Tomana to prosecute WikiLeaks suspects


ATTORNEY-GENERAL Johannes Tomana yesterday vowed to press ahead with the prosecution of people who were named in the United States embassy diplomatic cables published by whistleblower website WikiLeaks.


Tomana added investigations were still underway.

Scores of top government officials including Vice-President Joice Mujuru, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono and army generals were reportedly quoted as denigrating President Robert Mugabe in the leaked cables.

Tomana said: “You should bear in mind that offences in this country can live up to 20 years from date of commission, and for murders, it’s for life. So it’s not a question of just rushing, it’s about conducting the investigations thoroughly. We need to establish facts so as to continue with our prosecution. We shall not rush.”

WikiLeaks caused a stir in 2010 by leaking confidential US diplomatic cables where scores of government officials from both Zanu PF and the MDCs were cited.

The leaked cables released minutes of meetings held by political leaders with US government officials where they divulged sensitive information about the country and their respective parties.

Turning to another issue, Tomana vowed to continue prosecuting people arrested for allegedly insulting Mugabe saying the President was different from any ordinary citizen.

“It is an offence to insult the President,” Tomana said. “We will make sure that prosecution of Mugabe insulters will go on. The President is not like anyone. Effectively, issuing a statement insulting the President diverts the attention, as he has more important things to do. That is why there is that law to protect him because as the Head of State he actually carries the mandate to benefit or cause for the country.”

Over 50 suspects have so far been taken to court for allegedly insulting Mugabe.

These include MDC-T Nyanga North MP Douglas Mwonzora and Energy minister Elton Mangoma.


  1. We want to see if he is going to prosecute Vice President Mujuru including the generals.He must not cry foul and say invetigations did not reveal the wikileaks against those gurus. On those who insulting the president of course even an ordinary human being is against the law but for you to say people should not evil against an individual I think you erred Tomana.Where people have the right to discuss issues at a table and exchange words its the furore and nobody should be victimised there.

    • he is different in the same way that your father is not at the same level with you. he is more equal than you because he fathered you, he clothed you, feeds you schools you, and houses you, plus God himself requires that you honour your father so that you have more years on this earth. Thats how the preswident is different from hwindi wekumbare or yourself. Because he allows you to feed in this country, clothe in this country, reside in this country and enjoy life in this country, plus God also requires all subjects to respect their kings because they can take their lives if they so wish. Comprendez? Capriche? You all know he can deport you any day, he can sign your death warrant any time, he can demolish your home donkey’s braying, he can do anything as king. And God has ordained that it be so, that the king punish those that disobey him. Is it not divine that kings (presidents0 are appointed by God himself? They represent the order of heaven. So to insult a king is to insult the God that appointed him , your god. Now thats a two in one disrespect. And you will be suprised to find God not on your side when the king raises his hand against you. These people have two legs, two hands, one mouth, two eyes and ears and a nose just like you, but the offices they occupy are devine. Once your own young brother becomes president, or king, he is God’s chosen and therefore devine. You will bow down to him and tarry your mouth when you speak to him. For further understanding of these matters, please to see the Catholic priest at mass. Its not healthy to stay away from the pulpit for too long because diabolos will overtake all your senses, and like him take democracy and equal rights too far -I mean to the throne itself! This of course is purely divine logic. it has nothing to do with whether you like the king or you hate him. You are simply required to revere him in the likeness of God himself. Also to restrain your hand from harming the king hmself becoz he is God’s annointed. Only God can take his life as he deems fit. So the Law above is a simple repetition of the holy scriptures. Unless we are pagan hithens beyond redemption, we can’t throw away the holy book in favour of the kind of diabolic democracy that equates all beings to the throne. You know no matter what, we can’t be equal to God himself like satan was trying to do. So neither can we be equal to the earthly goverance structures that God has personally ordained. I ain’nt much of a preacher myself but what I am saying is the truth and I hope you find adequate enlightenment.

      • @Shame,what a load of bollocks,elevating a mere sinful mortal man to a diety because of twisting scriptures.This the highest level of brainwashing I have ever come across.
        Utter nonsense.

      • What utter trash, it is blasphemy to elevate a man to a God, what ever happened to do not worship false idols. Presidents are elected by the people not appointed by God.

        Presidents do deserve our respect but should also be held to a higher standard of action that such respect deserves. Simply having a law saying you cannot disagree or say anything against the president is antiquated.

      • @shame. No citizen is above the law, and the President is the first citizen, meaning even he is equal to you and I. He is a person too just like you and I. The President also cannot deport you if you are zimbabwean, according to the declaration of human rights, you have a right to citizenship, therefore, no, the President cannot deport you. He is not King, but president, he isnt there by divine appointment, He is supposedly there through the ballot, meaning the will of the people. The people he is said to be serving, that is why he is the first Civil Servant. This country also has freedom of religion, therefore, you cant force Christianity down people’s throats. Christianity is also about freedom of choice- Christ gives you a choice to follow him or not, who are you to judge those that dont choose him? With the measure you use to judge others, so will you be judged.

      • Thats state theology you are trying to preach . Apartheid govt used the same to justify their existence. Basical its crap and as a system its flawed big time

      • Benzire munhu! Magrade seven epaUZ anongohumana! Tibvire kumhepo zvedu vanapombiyadonha. Ini handina kufunda asi ndakangwara kudarika vakomana vazhinji vapaSugar Mountain penyu apa.

      • Have you forgotten that the President is not King?
        Kings who represented the order of heaven were kings chosen by God himself not the ones we choose ourselves.
        Do you know the meaning of divine?
        Catholic is political not religious if you didn’t know my ‘learned friend’ . For you to know who catholics are, find out who the Jesuits are and who the free masons are then you will know who the catholics are.
        Lastly you write a lot of rubbish. You should only tell that to your kids. The president we have can be insulted because he is not a ceremonious president. Go to your constitution and read it properly you fool.

  2. so if the wikileaks issue is authentic then it would be correct to say mai mujuru and company sold out in zanu pf. So in that case it would be honest to say some succsession hopefuls have failed to pass the litmus test. Kukara kutonga kwakaoma. Tarirai vamwe voputsa pfuko vosvika. Ko ivo va tomana vanozo buritsa chokwadi riini? ”Va tomana munoda kuti vanhu vanovhota vasina kuziva chokwadi here? Remember justise delayed is justise delnied. You are doing zanu pf a lot of damage. You have opened up flood gates of destructive speculation”.

    • @chikona gokwe- you do have a point, this gentleman is doing a lot of damage to ZANU just like Mahoso and Manheru. The good Bishop Kunonga was not the worst when it comes to this. Their mask is wafer thin and everybody can see that these people use ZANU to mask their incompetence, but of course, pretty soon they will be unmasked for who they really are, ZANU did not get to be where it is by allowing clowning cloned buffoons to hoodwink them endlessly..Rather this is a machine which successfully prosecuted the war of liberation and all these ‘holier than thou’ careerists are going to pay…Let these fellows be guided by the famous saying. “Zanu isinjonjo, tamba wakanjera’ not ‘tamba uchinjeresa’. Lets see how far the AG will go with his Wikileaks investigations!

  3. actual u tomama u are fool.u said mhosva hairovi up to 2o years murder 4life saka watonga wazvitonga wega nehama dzako mazanu pf ktanga ne gukura hundi up to date muchaona henyu

  4. Who cares if Mujuru said Mugabe must go he must go, he has overstayed his usefulness.. inga wani ngozi inoripwa ikapera wani.. Mugabe chii chaizvo.. kadevil, kana kuti ChiDevil chisingafi???? Pamwe Zimbabwe yakaitirwa iye chete kuti atonge… bullshit kuti Tomana ndiko kuti Tomama…. Mugabe is as equla as anyone as long as he is a human being.. akangofanana nemupengo unogara muna Enterprise Road….same same 6 na 9.

  5. tomana u r foolish n yo days as the ag r numbered, take heed. its election tym again n u r goin 2 start persecuting nt prosecuting Mr Tsvangirai n try as mch as u cn 2 distract hm 4rm campaignin 4 a beta zim n u’l gv us an xcuse dat joice mujuru n saviour are nxt n blah blah blah. we’r watchn u sarscam boy, n yo timing leaves a lot 2 b desired.mujuru akauraiwa u dd nothn then u wnt 2 tlk abt wat ppl tlkd abt, they were tru issues anyway wakarwadziwa coz u were nt invited. ths cud b yo last cases as ag mfana, the tym of reckonin hs cum

  6. This time Obama will come after you majaira we know you want Our President Morgan Tsvangirai, try it this time you will see

  7. Do you know Mugabe said ‘we are idiots including me’ at the just ended Christmas party in Gweru now imagine if you walk into a bar and say Mugabe is an idiot? So Tomana what laws will you use to prosecute munhu ati Mugabe agarisa achiudza an ambassador, is there anything wrong with that?What law has been broken other than political persecution.

  8. @Tomana

    Really, where does Obama feature into all this? Now the blind can see. Are there some people who have been hiring foreign governments to assassinate the country’s leaders so that they get into office? Surely you have said as much in one sentence. No wonder Mugabe always talks of regime change and foreign interference, and parties that are stooges of the west and so on. How do youknow Obama will come into Zimbabwe? What makes you so sure? WHy would Obama come here? Is there a party that is inviting foreign invasion into this country? Surely this is the very reason that makes some parties very ruthless, cruel and unrepentent on political violence because what they see in their opponents is not the apparent opponent, but the principal behind the party. If elections are coming, why should they not end peacifully without some party hiring Obama’s guns to kill innocent civillians. Iye akazomboti ngana ahcatonga akaita chitema chikuru kwazvo. Kangela manje,bayazama doing everything to get to state house. Shame anda half. Dunderheads without a clue want to rule. Idiots!

    • Those are the same questions you should have asked yourself when North Korea trained a brigade of our army to murder tens of thousands of our defenceless citizens.

      You should have asked yourself where China fits into the equation when your party Zanupf sent all its provincial chairmen to be trained by China on “election strategies” One hopes that kung-fu was not one of the strategies.

      • cde povho why do you cry so much over gukurahundi. Mind you they committed what you term crimes in pursuit of dissidents. Gukurahundi was spcifically trained for dissidents, all other forces had failed. Only defeated unrepentat former dissidents try to keep reminding the nation of that era of madness. i was in gokwe then, i saw it all. Why don’t you apotion part of the blame to the dissidents. If you were also one of them then i warn you never to try and regroup because gukurahundi is still tiiiiiiiiiiiii. Lets discuss dzaana mai mujuru dzokutengesa

  9. Tomana haaihwinhe. In law, i would simply say i didnt mean the president he thinks i mean. I meant the President of ZATO, ZCTU etc.
    The term president in that law is vague. Its a statement to try to harrass people.

    They law should state that the reference should be ‘The President of Zimbabwe, First Secretary of Zanu PF, Chancellor of All Universities, Commander in Chief of the Ground, Air and Naval forces, Owner os all the Diamonds, Robert Gabriel Mugabe”. Then we will know which person they are making reference to.

    Also, as it is Zimbabwe doesnt have a legitimate President. the one occupying that office is by an arrangement.

    Also, which words constitute an insult?
    Is mentioning of “President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabrriel Mugabe”, as a failed and heartless ruller, an insult?

    Most people i know who have been arrested on these cases, only mentioned the failures of PoRZim RGMugabe. Is this an insult?

  10. i dont think its fair really considering that 3/4 of those accused of insulting the President did not actually insult him..these silly policemen fabricate such lies to those that resist arrest or try to exercise their constitutional me they threaten you with that..and act as witnesses
    .if you read the chronicle “‘wipe your ass with $20” story u will agree with me..

  11. There should be a pecking order in the prosecutions. Seniority will be used. Start with Mujuru downwards. But if the truth be told, no Zanoid will be prosecuted. The MDC members will be picked one at a time to disrupt the election campaign for the 2013 elections. Strangely nobody has ever been inprisoned for this antiquated piece of legislation. If Tomana wants to prosecute me, here is the evidence: Matibili is an old womaniser, dictator and a murderer in the same league as Pol Pot.

  12. Yes,no justice can be delayed for 20 years and in whose country?no not in my country.there is no AG office in zim but ZANU AG office.tomama days are really numbered.we know you are targeting tsvangirai and his team but unfortunately he will never be intimidated by such highest level of plain foolery.

  13. can you imagine kuti mai mujuru vakasiirwa nyembe nemunhu wavaida kuti auraiwe ne usa ivo vagozo pinda panyanga.( if wikileaks is true) little did she know that a violent american sponsored regime change was never going to accept or even accommodate zanu pf leadership. ”madam you were going to be butchered just like gaddafi”. Mugabe unorarama nenyasha considering zvigananda zve zanu zvakamukomberedza.mumwe nomumwe une chake chaanodira kuti ave padyo namugabe. Ndokusaka vasingadi kusiya zvigaro chero mu zanu pf makare

  14. Tomana is speaking nonsense and he knows it. Drunk with Zanu PF powers just like Mahoso , Chivaura and the rest of the clowns and stooges. He should start by arresting Mwale and Kitsiyatota otherwise he should shut up because he is the Devil’s Advocate who does not respect the rule of law.

  15. What else can we expect from Tomana bearing in mind that he is an outstanding issue of the GPA.It boggles the mind that his so called investigations seem to be gaining momentum on the of a crucial election.Tsvangirai as an opposition to Zanu Wuwori can hardly be subjected to this ubsurd investigation because it is his political right to fight Mugabe in whatever way he deems fit.Tomana and this waffling Shame should confine their absurdity to their rotten Zanu Yeropa.

  16. Let Tomana sing for his meals.There is nothing wrong for that. Handiti mwana akada mukaka kuna amai anochema. If he remains dormant he would be considered to be AWOL.

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