Shumba speaks on ‘copycat’

POPULAR Mutare-based musician Blessing Shumba says he is not angry over gospel musician Mathias Mhere who released an album with striking resemblance to his beat.

Report by Own Correspondent

Mhere’s album titled Anoita Minana has become popular since its release in November and it was initially mistaken for Shumba’s project.

Some pirates sold the album under Shumba’s name in the initial days of its release. Shumba has released a new album titled Shongwe, but it has been overshadowed by Anoita Minana.

There is a striking vocal and sound arrangement similarity between Mhere and Shumba.

Speculation was rife in the music industry that the two rising musicians were at loggerheads over the issue, but Shumba dispelled the rumour in an interview with NewsDay recently.

The Timene-hitmaker said he was happy with Mhere’s musical prowess.

“There is nothing bad and I have no beef with the musician. This is what we want in the music industry,” said Shumba.

“I am not angry at all. The ministry needs to grow and we need more gospel musicians to preach the gospel to all corners of the earth.”

However, Mhere, who was nurtured by Mechanic Manyeruke, said the similarity in their music does not mean he copied Shumba.
“I am not imitating Shumba, but what I can say is that we share the same producer,” he said.

Their music is produced by Lyton Ngolombi, who is also a member of Shumba’s backing group Holy Psalms.

“I am aware that Lyton works with Mhere. He is a producer and he worked with various artistes even before me. That’s his source of livelihood and we cannot stop him from doing his work,” said Shumba.

Asked about how his latest album was performing on the market, Shumba said he was pleased with the sales.

“It is still early to judge my latest album’s performance, but as for now, I am happy with the sales,” he said.

Shumba broke into the music industry in 2010 with the album Ishe Wazvose before releasing NdiMwari, which saw him becoming the most sought-after musician.

He recently did a duet with Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave.

The song features on Zvakavapano-Mashavave’s latest album Wenyasha Ndewenyasha, released a few weeks back.

They will perform the duet live for the first time at Harare International Conference Centre on Saturday when they share the stage with Shingisai Suluma.

The show is expected to be an exciting year-end gospel concert. Suluma has promised to sample new songs at the show.

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  1. Ferguson needs to improve his attitudes towards refrees.he is a coach not an official.

    1. which story are u commenting bro dont mix things ok

      1. i an even shoked

    2. lol zvakaoma shuwa

  2. Mhere akazonyanyisa kukopa kwacho mhani…..Shongwe is very good Blessing …….

  3. Hw come someone is talking about Ferguson yet we are the story is about Shumba. Anopenga

  4. Mhere never copied Shumba, their music is way diff. Mhere release an album before Shumba so who is copying who if anyone insists their music ia alike?

  5. heyi dei akaimba achiteedzera macheso hameno, aitoimbirwa murondatsimba reloaded

  6. Producer…..( suspect No. 1 ) he must have modified Shumba’s instrumentals for Mhere’s rylics.

  7. Mhere is very creative. He once worked with Mechanic Manyeruke and has experience. These 2 mucicians share the same producer and l think this where the problem is even though l did not the duties of producer

  8. Mashibha Tirivamwe Kennedy

    Aiwa ava vaimba zvakafanana asi vachichovha vhangeri ngavavongwe. Chaipa mu music industry i piracy-haiwa veduwe! Hungu vanoimba kuparidza shoko asi vanodao kudya kumba kwavo-piracy yokohwa paisakarima.

  9. thanx a lot guys for spreading the word of GOD thanx a lot unto yu allllllllllll……………………………….. kip e gud wrk AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. But the mhere guy do esnt know scriptures very we ll, he said children who were born in the desert are the ones who troubled Moses.that is wrong.people who came from Egypt are the ones who were problematic. Czek that.

      1. iwewe ndiwe usingazive shoko manje

  10. piracy haipere,its jus Like gold buying,hw do u expect us 2 live…even kuGramma maDisk arikucheka….

  11. nhai Editor/Moderator cant you integrate your site with disqus.I think it will make commenting easier.

    Thank you

    Ndini Wenyu


  12. Obert Oka Katubula

    Music yenyu yakanaka especially on the message.But only encouraging that when entering music industry look at others products and try to improve yours to avoid these confusions,If u want to be proud of your product let it be distinct and carry your own identity.

    1. Shumba murume pane vamwe dai vari vamve nyaya iyi yayiperera kumarinda.Pliz guyz be co.operative.Ngari fambe vhangeri matirimana ose enyika vakomana.

  13. Shumba murume pane vamwe dai vari vamve nyaya iyi yayiperera kumarinda.Pliz guyz be co.operative.Ngari fambe vhangeri matirimana ose enyika vakomana.

  14. vakaimba varume vose ndariende vhangeri

  15. Thanx Shumba, thanx Mhere. May God bless u two with more!

  16. Is it true that these guys sang together whilst in prison then BS got aquitted and produced and
    later the other one finished his jail term and did likewise?.Thats why their music is similar sort of. However the fact remains that these guys vanogona zvavo, may God bless them

    1. Unotaura zvausingazive iwe,Mhere akamboenda kujere kupi,zvausingazive nyarara mhani

  17. kana mati vakamboimba vese mujeri saka itype yemusic yavo yakafanana

  18. ko zvaFergason zvabva kupi? Vamwe vakasara

  19. l think the story lacked depth or the reporter wasnt aware of these nagging issues such as they were in prison&fo what.hw was life in prison?is it true Blessings broke the promise that these guys were to release together?

    1. pane nyaya pavarume vaviri ava,ndapaitwe tsvakurudzo then we will comment further

  20. I think it is execellent. It is in fullfilment of The Greatest Commission when Christ commanded: ‘Go yea therefore and preach the Word..’ Blessing is a Christian and realises that he cannot stand in the way of the Matser(Christ). Now that’s humility at its best. God bless you bro, and as surely as the sun will risa tommorow(way way after the 21 December nonsense!), our God will open more avenues and ama blessings for you – ‘..pressed down, shaken together..’ God bless you all and may we enter 2013 will much more verve to push the Word forward.

  21. bs idhara mhani ndatenda zvangu. Dai ari mumwe muimbi wandinoziva patova kambo.

  22. whilst am reading your comments i am listening to mhere he is gooood

  23. Kutaura zvaFergie? Crazy bastard

  24. music is a mission not a competition

  25. Matheas haana kuCopy Shumba, ukateerera album raMhere njambanja nasatan beat rimwechete raakaRecorder be4 Blessing kuna2009 kungoti hameno kuti sei neMusic industry munhu anozoita mukurumbira pa3rd or 2nd album.

    1. ndovanhu vanotaura mafacts ,vari informed kwete mbwende dzinongotaura zvadzisingazive,Blessing joined the music industry after Mhere

    2. Kudzai Matsheza

      I am looking for mhere’s previous albums. Where can I get them?

  26. some guys whre so adamant that it was blessing shumba akaimba favor, haaaa mazondiitira mushe mandipa zita iri …..their voices are soo different tho..

  27. piracy is not fair, they are even putting blessing foto picture on the discs and some are written “FAVOUR NAMWARI” but these two guyz vanogona. kip it up!!

  28. wise comments from Blessing Shumba,may god increase you.Let gods music play till the coming of Yeshua

  29. haaaa chiri mumwoyo, chiri muninga.Shumba ngaataure mushe!

  30. mhere is good just like shumba,let time define who is who, i’m sure they cn even share é stage and bring fireworks into é kingdom of God as they praise and worship Him. Thanks guys 4 not allowing our speculations drive you apart

  31. Dnt read btwn the lines, how can u this there is a possibility of shumba copying mhere when mhere is only but a newcomer.

  32. shumba kwa kupera ka uku

  33. very good blessing that’s a good way of handling pressure yakaita seiyi. some people were expecting you to comment bad things about mathias mhere. hands up yako shongwe inonakidza authough it was overshadowed neya mhere.

  34. Manje shumba wakazviruza wakagona kuba page rine only 2 albums manje mhere akasara nebhuku rese hameno gore rinouya uchaimbei so my advice u must not be greedy coz u come out first sorry shame on u blessing

  35. Makapenga,kip t up guyz..mhere thmbz up.

  36. Mhere i am with you in full support

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