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Tax reforms: What people said


Below are reactions from Zimbabweans from all parts of the world to the Bill submitted through different NewsDay platforms.

How can I be taxed when l don’t even live in the country? How will they get the money from me? — Tee Freshy

I will never pay tax until corruption is weeded in Zimbabwe. There is no way I can spend a year working hard and come back home to pay tax which gets stolen by people who spent the whole year at home with their families. If it means going to jail for not paying, I would rather go to jail. — Bernard Dube

Nobody is investing in this country because of poor economic policies that lack vision. People have decided to invest in countries that have business-friendly policies. Now the government wants to reap where it did not sow. What’s wrong with this government? It (the government) surrendered all our resources to the Chinese and now they are our bosses! Just leave us alone! — Kelvin Mutede

Double standards! You tell us that we cannot vote, then you come back and tell us to pay tax? Good luck if you get a cent from the Diaspora! We shall never accept to be taken for granted. — Terry Shumba

They don’t promote small to medium enterprises. They don’t lure foreign investment. They do the opposite. No wonder they are speeding up processing of passports so that they can tax our hard-earned cash. There are many educated ministers in our Cabinet, but they come up with shameful ideas. Lord have mercy on us! — Webster Senah

I am not sure we have a clear understanding of what is meant by this. If you look at South Africa for instance, their residents are not paying taxes in foreign nations, therefore, it makes sense for them to pay it in their own country. It may not be the case in all countries. —  Langton Muchemwa

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