Zimbabwean gets top Obama job

A ZIMBABWEAN James M Manyika was on Friday appointed into the United States President’s Global Development Council in a major milestone for the University of Zimbabwe graduate.

Staff Reporter/jewishtimes.com

Manyika, who is currently the director of the McKinsey Global Institute and a senior partner at McKinsey& Company, was among 12 people appointed by President Barack Obama into key administration posts.

“These dedicated and accomplished individuals will be value additions to my administration as we tackle the important challenges facing America,” Obama said.

“I look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead.”

According to a report in yesterday’s edition of the Baltimore Jewish Times, prior to joining McKinsey, Manyika served on the engineering faculty at Oxford University and was elected research fellow at Balliol College at the same institution.

In 2001, Manyika was appointed to the Innovation Advisory Board at the Department of Commerce.

He is a trustee at the Aspen Institution and the World Affairs Council of Carlifonia and serves on the advisory boards of the University of Carlifonia at Berkeley’s School of Information and Havard University’s Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research,

Manyika was a Rhodes scholar and received a BSc from the UZ and MA. MSc and D Phil from Oxford University.


  1. Guys please learn to spell California. To misspell it twice in the same article is just embarrassing and shoddy journalism.

    1. Is that all you are worried about. How about congratulating your fellow countryman on such a wonderful achievement. Let’s see if you’ll complain about this one Zimwarior!

      1. Get off it.Rhodes scholar,World Affairs CouncilYou tell me you don’t know these outfits groom Africans who promote American interests.All African Rhodes scholars are azhols.

  2. So is this news for us? How many Americans and Europeans are employed or appointed in the key state institutions like the President’s or Prime Minister’s office? Have u ever heard the New York Times or the Telegraph reporting that or posting it as headline? You can give us better News Alpha Media

    1. News is not about what you want to hear, it’s about new issues, information, i guess this article will inform a number of Zimbabweans across society!!

    2. I think your comment is misplaced and not well thought out. this is news worthy. Don’t America report on great achievers of their own. It shows what Zimbabweans can do despite political repression and economic disadvantages back home.

    3. Munhu Mutema muDiaspora

      Sir James, can you tell us what is newsworthy if u say this article is not news! This attitude of PhDs (pull him down sydrome) is causing our country not to make meaningful progress. Praise those who are doing well. Writing about this guy also encourages many youngsters out here who thinks it cannot happen but it and this is one good example of that. So your criticism is misplaced mate. Just stop waffling if you have nothing to contribute. Mind you, your so called opinion and freedom to air those subjective opinions is now subjected to proper prosecution and interogation which exposes your shortness of what you want to opinionate as fact which is but b…dusty! sorry for my french mate!

  3. James Katso, the fact that you responded it shows its news worthy!!! Give the news yourself!!

  4. there is more to news than politics,there is news James,am an engineering student and am inspired by the news and am proud to be a zimba nekuda kwenews idzo,saka US government celebrate us sure,thanks Dr Manyika,James munhu asingafarire zvakanaka sewe is a failure bcoz hauwoni uchisvikawo parinani nelife.

  5. James Katsi (or is it Kotsi…) wakakotsira wake up and see. Do you read NY Times or The Telegraphic everyday? Well, I shall say no mo. Big up Alpha Media.

  6. Well done Brother, Makorokoto

  7. guys this is news worthy. congratulations Mr Manyika. You have made Zimbabwe proud, we are not the tails but heads. Wherever we go we leave a mark. God is on your side brother. Keep the Faith that we know you for. Please remain the Manyika we knew. Perform your duties with diligence, be apt to impart and to learn. As you continue to go up high, please remember your country, you are our ambassador bro.

    Ma Zimbabweans lets celebrate our own. HE IS AMOUNGST the top 12 Obama man mu Global council, the problem ndeyekuti tino celebrater neku decorator vanenge vashaika (zvitunha).

    Sando dzako Manyika vanosvotwa vachisvotwa. To Newsday, machinda arwadziwa coz mhando ya news idzi havadzibate!

  8. @James Katso.. this is news indeed. Whenever something remarkable happens then others must hear about it. This is especially true with regards to this story as it inspires us and awaken us to possibilities globally.

    News is not about famines, wars etc, like what the CNN tells the world about Africa. There are a lot of ordinary people making extraordinary strides and the more we learn about them the more we appreciate our own potential.

    So Katso, this is newsworth and AMH, give us more of this type of news.

  9. Shallow minds

  10. Well done. This is certainly newsworthy, we should celebrate our sons and daughters’ achievements no matter where they are. My only disappointment is that on his bio in the McKinsey and Company website, the only mention of his roots is the simple phrase “A native of Harare….”. It makes Zimbabwe so anonymous. But all the same, hats off to him. Newsday, keep informing us, but be thorough with your editing – spelling, grammar, etc are ver important.

  11. Please folks, disagree with James Katso without insulting him so. Manyika would want to meet JK, and learn from his opinions.

    As for Manyika’s appointment, Alpha Media let us down big time, by not mentioning his citizenship status for starters. Obama Snr’s village is celebrating Barack’s Presidency of USA, yet Barack is a US citizen. And if you know anything about US citizenship, then Zimbabwe has lost Manyika to the US. The “news” article must impact / challenges of Manyika working for Uncle Sam. Where will his loyalty lie, armed to the teeth for Uncle Sam, when asked to fire on Zimbabwe. Now its news!

    Another news angle is what preparation, what education we give young Zimbabweans; that they become value to the system we, as a nation, are yet to enthusiastically embrace. In which case, is our curriculum aligned to our values or so misaligned as to amount to treason. We still train nurses for the UK, doctors for Botswana, lawyers for Namibia, scientists for USA. Someone tell Biti that our people are worth more than diamonds and he should be creative in revenue collection!

    While I disagree with James Katso on the face of it, I do think the reporting is poor and fails to make the news newsworthy. It is this failure of the nation by our media that has led to such a schooled, qualified and yet uninformed and misinformed populace, lowering the level of national debate, to evident class of castigating James for kicks.

    I urge President Mugabe to create a Global Development Council to formulate a Zimbabwean global view and chart alternative options to meeting the challenges that we face as a nation as a people in a world of inter-linked yet competing interests. Sample projects or programmes for Council is Zimbabwe membership of UN Security Council or Zimbabwean artist with a YouTube video achieving 2 billion hits. Do you now see what Manyika will be dong for America and Obama?

  12. Reporting on a CIA agent is not news.

  13. Rhodes scholar….huh!

  14. The question is not whom Manyika will be loyal to, nor whose scholarship he accepted. Those are his choices. Sadly the reality is that he and many other UZ graduates have gone abroad as there was no space for them in the New Zimbabwe. That is what we must change

  15. I have known James and I’m happy for him. I have shown this to my kid so that he can emulate and not become a Chipangano or Hwindi.

  16. Congratulations Manyika, you are an inspiration to many, young & old. You have shown us that it is possible and that a zimbo’s duty is not jus to change the white grannies diapers in the diaspora but given a chance can change the world. We were known to be the food basket for sadc, yes it is possible. @james, the people have spoken.

  17. @ MK have a gudnyte

  18. James, ini ndirimuroyi i don’t sleep. Night to you too.

  19. Hezvo

    1. Real one, washaya mazita here iwe? Pple will mistaken your light-weight-ideas to mine. Kkkkkkk

  20. Valentine Sinemani

    Well done james manyika.news is information. context shapes meaningthe issue here is global development, one of us has been elevated to global from a zim educatuion.now that iss a beautiful thing

  21. i think James has a point but needs to be put politely. Dont forget that what he says is true, unless you lack the light

  22. magona, Manyika should be congraturated, whether CIA agent or not he has achieved. What i know in Diaspora we achieve a lot as Zimbos, but the other Zimbos just have PHds.They pull others down.Inyoka dzewanhu. Congrats Manyika. Thanks for the article,newsworthy or not but i have known and inspired. DOFO JAMES.

  23. This is great news indeed. It proves that Africa is not a dark continent afterall. The next phase is build our own economic and political models that encourage full participation of our own people. Those that are and have done well overseas must form a National Think Tank without the interference, but rather transparent coordination with the government of the day. If Dr James Manyika is a senior partner in MacKinsey & Co., surely he can run a Ministry. Our problem as Africans we do not think beyond our stomachs. We are obsessed with power without responsibility and accountability hence we keep losing professional to countries that utilise them to the fullest. We are always politicking on every issue when our people are suffering and dying everyday due to poverty and senseless wars. Imagine we bring together the brains of Dr J Manyika, Strive Masiyiwa, Dr Musanhi (neuro surgeon in USA), Nick Vingirayi, D Mutumbuka and others scattered across the globe. Zimbabwe could easily be the bread basket and mineral comb of Africa!

  24. congratulations James you’ve inspired me for quiet some time now.

  25. Congrats dude, wish you well. Zimbabwe is an exporter of valuable academics and skilled labor. Hate the game(politricks), not the player(Manyika)

  26. Congats dude. To all the haters, hate the game/system(politricks), not the player(Manyika) Zimbabwe exported most valuable academics, skilled labor and a large no of its pple because of zanu

  27. Amhlophe James. Ngiyaziqhenya ngawe mfowethu. Well done.

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