Air Zim introduces flights to Nigeria

AIR Zimbabwe (AirZim) will soon exploit the flocking of several Zimbabweans to Nigeria on religious missions by introducing flights to the West African country.

Report by Feluna Nleya

Informed sources at the airline told NewsDay that AirZim was set to introduce flights from Harare to Lagos by March this year.

The new route is likely to be serviced by one of the airline’s two airbuses, according to the sources.

“Our assessment is that quite a significant number of Zimbabweans are travelling to Nigeria and so we are taking advantage of this development,” said one of the sources.

AirZim acquired two airbuses under unclear circumstances and at one time the airline management professed ignorance over the acquisition of the planes.

The flights to Nigeria will be introduced at the same time AirZim will start flying to Ghana, another West African country.
Several Zimbabweans, among them Zanu PF leaders and senior officials in MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s party, are frequently travelling to Nigeria to attend church and healing services offered by Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua.

The airline is also expected to re-introduce the Harare-London route.
Air Zimbabwe stopped flying to London in December 2011 after fears its planes would be seized over a $2,8 million debt.
The national flag carrier resumed servicing the Harare–Johannesburg route in November last year, having suspended operations 10 months earlier.

The airline is also set to re-introduce the Bulawayo-Johannesburg route.

Air Zimbabwe spokesperson Shingai Taruvinga yesterday was, however, not willing to divulge the new routes the airline would service, but confirmed Air Zimbabwe would expand its operations soon.

“We are not yet clear on which routes we will take. We are still finalising a few things, but we have plans to introduce regional and international flights sometime in March, so once we finalise we will give you the information.”

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  1. Chineke we. This transporter would bring us excess baggage of our brodhers from the the over rivers state. TB Joshua is smiling inwardly. With the forthcoming elections planeloads of prospective candidate MPs is a reality from both divide of the GPA

  2. Matanga udofo hwenyu manje!Gore riya makatanga route yekuChina, Singapore neHongkong yaitakura one or two people tikanyarara. Now this time around you are introducing the Nigeria route because Tsvangirai nanaMakandiwa vanoda kundoona n’anga dzavo kuNigeria nokuGhana. Does that make business sense?

    1. Toporai Muchandiwana

      Iwe uchatsva iwe siyana nevanhu vamwari

  3. @Komboni yatsva- you nailed it! And everyone is surprised the airline was flown into a mine shaft! With this kind of management is anyone still surprised why the airline fell..a new route to go and see TB Joshua,serious? What would make sense is that the whole senior management of the airline ( hard calling it this) should instead visit TB Joshua to be cleansed of the madness that has visited them, then and only then can they start thinking about dedicating an airline to the shrine.

  4. I wonder why they are not servicing the cash-rich route of Harare -Lusaka – Lubumbashi?… Nigeria- of all places? Guys- Please- Tipeiwo ma Nuff Respect! Its not like the Combi business where we could say- today lets break the rules again- Lets try Mount Drwin or no- Murorashanga routes…!

    1. Have you ever asked your self why Virgin flies into Nigeria from UK
      Why is SAA,ET KQ flying into Nigeria? Probably the market which these other airlines are flying into Nigeria is the same reason why Air Zimbabwe has seen it fit to follow suit. If they can model their business plan why not take the initiative. If it is bcoz of TB Joshua why not as long as they pay.
      Zimbabwe is littered now Nigerians who have married ur sisters in plenty, they would find direct flights so what is the problem there. Do not just make stupid comparisons without being analytical. What rules are broken there? One applies for slots before rights are given to land the same applies with over flights rights,bilateral agreements with countries in question.

      1. ini hangu handisi kuona business plan apa. its like an impusive decision, not supported by figures or facts. How many people are flying to Nigeria daily or every second day? How much is the ticket, what is the cost per single flight, is the business going to make a profit or just brea even? zvimwe zvinhu zvinoda a bit of research (market research yakakwana, coupled by a proper economic assessment of the whole proposed venture). zvafana nekuti vanhu vazhinji varikuenda eGoli saka ndave kutenga kombi yangu ndoiisa paroad kuitira vanhu varikuenda joni ava. You do that and then you get seasonal clients using your bus….pa xmas chete. and then what do you do pama off-pick months. If you have a plan for off pick months, then go ahead and buy kombi yacho. but watch your expenses etc…..

        Interesting to note that Air Zim is operating like kabusiness kamusharukwa kekutengesa madomasi. Have you ever noticed how those women vetumisika operate. Nhasi Mai John vaka order ma potatoes akatengwa stereki, mangwan Mai Rumbi, Mai Rhosi, Mai Tambu, vose vanonoodhawo potatoes, market yatofladha. Mai John apa vanenge vachino order muriwo weRape, wobva watengwa kuti dhuu. Mamwe madzimai anoendawo onoodha Rape yacho the following day, yorega kutengwa. These women are always behind mai John. So it does not mean kuti if someone is doing well in their business, newewo ukaita business iroro uchaitawo very well. You need to Differentiate, come up with a Unique Proposition inokupa that USP (unique selling point).

        As for the Nigerian flight from other countries, they are not going there nevanhu varikuenda kwaTB Joshua chete. They are going for other businesses, kune oil, etc

        Gundamusaira inovatisa vana nenzara!!

        1. Has it been reported that it would be flying there daily?? I did not get that point. From figures gathered in the Aviation magazine the airlines which are reported to be flying from Africa into Nigeria they share at least 80 passengers per flight excluding those who would be intransit. Obviously there is no way they could have put the flight on rota without seat cost and the rest of feasibility studies. Equally Air Zimbabwe would have oil worker connectors from China. Pple tend to forget that it’s not only Zimbabwe wher it is alleged that the country has been morgaged to them. These pple are all over Africa now for it’s natural resources.

  5. Ko prophet Makandiwa vaita sei pa air Zimbabwe u people one day u shall see mave kuda hondo leave prophet makandiwa alone

    1. ndezvako naprophet vako izvo!!!

  6. Baba ruth, why defend makandiwa iye akanyarara? Asi newe wakapiwawo hupfumi hunobva ku west africa. His name is mentioned becoz his spiritual father is frm the west africa, so he’s bound to be one of the travellers. Do u undastand nw.

  7. Its futile to judge a person like TB JOSHUA whose ministry is aiding thousands suffering from incurable illnesses.Criticizing is a signpost to someones success.All negative commenters are manipulated by lucifer himself.I advise everyone to experience the power of God on these channels: emmanuel tv,miracle tv,wrs,God tv.

    1. Ini zvangu I dont judge anyone, will not Judge TB Joshua or Makandiwa or even Angel. Panyaya ino tirikutarisa if the proposed routes for airZim will be profitable or not, regardless of who will be serviced – chero aine mari yake to pay for the service.

      The question is – will it be profitable for airZim to have a flight to Nigeria? If yes, then hapana chakaipa, ngavaise ndege irove that route.


    you are jealous that that T .b Joshua is promoting Nigerian Tourism and You are still busy denigrating our own prophets here. Makandiwa does not wait Air Zimbabwe to go to Ghana. U are contradicting yourself, u always say he is making money now he is waiting for cheaper planes. What a shame.

  9. Dai pasina prophet Makandiwa vamwe venyu musisina zvokutaura pliz taurai zvemafata nezvekunaya kwemvura siyayi baba vanhu vakadaro we will demonstrate one day gud nite

  10. mwari wenyu wamunonamata ndewepasi pano, ndosaka achitaura zvemari negoridhe rinonzi rinonaya nemiracle money. mwari wenyu vanababa Ruth ndewemhirizhonga, nhema nelawlessness,ndosaka muchida kumurwira through mademonstrations.mwari wenyu haasi Mwari ndosaka muchiramba kuti tiedze vaporofita vake kuburikidza nemagwaro matsvene.Asi mademonstrations hatikurambidziyi asi mwana waChihuri munomuona.

  11. Tingatsvaga route yeairbus kuti vaende kumashope shope. Arent there other reasons besides kuti zanu pf nemdc officials frequent this place.zvinobatsira nyika here zvokuenda ku T.b j

  12. Tch not, may the Lord forgive yu guys.

  13. ‘Touch not…’ my foot. Who says annointing yakapiwa makandiwa na Boateng is God. Read 1john4 vs1.

  14. ‘Touch not…’ my foot. Who says annointing yakapiwa makandiwa na Boateng is from God. Read 1john4 vs1.

  15. josefa chinotimba

    you guys to hell with you antsho.yes,let them introduce that route ah ah,don’t you see it is very lucrative.why don’t you mind your own business.shame.small minds always discuss people antsho,so it is what you are.

  16. I dont know why all of u are already arguing, read the report carefuly it has no weight, it says informed sources who r they. It also goes on to say the air zim spokesman hasnt commented so why r u all commenting.

  17. Komboni do u ever read yr bible if uve got one. Mwari wedu ndewe pasi pano nekudenga, read genesis God created the heavens n e earth. Ana moses were promised na mwari the land of milk and honey ndezvekudenga here izvozvo, read psalms 24v1 ndipo paunowona kuti mwari havasi vedenga chete.

  18. zvangu zvaita ndotokuenda chete ku LAGOS FACE TO FACE na TB JOSHUA

    1. Asi TB Joshua atove mwari wako here. God is everywhere, kutenda kwako pamoyo chete ndiko kunokuponesa. Before TB Joshua, vanhu vairarama wani. After TB Joshua, vanhu vachangorarama futi. TB Joshua is a man of flesh, but GOD is the most high, omnipotent God yesterday, today and for ever!!! I will worship Mwari and not munhu sezvandave kuona vamwe vanhu vachiita izvi “LAGOS FACE TO FACE naTB JOSHUA”!!

      For me it’s – “MUMBA MANGU FACE TO FACE naMWARI”

  19. george charambwa

    Nawawo, chineke, wetin go happen if na de lord self fit take prophet for im bossom, as the Nigerians woud muse. Either we are being subjected to sloppy journalism by this reporter who has omitted to inform us of the real story behind this move or Air zim has truly lost the plot. How much trade exists between zimbabwe and Nigera and Ghana To most people ,not enough to justify commiting scarce aircraft. Some of our compratriots never seem to tire of feeding the caricature of the hopelessly incompentent african tribesman. Remember the genius of the new govt of South Sudan and their master plan for building an Elephant/Rhino shaped city!

  20. Ichokwadi Bothsides kuti Mwari wedu ndewe pasi nekudenga nokuti akasika denga nenyika. Asi inzwa unzwisise Bothsides usati watanga kupupira furo nokupopota. Pane umwe mwari anonamatwa pano pasi asiri Mwari wokudenga. NB.I have put a small letter for that god. Ndiye mwari wakaedza Jesu achiti ukandinamata ndichakupa upfumi hwose nenyika yose. Ndiye mwari ari kunamatwa nevamwe vedu vanozviti maKristu.Asi ndinodavira kuti imi vaBothsides munonamata Mwari wokudenga akasika denga nenyika uye kuti hamunamati uya wakange achida kuti Jesu amunamate kuti agomupa nyika yose noupfumi hwose. Chinonetsa ndechokuti vamwe munofunga kuti upfumi hwose hunobva kunaJehovah. Handizvoba vaBothsides. Kana Satan anopavo upfumi. Verengai Mateo 4v8-10.Satan promised Jesus wealth if He would worship him and even today Satan is still tempting people with the riches of this world and the unfortunate part of it is that some are being overcome by this temptation including the so called Christians.Ndatenda hangu.

  21. Vaudze Nyoka.

  22. Nyoka uri nyoka. Faith dzevanhu dzinosiyana, yemumwe inmuudza kuti anowana deliverence mumba make, mumwe ku church kwake mumwewo believes kuti akaenda kunigeria zvake zvinoita. A prophet is a servant of God read 2chr20v20 and amos 3v7. Those who were with moses later on insisted kuti they also wanted to see GOD vakazobva kugomo vakumhanya. When u critise prophets make sure u r 100% sure of what u r saying coz u might end up fighting God thinking u r doing him a favour, ask apostle paul he wil tel u he used to do that.

  23. Siyanai naTB Joshua mune zvinotokunetsai .may God forgive you. You need deliverance.!

  24. Good luck. I don’t see this being a gold mine.

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  27. i thnk thts a grt idea.zvimwe zvieedzwa & i guess its better than nothing right?

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