Triangle players sign new contracts

NEWLY-promoted Premiership side Triangle is living no stone unturned ahead of their debut campaign in top-flight football after most of their players signed new contracts yesterday.


Triangle made history after they brought Premiership action to Chiredzi after a 42-year wait and they are aware it won’t be an easy task to play against the country’s big guns, hence the need to start preparations early.

On the list there is their top-goal-scorer last season with 25 goals Tawanda Muyendi, Leo Kurauzvione, Richard Kawondera and Tineyi Meda, who were all in Chiredzi yesterday to sign new contracts.

Other players like David Sengu are also expected to renew their deals.

“l am currently in Chiredzi. We want to sign new contracts today (yesterday) and we are likely to retain most of the players who played for our team last season. We want to make impact in the Premiership because this is where l belong,” said coach Gishon Ntini.

“We are not going to conduct trials, but what we did is that we identified players we want and their positions and it is premature to confirm the players to the public now because you never know with negotiations,” he said.

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  1. wish you good luck coach,technical bench,players,administrators,triangle limited and the fans.congratulation chiredzi them you belong to PSL.united you will prosper.may the deal lord be with you

  2. Where are you Tripple B?

  3. Eastern Region bhora. Spread your wings in the whole province to acquire the best talent.Anyway Geshom z a good coach

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