds. Shame on you citizens of simple minds.

  32. majournalist be straight dnt ,stop twisting issues so that we buy yo papers. Is there any blame on makandiwa by the minister. Yo headline and yo story are difrent stories

    1. If journalism means twisting headlines to have papers bought, right thinking people perhaps need to do something about these things. It appears this journalist wants to create an issue where there is none.

  33. Do u guys knw th meaning of Spiritual only Spiritual Father i know is God.muchaparara nekushaya zivo.munenge makumunamata


      1. Tiudze chikwambo here spiritual father pau.

      2. Pau explain to a fellow christian in love so that he understands. zvino iwe wakutomutukaka hameno

  34. the prophecy will come to pass for those who believe..

  35. @Mfana weBhikini,taura hako.ende vamwe vacho vanototenga un’anga neuporofita hwacho futi.tavakukudza masaramusi kpinda kukumbira nyasha dzedenga…

  36. lets have our identity from Christ not from our pastor, cogregation or prophet remember on judgement day mumwe nemumwe achanomira nezvake even the men of God whom we have amongst us.

  37. hemeni adread. asi heri dambudziko. unoita work hard uchiitei. ukazama tengesa maavocado mustreet wosungwa. ukano horder kuSouth sandi duty iroro hazvitengeseki unless watoita chikiribidi paborder. ukatiwo wono supplia ana ok natm zvaunosvikoudzwa zvino kukandisa mapfumo pasi. ukuwo wezimra wachikuti fembera maprofit auchaita ufanoti bhadhara usati wamaita. nokudaro ana makandiwa neboys dzimwe dziye dzinotengesa zvikwambo vanoita brisk business.

  38. @ Tino. That is where the church thru its entire history has run into problems. Concerning itself with national agendas. Matthew 16:18 Christ says upon the rock of revelation would he build his church and hell gates would not prevail against it. Before that God had revealed to Peter that Jesus was the Christ. Note Peter was an apostle. So the Church is built upon what God reveals or shows apostles about God’s plan for man’s redemption. What has God revealed to Makandiwa about man’s redemption. The only revelation the gentleman seems to receive concerns earthly things money, diamonds, gold, who is going to betray him etc

    1. Not only that brethren.

      Prophet Makandiwa teaches about many things which God reveals unto him including love, peace, salvation, redemption, prosperity, righteousness, godliness

      Not only does he preach, he does what he preaches.

      Find out how many orphans, widows, less privileged he caters for (love)

      I advice you to attend UFIC services for you to see for yourself not only to talk about things you have no knowledge of

      Thank you

  39. Both makandiwa & the minister are rite people should introduce logical deduction in some spiritual & if my other friend understands wat prophecy is then he should understand wat the minister is saying. Such pple worship individuals not GOD in church .

  40. I agree with Kasukuwere, l have always doubted the prophecy of Makandiwa

    1. mwana wemuprofita ndini

      kana prophet mkandiwa vachinyepa vanhu vaoenderei kwavari,

      1. pass.hapana zvawataura apa.

  41. ndianiko anombonzi Makandiwa??? Noise ndeyei nhaimi matoothless bulldogs? Jus knw that our God is a consumin fire, HOKOYOI

  42. vanhu vaMakandiwa thinks kuti kufa kwa Kristu took away the curse of Adam hence there is no need for working.Christ paid the price of sin thus why there is the new heaven and new earth when things would go back to the conditions which existed in Eden.Hatisati tasvikako veduwee.

    What about Paul who said if one does not work he should not eat?

    Furthermore kurwara nekudya cheziya came about because of sin entering so why do people get sick nhai vanhu vaMaandiwa since He dealt with the sin question?Sickness came as a result of sin.

    they also talk about Abraham’s blessing? can they elaborate what they undetsand as Abraham’s blessing.

    These peopel fail to realise that although Christ paid the price he has not claimed what he purchased.We still waiting for Daniel’s prophecy to be fulfilled about the Stone hewed without hand to come and crush everything.

    1. @Oliver uri wechurch ipi? Ndeipi church irikumirirra Daniel’s prophecy kuti vasazorwara, vasazotambudzika etc?

      1. Ndoozvinei izvozvo? We dont go before God as churches but as individuals who have a relationship with him. Kana uchifunga kuti you are save by virtue of you belonging to a particular church , tendeuka and receive Christ. even Prophet Makandiwa said and continues to say it, I hope you will listen the next time he says it. Onetime he even said “Vamwe venyu muchechi muno munoda Makandiwa kupfuura Jesu akakufira”. Unfortunately you did not hear it. Tendeuka hama yangu, church haisiyo passport yekusvika kunaMwari, Christ and Christ alone is the way. Kana ukanyatsoteerera Prophet Makandiwa uchaona kuti zvandiri kutaura izvi ndizvo zvaanokoshesa, KUNAMATA MWARI, kwete iye!

        1. VaDhabuka mapindira papi apa? Ndiri kuda kungonzwawo zvangu Oliver shamwari yangu andiudzewo church yake inodzidzisa zveDaniel Prophecy. Ko urikuda kuti ndisasvikako here? Asi pane zvaunoziva pamusoro payo chechi yacho kani?
          Usaite sekunge machechi haana basa. Church ndiyo chikoro chezvemweya. Vazhinji venyu apa murikundotaura zvamakanzwa zvichiparidzwa nevafundisi venyu.
          Saka sei muchizonyara kubuda pachena kuti ini ndinotevera mufudzi anonzi nhingi muchechi yakati?

    2. mwari ngavatibatsire tose

  43. it seems maZimbo w’r very good at fighting than finding solutions hanty…? w’v neva had satanist figting each atha & tarnishin each atha’s images, bt isu vanozviti machristians, w’r quite gud at that… wake up people, th devil is playin games with us, esp christians===

  44. The people who follow this toy Prophet are in a fix, they can’t leave because they want the money which some get and to some with a lot of hope are still hoping to get their share of magic, so to me I think, no matter how much you speak against them you won’t convince them otherwise. They’re so desperate for money and they don’t care whether it’s evil or holly money, they won’t even give it any thought, so please leave this group of people calling themselves christians alone and try to concentrate on your own lives.

    1. It shall comne to pass, politicians and religious leaders r the. Greatest and gravest sinners

  45. @ Chris @ Oliver. I doubt if what church Oliver is matters. What matters is ataura zviri muBible. It doesn’t matter if no church is waiting for Daniel’s prophecy. It will come to pass all the same because God spoke it. Only when that Stone destroys that image will there be no more illness, curse about kudya cheziya or false preachers calling themselves prophets.

    1. Pliz Oliver usachinje mazita kani apa wombonzi Amazing Grace then u repeat your statements. I think you are not sure of where you go to.

  46. vanhu vasingaverenge bhaibheri not call anyone your father.period.matthew 29:9.the same bible ranga rati in deutronomy kudza amai nababa vako meaning kuti Mwari vaiziva kuti kuchamuka great people on earth and idiots would be tempted to call them their fathers and the lord forbade it before it happened. and ukanditi touch not my annointed ones hauzive bhaibheri nekuti hauzive context yeverse iyoyo.chibva waenda kunoiverenga.i know uebert angel is a false prophet.makandiwa anenge weshuwa but bhaibheri rinoti do two walk together unless they are in agreement ndipo pandine challenge ipapo ye relationship ya makandiwa na eubert angel.again enda uverenge bhaibheri rako

    1. @LINDA Ko 1 Corinthians 4 vs 15 inorevei? Ingawani Paul was a spiritual father to the church at Corinth. Usati uchiziva one verse chete woti vanhu vasingaverengi bhaibheri vanonetsa. Tanga wari rava rose.

  47. To chris and company

    The wheels of Gods Word moves slows but sure.So if one does not have the patience to wait for God’s time to fullfill His Work it means such a person achangokabira chero chauya as long as it comes fast.

    Nyaya yechurch yandonopinda haina basa asi Shoko ra Mwari ndiro rine basa. Pane chandatuara here chinopesana neShoko nhaiChris? Kana pasina unofanira kutenda Mwari kuti ndiri kukunongedzera kuShoko raMwari nekuti zvose zva Mwari zvinowanikwa muShoko.

    In terms of the Bible God will heal a pesron if he gets sick and He will bless the work of our hands.

    In any case hapana madetails amatipa so far of those who got the purported miracle money and madiamonds for verification.

    Zvinotoratidza ku donha kwema standards ema journalists to pblish stories without verifications.

    1. @Oliver ndanzwa uchingoti vekwaMakandiwa hee vekwaMakandiwa. Chitiudzawozve kuti vekwaani ndivo vari right. Kana wada zveshoko chete usingade kutaura chechi yako, then stop talking about other people’s churches hanti???

    2. @oliver, what verification do u want, go to e city sports center n c it for yrself.

  48. actually its matthew 23:9

  49. mathew 23v9 is no joke!CALL NO MAN ON THIS EARTH FATHER,FOR ONE IS YOUR FATHER,WHO IS IN HEAVEN.The LORD himself said these words.He does not mean our biological fathers.This verse is obviously about spiritual father.Remember Satan deceived Eve by lying,twisting what the Lord had said.So be careful because you may be worshiping humans i.e. Anti-Christs who think they are equal with God.THERE IS ONLY ONE SPIRITUAL FATHER,JEHOVAH! Even calling a human being ‘Holy Father’ is wrong.

  50. 2 kings 7vs1-2, muchazviona asi hamuzvidye.

  51. If i chose to believe in Makandiwa’s prophecy from God its my choice,abaiwa ndiye ngabude!!!!!!!!!!

  52. ko seyi zvekuti spritual father zvichingotaurwa in connection with UFI only when all pentecostals and the romans have that language in common.

    The last I attended a UFIC service was on a Sunday and my understanding is that worshipers would have worked from Monday to Sunday. I understand if its midweek services are conducted after working hours.

    My understanding is that every church has its doctrines which cannot be imposed on other churches lock, stock and barrel. That why no two christians can agree on all bibilical issues the whole day. Even the pioneers including Peter and Paul could not agree at first on circumcission. Thank God they prayed to iron out their differences the attribute the current generation of christians is lacking.

    Amen and Amen

  53. Minister Kasukuwere you are right. True believers, true christians when you are born again you are munhu waMwari. Do not exalt another person kuti munhu waMwari, ini ndir munhu waMwari zvakare and iwe the same. Every born again person automatically become a pastor, a teacher an evangelist etc because every born again person has the desire to share the word of God although the extend at which the gifting is practised may differ. The Makandiwa followers need God”s mercy and grace. Its so simply you are supposed to follow and exalt God and not Makandiwa. All the credit should go to God. In anyway if Makandiwa is truely saved then he is just being used as a vessel by God. With all the hard work of trying to gain publicxity etc that Makandiwa and his followers are doing God can still send thm to hell. Remember He is God , he is a respector of nobody. Besides who knows, Makandiwa and His followrs may be blinded and going to hell through their fase materialistic doctrines. Satan may be preparing for His harvest. Read your Bible. God speaks to you through the Bible. Chii chamunotsvaga kuna Makandiwa chisimo muBhaibhiri oh, yes of course the things of these world. I hope the bling will see, am speaking about spritual blindness. I hope the poor shall be rich, am speaking of those who are poor in spirit.

  54. to answer Chris na Bothsides i say

    ini ndiri wa Christu

    verification hatidi inongonzi ona munhu uyu tinoda zvinhu which can be verified by their medical records as well as the poeple in their neighbourhood vanovaziva kuti they were sick.

    tipeika mazita evakawana gold and diamonds and their addresses toita verification tega.Zvaunoti huya ku City Sports centre do u have machines to test kuti igold and ma diamonds echokwadi?


    @ILLUMINATED, YOURS IS A VERY COMMENT. Nothing to add nothing to subtract.

  56. Mukoma Chris hamurevese kuti mukoma Oliver varege kutaura machurch avamwe. Ndimbo kupinduraiwo pamabvunza kuti ndeipi church iri right. Hakuna church iri right kunze kwechurch ino gamuchira shoko rose raMwari sokuzarura kwaMwari kuvapostora vaMwari. Saka in other words Shoko rakazarurwa ndoriri important pane church. Saka so long uchiriziva iro Shoko rakazarurwa uchirirarama unogona kuenda kuchurchi ipi zvayo nyangwe UFIC. Hechi chirikukanganisa pana prophet ava. Vanhu vavo vave kubatira pazvinhu zvisinga wirirani neShoko. Mablessing aAbraham avari kureva haasi mablessing esivheri kana endarama asi ruponeso muna Jesu iwe usinga kodzeri. Abraham akasanangurwa asina chakanaka chaaita. Ticharamba tine nhamo nekushupika pano pasi kusvika Muchinda werugare aparadza current world order ndo-o dombo rakaonekwa muDaniel 2:34 nendima 44-45.

    1. Ini ndini wacho

      Amazing Grace wataura chokwadi panyaya yekuti vanhu vari kubatira zvimwe zvinhu zvisingawirani neShoko. Shoko rinoti uyo asingadyi ngaashora anodya. Saka sei vanhu vari kusvora ivo vasingadye? Chimwe chinhu ndechekuti panoungana vanhu vakawanda hapana zvaungaite kuti ucontrolle zvinoita ruzhinji kana zvavanotenda. Kana ivoProphet Makandiwa vanotaura vega kuti vanhu vakawanda varikuuya kuUFIC varikupa mbiri kusiko. Kakawanda kandakanzwa vachiti vanhu ngavadzidze kupa Jesu Kristu naMwari Jehovah Mupenyu mbiri nekudzo nekuda kwebasa neminana irikuitika kuUFIC. Ivo vanoti vanhu vazhinji vanofanirwa kuziva kuti arikushanda ndiJesu kwete Makandiwa. Uye Shoko rinoparidzwa kuUFIC nderekuti Mwari vanamatwe nekupihwa kudzo sezvo varikuramba vachishanda nokuti havashanduki zuro, nhasi nekusinga peri.



  58. Hebrews 1v1-2 quoted from NIV:’In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways,but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son,whom he appointed heir of all things,and through whom he made the universe’.Can someone explain here,my question is:Are prophets in these days still speaking for God? Some still say ‘Mwari vati kwandiri…….’In 1 Timothy 2v5 we read ‘For there is one God and one mediator between God and men,the man Christ Jesus’.In John Jesus is said to be the WORD.God talks to us through the WORD,i.e. The Bible and we talk to him in our prayers via Jesus Christ.

  59. Anyone who believes this prophesy crap from this Makandiwa conman is simply a certified idiot¬¬

  60. My brother mm, I would recommend original King James Version it has original translations without mens’ ideas mingled with. 2ndly I’d advise u get settled abt the word ‘prophet’. Bible itself provides answer what prophets of old were. They had the Word of God applicable to that time ie “thus saith the Lord..” They did not just do miracles without conveying a warning or other message from God. And the message was never repetition but something specific for that time.

    Then came the Lord Jesus. If you can imagine filling cup with sea water. Every component of what’s in sea is in cup but that doesn’t affect level of sea. All that was God dwelt in Jesus but without diminishing God. But we know God is Spirit so He lived in body called Jesus. So when Jesus spoke it was God speaking through Jesus. Then Jesus paid the price for sin so that God could also dwell in those who believe. The Holy Ghost came at day of pentecost started living in people. Same Holy Ghost spoke in Peter Acts 2:38 be baptised in name of Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins…Same Holy Ghost started speaking through Paul after his conversion. But notice in New Testament God starts speaking mostly through apostles Peter, Paul, James, Jude etc. In our days He has spoken through a Moses like prophet, Paul like apostle and John like apostle. GOD BLESS YOU.

  61. Prophets before Christ and Apostles. who spoke through the same spirit. But chinodya zvemahara ishavi chete. Chero ivo vekwamakandiwa vanoti heee miracle money heee miracle gold togumhana navo mupresha yekutsvaaga dhora tinovaona nezvimastika hee nddir mwana wemuporofita weminana vachibuda ziya kumhanya nedhora sunday kwaakuhumana kuti hee miracle miracle. Garaika kumba muchiita minana kuda presha ingaita shoma pataundi

  62. Ini ndini wacho

    This is a very misleading headline. Its high time we have responsible journalism where you put headlines that link to the story. I failed to see in the story where Kasukuwere told people not to take Makandiwa seriously. I think we should stop taking newsday seriously. This is not the first time they have given us misleading headlines. Editor pull up your socks.

  63. @ mm, I would recommend original King James Version it has original translations without mens’ ideas mingled in it. 2ndly I’d advise u get settled abt the word ‘prophet’. Bible itself provides answer what prophets of old were not what we call prophet today. Bible prophets had the Word of God applicable to that time ie “thus saith the Lord..” They did not just do miracles or tell you future things without first conveying a warning or other message from God. And the message was never repetition but something specific for that time.

    Then came the Lord Jesus. If you can imagine filling cup with sea water. Every component of what’s in sea is in cup but that doesn’t affect level of sea. All that God was dwelt in Jesus but without diminishing God. But we know God is Spirit so He lived in body called Jesus. So when Jesus spoke it was God ie Holy Spirit speaking through Jesus. Then Jesus paid the price for sin so that God could also dwell in those who believe. The Holy Ghost came at day of pentecost started living in people. Same Holy Ghost spoke in Peter Acts 2:38 be baptised in name of Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins…Same Holy Ghost started speaking through Paul after his conversion. But notice in New Testament God starts speaking plan of man’s redemption mostly through apostles Peter, Paul, James, Jude etc no longer prophets. In our days He has spoken through a Moses like prophet, Paul like apostle and John like apostle. He’s still speaking even today. If anyone says God spoke to them and the things are contrary Word of God it is not God who spoke. GOD BLESS YOU.

  64. go on google and read the story yakanzi kwaku bonsam a fetish priest in ghana pakanzi news and events chinonzi fetish priest in’anga

  65. Ummmmm these reporters have discovered that Makandiwa and Angel sells the newspapers than politics chaidzo. Hapana nyaya yataurwa apa. Prophet Makandiwa may you please continue to do miracles because you believe in God of miracles, who change apetite of lions, who makes the fire to loose its burning power. Zvemapepa takambotanga tichakommenda but heshi tisu tave kuitwa mapenzi.

  66. How is it that just anybody can create a weblog not to mention get as popular as this? Its not like youve said something incredibly impressive more like youve painted a quite picture around an issue that you know nothing about! I dont want to sound mean, right here. But do you actually think that you can get away with adding some fairly pictures not to mention not seriously say something?

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