‘Zimbabweans should support jazz’


ONE of Bulawayo’s leading guitarists Hudson Simbarashe has encouraged Zimbabweans to support jazz music.

Report by Sheryleen Masuku Own correspondent

Speaking to NewsDay at the launch of his new album titled Chenga Ose at Horizon in Bulawayo recently, Hudson said he had not made a lot of money out of music because jazz followers are few in the country.

He called on Zimbabweans to support jazz music, which he referred to as the mother of all music.

“Zimbabweans should listen to jazz. Jazz is the mother of music, but it is bought by fewer people as compared to other popular genres,” he said

“I have not made a lot of money out of music, but I perform and record music out of my love for the art.”

Hudson rose to popularity in 2004 when he launched his first album Now or Never.

It was followed by his second album Forgotten Tears in 2008.

The two albums earned him a seat amongst Bulawayo’s leading jazz artists.

Hudson, who is also a talented music writer, said he is inspired by African history. The title of his new album Chenga Ose was taken from a Shona proverb.

“It simply means a parent with many children must not selectively favour them because they will notice it and create divisions,” said Hudson.

“The second track Pabva Gondo means when the father is away the children are free to do as they please, but when he comes back all the nonsense stops. When parents are around children behave accordingly,” he said.

Hudson revealed that he will be touring in and outside the country promoting his new album.

“I will be going around promoting the album. I will travel to Harare and Ghana. I was in Ghana in August and the people there showed that they are really hungry for Zimbabwean music,” he said.