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Cop attacks boss over affair


NKAYI — A police constable Tinashe Munhamo (22) based at Nkayi Police Construction Section is in trouble after he allegedly assaulted his boss accusing him of having a love affair with his wife.


Munhamo, who fell ill after his arrest and was taken to Nkayi District Hospital where he is admitted, appeared before Nkayi magistrate Ndumo Masuku on Monday on his hospital bed.

He was not asked to plead to assault charges.

Prosecutor Maxwell Hapanyengwi said the accused must be remanded in custody as he was facing a serious allegation.

He said Munhamo had allegedly threatened to assault his boss Inspector Newyear Rera (39) again and releasing him from custody would endanger Rera’s life.

Masuku remanded him in custody to February 4.

Allegations are that Munhamo accused his boss of having an affair with his wife.

The court heard that on January 19 at 12 midnight, Rera left his house for the office and Munhamo allegedly waylaid him.

He allegedly hit the senior police officer in the neck with an unknown object.

Rera fell down and Munhamo again struck him on the left foot with a stone.

He allegedly threatened to stab him with a knife he was holding.

Rera, however, managed to grab his hand and sought refuge at the charge office where he made a report.

Munhamo allegedly pursued his boss and threatened to assault him further, but he was restrained by his colleagues who later detained him.

Rera sustained several injuries.

While in detention, Munhamo fell ill on Sunday and was taken to hospital for treatment.

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