‘Africa should have one president’-Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday said the forthcoming African Union (AU) summit should discuss the appointment of a President of Africa to foster unity among Africans and ensure that member states adhere to the founding principles of the continental body.

Report by Everson Mushava

Mugabe was addressing journalists at State House after a two-hour meeting with President Thomas Boni Yayi of the Benin Republic, who is also the outgoing AU chairman, in Harare. Yayi said he was in Zimbabwe to discuss the challenges Africa was facing as a continent and to get advice on ways to end conflict, in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali and Central African Republic, among others.

The proposal to set up a United States of Africa was first made by the slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 1999 as a way of ending the continent’s conflicts, but it failed to secure enough support from his African counterparts with some suspecting Gaddafi wanted to rule Africa. But Mugabe yesterday emphasised Africa should have one president who would help fight divisions and move Africa to a continental power from the regional shell he claimed it was today.

“Yes, we need a President for Africa,” Mugabe said. “That is what we are going to discuss at the AU summit. Africa is not a united continent. We are not at the stage our founding fathers wanted us to be when the organ was formed.”

Mugabe said the AU had failed to integrate Africans, with some seen in the context of Anglophones and others Francophones. Mugabe said he was pleased that even though Zimbabweans had political differences, they had realised they were guided by the same destiny and hoped the forthcoming elections would be peaceful.

Yayi, who yesterday defended the move to request Nato forces to end the conflict in Mali and stop the Islamic rebels from seizing the Malian capital Bamako, said he had fruitful discussions with Mugabe.

“For Mali, we had to invite Nato because the situation was critical. It was an issue of religious intolerance and a matter of terrorism,” he said.

Yayi left Harare yesterday.

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  1. If you cannot even vote for each other across tribal lines within your small countries, how on earth can you expect one president for the whole continent of 58 countries and some tens of thousands of tribes and languages.

    This can only come from an 89-year old Gukurahundi for sure. What of:

    “Dzokerayi ku Chaka”;

    “Amumbofa matonga nyika yedhu”;

    “You are a minority”

    And with this mentality you think Africa can have one president – stop asking for war Master Gukurahundi!!!

    1. mbonisi wrote : “….how on earth can you expect one president for the whole continent of 58 countries and some tens of thousands of tribes and languages.”

      The European Union (27 countries, 500 million people, 27 languages) has a President who presides over the business of the European Parliament.

      Already Africa( 58 countries, 1 billion people, 6 active official languages) has a Parliament and it is not unreasonable to propose a President to preside over its business.

      President Mugabe is not a genius, but the level of ignorance and lack of common sense that we display make him one heck of a genius.

      1. @Chauruka
        Gukurahundi Mugabe is not talking about a President of the same mould as the European parliament President.

        He is talking about a Head of State and that is very different from the European parliament’s President. Besides, we all know the Gukurahundi has never respected parliament, surely how would he even want an equivalent of a European parliament President in Africa, when he does not respect parliament?

        We have an African parliament that is based in Midrand, Gauteng in South Africa. No African leader takes it seriously despite them setting it up. It has no legislative powers – it is just a talk-shop – where Africans gather ocassionally to wine and dine and shout at each other.

        African leaders are power hungry – they will never share executive power with parliament. Mugabe himself has now taken over COPAC’s responsibility of drafting the constitution and yet the GPA explicitly states it should be a parliamentary process.

        1. Sibali, you are not serious.

      2. Chauruka – taura hako. Ihari yofanzirofa

    2. Mugabe has totally embarrased us Zimbambweans as a people,,,I mean this is as STUPID as one can get!!! just leave that STATEHOUSE immediately…

    3. in response to mbonisi’s comment, i have one question for you which you should ask yourself before talking of Gukurahundi, question is, ” how many people of the shona tribe where slaughtered by the Ndebele people before the so called Gukurahundi was launched”

  2. Well l agree with my dear president. it would be very beneficial for Africa to act as one nation with same currency, no passports, no visa. But Africa countries are extensively divided by cultural, political, economical and religious values within themselves. Hence, it should start within the countries, regions and the continent. right here in Zimbabwe, some because of being marginalized want to form their own state. We have seen Sudan splitting into two recently. Work first to unite individual countries before going for the continent

    1. Gj Gudo

      You start by accepting each other’s rights as fellow citizens within one country, before talking about the whole African continent. In Zim, Gukurahundis don’t accept Mthwakazi have a right to participate in the country’s national affairs.

      Right now the same Gukurahundi who is talking about an one African president is denying his own countryman, Welshman Ncube’s right to participate in the politics of his own country because he hates his tribe and does not like the political views he holds. This is the problem – charity begins at home!!

      1. this Mbonisi idiot’s obsession with gukurahundi is nauseating. we all know tht the phase was barbaric but he seems to equate all shonas to the perpetrators of the genocide. just check all his comments. thank God we will never have you as president Mbonisi or else u will endevour to wipe out all the Shona people.

        1. @Simboti

          Well, if you believe Gukurahundi Mugabe equates to ALL SHONAS, I am afraid there is nothing I can do about this – I can’t help you on that one.

          I long explained myself, unfortunately for most of your kind repeating this like a broken record does not seem to get into your heads – therefore I gave up the explaining!

        2. dissidents were a reality.what happened in matebeleland is regrettable when you reflect from a post war position, but during the time they had to be thwarted.the extra judicial killings and the slaying of civilians is something that needs the perpetrators punished but still it does not take away the fact that Nkomo was not as innocent as some people want to claim.lets go back to the time when when some nationalists broke away from Zapu and decided to form Zanu, are u aware of the violence they suffered at the hands of Zapu?OK, if Dissidents were not a reality , why is it that Mugabe was given honorary degrees during that time, and also knighthood!!

        3. @mbonisi ,

          my shona grandmother’s tummy was opened with a machete while i stood and watched as a young boy,,do you wana know who did that? it was not Mugabe or any soldier , they where Ndebele thugs campaigning for an independent province distinct from zimbabwe, forgetting they came from limpopo and settled on the shona land, just pray i dont become president or else u and your tribe wil wish Mugabe was in power,,,

      2. May one reporter go to Tobaiwa Mudede to ask him about his refusal to allow internet or mobile voter registration?. We also need to know his role vs ZEC, thank you.

        1. Where have you been my long lost identical twin?


        1. We will not allow Shona Gukurahundism in the rest of Africa – period, Khala mawufuna!!

      4. name one political view that can benefit zimbabwe that ncube has ever submitted,,he cant even manage a party of 5 supporters what good will he have to say to the benefit of a million people first check the constitution amendment number 19 of zimbabwe before opening you mouth, i wil save you with time and ask you to explain the effect of this section of the current constitution of the land,

        “Section 20. subsection 1.6 Composition of the Executive

        (1) There shall be a President, which Office shall continue to be occupied by President Robert Gabriel
        (2) There shall be two (2) Vice Presidents, who will be nominated by the President and/or Zanu-PF.
        (3) There shall be a Prime Minister, which Office shall be occupied by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.
        (4) There shall be two (2) Deputy Prime Ministers, one (1) from MDC-T and one (1) from the MDC-M…”

        if you bring yours that includes MDC-N then you can start talking, the executive of the land can not be allowed to bring any tom n dick into their meeting because he o she has a big mouth, be advised accordingly…

    2. Oh, I see why you call yourself GUDO,,, it certainly shows you know brains are as shallow as that of a Baboon, How can you support such stupidity???

      1. @Shingi lt would be good for everyone to hear your argument

  3. kikikikikikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aiwa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Fulfill prophesy Mugabe, mark my words, the guy is a Jesuit messenger. World Unity + one Spiritual (the pope), then later, one government with USA being the president. Thanks Bob, tell Zimbabweans what you stand for. You also pretend to fight against homosexuality (kutibata kumeso), but your master the Pope tells you to support it behind closed doors. Thesis and anti-thesis fight them you have Synthesis. Period.

    Thats why we have gvts of national unity in Kenya, Zim, now Mali, Tunisia, Egypt, MAdagascar, Somalia, CAR, next will be Uganda. This is to make it seem like Africans cannot govern themselves, so they need on President.

    TAzvitaura isu

    Yours sincerely


  5. Just a word of advise

    Maybe, just a word of advise to mr President, Robert Mugabe. I am beyond sure that as a Head of State you are fully aware that what killed Gaddaf is far beyond than what people speculated. Incase you have forgotten let me remind you that your fellow dictator was brutally killed for coming up with the same idea which didn’t go well with USA. Now I can clearly see that death is knocking at your door. If your so called wisdom bangs Clinton’s office, you are the next to go with notice. You have made so many ill suggestions that didn’t go well with Clinton but they knew you are a baby militant that can’t even trigger a pistol. Bit if you want NATO to handle you as Lybia, then go on.

  6. This man not only wanted to wipe out the Ndebele in the early 80’s.He tried to wipe out the entire Nation in 2008.Today he is talking of uniting the whole of Africa. The Centenarian is suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder Syndrome.

  7. The bad geratric guy gambles again. He dreams he could be so luck to be elected to rule/ cum ruin Africa the way he did Zimbabwe for the past 32 yrs.Grown up idiot. Ask him to read out the founding principles of the continental body, maybe he will shaw us where one principle states that people must be massacred, disappear, oppressed or that democracy means the creation of hunger and joblessness. What a bizarre proposal when the continent is burning and infested with rebellions.The old Mugabe has failed at home to unite people, what more with Africa. Look at Gaddafi.He fell like a rabbid dog. Why. Despite posturing as a unifier and Africanist. Charity begins at home. A better proposal; stop the wars first? – don’t put the cart before the horse.

  8. Mbonisi dont live yr life in bitternes learn to forgive, father zimbabwe did that. Our President is speaking his piece of mind let him do so, actually i agree with him its high time the whole continent lives in unity with one president.

    1. @Bothsides
      Charity begines at home – he should stop daydreaming. I think its Gukurahundism that is troubling his mind.

  9. The murderous despot Matibili must surely be hallucinating ,after all he is the only Head of State who is known to be sleeping on the job.The Gushungo Goblin is increasingly sounding demented,derided,delusional and out of sorts .Vanhu vese vaya vavakadya Matibili !

  10. No prize for guessing who wants to be Africa’s first President!

    Instead of spending time attending to his own failures at home, he has to divert attention and talk about some utopian hogwash.

  11. uMdala zisakwanile kuhlekuhle ekhanda… Sudan has split, DRC is on the verge of splitting… In his own country Mthwakazi is calling for its own state and he talks of uniting Africa…. ubulema buza ngendlela ezinengi

  12. One President? Forever here kanakuti? If so our candidate is Grace Mugabe kana kuti mwana wacho The Undertaker!

  13. CHATUNGA !!! Head of state and Commander in Chief of African Defence Forces. Apa ndinofunga mbonisi asvotwa!.

  14. I agree with our dear president. Despite all the challenges and failures of past and present leaders, Africa needs unity more than anything else. The challenges should not deter us from taking steps towards this noble cause. In fact, there is more that unites us than what divides us. If you check you will see that tribes and languages spoken in one African country are also spoken in the neighboring country – the Bantu languages – All related. Suthu, Venda, Zulu, Ndebele, are common languages in RSA and Zim, Kalanga in Btswana & Zim, Shona in Moza and Zim, the list goes in all over Africa. We share a common past and certainly our futures depend on our ability to work together, and help each other. The case of Hutus and Tutsis is a painful reality of people of the same language killing each other because one is shorter than the other and one is lighter in complexion than the other. This was a clear failure of Africaness, and values of Ubuntu/unhu that emphasize treating your neighbor as yourself and strangers as royalty. Though there will be difficulties in getting there as in any normal life endeavour, it is worth pursuing for the betterment of Africa and its people. What we need are enlightened leaders who can rise above the narrow mindedness of serving their tribe, and the fear of failure. It is also important to realize that, even our current nations are a groupings of tribes and chiefdoms that used to rule over small areas. However, it took the courage of great African leaders such as Shaka Zulu, Mambo of the Dzimbabwe and Mzilikazi to name but a few. Those noble ideas that were guided by the age old wisdom of united we stand, divided we fall still resonates today more than ever. There are great lessons all over the world to demonstrate the benefits of such developments, USA, China, EU, UK, and even Germany.

    To those who want to oppose for the sake of opposing, please think again, it does not mean that Mugabe will be the president or that he will do it. But if he can make a contribution towards the enabling Africa to move towards such an achievement, then let us support him. His past mistakes and failures should not be used to disregard the noble ideas that he has.

    One President for Africa is the ultimate level of integration, but there are multiple steps before this, and they NEED to be taken.

    Mayibuye IAfrica, One Africa, One people.

    1. @Vodloza

      Stop daydreaming. Prove the unity in your own country by firts voting for each other in politics without looking at tribal or regional divides, after which you can start thinking of uniting and leading the whole African continent!!

      1. Mbonisi, Please understand that unity at national level is not necessarily a pre-requisite for the Unity of Africa. While it is important , what is required at this level is the unity of national leaders rather than the unity of individual people. The unity that we need for Africa to be one is not the unity of the masses, but the unity of the leaders of those masses. These are the people who will carry the day. The countries who united did not need ALL their people to be united, but their leaders, led them to a position and condition of unity. If you can bring your mind to think this way, you will see that this is not daydreaming, but an absolute reality. I can give you a very good example, the Unity Accord, between PF ZAPU and ZANU PF. Not all members of both parties agreed to it, or were united about it, but because the leaders agreed to unite, their followers had to follow their example. The result, we had peace since 1987, even though there were those who complained and grumbled, that agreement is still in force, today, guiding the parties (that governed the nation till 2008) regardless of its weaknesses and detractors.

        Let me draw your attention to some of the key issues that you have been writing about that you may want to look at keenly, with a slightly different perspective. You have been talking about Mugabe as the ‘Gukurahundi’, and I agree with you perfectly because he was the leader who sanctioned this heinous period of madness and the followers had no option but to bid their leaders’ bidding. Similarly, don’t even think that national unity depends on you and me who follow the political leaders – NO NO NO. Its the leaders who lead their people into unity of disunity, or conflict. So please take note of this, Leaders play very important roles in the way nations behave or dont behave. At one time, Germany had one crazy leader called Hitler, who wanted to dominate the world, and Germany became the reason for the world to be at war. Did he need the agreement of every German to start war? Emphatically not, yet Germans suffered and died for something they did not vote for. Therefore, it stands to reason that, Our leaders carry 100% responsibility for how Africa is today, and shall be tomorrow. They can decide to unite, and Africa will be united. Hate Mugabe or love him, but as one of the leaders, he has a role to play in the unity of Africa for the benefit of the children of Africa. All we can do here is comment, and urge them to do the right thing, because they hold the reins of power, without which no one can steer the national/African ship in any direction, no matter how wise.

        My conclusion readers on this issue is that, it is possible for Africa to be united. While it is important and nice for all Africans to be united, it is not a prerequisite for the One Africa concept. It is the unity of the national leaders that is a prerequisite for this to happen, and LEADERS of Africa, please unite and be ONE. The rest of the Africans will follow suit because they are influenced and follow their leaders either by choice or by policy. Mbonisi have you ever wondered why you will naturally love somebody who loves and agrees with your mother, and hate the one who fights and disagrees with her. The same principle works for the unity of Africa.

        My hope Sir Mbonisi is that I can win you over to this vision which you call a dream. Once we do, at least two Africans agree, and together we can influence the others, and build the much needed momentum. Issues of justice for wrongs that have been done in the past (e.g. Gukurahundi and many others in Africa) should be dealt with accordingly, (focusing on providing healing and restoration those negatively affected, and educating the perpetrators) and corrected so that no Africa can lose their lives this way again. However, important as they are, these tragedies should not be allowed to dictate our desire for unity, even at national level.

        Mayibuye iAfrica, One People, One Africa

    2. you got kiikikikiikikiki bhwaaaaa LMAO There was only one great warrior king in the whole of sourthen Afrika inkoso uShaka kaaZulu not this wishful thinking of yours of mbabo or is it the marbles of Dzi…….whatever.

  15. Hei varume, dont just utter nonsense. Just check the 14 comments above, people are already shouting and insulting one another, so how can the president completely unite 14 million people. Mudzimba matigere umu murume nemukadzi havasikutowirirana, go to the civil courts and check. Africa ngaibatanidzwe, tisu anhu acho. PAMBERI NEKUBATANA.

  16. @humba

    Nobody has ever said there were no dissidents in Zim in the 1980s – so that is not even a debate and has never been.

    It is who were the dissidents and how they came about that has ALWAYS been the issue:

    1. Dissidents and dissidentry was caused by Gukurahundi Mugabe because he wanted a one party state and therefore had to destroy Dr Nkomo, his party and his support base. The starting point had to be the army, where, because ZIPRA was better trained had to be frustrated from being influential in any way – this led to ZIPRA boys leaving the army to take up arms;

    2. Dr Joshua Nkomo lost control of the ZIPRA boys-turned dissidents after they returned to the bush. These people had no proper military structures, they were just frustrated people who now sought revenge and many of you know this. If they were that organised under Nkomo, then tell us who their commanders were on the ground and how many they were? Why was Dr Joshua Nkomo NOT arrested? Why was Dumiso Dabengwa and Look Masuku acquitted in the Highest Courts of the land – twice for that matter, if they were leading dissidents? Why couldn’t the state prove its case against them?

    You should avoid seeing everything in your anti-Ndebele tribal lenses and please stop swallowing Gukurahundi ZANU PF propaganda hook, line, and sinker – just try using your own MEDULLA OBLANGATA for once.

    For years Mugabe has dragged you people by the nose, knowing that you will always side with him over anything against the Ndebele and you still do not see this up to this day.

    He has got you where he wanted you to be and you will never, ever remove him from power – usable morons!!

  17. unity it is something which is lacking in africa, have you not heard about the unification of countries in europe eg germany, italy how they managed to develop after that unification. we as africans united we can mananege to move forward in terms of development, united we stand divided we fall. of course we can talk of different cultural background, religion, national belief but we are united with one common aspect of returning owner, glory and wealth to africa which was underdeveloped by europeans who are still regarding us as barbaric and savegery group hitherto. the case of gukuraundi should not be taken as a casas beli of refuting some of the significant contribution in the society….what comes out from the countries which were divided eg sudan…

  18. I think as much as we would like to criticize the President for a formation of 1African State,lets face it,one way or the other this is a very nobel idea and to my opinion it would lead to a very stable state because most of the things that we export will be shared within the states formed.Imagine in the case of Nigeria,they have vast oil fields and just next door countries have to import from Asia because Nigeria wants to export theirs to were their interests are.Lets all support this motion and set aside all the differences we may have with our own.N’anga muroyi muberevere redunhu rayo,lets wait and see what the international media say as well.

  19. Coming from Robert Gukurahundi Mugabe, nobody in the AU will take this seriously.

    Here is a man who has failed to unite his own little country in the last 33 years – and has even needed hand-holding from people who never went to school like President Zuma to help him out of the racial and tribal mess he has created in his own country.

    South Africa is only 19 years old in democracy but is by far, more united than Zimbabwe can ever think of becoming – and it has a devolution system of governance for that matter!!

  20. Charity begins at home bob ,this old man is so obessed with intergrating Africa but in zimbabwe we have not yet achieved political tolerance , core existance and ndebele-shona animosity ,if Sudan and Southern Sudan can not be one worse bonding African world and Arab world its next to impossible , its not news that he has already suggested to be the president on an unlimited term in office at 90 .Problems facing Africa vary and demensional ,central Africa in particular the 14 Swahili speaking countries need to be resolute to engage tribal issues first ,its not easy for the Tutsi to let the Hutu get away with the Appril 1994 genocide thank to President Nelson Mandela.So there is a causal link why Rwanda is an accomplice to the M23 rebels and Mugabe dont forget you gave assylum to Mengesto who is a wanted man in Ethopia .Nigeria and Cameroon have more than 300 tribes and muslim -christion supremacy is a menace in africa’s second biggest economy.The feud btwn Somalia,Ethiopia and Eritria is about borders wht more an africa president .Egypt,Tunisia,Morroco they affiliate to Arab league African problems its an adventure to them ,mybe sub saharan countries but the idea remains nosense in any language and lack coherent of facts ,more over coming from a dictactor who have destroyed his own country

  21. New world order is being implied. Prophecy is abt to pass.

  22. Varume musha hautongwe nedemo kwete. Ngatirege kushandisa hasha pose pose. Chakatadzwa ngachibvumwe asi chisashandiswa pasiri panzvimbo pacho. Sugar inonaka asi kana kwabikwa nyama ngatitaure nezvekurungwa kwenyama. Toisa munyuzve. Vamwe varume vanorohwa namadzimai avo mudzimba asi hazvivatadzise kutaura zvine njere kumatare echirume. Tochienda panhau ye one Africa one President. Haina kutangwa naPresident Mugabe. Naiwo ngavarege kuitora sendiwo vaitanga. Hadzisi njere dzawo idzi zvine vakatozvitaura kare. Ngavataure vachibvuma nekupawo muenzaniso kuti zvakabva kuna nhengi. Kuturura mbatya dzananikwa nemumwe hazvireve kuti ndive vadzigeza. Ndini chete ndiyo yatadzisa nyika ino kubatana.

    1. Inga vataura wani kuti ma founding fathers ndicho chaiva chivimbo chavo? Handina kumbonzwa Baba Mugabe pavati ndizvo zvandafunga. Musa venga munhu vengai mhosva.

      Handisati ndambonzwa VaMugabe vachiti ndini chete. Pese vanoti patai dai kureva kuti ivo nevamwe.

  23. Kikkii lol!!!!

  24. Mbonisi what are you talking about, what is the Gukuruhundi you are talking about, whay are you always looking back over your shoulders in such a way that you forget to look where your foot is landing, be very careful lest UNODONHERA MUGOMBA WAKATARISA KUMASHURA. If you talk about Gukurahundi – I will talk about the 1800s Ndebele invasion and exploitation of the Shonas.
    I would like to remind you that we have relatives who were killed by the DISDANTS in Matebeleland just because they were Shonas. Who is Welshman Ncube – a bogus professor who stole another student’s THESIS, you recognise him as MDC-M President; but we do not recognise him at the GPA, we know Mutambara. Mugabe is right, he has been right from the days of the liberation struggle, even to the Lancester Hse negotiations, It is possible we can have an African President.

    1. @cobmaize
      Stop writing rubbish.

      1. Stopwriting rubbish, and get an education.

      2. Stop writing rubbish and get an education.

      3. MBONISI COBMAIZE IS RIGHT . THE NDEBeles of 1800s raided and killed many shonas so this thing has never escaped our minds we wanted to correct that once and forall so that you are taught a lesson and u will never do it again .try it again and see what will happen .

        1. yes you corrected it, then what – now running away from tinotonga?

  25. Hating Ndebeles will not unite Africa. Its like hating Chatunga, Bona and Robert jr, for Gukurahundi!!!

  26. Mugabe is not at all daydreaming,very few things take him by surprise,remember who was the first president in the world to come up with the look east policy,way before the recession in Europe and America.This guy knows,he is informed,you can hate all you want,but if you are wise you turn to your bible and you will see that end is very near.There will be one president for Africa-thats just how it is,Europe was divided east west germany,the irish are still divided though they have signed a unity accord,but dont we have one eu president today,Americans will never kill Bob,he is one of their own,for all you democracy pundits,why was Mugabe celebrated world over,knighting him-zim was the jewel of africa,while back @ home pple were being massacred by the army-in case you say the world didnt know-the catholic commision for justice published in detail everything that happened in detail & called it a genocide-musatambe nemunembo wechikara-even so come Lord Jesus Amen- all saints lift your eyes redemption draws near!!!!

    1. @wisdom

      You are not very wise, you are a hero-worshipper – kind of “unwisdom”, if at all there is such a word!

      1. mbonisi i might not be wise but i know what im talking about,unfortunately your hate is blinding you to present realities-Yes iam a hero worshiper -Jesus Christ is my hero! i will not engage you on this because i can see you are ignorant about freemasons,the illuminati,the new world order-just for interest-why do you think the unity accord in zim is called the Global Peace Acccord when it is a national thing not a global,this thing wsa hammered by the sadc not un so how is it global,it doesnt affect the world only affects zim,My advise to you my brother is read your bible,have a paradigm shift from the earthly soreal & look into heavenly realities,these things are biggger than you,bigger than mugabe bigger than the world itself-The bible says -when they shal be saying peace & prosperity,then sudden death like the birth pains of a woman shall be upon them,and none shall escape-wonder why presidents everywhere are preaching peace,why pentecoastals are running with the “prosperity gospel” & pple like makandiwa are getting so reach-its because this world is drawing to its close-christ is about to come-God bless you

        1. You are a hero-worshipper of Gukurahundi Mugabe – not Jesus Christ.

          I will not be told about the Bible by Shona Gukurahundi tribalists. Your Bible is the Gukurahundi ZANU PF 1979 Grand Plan Satanic verses – google them from the internet if you have forgotten.

          Repent from your Shona Gukurahundi tribalism and seek forgiveness for the blood of the innocent villagers you spilled without any element of a human conscience.

          You are Lucifer, the devil personified – worse than the four-legged dogs on this planet earth!!

  27. Gukurahundi Mugabe created Shona-Ndebele tribalism in Zim – he should shut up about the one president and African unity nonsense!

  28. Tribalism in Zim is like aids just everywhere

  29. this is an idiotic proposal from the slain Libyan leader. Africa is now being affected by borders put in place by the settlers. Elsewhere in South Africa fellow Africans have borne the brunt of being called makwerekwere. How on earth are we going to be united after such xenophobic sentiment.?In Zimbabwe alone the people of matebeleland are mulling of having a state of their own called mthwakazi. The current crop of leadership is even encouraging divisions.

  30. @wisdom
    You are a hero-worshipper of Gukurahundi Mugabe – not Jesus Christ.

    I will not be told about the Bible by Shona Gukurahundi tribalists. Your Bible is the Gukurahundi ZANU PF 1979 Grand Plan Satanic verses – google them from the internet if you have forgotten.

    Repent from your Shona Gukurahundi tribalism and seek forgiveness for the blood of the innocent villagers you spilled without any element of a human conscience.

    You are Lucifer, the devil personified – worse than the four-legged dogs on this planet earth!!

    1. Your vitriol is tragic,your anger deadly as cockrice poison,yet it can only affect you,your delusions however are sad to say the least,why does anc invite zanu pf to its centenery celebrations,why did the former lib struggle parties form a union,anc,zanu etc nb zapu excluded,you claim to be working with south afrcans-that is hogwash,your assumptions are silly-bcoz i wrote in shona you assume im shona,is everyone who speaks zulu in sa zulu,your argumnets are petty to silly-somewhere today in this same forum you claimed that “gukurahundi” & shona are different-now you are contradicting that-in any case how do i become a gukurahundi culprit-by pointing out that the new world order-global village is a sign that this world is drawing to its close?i seriously am battling to understand your reasoning,how am i worshiping mugabe,by pointing out he was the first to look east,which now,south africa,uk,& eu,south america and the rest of africa are doing ever heard of brics,seriously man,chabangisisa kabanzi ngalokhu engikushoyo,if iam wrong then insult all you like but if there is any credence to it,i think you do yourself a favour to look into it-iam not sold to insults neither do i care if you insult-but for your sake its prudent to see whether these things are not as i have articulated. thanks

      1. wisdom,
        Regarding your Gukurahundi hero Mugabe, there is nothing novel about looking east. He only did it because the Queen of England had refused to entertain his Gukurahundism, and that hurt badly for him since he always saw himslef as some Gukurahundi Shona Englishman.

        By that time South Africa South Africa had long established relations with China, after cutting diplomatic ties with Taiwan during President Mandela’s time. So your Gukurahundi God was no pioneer in this.

        Nevertheless, I must stress that as far as I am concerned, any praises of any sort, admiration or hero-worshipping and my Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ do not mix – they are like oil and water – and I make no apologies for this. So, please quit your Biblical references when talking about this Shona Gukurahundi Lucifer!!

  31. for God so loved Zimbabwe lets unite …….. 2 chronicles7vs 14

  32. I, working hand in hand with South Africans will personally see to it that this one-country one president notion for the African continent comes to naught.

    The Gukurahundi will first have to explain the basis of his party’s Bible the Gukurahundi ZANU PF 1979 Grand Plan Satanic verses.

    They will first have to repent from their Shona Gukurahundi tribalism and seek forgiveness for the blood of the innocent villagers they spilled without any element of a human conscience!!

  33. It is patently clear that the dream of president of Africa can only come from one whose ambitions for the post are unbridled .Remember the late Butcher of Libya (Gadaffi ) wanted the post for himself with Mugabe as his anointed deputy . Ever noticed how president Mugabe always mourns the demise of his bosom ally , the slain dictator of Libya? On a more serious note , I was thrilled by the fact that the AU saw it fit to invite NATO to assist in upholding the sovereignty of Mali . President Yayi openly and gleefully said this to his host president Mugabe ! Let us hope the UN will ask NATO to intervene in Zimbabwe should the loser refuse to relinquish power. NATO can hit . If in doubt ask Gadaffi.

  34. Ndiwo wekusairira vana kuti vadambure wamwe maoko vachiti short sleeves here nekuda kusabva pachigaro chete chete? Ndiwo wandakambonzwa vachiti “kana mumunda mako muine zvigutsa unoitasei” vachireva kuti maNdebele zvigutsa panguva yeZapu vachinzi Machuwachuwa. One president for Africa manje, is that coming from the heart cde? will you be able to loot at will if you happen not to be the president of Africa, please consider that and give an honest answer. Will also be able to globe trot which you are so passionate about? Think of the swam of cars and bikes escort you, imi……!

  35. Mugabe for the President of Africa

    1. Haiwawo…. tibvirepo…Kusanyara.

  36. He wants to spread “Shona Gukurahundi tribalism” to the rest of the African continent. We will have none of it. Let it remian confined to his Zimbagwe!!

  37. kkkkkkkk he is thinking PM will become governor for the province of zimbabwe since there wil be no head of state.

  38. Gadhafi is coming back using the back door. he wanted one president for Africa so maybe it is his spirit talking not our lovely Mugabe.

  39. Hating Ndebeles will not unite Africa. Its like hating Chatunga, Bona and Robert jr, for Gukurahundi!!

  40. @mbonisi,I believe no one hates Ndebele or Shona,I think you mjst as well adjust how you bring about your opinions or comments whatsoever.If you are always cursing and insulting I fail to get the sense of everything you say.Wrongs were done and so was rights too,but try and carve your words so that everyone dont see you as a Tribalist but someone out for justice served.Usazondituka.

    1. Gono Rinotunga
      I take exception to people who want us not to say anything about Gukurahundi, just because they were brought up to believe Gukurahundi equates to Shona people. We will not be silenced through these ZANU PF tricks.

      1. @mbonisi
        your mind is all filled up with gukurahundi, check your daily coments on this paper! no day passes without u mentioning gukurahundi! we r tired of your story

  41. And as the queen of England was knighting Mugabe mandebele achiurawa us shonas thought it was a necessary evil didn’t we. Then the whites suffered early 2000s and we hated them for their wealth and we all wanted a piece of land thinking once you have land money starts to fall down from heaven like rain. Then came 2008 the same gukurahundi spirit yakatanga kudamburawo nesu mashona. Taura hako Mbonisi. In a free Zimbabwe I propose this Mbonisi guy heads a proper truth and reconciliation commission. Mashona we must change our ways and mentality. Everybody attacked everybody in the 18th century and before even in Europe. It is wrong to say Mandebele deserved to be punished for the 18 Century attacks on the shonas. But notice it started as a one party state now it’s a one African state. Africa beware this mad geriatric.

  42. VaMugabe apa vafunga zvakanaka voda kupa Save Africa yose pamwe vamwe vangararama Mdara Morgan uyu mukana wakanaka uyu waiswa pamberi nemi Tsvangison

  43. This old man talks about unity in Africa yet he can’t even foster unity in Zim. Talk about senility then you have it.

  44. The idea is superb if it will be welcome and supported by the follow African leaders and the westerners (Americans and Europeans and Asians and they should allow Africans to govern them self’s only.
    Mugabe is a great man but my advice to him is he should be careful in calling for the unity of Africa because its going to bring a set back to the progress of this most easterners ”; Be careful President Mugabe ; The only thing which should be first achieve its to give self succession to most of this waring tribes in the countries of Africa or to create more nations our of African countries then form a unity African as a body.
    And also have African world bank where all African banks will bank and borrow money and also direct and encourage our growing population to believe and trust in black race.
    We will never move on if we still continue to remember the past mistake without forgiveness and we should respect our leaders and pray for them as we all are involved in this as one day we may found our self in that position as a president,governors and Representative etc..
    You all most know that there is no leader that will have a hundred percent support of what so ever, even the savior our lord did not get it .

  45. Mugabe is an idiot moron inja khuluma mbonisi. amaswina othuvi

  46. Shonas are a disgrace to Zimbabwe they are like Nigerians you find them every corner of the world they started as amapostori going to Bostwana now they are all over.

  47. The idea is superb if it will be welcome and supported by the follow African leaders and the westerners (Americans and Europeans and Asians and they should allow Africans to govern them self’s only.
    Mugabe is a great man but my advice to him is he should be careful in calling for the unity of Africa because its going to bring a set back to the progress of this most easterners ”; Be careful President Mugabe ; The only thing which should be first achieve its to give self succession to most of this waring tribes in the countries of Africa or to create more nations our of African countries then form a unity African as a body.
    And also have African world bank where all African banks will bank and borrow money and also direct and encourage our growing population to believe and trust in black race.
    We will never move on if we still continue to remember the past mistake without forgiveness and we should respect our leaders and pray for them as we all are involved in this as one day we may found our self in that position as a president,governors and Representative etc..
    You all most know that there is no leader that will have a hundred percent support of what so ever, even the savior our lord did not get it

  48. Mugabe must be happy because the guys opposing him are at each others throats because of tribalism…He is probably going to play the tribalism card come next election and we are going to kill each other again.

  49. @Mbonisi,I agree with you a lot when you say noone must stop you from bringing to light the murders and genocide that was done in the 80s.And if nation building is ever to be prosperous,we the Shona people must also acknowledge the same motion.What is bad is bad even in a million years nothing good will ever come out of it.People died during Operation Gukurahundi,reasons are best known by those who spearheaded the attacks.I believe it was not the whole of Mashonaland who went and raped,burnt houses or tortured in Matebeleland.We Shonas must stop defending the perpetrators of this war crime,also Ndebeles must stop harrassing the Shonas whenever this issue is discused on whatever site.More than 20 000 people are believed to have died during this period.THE NATION IS OBLIGED TO SEE THE GUILTY PUNISHED NO MATTER NDEBELE OR SHONA and I believe as some sources say some Brits are also involved.As for you my Shona brothers and sisters,I believe we need an explanation also and its time we rally with whoever has suffered due to irresponsible leaders who take the law into their hands because a certain group or person has different views from then.Kuonesana hama dzangu!

    1. Agreed, people should stop equating Gukurahundi with Shonas. This is a diabolical trick of trying to silence the victims, in case they are accused of fanning tribalism. There should never be any attempt of equating Gukurahundi with the prehistoric tribal wars of the African continent, there is absolutely no similarities. Again people should stop defending Mugabe, its non of their business and he has not asked them to speak on his behalf.

      1. @Mbonisi

        Good. But that remark should be directed to yourself! All the does and don’ts should be actioned by somebody in the forefront of those ills. And that somebody is none other than yourself.

  50. Africa is just a mindstate a concept being black know is just a label we all know that the 1st world countries run the 3rd world countries its not politics that run shit its beyond that the world bankers run the world every decision made by the AU has to be a profit making decision we remain slaves of debts

  51. Africa is just a mindstate a concept being black know is just a label we all know that the 1st world countries run the 3rd world countries its not politics that run shit its beyond that the world bankers run the world every decision made by the AU has to be a profit making decision we remain slaves of debts.

  52. First off, we all know that many of the insensitive comments being made here are usually from whites, or some other ethnic group of people that only get their information about Africa from western white controlled media so those people comments and opinions should not be taken seriously, again, because many of them hold racist prejudiced views about Africa and black people as well.

    Now, i totally agree that Africa should have one president, that have been a dream of mine for such a very long time that all african states should join forces, if this be, Africa would be much larger than China and America arm forces combined. But knowing how greedy and wicked the white man is from the west, he would stop at nothing to not allow that to happen, but at the same time, i say, it will happen, because no matter how many bombs and corrupt officials they taint, they could never control 1 billion free thinking people. Lets go Mugabe i am in full support

  53. You zimbabweans talking like zimbabwe is the only country with shit going on mugabe killed ndebeles so what bush killed iraqi’s isreal killing people in gaza you must be greatful you have a president like mugabe he seez thru the western bullshit

    1. Blackdot

      You are an uneducated ignorant Gukurahundi idiot. You cannot compare Gukurahundi Mugabe’s actions in Mthwakazi and those of US President Gorge Bush.

      Robert Gukurahundi Mugabe killed citizens of his country, whom he was sworn to protect under his country’s constitution; Gorge Bush did not kill Americans, his citizens. As much as it is unacceptable to raid foreign lands, killing your own citizens is just not done in this modern day and age – it only happens in African countries run by tribalist thugs!!

      Grow up – learn that the purpose of a government is to protect its citizens and not to kill them. This is why in civilised countries, they rescue their citizens from danger in foreign lands and even sound warnings to them against travelling to certain dangerous places. Obviously to Gukurahundis, this is totally lost to them.

  54. You still worried abt africa being one goverment well just wait and see hw america has it on lock down they brining a one worldly goverment u hav even started to use their money {u.s. Dollars}

  55. you must all shut up because you are fools,with the exception of wisdom.you dont read.mugabe is fulfilling true bible prophecy pointing to the coming of Jesus.the condinents will have a president each and the countries will be as constituencies.the overall president will be american and will rule the whole world.your freedoms will be violated and brutal power will be used.the devil will use that president to promote satanic interests and percecute the true children of God.thats what will make Jesus come to save his true followers.its nöthing to dö with gukurahundi.tendeukai mutevere Jesu nyika yave kuguma.Jesu ouya.

  56. @Werdna…if telling people to shut up and that they are fools whilst they are giving their opinion is what “your bible” and the prophesies it gives says,well then i think you have to read that bible inside your house my friend.This is a public platform and everyone can say what they think.That element yekufunga kuti unoziva stereki ndiyo yatirikuramba.When will you learn to raise a constructive idea without insulting someone.Dude read your words before you post.Hazvireve kuti kunyora chirungu wakugona stereki.

  57. What we shud b talking about z who can b the ideal leader for africa ?

  58. This notion of anointment has turned Achimwene’s head. I am sure he wants to be the 1st president of Africa.

  59. president yu are such a great leader frm God dai idea yenyu yaita sucessfull varungu vanoda kushandisa maresources edu vachitibata rough . Dai africa yabatana

    1. Baba Chatunga has just affirmed why he has to relinquish power, ende ndanyara.

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  61. To be honest, the idea of a United States of Africa with one president was first muted by the founding father, Ghanaian president Kwame Nkrumah in the 1960’s way before Zimbabwe was born. This is not Muammer Gadaffi or Robert Mugabe’s wisdom. If at all these twonshowed later enthusiasim for the idea, they were and are propbably hijacking the bandwagon and riding it roughshoddy for personal bragado and glory. However, noble as it is, it has precedent fatalities. Nkrumah was assassinated with the aid of the Western imperialists to silence this direction that African nationalism was taking. Gadaffi-though more Ay-rab than African was slain by the western imperialistic hand, among other reasons, for being vocal about the idea.The reason?The very success of African states united under one president after the North AmericanUSA model will defeat western imperialist interests of exploiting Africa’s vast resources by fostering political tolerence, peace and economic co-operation. The West does not want peace to prevail in Africa, infact it fans proxy wars to decimate Africa’s population-hence weaken resistence, launder diamonds, oil, gold and so on through the chaos consistent with wars. Robert Mugabe maybe advocating for the right to African self determination, but he is inviting Uncle Sam’s club of western witches and mercenerries to his door step. Well said at the recent ZANU PF’s conference that he, the man of the masses does not fear death incumbent upon fighting for self rule. But Uncle Sam, the almighty, higly decorated blood sucking colonial vampire does not stop at anyone who wants self determination of rights, freedoms, resources et-ceterra et-ceterra. Once he fixes his binoculas at any nation’s resources, however tiny, he crashes into it without knocking through the front door. He has assigned himself the role of World prefect, and with by his side;the –desh desh- church, The World judiciary System (ICCJ), and the Navy roaming restlessly within cannon range in the Pacific and Indian oceans, plus his West Point bloodhounds salivating all over Africa, who will be for whoever advocates for meaningful African Unionism? Uncle Sam and his barbaric greed is God’s case-Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Haiti willsay there is no judicial appeal against it.Bob is only right as far as predicting that the west would like to assassinate him (Shouldn’t he be warry of his compound C10 fertlizer stables for own safety? Its said those stables have leaking roofs at a time the country has insissent rains)-not for advocating for Africa’s president.That is not healthy. Not for him, not for Zimbabwe. After suffering from hyperinflation for so long, Zimbabweans need a socio-economic -cum-political rest-not a direct or proxy war with Uncle Sam. At least before going international on public media, these leaders should consider the socio-political impact of some of these statements and conduct opinion polls on the masses. Either that is a display of very big balls or an utter disregard of the national consequencies. When Uncle Sam’s West Point bloodhounds or his mermaid cannons came looking for Nkrumah and Gaddaffi, ordinary Ganaians and Lybians were not left unshaken! But plus or minus Mugabe (because some now appear to hate a nobble idea because of who has repeated it), the idea of African president remains noble as originally propounded by founding father Kwame Nkrumah and aspiring Libyan matyred president Muammar Gaddaffi (May mother Africa rest their souls) before they provoked their own funerals.

    1. @Shame, your line of reason looks fine at face value. The problem you have is that you have this mispalced belief that Mugabe is the best thing that happened to zim. Thats quite strange…..this country is bigger than any of the lot around today and tomorrow!

  62. @mbonisi. You didnt take your pills today…..I can tell by the hallucinations and uncontrolled outburst. I adviceyou to take the doc’s prescriptions serious becoz one of these days your condition may deteriorate!

  63. I want to be able to use my gmail account to forward blog posts to people, but for some reason Thunderbird keeps forcing me to use my college e-mail. Is there a way to change this?.

  64. Africa wake up…I have been making some follow ups to how other people other tjan Zimbabweans have responded to this motion.I was actually surprised to note that in the New York publication for today,Our President has received a lot of support though here and there some Republican minds will continue to vilify him.A reference was given to how Americas founding fathers were also criticized but today they are one of the best nations in the world.It takes the first step to determine if this will be a successful mission in Africa.Lets accept the idea and through forums as this one we help curve whatever we expect from our leaders.Lets look at the pros and cons and as I see it,there are a lot of advantages to peoplee suffering on Zimbabwe,people waring in Sudan,CAR,Mali.We all get to speak in one voice and be guided under the same rules,we get to use our own resources other than have the West and East exploit them without much benefit to the huge masses.Have you thought how many countries bank with the Swiss Bank or any other foreign countries,its all our money and instead of having someone manage our finances,we run our own African Central Bank,I understand we have a lot of educated people with better qualifications than whoever is running IMF or EU Bank.Lets all give this a thot carefully and bring out all the constructive criticism as well as the benefits from this idea.Thank yu

  65. hint:
    1). the bigger the nation the richer it can. take a look to big countries like USA, China, SA, USSR etc
    2). the smaller the nation the posiblity of peace. take a look at very small communities like Swaziland ,Zimbabwe , zambia , britain. spain etc

  66. Min. of Diffence Mthwakazi State

    To all u blood thirsty Gukurahudiz, leave Mbonisi alone, we will not allow the children of our Mthwakazi State be patronised by silly Gukurahundi mongers. Its our right to say out the truth at any given time. Ungesabi Mbonisi, zijwayele ukusethusela izinja zothuvi lezi. To hell with the stupid Gukurahundiz

    1. You are missing the point all of you. You are judging his idea on his person. Wrong!!!! If this idea had come from the respected Nelson Mandela, you would all be ululating and jumping in joy. Discuss the idea of having one President for Africa on its merits and demerits. It might not be a bad idea after all. Don’t worry about Mugabe, he might not even be there come year end. Hazvingatitadzisi to engage in progressive debates. Personally, I am tired of hearing about Gukurahundi. Meaningful discussions about Gukurahundi will only be done after Mugabe is gone. As for now, please just shut up, coz hapana zvamuchamuita.

  67. Guys do not be worried about mbonisi. He enjoys provoking you and reading your reactions. It’s his past-time hobbie. You should not be surprised that he is a ZANU PF card carrying member and has had it since 1980. Do not be surprised that he is not even Ndebele

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