Tribalism allegations rock police

WOMEN of Zimbabwe Arise (Woza)has accused a group of police officers from Bulawayo of forcing them to speak in Shona saying “all Ndebeles were killed during Gukurahundi”, during the activists’ demonstration on water problems more than two weeks ago.
Report by Dumisani Sibanda

The allegations are contained in a letter signed by the founder and national co-ordinator Jennifer Williams handed over to the police last Thursday by Woza members during a demonstration to mark Women Human Rights Defenders’ Day.

Police spokesman for Bulawayo, Mandlenkosi Moyo, confirmed that police received the letter.

“Yes we have received the letter and Woza should wait for the response. But I cannot comment on the contents of the letter,” he said yesterday.

The letter calls on the Bulawayo police commanding officers to investigate the behaviour of police officers on November 13 when Woza activists were protesting against Bulawayo’s water crisis.
Woza members alleged that they were beaten up and insulted by the policemen during the demonstration.

In the letter, Woza alleged that apart from being beaten up and dumped at the West Park Cemetery in the city, they were told by riot police led by an officer (name supplied) they should “answer in Shona”.

One of the policemen reportedly told them: “Ndebele people were all killed by the Gukurahundi in the 1980s”.

About 20 000 people perceived to be supporters of Joshua Nkomo’s party, PF Zapu, were killed in Matabeleland and parts of Midlands by the Fifth Brigade of the Zimbabwe National Army.

Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe is on record as saying Gukurahundi was a “moment of madness”.

The letter by Woza stated that the police allegedly said: “This country was liberated by blood and only those who spilt blood can be the ones to talk.”

According to the letter, police rubbished water issues the activists were raising during the demonstration saying: “Do they have their own dams? If not, why are they crying for water?”

Woza gave the police a week to investigate their complaints or the organisation would be forced to pursue legal action.

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  1. Are these allegations true, or they are coming from people who just want attention, we have to be open-minded.

    1. Why are you doubting allegations levelled against the police mostly shona speaking. Even in the police force, these shona speaking police force none shona speakers to communicate in shona.
      I am not a Ndebele but as someone coming from the region and experienced the Gukurahundi, I must say this is quite disturbing news.
      The region is multicultural, BaTonga, BaNambiya, Venda, BaKalanga, Sotho and many more. We do communicate in our own language without anyone forcing us to speak their language. But along came a mushona and everything starts to disorganise.

      1. @malcomX

        You are spot on. The Police are harassing just about every Zimbabwean even in Zvimba itself – but just because now they are against the Ndebele over this Shona language issue – some people now feel obliged to side with them why?

        Are these people now siding with these Gukurahundis not the very same people who just a few days ago were litered all over these NewsDay pages complaining about Police bribes and promising to deal with ZRP should the opposition win the next elections?

        These are the same attitudes that led to split of MDC in 2005 lack of principled politics.

        How can one be against an institution ONLY when his own interests are threatened and support it/them it threatens others, as long its not him? This is utter selfishness and cannot be allowwed to go on like this.

        These are the same people who were siding with Mugabe when he was killing people in Mthwakazi, but are now against him because he is not fighting them too – rubbish!!

  2. Its typical of Gukurahundis, they want every soul on earth to speak Shona. Some just decree things in Shona from Harare and expect everyone to follow.

    Even that dressmaker – she just wakes up from nowhere one morning and claims she will call this dress NATIONAL and give it a Shona name – who told these people that every Zim is a Shona kanti? Where does that come from?

    We are ever determined in Mthwakazi to clean out this mentality of Gukurahundism. It does not matter what their Gukurahundi Satanic Verses the “1979 ZANU PF GRAND PLAN” says – we will soon bring this to an end once and for all.

    The funny thing is that those same people who are so determined to impose their language, culture and politics on everyone else are the very first people to shout “ANDINZWI CHINDEHERE”.

    They are the same people who will never support or vote for anyone who doesn’t speak their language.


    1. Have you ever seen anyone who is buried with land, diamonds, money e.t.c. Some people are very stupid. They will leave behind all the land, the money, the houses, their stupid shona language when they die. With the hatred they have, the devil will be waiting for them in hell.

      1. Bongi, thank you so much, u such a brilliant thinker. Shona people has been making a lot of noise about land, gold blah blah as if they are the only ones on Earth. Their time short just watch the space!

        1. Listen to these insulting idiots, how can Bongi say Shona is a stupid language ? Manje Zimbabwe ichatongwa nemashona acho. Ko irozita renyika yacho handiti ndereshona

          1. Zidofo, Zimbabwe zvinorevei . Is there a verb or noun or language inonzi Zimbabwe. Imbecile. Kufanana na mai.

  3. WE HOPE THESE ALLEGATIONS BY WOZA ARE TRUE… i do agree that there is so much corruption in the police force, but for them to go that far?… moral fibre in the police force needs to be checked and cleaned.

  4. all policemen and women stationed in Bulawayo are shonas, a fact and they only talk to you in their mother tongue. go there speaking in NDEBELE it would be like you r speaking in tongues but that they(police) did descriminate could a case of rotten apples in the police,that we cannot rule out.

  5. Yesterday morning, along Nketa Drive (Byo), l greeted someone in Ndebele wanting some assistance. l spoke simple Ndebele – “Kunjani mfowethu, uvuke njani”. The guy looked at me amazed and said to me “Taura Shona andizwi”. The guy spoiled my day. These these are happening in Bulawayo everyday. l have a strong feeling that our Shona friends must respect us. If they do not understand Ndebele, rather they must speak English because they must not assume everyone understands Shona.

    1. @mzi

      Do you know that our elders say that this attitude from our Shona speaking fellow citizens never existed in Bulawayo or Mthwakazi provinces until the Gukurahundis came onto the scene.

      I can quote a number of good Shona people who virtually grew up in Bulawayo – Jairos Jiri is one of them, and Chigumira in Luveve etc – these were real human beings.

      It was after the influx of the Harare crowd post 1980s after Gukurahundi, that Shona people suddenly changed their attitudes. Today we have people who have been there for the past 32 years still shouting “ANDINZWI CHINDEERE!!!!

      This sattitude is difficult to understand because if you go to Gweru, Harare and many other Shona-dominated towns you can hardly tell a Mthwakazi from the Shona, because most of them will be speaking Shona – unless they are among themselves. But still we are always being called tribalists – some of these Gukurahundis are very funny indeed!!

      1. I will accept the simple fact that anyone is allowed to speak in their mother tongue and that’s natural, we can’t change that no matter what, I also want to think it’s true what’s being leveled against the Police and I don’t support that at all, I am a Shona, I grew up in Bulawayo, went to Mzilikazi High School, I am a bit a bit very far away from Zimbabwe now, my wife is from Bulawayo but based in Harare, me, my wife and kid can speak fluent Shona and ndebele without the slightest difficult, I sympathies with WOZA but please such statements like,” Those were real people” that in other words mean that the others are not real human beings and it does not go down very well with me and I hope all those who respect people for who they regardless of tribal differences, I love Ndebeles and respect them because; good or bad we are all people.

  6. The first response to this, penned by one Mike, exposes the writer as an idiotic tribalist who wants us to be open-minded about tribalism, which we have been since Gukurahundi. Mike has a right to be foolish and wear blinkers all his life is he so chooses, but the problem comes when he tries to universalise his idiocy and make all of us think dull like him because he is a Shona tribalist just like all the semi-educated Green Bombers now masquareding as policeman. For everyone’s information, most of the people in Matabeleland refer to any one who speaks Shona as speaking ‘police language’ or ‘isipholisa’ because most of the Shona police officers here are a mixed bag of die-hard tribalist cooked and matured in the Zanu PF cauldron while some are genuinely dull people who can speak neither English nor Ndebele and may be excused for insisting on Shona. Mike, have you ever been asked for a bribe in any language other than Shona?

  7. @mbonisi we are not a minority in bulawayo.what is mthwakazi you just tenants on my land.I cal that area guruuswa the land of my ancestors.As a rozvi dombodzvuku is my grand dad.bewarned of bitter gukurahundi as i come to clam my land.mbonisi in zimbabwe if i say speak in native language u must speak in shona. Proudly zimbabwean,proudly shona,pambili with gukurahundi tenants must abide to the landlord’s laws

    1. @Admire

      Listen here Master Gukurahundi, we will never listen to you fire-place Gukurahundi HIS-stories in this day and age – just sharve them back into your smelly Gukurahundi shiithoole.

      FACT: Gukurahundis are unrepented and unmitigated tribalists who have ruined the country, many of who are now running away from their self-created Gukurahundism back home, to beg for citizenship in the hated South Africa – and YOU KNOW IT!!

    2. Admire , shut up you son of a stinking Shona bitch , tribalism is one issue that this country does not need . You say this is your land wena nja Shona lo thuvi , you have no idea that you idiots originate from east africa with your mbeva eating culture and you think you can impose your shona language on other languages .
      You people must learn a thing or two from the gentle people of Manicaland who i am so proud of because they are so humane . These so called mother f*ckers shona police officers must go back home , they just make us throw up with their language .
      Had your mother known that she was giving birth to you dog she would done us a favor by getting rid of you as an infant .

    3. You are a lost soul. Why would you brag about gugurahundi after so many innocent people died. What land are you talking about? history tells us that the BaKalanga (Kalanga/Venda/Nambya) were the first people to settle in Zimbabwe. Shona’s came from the Great Lakes region much later followed by the Ndebele. Shona’s created their own language by borrowing terms from other languages.

  8. muzukuru ndaneta

    if you ever want to see brutality get arrested by a shona policeman while you are a ndebele, shona people are so tribalist than any other tribe in zimbabwe, we have ndebele policeman in harare they dont behave the same way. bt this problem was created by our head of state, thats why zanu pf was mostly made up of shona people unlike zapu which was made up of almost every tribe from zimbabwe. did you know that solomon mujuru was a zipra cadre . i have stayed in bulawayo before i saw this tribalist acts from the police long back, most people in bulawayo know this even the shona peolpe see this on a daily basis. the people from bulawayo are not tribalist, thats why they kept on voting for tswangirai only becoz he is a a zimbabwean. most tribal tendencies rise from bulawayo due to acts of these policeman. it has been so long. bt i tell you mugabe is for the shona but god for us all. in solidarity with you people from bulawayo. lets turn to our heavenly father i tell one day he will here us

    1. @muzukura

      My gut feel tells me they are the most tribalistic Africans on this whole African continent. They are as such because they can get away with it all because of Gukurahundism.

      They might now be so vehemently anti-Mugabe, but on tribalism, and anti-Mthwakazi/Matebeleland – they are one – they all agree on that score!!

  9. Devolution is the cure. Those who do not want to respect the locals can go/


  11. the ndebeles used to raid shonas taking best cattle,goats and women. some fathers lost their daughters forever, and they thought the shonas are still weak until when they were attacked ion their own backyard. why cry foul gwesela, why not talk about the raids which were also brutal. if you dont know history shut up.

    1. @joma

      Wena Gukurahundi joma, when did Jonathan Moyo raid the Shonas – tell us? I for one knows that I have never raided a Shona.

      You should just shut up – we will crush that Gukurahundi head of yours – silly native!!

      1. Ko hasha dzabvepi Mbonisi. Iwe kana wawona kuti nyika inozi Dzimba Dzemahwe (Zimbabwe) yakunetsa ongorora nhoroondo(history) wodzokera kuorigin kwedzinza rako sezvakaita varungu. Ukatoenda KuSouth Africa kwacho futi uchenjere kuti hauwani citizenship nekuti dzinza raMzilikazi nderemacowards akatiza Chaka. Ndebele is pervetted Zulu. Izvi zvaiitirwa kutya kupedziswa naChaka. Instead of fanning racial hatred on internet I strongly recommend that you find something meaningful to develop yourself and your family. You will be ruled by the beloved Cde RG Mugabe until you go to the grave. Its your fate that by now you should have learnt to live with. Whether you vote ZANU pf or not ZANU ichakutonga, iwe nevana vako, nevazukuru vako vevana vavo. Welshman Ncube is a leader of ZANU PF branch while ZAPU has filled the globe with illegitimate children from an adulterous relationship with ZANU PF spanning a couple of decades. PAFUNGE ipapo. Dai watonyarara hako wotsaga chikokiyana kana mbanje

        1. @Mundevere Mukuru: Are you in zimbabwe or you are a lonely disporian spending all yoiur free time on free internet somewhere in Europe. You sound sordid. You need peace. I feel pity for you.

    2. So are you justifying what your Shona idiots are doing ? Is this what bastard Mugabe is teaching you shona dogs ? This is one of the reasons why this country keeps going down , there is no rule of law .

    3. @ Joma. That argument is lame now. Those days when it happened it was the rule of the day…subjugation & conquer by military force. Even the Shonas when they came here in 1400s they subjugated & raided & took over the Bushment pushing them to Kalahari, that was then. We cannot continue like that in a modern civilisation. Justifying evil past. At this rate the Bantu will eventually be pushed back to Cameroon….am sure you see the absurdity. If something is wrong it doesnt need the past to justify it. That is why the Current land re distribution doesnt have wholesale blessings because its premised on revenge more than restoration.

  12. Curiously, WOZA is asking the same police to investigate! What would that be, signing an ordinance of self denial? At least WOZA was in a metropolitan zone, ZRP does that with wanton disregard to our grandmothers in the rural areas. There will be no investigation because its official policy to conquer and subjugate. ZRP has acted in all material circumstances like an occupying force. This was so even when one Dabengwa was Minister of Home Affairs. Why should public institutions not work for the locals? Its a grand plan to occupy and subjugate, and I warn WOZA, they’ll pay for this! a demo for such a noble concern should have been well received, in my view.

  13. muzukuru ndaneta

    most shona people who have never outside been mashonaland were brainwashed by mugabe’s propaganda. the people from matebeleland are not as most of us shona people blv. jst imagine tswangirai getting all those votes from as far as binga, whanke, lupane. jst imagine welshman ncube getting votes from as far as bikita, ndande, murewa . shonas lets be mature and stop these zanu pf ideology thts why our country is laging behind, zwana mwana watete, sekuru, tsano will never ciz to destroy the country, a political part made up of mostly relatives who will arrest her/ his muzukuru .

    1. Mzukuru,

      I think u are one of the few sensible Shona people I have heard of. I know out there, they are many Shonas who exhibit values of respect and I wish the kind of u will come out in force and large numbers try to educate the rest who are still leaving under the fictitious Monomotapa empire.

  14. Certainly..ZANU-pf project of shonarising Zimbabwe is succeeding. ‘ALL’ governemnet tenders are given to shonas in Harare be it for guarding or sweeping governement buildings as a results these shona people employ their kith and kin thereby spreading themselves all over the country. Plumtree border, security guards are shona, Zimra officials shona, immigration officials shona, just the same with Beitbridge and vic falls Kalangas and vendas have been pushed to the periphery, despite being in their own land. Surely as Admire puts it, every shona has the same myopic thinking. Anyway let them fly. one day they will land, hard than these hard core tribalists imagine.

    1. @moyaz

      There is a Hotel in Victoria Falls which is now known as MASHONALAND, because everyone who works there is a Shona – from the MD down to the toilet cleaner. If I remember correctly, its the Elephant Hills.

      They call it the MWANAWEKUMUSHA SYNDROME.

      In Shona there is saying that goes – “what you have eat with relative……” something along those lines.

      Because its a cultural trait, tribalism and nepotism will never end in Zim. Zim itself will never come right as a country, and as an economy because the Shona are the majority!!

    2. Police in BYO are as arrogant as they come and why can they not use English the official languge of communication

  15. Why is it as blacks, when a white man is racist we gang against him. How different is TRIABALISM or language barrier amongst blacks different from RACISM. Who is at fault here, is the attitude of tribes, or education system, politicians. At one time Chigwedere wanted Ndebele and Shona to be taught at all schools, boy oh boy pressure groups emerged. Right now we blacks who do not want to hear their offsprings speaking their mother langauge, thats how we degrading ourselves.

    Instead of looking down upon each other we should pressurizing the relevent people that civil servants or an individual need to go for basic language training before they are posted to areas where the language is different form their own


  16. most of ndebele mothers are shonas who were raided by the ndebeles because of beauty so most ndebeles have shona blood we are the same you started it you got it.

    1. @joma
      Now guys with such joma Gukurahundi attitudes of the 1800s – how can you expect Zim to get back to a normal society – forget it, it will never.

      He obviously supports the corrupt ZRP – he might even be an MDC supporter too – they never change you know!!

    2. We are not the same because you Shonas stink and we don’t , do you see the difference wena nja ?

    3. Joma,
      If your stupidity is true, then why is it modern Shona women are ugly? I have never met one who is pretty hence your brothers are leaving their homeland to seek the beauty of Nguni ladies in Bulawayo.

  17. muzukuru ndaneta

    those who really wants to know about the ndebele, compare nkomos interviews while in exile and mugabes interviews just after independence.

    1. Mugabe’s interviews are litered with tribalism, the language of violence and intolerance – this is what most Shonas have copied from him.

      Its his legacy – what he will bequeath to his tribesmen – on leaving this world to confront his maker!!

  18. It is unfortunate that we now have policeman who can’t speak English. Despite it being a whiteman’s language, noone in Zimbabwe will be offended if talked to in the language. I for one would not speak to anyone in Shona in Bulawayo. My Ndebele is not good and would not like to offend anyone by saying the wrong word to the right person. May be I am too humane. I plead with all people in service of the public to be tolerant of our diversity to keep us united as a people.

    1. @Pedzi,
      That is respect and common decency my brother. Unfortunately you are one of the few (other than Ndebeles of Shona origin).

  19. @Admire…ungu mnqundu….ngesiNdebele ungumdidi!! period

  20. Zanu PF promoted and sustained tribalism, it is unwritten policy that if you are not shona your chances of getting a government job or place at a public training institution are nil. Zanu PF has no policy to manage tribalism

  21. There is a Hotel in Victoria Falls which is now known as MASHONALAND, because everyone who works there is a Shona – from the MD down to the toilet cleaner. If I remember correctly, its the Elephant Hills.


    In Shona there is saying that goes – “what you have eat with relative……” something along those lines.

    Because its a cultural trait, tribalism and nepotism will never end in Zim. Zim itself will never come right as a country, and as an economy because the Shona are the majority!!

    1. spot on -ndebeles are a minority who migrated to zim the same time as whites, shonas are the majority,the people who should be complaining are kalangas and tongas whose land mzilikazi colonised its however wrong for anyone to force their language on anyone else i guess what goes around comes around remember many shonas changed their surnames and language during mzilikaz’s reign.

      1. Mbusi,

        Its either your change that name and remain with your foolishness or vice versa. I doubt if you are real ‘Mbusi’. I suspect this another abuse of our language by a non-Nguni.

  22. muzukuru ndaneta

    so many people from mashonaland do nt know whats happening in bulawayo jst post comments. go to bulawayo passport office its most shona emplyees. i dont know the criteria which was used in recruiting’. when the ndebeles see this they are tribalist. zanu pf you have destroyed our country by spreading hatred. if the ndebeles where such bad why do they not harm each other during elections. come election time the safest place to be in is matebeleland except in nsiza. though its not that serious but only a few cases

    1. @muzukuru

      The only way to deal with this problem is through DEVOLUTION of power to the provinces. Most of these people oppose devolution because they are benefiting at the expense of the locals.

      I doubt very much if the number of Ndebele people in control at Marange Diamonds where to increase disproportinately these people would tolerate that – I really doubt it!!

  23. ndebeles are only 10 % of our population you can even count their surnames i wonder why they complain too much

    1. indai kuchikoro mupinde mabasa. munongofunga zveborder jumping into a South Africa. why complain when you don’t have the qualifications?

      1. zuga

        Since when has one needed qualifications to be a cleaner?

        Obviously the qualifications okhuluma ngazo are to be a SHONA – that is your definition of qualifications master Gukurahundi!!

      2. And you think a thug talking like you has been to school and is civilised ?
        Wena Zuga get a brain msathanyoko , bolo lwama shona wonke .

      3. Zuga,
        Have ever been to South Africa? Go to Hillbrow and the Park Station and see who are beggars and thieves, Shona speaking people. The Beit Bridge border post used to be calm and quite 20 years ago but now because Mugabe has turned his Shona pple to beggars, it is chaotic. The beggars are loitering and trying to cross to a country well managed by the civillised NGUNIS, i WILL SAY IT AGAIN, ‘Well managed by the civilised NGUNIs’. Ladies as far as from salisbury are selling their bodies along the border. I have never seen or heard of a Ndebele woman who is a prostitute, if she is there provide me with evidence of her name and surname.

    2. Joma. You must have come to earth through the orifice

    3. @ Joma. Ndebeles are not 10% unless you really believe politicised national Stats. If u are worth your salt u would by now know what not to believe from Zanu Pf (including that they had landslide victory in 1980 elections). ZanuPF has been stage managing everything to suit themselves & ringfence Shonas & even ringfence Zezurus closer. Bob is really a master schemer who shld have used his IQ to propel Zim to tiger status of Asian economies who had the same gdp as ZIm in 1980 but alas he chose to sink to depravity of genocide. Now can u really say Zim is a united country. We dont watch Zim TV, Most dont listen to Zim Radio, all wealthy kids are learning outside zw & never to come back, Passport queues are permanent signifying how many people want out than in. How many resident permits are we processing vis-a vis those wanting to leave zw. All this in the hands of ,……well the mighty Shonas……mighty for sure.

  24. Never will i place my trust in the Zimbabwean police force, they are so rude and violent!! instead of protecting citizens they are perpetrators of gross violence, especially riot police.

  25. This Williams woman must very unoccupied and in need of employment or something to occupy her mind. She is just an attention-seeker exploiting every possible opportunity in the society to keep funds running in her WOZA group.

  26. Mbonisi et al! How can someone living in a country with a Shona name like “Zimbabwe” be unable to speak Shona? Come on be serious guys. It probably shows that you don’t belong there. WOZA is an association of p*ro*sti*tut*es that doesn’t really deserve serious attention,especially considering that one of its founders and leader, Jennifer Williams has a surname & very likely race of those we dispossed of our land when the time was up and enough was enough. WOZA,WOZA what?

    1. Girinya

      With a Gukurahundi upbringing like yours – it is to be expected that you can say what you have just said.

      And when people talk secession, the MLF etc, you jump up and down like some crybabies throwing their toys out of the pram – you have had coming for far too long, now be man enough to confront what you created!!

    2. That still doesn’t give these idiotic Shona policemen to abuse them or does it you son of a Shona bitch ?

  27. To everyone, its unfortunate that you see it necessary to be tribalistic. The leaders of the country both Shona and Ndebele are stuffing their pockets full of cash whilst you underlings are fighting and accusing eachothers ancestors of killing each other. The Germans caused mayhem twice(WWI and WWII) and yet today they are living well amongst the other Europeans and even have the largest economy there. America which was racist not so long ago can vote for a black President twice and you want Ndebeles to be killed because they raided Mashonaland a century ago. Really gentlemen some of your comments belong in an asylum. This attitude is exactly what got the country to were it is. Should we say shonas are useless because sofar everything that the touch turns to rubbish, NOCCZIM, GMB, NRZ, AIR ZIMBABWE, HARARE City council, Zimbabwe itself. You want everything so that you can destroy it.

    1. Nyika nokuzara kwayo ndezvamwari mese murivatogwa. Ake lifunde ukukhulumisana ngoxolo. Lithini ngeLiberia izwe elakhiwa yizigqili. Angithi bahlalisene ngoba besesaba umdali. Zvese zvamunotaura zvinopangidza kuti hamuzii mani. Vamwe venyu munoti murizvizvarwa zvemuno asi vana baba venyu vakabva kuMalawi, Zambia Tanzania asi munemitupo yekwasekuru.Uyo anonyima maNambiya mabasa achitora vanobva kure achazvipindurira kumuridzi wazvose. Lina lingaphindiseli ububi ngobubi. God says revenge is mine.

  28. i speak both shona and ndebele fluently but these allegations are hard to believe if you take closer look at the whole saga. i don’t think any sane person could utter such words to people who suffered the brunt and in their backyard. attention seeking is very dangerous guys.

    1. @rhodes

      You have not lived in Matland/Mthwakazi if you don’t believe some Shonas say these things. Unfortunately we the victims know better.

      Many Shonas unfortunately, are primitive and backward and education makes no difference; it has no civilising influence at all – this is a fact!!

      1. MBONISI uri dhoti chairo. Your hatred of Shonas will kill you.

    2. Please stick to your stinking Shona , who cares ?

  29. I think we as Zimbabweans need a Police force that we can respect for it’s humane conduct and not the one that will treat us like we don’t belong to this country, I am very much scared of the police, they can do want they want to you anytime because they have the authority but where did the good policemen go, the ones we used to trust, even to ask for directions when lost, now one cannot volunteer to approach any Policeman for any reason, who will protect us Zimbabweans?

  30. -Is tribalism worse than racism?
    -why do blacks who do not see eye to eye because of tribalism gang up against a racist white guy

    1. I have lived in Bulawayo my whole life. My parents are mixed- mum is Shona, dad is Ndebele. I can read, write and speak both languages fluently. I went to Mzilikazi and NUSt for my education kodwa it makes me sad to say that there is tribalism on both sides of the tribal devide. The Police force tolerates only Shona whilst my Ndebele cousins are equally tribalistic. Ndebeles use Gukurahundi to justify their tribalism whilst Shonas hide behind mfecane wars. I find the tendencies of both tribes stupid and childish, whatever the justification. Why cant we just be one, pray together, watch soccer e Soweto together without beating each other up because they are Shona or Ndebele. Lets grow up and stop all this childish behaviour. We are all Zimbabweans regardless of what our ancestors and fathers did to each other

      1. i share your fate bro,i think its us of the so called”mixed blood” who suffer most,born in byo went to school in gweru,by chance/default i learnt shona o level did my dip @ byo poly when i wanted attachement one guy in byo looked @ me then looked at my papers and said “hamb uyebhala isindebele then come back i will give u a place” i go to harare they say “kamndedza kekubhuruwayo” i had one option leave zim settle in sa where @ least even when i am segregated against i know iam a foreigner after all.sick tribalism makes me sick,mbonisi make me wanna puke,sai is like all abohwidzo they think inhlamba is something to be proud of,& zrp is all shonas corrrupt bastards,zanu has sure succeeded in making zim a divided country for ever,shona vs ndebele, just like apartitheid divided whites and blacks forever ahh shame man

      2. @Mthulisi

        The only solution to this tribalism propblem is to legislate against it as they have done with insults against Gukurahundi Mugabe.

        Once people know that tribalism is a crime, it may not guarantee its elimination but it will certainly reduce it.

        People should learn to respect each other especially, when one is a visitor in another’s home area – this nonsense that “we are the majority” should stop – you are not a majority and cannot be a majority in my house!!

      3. you right my friend

  31. The Ministers of Home Affairs must investigate this matter

  32. Unfortunately once a tribal article pops up all reasoning dissapears in the commentaries & most just sink to their corners. However the truth is that Police must be professional & trained not let theior emotions cloud discharge of national duty. In S.A its called the Police service becoz its a service. My sister was ill treated at Drill Hall in Byo recently by Shona speaking cops who insisted she understood Shona despite her obvious difficulties in responding. She insited they speak either in English or Ndebele being stationed in the city but she was met with serious unprofessional abuse of office. It calls into question the training police receive & need for re-training & proper deployment. It may appear a non-isue to Shonas but wait until the police unporfessionalism affects to in reverse. You land at the airport in Hre, the immigration guys assume you understand Shona dspite them possesing your passport & village origins. THis is a national scourge. We know that in the rest of the country SHonas dont face such issues but in Matebeleland they come face to face with resistance to their language & their response back is to usually to sink their heels in. But as usual the authories will ignore this until its effects are damaging.

  33. NdiDhewa Masvingo neCarpet

    Zvinoda Dembare naMacheso chete izvi,zvekutukana kwenyu must stop

  34. Mthulisi, its the attitude problem, it has nothing to do with gukurahundi or anything, its something that we inherit, that get to accept, just like beeing told that Maths or Science subjects are difficult. but are they? Before you judge a person why don’t you wear that person’s shoes. We rush to judge and brush everyone with the same brush.

  35. Most Shona people are mentally enslaved by the 1800s tribal war hangovers – when will you get over yourselves kanti?

    This is why, this tribalism will never end. Mina, I want to know what exactly some of these Shonas want from us, what should we do about this?

    What should I as a Nambya, Jonathan Moyo, Dabengwa, Tonga, Venda, Xhosa, Sotho etc, etc do – so you can get over the 1800s hangover – because we are all suffering for this under the collective term “Ndebele”?

    (I have deliberately left out “Ndebele” because in modern day Zim, this collective term is just being abused for tribal angendas as those who can be defined as Ndebele with Zulu roots are almost none existent).

    With Gukurahundi, we can argue its constant mention is justified because we know the culprints and they are still alive – but as for the 1800s – who are the culprits, where are they, who has the evidence of what happened, which court of law anywhere in the world will accept this purpoted evidence?


  36. Why label every Shona with the same brush!!! This is a Zanu pf project and not a shona issue. Zanu pf feelings are not our feelings. And 90% Shonas are not Zanu pf. I went to Bulawayo Poly and Nust and learnt some basic ndebele and have never and will never vote for Bob & I have no problems with Ndebeles so don’t Gukurahundi every Shona in Zimbabwe.If we were all brain washed then why is Mugabe on his way out?The only thing that will keep the Gukurahundi mastermind in power is your seething hatred and anger towards Shonas.For your own information a survey was carried out 3 years back(By a reputable international firm) asking people how many would want Mugabe to answer to Gukurahundi and guess what there were more Shonas than Ndebeles who said yes(percentage wise). So stop labelling everyone who is shona with that horrible tag. It should have never happened and its up to you to and me to make sure it does not happen again by getting rid of the source(Bob). But i tel u with the tribal feeling displayed hear Bob will be there after 2013 and it will be more Cries of “we were wronged.” If i were a leader in Matebeleland i’d say to my people lets put tribalism aside and use the shonas to get rid of Bob then when Morgan comes in we confront him head on about the full exposure, accountability and retribution of the idiots who were involved. But as long as every shona is a Gukurahundi to you, God help us all!!! We will be stuck with him forever. If we are so terrible how come almost all Shona provinces support devolution? Why do us the shonas say he who is guilty shld face the hangman’s noose. Are we living in the same country mbonisi?

    1. @Bafuwi
      Who says Shona people are Gukurahundis?

      1. it was evident in your(mbonisi) posts that you were stereotyping. Yes we admit that there are a lot of foolish People who are segregating against the ndebeles no doubt and it scares us that what if Someone who feels this strong against the Shonas becomes the President of Zimbabwe wil their not be another form of gukurahundi? What the Government is doing is definately not fair and obscene.Lets go for a post Mugabe era now or never.Timbomira kutukana!!!

        1. @Bafuwi

          A post Mugabe era when you are supporting the likes of tribalists such as Tswangirayi, what will change?

          Everytime Shona leaders are in Matebeleland/Mthwakazi one way or the other, they will say something that is tribalistic.

          I would not even be surprised if he was addressing the Lupane crowd in Shona – and then what do you expect the police to do, if your leaders are setting the example?

  37. good day good people i am not an avid follower of viewers comments but for obvious reasons but i am now very scared of the comments being posted. i had thot after 32years we will be liberated but eeish i see thingz falling apart in the near future mainly coz of intolerance. why should we the pple of zim be fighting on our own. shona and ndebele is now being taught in all school wy cant we embrace that and build from there instead of finghting on our own. i really enjoyed even taking some lectures from my sister who is now starding ndebele at school. eeeishh ndatyiswa……. God bless our country

  38. With such Shona tribalists around us, I sometimes believe Jabulani Sibanda is doing a very good job of revenge against hose Shona villagers, gogos and mkhulus!!

    1. muzukuru ndaneta

      mn dont be tht emotional with this attitude you will become dangerous to the society. most people outside bulawayo or matebelelalend comment bt do not know the reality. with this attitude its hard to make thm know the reality. bt on police circles i tell you and public wrk employment the truth is known

  39. @mbonisi we say chavavana idya nehama ana mbonisi vatorwa vanehanganwa meaning whatever we do to u wil forget cause u are an the way u doing u are proving our elders to be correct

    1. Admire , an allien is umdidi we Shona , just who do you think you dogs are ? Why would i ever want to be Shona , never because i strongly believe that God should have created Shonas in the form of Pigs in mud . You idiots are not humane at all , msathayabo nyoko lonke nje ma Shona othuvi .

  40. Its a premature generalization to say that Shona people are tribalists just because you know a few individual Shonas who are tribalistic.

  41. Dont mind thats Mbonisi guy,he is very sick.Thank god i was born Shona

    1. Who cares , do you think every one else would like to be Shona ? Go fuck your mother as per what your Shona culture approves .

  42. I urge Jabulani Sibanda to press on Gukurahunding those ignorant tribalistic fools – they need to be taught a lesson. They will learn the hard way as to what Gukurahundi means.

    Make them suffer – make them tremble – strike fear in the hearts of the number one tribalists on the African continent!!

  43. hayi mbonisi lo Sai…mayuyu, thelani umoya phansi. Lingenza so ali lungisi lutho nge nzondo eliyi phetheyo. Kubuhlungu esikwenzwa ngama shona, kodwa angikholwa ukuthi inengi elinga phandle kuka mthwakazi liyakwazi ukuganga abakwenza uma bengapha. Kuli qiniso ukuthiabanye abesi tshabi abase byo bayaganga sibili.

  44. @Mbonisi
    i was just following your commemnts and can tell how shallow minded you are, for your own information, its people like you who fuel hatred btwn pple.
    i have lived here for the past 12 yrs and can tell you better about your own birth ground.
    i can bet my last dollar that yu have never been out of Byo your whole life, your parents told you that Shonas are bad but YOU really know that if you want any help on the streets, the best person who can you is a Shona, the Ndebeles will tell yu off, ITS A FACT but you will deny it bcoz of your shallow mind.
    if you get time, can you please go to Ingutsheni and have your head examined

  45. The Sais @ Mbonisis of this world are very much out of reality.Why cultivate hatred when love is freely available?Whilst l agree with them abt Gukurahundi,thats not the reason to paint all the Shonas with their hatred brush.After all Nkala was in charge.What do they say about him?The foul mouths tell us volumes about what kind of pple they are.This is not the time to fan hatred, but to build bridges and work together for the betterment of generations to come.Two wrongs wont make a right.Lets confront the enemy not to fight amonst ourselves.

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