Child President accused of torture

PARENTS with children at Chinhoyi High School have accused Child President Tatenda Christian Rusere, an “A” Level student at the school, of subjecting Form 1 students to four hours of corporal punishment during their induction last week.


The parents, who could not be named, told NewsDay the Form 1 students had been invited for induction between January 3-6 when one of them allegedly verbally abused Rusere, also a head boy at the school.

This allegedly angered Rusere who stormed the students’ hostel and ordered them to kneel for four hours between 9pm-1am.
Rusere became Child President of the Junior Parliament in June last year.

“When we visited our children to see how they were doing at Hanova Hostel, some of them were crying demanding that we take them back home because they had been tortured the previous night by the head boy,” said one of the parents.

“We condemn bad behaviour by our children, but such kind of punishment is very harsh as some pupils might have health problems.”

Another parent who also refused to be named said: “What surprises us is that the head boy is also the President of the Junior Parliament and we wonder what future can be expected from such behaviour.

“He is a student just like others and he should have reported the matter to school authorities and refrained from punishing the pupils harshly.”

However, Rusere denied the allegations yesterday saying the charges had been cooked up to “blackmail” him.

He later referred all questions to the school counsellor John Manyika who also denied the allegations.

“Rusere is not capable of doing such a thing. I cannot defend him, but what I can say is that he is a firm head boy and this might cause other pupils to dislike him and plan to smear his name.

“It is also possible that people raising such allegations are jealous fellow students,” Manyika said, referring further questions to the headmaster only identified as Rambanepasi.

However, Rambanepasi could not be reached for comment as his mobile phone went unanswered.

Although Education, Art, Sports and Culture minister David Coltart could not comment yesterday over the incident as he was attending a meeting, he is on record denouncing corporal punishment in schools.

The Zimbabwe Constitution (1979) as amended in 1990 allows “moderate” corporal punishment “in appropriate circumstances upon a person under the age of 18 years”.

But Article 241 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act and Article 66 of the Education Act (2004) allows corporal punishment only for boys.

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  1. avakuita chiZANU PF chokutorture ! ndihwo hutsinye uhu !!!!

    1. george bachinche

      You people are just commenting about a school you don’t know about, nor do you know anything about the school procedures.

      If the parents feel that their child has been abused or to use the preferred NewsDay term., torture, they should immediately report the matter to the school authorities and the police.

      Asking the Minister to comment on a isolated and possibly inconsequential incident is to say the silly trivialising the office of the Minister.

      Those who have been to boarding school will know that it is a life changing experience, teh very first time that a boy or girl lives home . Its possible the so called victim is lying, frightening about being away from mummy and daddy.

    2. george bachinche

      “……. the Form 1 students had been invited for induction between January 3-6 when one of them allegedly verbally abused Rusere, also a head boy at the school. …

      A form one boy , on induction, abuses a senior boy and expects to get away with it? Those of you whose fathers are men, will know that at boarding schools, or even heading cattle, you don’t insult an older boy. You pay somehow.

      1. Why should everyone else be punished? We can’t have our children being subjected to such dehumanizing conditions just because of a bad precedence set long back by people heading cattle. Lets put a stop to this bullying without making any justifications. How can form 1’s who hardly know Rusere be jealous of him. These are young lads and such punishment will change them into animals.

  2. Due to lack of evidence i cannot comment fully since all the people involved are minors. But having served in the Junior Parliament as a minister, and having trained the parliamentarians as a mentor, i condemn all act of abuse to others. i also urge the NEWSDAY people to critically verify all allegations especially with sensitive stuff like this because rushing to publish half truths or even truths has ripple effect implications.

    1. He is a bully and must be punished if he is the Headboy then he must be dethroned, he should also resign as child president we don’t want bullies anymore. What lack of evidence are talking about? This Manyika guy cannot be a counsellor who think form 1s can scheme against a headboy they have never dealt with. He can’t be a counsellor with such a behaviour he already has shown he is part of the torture of form 1s, the school does not need him.

    2. I agree, and its is funny that the parents do not mention the school authority response to their children’s abuse. Seems they reported directly to the NEWSDAY. in my opinion it would have made sense for the parents not to behave like the Child President if at all he did what he is accused of and went to report to the school authorities. Failure by school authorities to act then would have prompted to report to the newspapers. And if they had done that they would have mentioned it in the paper to say school authorities also refused to act etc. Abuse of anyone is unacceptable and here is possible abuse of the kid the child president, and further publishing his full name and picture. What does the code of ethics of journalism say about minors in any circumstance??

    3. im also a junior member of parliament and ths is uncalld 4 bt i thnk th news day team should 1st fnd evidence and nt jump to conclusionz bcz w ar nt trand 2 act lyk dat nd ths is on to tarnish the image

    4. JMoyo , just shut up do not show us your ignorance , this bully must step down .

  3. This is serious and should be investigated so that if these are false allegations the boy be cleared and if this is true then it should be dealt with in a manner that prevents recurrence.

  4. how can new form one students who do not even know him or his character team up aganist him, if you have done wrong admit my dear child president, ask for forgiveness and move on, I too was headgirl at one point and did some things out of pride, I still have my regrets now, I wish people had better things to talk about me and my days as their leader, installing fear is not how to be a great leader, usakare masimba zvakadaro. it just gets you nowhere.

  5. Bullying in schools is a huge problem and authorities should be proactive and investigate promptly any complaints. It is therefore unfortunate for one John Manyika to give a spirited defence without verifying the facts. To be a “firm” headboy does not mean you need to abuse kids. He should have identified those juniors who verbally abused him and with concurrence from his seniors sought appropriate punishment or even a warning since the kids had jut arrived at school. He should have done better because he is an aspirant national leader. Good leaders don’t resort to primitive punishment mechanisms of torture to instill fear in subjects, but strive to earn respect. Act more like a shepherd than a herder.

  6. The school counsellor John Manyika said “Rusere is not capable of doing such a thing. I cannot defend him, but what I can say is that he is a firm head boy and this might cause other pupils to dislike him and plan to smear his name.” By being firm it means he punished the boys full-stop. As they were showing some desrespect to him and no senior will accept this.Manyunyu , Madzveu, maNew-commer.

  7. ‘But Article 241 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act and Article 66 of the Education Act (2004) allows corporal punishment only for boys’. Can I ask our good lawyers, is this not discrimination of the highest order?

    I also think this young boy did it, how can form 1 pupils condem you on thier induction period in unison.

    1. U can say that again Marina, zviri kunzi ma equal rights but then kwonzi Boys ngadzirohwe, how on earth did we miss that paConstitution?

  8. Please, investigate this issue thoroughly, This young man Rusere did that horrible thing to young kids, Take note of the PE Scandal which died a natural death,the Waddilove scandal also died a natural death.
    I think the Headmaster should be answerable for his actions.
    I am of the opinion that the Head must be fired.

  9. Bullying of form 1s at schools must be banned and any child found bullying another student must be expelled from school. headmasters must instil such into all students because that primitive behaviour belongs to the dustbin of history. If it was my son.daughter subjected to that I was not only going to deal with this bully but with the parents as well, because sometimes it is us parents who urture bullies.

    1. How about initiation


  10. Please Please Please we all knw initiation. Form ones go through such. They should stop being cry babies and adjust to high school. So what they had to kneel for four hours. When i was in form one we where initiated for 8hours and had to sleep outside and the next morning was sports day. Well done Headboy its a phase we all go through

    1. Iwe Wasalu, usatipa kutaura mazwi atisingade kuburitsa. Tateguru vako zvavakapfeka nhembe iwe wakadzipfeka, zvavaifamba mitunhu netsoka iwe unofambirei nemota, zvavanga vasingaende kuchikoro iwe wakaenderei? Grow up!!! Usaita semunhu wemusangano anofunga kuti zvatakarwira rusununguko saka munhu wese achatungamirira nyika anofanira kunge akarwa hondo.

      1. pane zvinhuzvinochinja kozoitawozwimwe zvisingachinji seizvi kuroora,unyunyu etc etc

    2. fuck u waslu,fuck u twice

    3. You are a sadist!

  11. zvirinani pane zvataiitwa kuAllan Wilson boarding as form ones abt 15yrz ago. Taiitwa yainzi 6 inches whr u wld lie on e ground n lift ur feet 6 inches in the air. It sounds like it dsnt hurt bt try doing it for 10min chete. The sad thng z, were doing better than most of those prefects nw. Kachafa karikarombe kamfana aka. Hant next yr anenge ari form 1 in real world? Takakumirira mfana

    1. Thats quite normal,these youngsters must learn to be tough and not be cry-babies for nothing.Remember even the Lower Sixes would also go thu the same initiation,spending the whole day doing the war cry and stuff,@ the end of the day it created men who were so much in love with their school,even today I am proud of hapana dhiri kupfugamiswa for 4 hours.

      1. Chokwadi and AWS must know that we send small boys to form one school not to army training.So what has this “love for your school” translated into in real terms?

        1. Hai man. mxm. isu takamutswa kuma 1am nemvura mumubhedha zvikanzi “Good morning, magede. Time for morning run” Apa 3 laps around the atheltics field and then national anthem. Only went back to our rooms before breakfast ye tea ne 2 bolied eggs and bread. Today I am a young man on my 2nd masters degree in IT. Ngavatsve vapfana ava. These youngsters still wet behind thier ears need to be showln how the world is like. no more Nintendo or xboxs with apple pies floating in the kitchen. Ndiko kuti vazive kuti nyika yakashata kunze uku. vanga vajaira kuchengetwa namudhara na moms. nxa!

        2. ha ha, so true. U were definitly paDUB. Allan Wilson yanga yakaoma vakomana

        3. This can turn nasty and result in fatalities and what would be the justification. Lets not encourage this. What if the boys had turned against the head boy.

      2. How dangerous are retrogressive and outdated minds

  12. Gen. Rukuruva Ghoko

    Child President? How are they elected? Maybe they are chosen/handpicked neZANU PF. His role model is obviously the violent Robert Mugabe. we are doomed as a nation kana tine vutungamiri bwakaita sobwubwu.

  13. if i lay my hand on him,i will skin him alive,ask other bullies,my grandpa is a wizzard,so fuck the headboy,the head too

  14. As i have once conducted orientations for form 1 pupils i have become to understand that a high level of discipline needs to be induced in these form ones as they still would want to believe they are quite the seniors they where at the previous primary schools. Whether the child president did it or not, i stand by you and say that a HIGH LEVEL of discipline is to be installed in those who disrespects authority. And to all those people who wants to put it on Zanu, save your breath please

    1. Mr Former Headboy are you telling us that part of this enforcement of discipline by another pupil,albeit a senior one,includes taking the law into your own hands?

      1. which law are u talking about,the headboy has the mandate to discipline though moderate, but how moderate is moderate i believe just below harsh again how harsh is harsh

  15. The parents of the affected boys must take the school to court. In this way, this Manyika fello might change his ways and the headmaster will also do his work and not delegate to Manyika and the head boy Jnr President.
    Bullying must stop, and someone must initiate that stoppage. Action now

  16. But Article 241 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act and Article 66 of the Education Act (2004) allows corporal punishment only for boys…… Why disciminate when every woman is asking for 50-50 equal rights.. Ko pa parikunzi boys chete sei

    1. uhmmm not every woman believes the 50-50 crap, I’m proud to be a woman, i don’t want to open my own doors and stuff, i know my God given place and love it. don’t stereotype us

  17. he is cable of doing that he is bully sometimes i learnt @ Chinhoyi high school he was my junior at 1 point in tym akadirwa mvura inotonhora munajune nemaupper 6 because of his behaviour he wants to be seen kty aripo yes he is the Child president he has powers bt he must no kty zvichapera and u need to go out there nxt yr varsity and u wl mit all sorts of people that is wen you will c real life.The teachers might support him but the best thing is to give him advice.being the child president doesnt mean kty be bully represent yo colleagues wen you go for yo meetings chikoro hachina mabooks to read bt u are bizy punishing others wat du you gain from that?ts better to advocate kty mumaschools muve ne improvment than doing wat you are doin Tatenda,remember yo are not goin to be a leader forever.DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU.IF YOU WRONG OTHERS JUS NO WAT GOES AROUND COMES BACK AROUND.

    1. ie Karma is a bitch!

  18. Akatodza sekuru vake anhuweee!

  19. there is no smoke without fire. these form1 pupils have just met and i can say it’s too early for them to hate the so called bastard. believe them. they have no reason to lie against him. mukazviregerera hameno henyu. dnt forget the munashe zhou story. ndomavambo azvo. mwana uyu ngaazive kuti kunzi dzipakate handi kunzi dziridze. he should be punished for this. as parents lets stand against bullying. dont wait till it happens to your own child. lets put an end NOW

  20. This ‘child president’ thing is absolutely nonsensical.


  22. Truth be told these form 1s do not want to be at this school so they have to transfer that’s what i used to say when i want to transfer to another school.

  23. This young should be stripped of his titles both at school and national level. Once you get a story in the newspapers then its a recipe for distaster. He should just go whether right or wrong.

  24. Rejoice Ngwenya

    @ Hozhwa: More than just nonsensical – outright idiotic. The ZANU-PF government has squandered millions of US$ dressing up child soldiers, marching around, parliamentary attendances etc for these so-called child things. I mean if this boy bully is emulating the REAL president, he’s doing well! Dictatorship is contagious. Our new MDC government later this year will rid Zimbabwe country of all these nonsensical things, including the Warren Park Heroes Acre, Unity Day, Defence Forces Day, 21st February thing etc. I’d rather we channel the resources into improving our schools and universities. Izvi zveZaNU-PF of wasting money on egos is primitive, North Korean-type idiocy.

  25. Its unlikely that form 1s would lie about a thing like that, they are young and scared and will live in fear if the case is poorly handled.further investigation must be done and the school counsellor must not take sides but be neutral until the case is looked into.

  26. Vabereki we a sick and tired of vanhu vaneutsinye ngatibatsiranei kurwisana namugabe mudiki uyu NDOPAZVINOTANGIRA

  27. Silly article. No single fact at all.What a shame

    1. I agree. I do not expect such shoddy journalism from this paper. This issue required thorough investigation at the highest level before publication. Chances are that you are tarnishing this young man for nothing. if u continue like this, you will lose reputation.

  28. John weku Mabvuku

    Its amazing how a simple case of schoolboy initiation/bullying becomes politicised and Mugaberised. Akarohwa naVaMugabe kana kuona vachirova munhu ndiani?, hazvichanakidzi, the hate campaign is sickening. We expect mature contributions on this platform. maform 1 musataura, endai mundosuka matoilets! Ndozvakaitiita varume vakashinga zvatiri tose nhasi.Its the way of manhood. Kwete kuuraya vana.

  29. musaigwa wechi2

    hiwawo akapinzwa induction yevakomana

  30. 4 hours only? These kids got off lightly I tell you. It clearly shows that they are going to be wimps in life. Initiation in boarding school toughens you up and builds loyalty, respect for seniority and order. When you go to high school you don’t need your mother or father babying you around like has happened here. This is why the school counsellor played it down. Boarding school is home away from home and just as there are rules at home where your elder brother or sister can discipline you if you misbehave so is boarding school with prefects being the elder brothers/sisters.

    This is a storm in a tea cup. In real life the president signs off death warrants and has the power to pardon convicts. This young man has demonstrated the qualities required of a future state president. If these form ones were being disrespectful to the school headboy then they needed even stiffer punishment. Yes, I went to boarding school from primary to secondary school. I experienced initiation and had the chance to initiate juniors too. As long as it’s done in a measured way and not over done. Any parent calling this torture is just molly codling their child and should keep them at home. You cannot always wrap them in cotton wool. Tell them to man up!

    1. dhoti remunhu,nyarara apa

  31. Mfana ano bata munhu uyu, ndiro “grip” ka iri!
    Ko ungagoti uri kutonga chii kan vanhu vasinga cheme cheme!!

  32. The world is too full of crybabies!!! So some kid thinks they can insult the head boy and get away with it? They got off light, hapana akarowha – saka WHAT TORTURE is this paper talking about? Inga mapostori anonamatiswa on their knees for 5 or 6 hours – IS THAT ALSO TORTURE??? Ask any person over 30 who went to high school, we went through MUCH WORSE. Lets not build a generation of fat, spoiled little wimps who have no respect for authority.The parent are also cowards asking not to be named – easy to see where the children get it from! I thought we Zimbos were tougher than this. And if parents want their kids pampered then DON’T SEND THEM TO BOARDING.

  33. Mufana atora ruoko rwe zanu pf chairwo

  34. Newsday junos please define some of these terms first,why would kneeling be corporal punishment there;s no physical force from inflictor,its just punishment.[arents lets sometimes give authorities leeway to exercise control without interfering without allowing bullies to rule. if a child cannot take kneeling as punishment they are not fit to be in boarding school.a head at a school l was in msv asked some boys to stand in the shed from 8 to 4pm in june after vapoya weekend another was asked to dig. pupils need discipline even proverbs 23 says so,if you dont tolerate ways of punishment then suggest how you want your misbehaving kidz handled o/w you give hard time to school authorities-beating is what is off but detention is allowed

  35. The child president should be caned by the police. When children so young leave their parents and endure torture, it is so traumatic that it can leave scars for a lifetime. Shame, inferiority, antisocial behavior. Later on there can even be revenge. I know because I was tortured at …. you guessed it ….. chinoi high school! ZRP come… take him and cane him. This will give a public example to the whole school. If there are any legal problems, there should be a presidential order for the caning. How dare this child soil the presidency! How dare this child using his ‘presidential powers’ to abuse weak, helpless children.

    1. this theory on antisocial what what is only good for writing class exercises, assignments and tests and it does not apply in the real world. If boys are to become men, they must not be pampered, any boys who suffers from boarding trauma is not fit to be called a man.

  36. Lovemore Chikanya

    Bullying must be stopped, it is the worst sin in schools. Worldover it is being condemned greatly. So why not here? Rusere must be thoroughly investigated. Bullying matures into racism or paedicide like Adam Lanza did at Sandy Hook.


    THE ACT (article 66 of 2
    004) is backward and draconian. Boys and girls are equal.



  39. and why dd th parents run to the press wthout notifyng th school authorities

  40. John weku Mabvuku

    No they are not, phisically, mentally , socially and in all other biological comparisons. Yes we have accepted Western Values as regards legislation. Thats why women cant compete against man at the olympics. During the world champion 100m sprint, the ‘slowest man still recorded a time better than the woman champion. They are designed for procreation and related phisio/pyschomotor configurated activities which no man can perform. Lets not mix what God separated. Its sad that the age old manhood tradition of initiation has been tarnished by painful extremes, exploited by NGOs who fund child protection programmes, gay and lesbianism. Remember ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding? To equate zvinoitaika during initiation with torture is out of context. Yu want a state institute of torture, go to Guantanamo Bay. Ndiyo example ye TORTURE!!

  41. who is who at the school parents send their kids to school banking on the school authorities to protect them hence forth
    they expose them to the ruthless , heartless big headed boy who think can ploy all his dirty trick knowingly that he will be well protected from the unfaithful school authorities so let me tel you idiot watch out .

  42. Progressive schools like Goromonzi outlawed primitive acts like the so called initiation. Being a man in this world has more to do with what you can do with your brains than anything else. As parents we should teach our children as such otherwise we prepare them for carreas as grave diggers and manual labourers(no offence intended).

  43. i stay at a location close to the school ORANGE GROOVE for those who know the area and more so my child is also a border at the staying in the same hostel. it’s rather unfortunate that news day has published a false article to get millage or someone against the school authorities is behind the article. when i read the article i made an effort to find out the truth from my child only to be told that on the day in question, form one were asked by Rusere to transfer chairs from one room to the other after they were making noise late in the night. someone out there not the so called parent wants to tarnish the school image to discredit the school head and Rusere in particular. makorokoto chinhoyi high for buying a new bus despite these hard times

    1. There is no smoke without a fire, who are you trying to protect @watson jena? Is it the headmaster or the pupil Resere boy, are you releted or you go to the same church since you hail from the same locality. We are sick and tried with people of your calibre the cover up kind. The next thing you are going to say is that Gukurahundi never happened they were just minor skirmishes in matebeleland i was there and Murambasvina was just a mere movement of lodgers at one point in time from one landlord to another at month end. Are you an investigator or else your child is one or is trainig to be one. So the pupil and their parents who are complainig are liers. What do those small small boys have against the headmaster? Did you say your boy is at the same school ,next is your boy to be abused, say sodomised by Junior President, how do you feel? If you have nothing to say don’t say it.

  44. ruseres äctions are constitútional,legal and spot on.thats what hapens at boarding and that is so ryt .go plumtree,peterhouse, prince edward,cbc etc .vafana vanofanira kuremekedza vakurú vavo nguva dzose! Viva Rusere!! Usadhererwe

  45. its only that this incident concern the child president but zakawanda zvirikuitika muma schools zvamusiri kutuurawo. don’t be biased after all you can feel kuti your article is exergarated.

  46. Hapana nyaya apa chete maybe one of the parents works kunewsday but hapana zvitsva. if you have been a border be4 you know this.

  47. Zvekuti vanhu vairohwa kumombe zvakasara kudhara! Torture is torture and is condemned even by the UN, WHAT IS TORTURE?

  48. Leave the young boy alone. He is not refusing to leave office and he is not plotting with corporals and generals to beat up and torture people into voting for him. To the young boy who insulted a senior imagine what he will fully mature into as an adult with lack of respect like that. And he is a potential leader of tomorrow. Women have it real good. No corporal punishment at school. Points are lowered for them for entry into degree courses at the university. Quotas for women in jobs, business, industry, agriculture … on and on it goes and that’s equal rights. What’s now left is for someone to petition God and ask Him to make men carry babies too for nine months. What a crazy world!

  49. Watch out for that boy we will breed yet another generation of tyrants. You better check on the boy’s genes he cld be Bob’s bastard child. His behaviour is replica to Bob’s when was young. It is said Bob was so cruel even to animals, he could starve his mother’s cattle to death by driving them to barren pastures. Times change my fellow countrymen, drift with the winds change, let go your grasp on stone age barbaric behaviour of ‘Manyunyu’. What legacy are we to leave for our children to emulate? See what kind of men this barbarism intiation thing had created, the kind of men that create torture camps like Border Gezi, Guyu etc (the North Korean style). Where our kids are taught to go hard against their fellow countrymen. Perpetrators of Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, June 27 they are men nd women of this generation of Manyunyu intiators. They started long ago at boarding schools and pastures spilling blood on a small scale. Mbavha inotanga nekuba dovi ramai mumba gume yava mbavha yemota. Lets curb this behaviour now befor it manifests its ugly beast head into the next generation.

  50. The next thing we are going to hear from schools is murder and rape. Thruogh your encouragement I don’t think it will surprise you @ m.chiyangwa. By the look of things you are used to it, you are a Border Gezi graduate and did your passout intiation during June 27 run up, beat up and raping MDC Activists.

  51. wow, when u saw the headline i thought i was going to read about dungeons and dragons, Chuck Norris type of story…. honestly this story isn’t newspaper worthy… keep your babies at home please cause honestly everyone who’s been to boarding knows they don’t raise wimps.. labelling isn’t corporal punishment…. shuwa watuka headboy ! parents your kids are ill mannered, your kids probably disrespect you too. I’m not saying they should be abused but seriously folks this isn’t America where rights are more respected than human life and God himself!

    1. sorry for typo i meant kneeling isn’t a corporal punishment

  52. hahaha president huya tikusorte 8 hours dzako kuvarsity.

  53. haiwawo….pliiz parents dnt tek yo chldn to boarding if u dnt lyk e system.n newsday pliz verify yo facts b4 goin to press..u cld b tarnishing a young boy’s image for all we noe..n if it is true,then rusere nids to b punishd at th highest remember,at xuls seniority shld b observed nommatter wat as it embodies even our customary law..n so for parents to run off to e press is tatamount to disrespecting authority an channels of communication at th xul,and u wonder wher th boy acquired disrespect from.?and pliz newsday,wat du u mean by torture?clearly th connotation one gets from yo headline is chikurubi mxm..n dea ppl,pliz lets not connect each n every indepent mishap to politics or to the president.this is not a forum to share yo political grievances..its a xul boi we r tokn bou for cryin out loud.

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