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Somanje pardons disowned son


WANING Pengaudzoke frontman Daiton Somanje has buried the hatchet with his eldest son Faheem.

Report by Jairos Saunyama Own Correspondent

The feud between the two hogged the limelight two years ago after Daiton accused his son of bedding his Marondera wife Annah Kezias, among other allegations.

Daiton disowned his son after suspecting that he was having an affair with his stepmother.

But the relationship got back on track recently and Daiton has roped Faheem for live shows.

The 25-year-old Faheem confirmed the development, but refused to explain how they had settled their differences.

“The feud is now water under the bridge. We are back to normal. He is my father and I am his son,” said Faheem.

“We are now holding shows together and I am glad that my father is there to help me. What happened is now history, we are about to make ‘new’ history,” he said.

Daiton also refused to shed light on the new development, but confirmed he was working with his son.

Early last year Faheem described his dad as a jealousy person when they parted ways musically. Faheem formed his own band called Tokudai Mese, but failed to release an album due to financial problems.

Daiton publicly disowned his son and called him many derogatory names.

The feud between the two worsened when Daiton applied for an eviction order against his family at the Marondera Civil Court.
This saw Faheem leaving the family house for his own apartment in Rusike suburb, Marondera.

However, the court ruled in favour of Kezias who is currently staying at the house.

The feud was sparked by a police report made by Daiton at Dombotombo Police Station accusing his son of stealing commuter omnibus seat covers, four cellphones and a guitar, among other goods.

The case was dismissed due to lack of evidence and the two started trading various accusations until Daiton kicked his son out of his house. The friction saw the two pursuing music separately until the recent resolution to reunite.

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