Conductor uses fake CV to land Zupco job

A 24-year-old Bulawayo fraudster who landed a job at the Zimbabwe United Passengers Company (Zupco) using a stolen curriculum vitae (CV) and Ordinary Level certificate was lucky to escape a custodial term after the court found him guilty of fraud.


Instead, Patson Chinoputsa was ordered to perform 210 hours of community service at Mzilikazi High School after Bulawayo magistrate Evelyn Mashavakure last week conditionally suspended the eight-month sentence she had imposed on him.

The court heard that on November 16 last year, Chinoputsa stole Energy Chipangura’s “O” Level certificate and a CV and used the documents to enrol for a bus conductor training course at Zupco.

He later worked for the company for eight days before the scam was unearthed by the company’s risk officials after pictures in his file failed to match his identity and educational particulars.

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  1. Such things only happen in Mthkwakazi. In other parts of Zimbabwe O level certificates are worthless. Mbonisi coment

  2. he should have gone to jail filthy swine

  3. I am failing to understand this. He stole someone’s CV and o level certificates to get a job. But zupco guys failed to notice it in the first place kuti hazvisi zvake. Zupco yezanu pf iyi maiona ndeye madofo.

    1. Zupco is a parastatal and not zanupf just like you have zb bank belongs to govt but fbc bank is zanupf

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