Zanu PF MP attacks police

ZANU PF Goromonzi West MP and chairperson of the Regional Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Beatrice Nyamupinga has accused the police and the Judiciary of paying lip service to issues relating to gender-based violence.


Addressing stakeholders attending commemorations to mark 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence in her constituency on Tuesday, Nyamupinga said several victims of violence were now reluctant to report cases of abuse.

The function was organised by Women in Politics Support Unity.
“We do not encourage domestic violence and people in rural areas are not reporting these cases because they are afraid of being judged and interrogated by the police,” she said.

“In the end many people are affected, including innocent children.
“People are not reporting some of these cases because they are not guaranteed protection and security once they report the perpetrator to the police as these perpetrators are at times given light sentences.”

Nyamupinga urged the courts to pass prohibitive sentences on perpetrators of domestic violence.

She also encouraged the setting up of victim-friendly groups in rural areas to offer counselling services to victims and perpetrators.

“It is surprising how some of these cases keep on being postponed in the courts and at times cattle rustlers are even given harsher penalties than perpetrators of gender-based violence,” Nyamupinga said.

“Some of them are even freed and it becomes hard to bear for those who would have been abused. The issue of domestic violence should be scrutinised in Parliament to cater for the shortcomings.”

Cases of domestic violence in the country have steadily increased since 2008 where 1 940 cases were reported, with recent reports showing that 10 351 cases were reported in 2011.

By the first quarter of this year, over 3 141 had been reported.

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  1. This is very funny, accusing the Gukurahundi Police for ignoring gender violence yet your own Gukurahundi party has been in the forefront of raping women for supporting the opposition and you deliberately looked aside.

    Yikuhlanya ngempela lokho!

  2. Who want to be punished for these bitches after al my money and my cattle go and read the bible who are u that u can defy what god said.l challange the ladies of the younger generation that they are bitches

  3. The reason why at times these accused go free is because you women you lie in order to fix these men. I am sorry to those real victims. But most women, knowing that once they mention the mord rape or wife bashing, the court will always be on their side.
    Women are also perpetrators of violence. There have been recent reports women pouring hot water, porridge and so forth on men because they were caught in extra affair whatever you call it. Why then you women you want special treatment.
    You preach equal rights but want to live with different rights. You cannot have both.

  4. Family Law is just unfair and biased against men. Magistrates are granting protective and peace orders in some stupid cases. Online edition reported that a Pastor impregnated a married church member. Now the hubby has been slapped with a peace order simply for trying to have the Pastor own up. Oh please, this is ridiculous. Some men hv been called names by their wives but in court the wives get the, no.

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