Zanu PF boasts about ANC links

MANGAUNG — Events took a turn at the ANC conference as liberation movements such as Zanu PF began comparing themselves to the ANC.


The ANC conference took a turn after the winners were announced and tributes from other parties and organisations were brought to the stage.

A representative from Robert Mugabe’s party Zanu PF in Zimbabwe used the opportunity to defend the party’s controversial policies, likening their situation to the ANC’s. Zanu PF national chairperson Simon Khaya Moyo was invited on to stage to congratulate the ANC.

The reception was initially warm as Khaya Moyo recounted the two parties’ historically close relationship, speaking fondly of a visit from Jeff Radebe and boasting of his friendship with Gwede Mantashe.

But applause from the 4 000-plus audience became increasingly muted as he delved into the party’s controversial history and land grabs in the country.

“A situation where 1% of the population owned 70% of commercially viable land was not tenable,” he said defiantly.

Khaya Moyo emphasised the right of the two countries’ territorial independence and said the “restriction free” sale of Zimbabwe’s diamonds was necessary.

He concluded by saying his party and the ANC shared a common history, values and destiny.

Frelimo from Mozambique simply wished the party success, albeit after mistakenly calling Cyril Ramaphosa deputy president of the ANC and the Republic of South Africa. This was quickly corrected.

Tributes from Chile and the Socialist International also followed.

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  1. ZANUPF and the ANC are not the same, far from it, if anything they are like chalk and cheese. The chairman of ZANUPF more than anybody on this planet knows this..what he is hoping to gain from this statement is a mystery! It is similar to the myth they they also peddle that they are like the Chinese, please give us a small break it is Christmas, you dont want people choking on their vomit with these inoperative fantasies. Just this once Mr. Chairman, be kind to us and dont forcefeed us this twaddle!

  2. i am shock by these lies of SK. did zanu have polical relationship with ANC.when was that i want to know.Thabo was not arrested by mgabe gvt?zapu exposed the arms of ANC which was going to be used against apartheid regime, was that helping or killing ANC? politicians are like chameleon they dont cease to amase me.SK if u said ZAPU yes i would have agreed with u . maybe its aspelling mistake lets give it a benefit of doubt .on la land reform is south africa u missed the point.these people are different from zimbabeans.they like finer things and i dont think they will make good farmers but good dancers like the Hlokoloza .twalatsa,pantsula to mension but a few.south african must not listen to this man if things go bad in SA which contra
    will hold a quater of their population 12.5 million more than that of ZIM.all what he have just said i lies, lies ,lies

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