Caps speak on Chunga

CAPS United have cleared the air on Moses Chunga who had been linked with a coaching job with the Harare giants.

Report by Sports Correspondent

Club president Twine Phiri yesterday said they would not be making any changes to the technical team for now.

“We are not making changes to the technical team, at least for now. We have also not spoken to Chunga about the job. Once we do, we will let you know,” Phiri said.

Chunga, who won the championship with Gunners in 2009, was spotted at the Caps United morning training session on Tuesday. Although he did not take part in training, his presence had fuelled speculation he could be joining the Harare giants.

Caps are under the guidance of caretaker coach Mkhuphali Masuku after substantive gaffer Taurai Mangwiro was handed a 10-year ban from all football activities for his alleged involvement in the Asiagate match-fixing scandal.

Mangwiro has, however, appealed against the ban and United are thought to be preparing to rope in another coach in the event that his appeal is thrown out.


  1. Thanks Mr Phiri,we do not need Chunga today,tomorrow or when,he must try somewhere.

  2. Twine anonyepa vakomana.The guy is not very astute.If you read in between the lines he is simply saying they want Chunga but have not yet finalised the deal.Do you think chunga would just wake up and go and watch caps training without phiri knowing and for what reason.chunga was actually assesing the player base because vakangopedzerana nyaya dzecontract yake you will hear phiri announcing chungas arrival.hezvondiripano

    1. U ddnt miss the point @maluve.

  3. Incredible Hulk

    Give Moses Chunga a chance you never know he might be the missing link as Caps fortunes are concerned

  4. Moses for Dynamos can’t you hear the sound. green is not his colour, he is a coach in blue and white.

    1. Mr Phiri, the bottom line is the CAPS family is not comfortable with ur choice.Any other would do…….NOT MR CHUNGA, please.

  5. Chunga can come in as a technical advisor to Mr Kupa.We are rebuilding the once mighty team so Chunga can play a pivotal role Mr Twine.



      1. uri mudembare iwe nyarara

  7. Mr twine phiri, pliz pliz chunga hatimude, ndapfugama prizzzz prizzzz.

    1. No Chunga pliz twine

  8. Chunga akakoniwa many times. he doesnt hav anything news to offer us. ahhh sorry he does hav, anoda kunyudza team yedu. if he is that gud y cant he join Hlanders or Action Motor? to heal with Chunga

  9. Chunga kana, kwete, bodo, nikisi, nada, no taramba zvachose

    1. madenga Innocent

      Why recycling the-tried-but -failed Chunga?

      CAPS is a brand for posterity. No experiments or guesswork pliz.

  10. chunga hatimude zvachse nokuti mutengesi. kana zvaipa anotza achingotaura zvaanoda. help him to secure a job in Belgium where he is appreciated.

  11. do u still remember the last time chunga paaive kucaps..Taida kutamba ne dembare chunga a.kataura mupepa .kuti my heart belongs to dembare hatimude munhu uyu

  12. Makepekepe arikuramba Chunga munorwara mese uye hamuzive bhora. If he says his heart belongs to dembare it does not mean that he cannot coach Caps he is professional but if yours players are not good like last season bembare inokutsvairai. Go Chuga get the job if it is there you are one of the best your record speaks for itself one of the best player during your time and now a gaffer remember its god given talent. Keep it up.

  13. I Have a problem with all the coaches who have been players at Dynamos, they still remain maDembare at heart.i dont know if MaDembare would stomach it to be coached by an ex Caps player or even a Highladers player

    1. You are right the ex – Dembare players will never allow a coach who never played for their team

  14. moses uyu hatimude zwachose. Gunners yakaeredzwa nokuda kwake

  15. The worst thing about CAPS is it’s “supporters” – they are the greatest impediment to success at United. Phiri is professional and understands the need to separate emotion from business but the so called “supporters” are a different animal altogether.

  16. Arikudiiko kuenda kuDembare kana kumwewo nhaimi? kwashaikwa mumwe munuwozvakwe angakoche Caps United, Please ndapota musamuite coach we Kepekepe Please!!!!

  17. Chinja for life and Vakuru chaivo are posting close to meaningful arguments.The rest of you are not thinking .It shows exactly what you are,SUPPORTERS, at the end of the day Caps management will do what they deem fit in line with their business goals and ambitions.Remember soccer is all about making money these days if you supporters didnt know.So whether a coach comes from Highlanders,like its the case now or from the moon its not an issue here.Only those with myopia minds will dwell on that.

  18. ndaona kuti vanhu vazhinji hamusati maziva chinonzi bhora

  19. Taura hako John Jenje and thank you for the complement I feel sorry for the Makepekepe supporters you have to accept that you do not have a lot of your former players coaching at the moment and you have to accept who ever is appointed give the backing the results will come. We need to grow up coaches will always move from one team to another. If you remain hard headed hamulume again this season

  20. Ko vana mapeza havako here

  21. Subscribed for your weblog, thank you

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