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15 000 crocodiles escape from SA farm


HEAVY rains in Limpopo have reportedly forced close to 15 000 crocodiles to escape from a farm in South Africa’s far north,  raising fears the reptiles might cross to Beitbridge.

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Incidents of people being attacked or killed by the deadly reptiles are common along the Limpopo River.

According to media reports from South Africa, the incident that has sparked panic in Zimbabwe border town happened last Sunday.

This comes amid reports that at least 10 people have been killed by floods in Limpopo province.

The Limpopo River is a particularly dangerous crossing point for Zimbabweans entering the neighbouring country illegally.

At this time of the year, it is flooded and infested with crocodiles.

Due to recent rains, Limpopo River was flooded and the water levels had risen above the new Limpopo Bridge.

Many border jumpers continue to risk their lives by crossing the river and several of them have either been killed or left with scars by the deadly reptiles in the past.

The Limpopo River crocodiles are among the world’s largest and arguably the most dangerous.

Experts say saltwater crocodiles are responsible for more human fatalities per year than any other predator. They are strong swimmers that are well adapted to the water, which is where they do nearly all their hunting.

The officer commanding police in Beitbridge district, Chief Superintendent Lawrence Chinhengo could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Reports from South Africa yesterday indicated that the reptiles were let loose by the owner of Rakwena Crocodile Farm.

However, several are said to have been recaptured.

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