Shamu attacked over Internet control

OBSERVERS have lashed out at Media, Information and Publicity minister Webster Shamu for proposing to censor the Internet saying the move was a Zanu PF ploy to further stifle dissemination of information in a democratic society.

Report by Everson Mushava Chief Reporter

Chairman of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Media, Communication and Information Technology, Settlement Chikwinya, said Shamu’s intentions reflected Zanu PF’s political position as opposed to a democratic stance of any progressive Zimbabwean.

“Minister Shamu should be speaking the opposite of what he is saying if he is to show any respect or semblance of democracy,” Chikwinya said.

In a meeting with Deputy Minister of the State Counsel Information Office of China Qian Xiaoqian, who is in the country for a familiarisation visit, Shamu said there should be some form of control of the Internet and other social media platforms because they had potential to cause strife.

“However, it is also important to note that, if not wisely utilised and appropriately regulated, these platforms can be a cause of strife in society,” Shamu told the State-run Herald newspaper on Monday.

“The so-called citizen journalism facet of the new media means everyone has the potential to disseminate information that is sometimes inaccurate or undesirable — information which may indeed be in total disregard of the national interest and lead to uncalled for internal strife in a country.”

Chikwinya said: “China is a secretive or surveillance society promoting a one-party state regime. Zimbabwe is a multi-
party democracy and people must express their views.”

He said Shamu should be concentrating on how to promote Internet access, rather than controlling it.

Media consultant and political analyst Ernest Mudzengi said there was nothing wrong in regulating the Internet to prevent acts like cyber crime and child pornography.

“There is nothing wrong in regulating the Internet,” he said. “The problem is when the controls affect dissemination of information.”

Political analyst Alexander Rusero said Shamu’s remarks reflected Zanu PF’s panic ahead of elections.

“They have a dilemma of regime change similar to those that happened in North Africa,” Rusero said.

“For a party that will be celebrating 50 years next year, regulating the Internet will be driving in reverse. Zanu PF should move with time and also introduce a website for the party.”

Zanu PF’s fears of an Arab-style unrest resurfaced in the resolutions made at its just-ended conference in Gweru where the party lambasted the West for supplying information communication technology (ICT) gargets to fuel political unrest similar to what happened in North Africa and toppled governments there.

The use of social media platforms triggered political unrest in North Africa that dethroned Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and Tunisia’s Ben Ali last year.

According to their resolutions, Zanu PF appreciates the use of social media, but is worried it could be abused.


  1. Shamu and the Zanoid party are still operating in the 20th century while the rest of the world has moved on. Shamu should be advocating the expansion of the information super highway so people in remote areas can participate in the development of the country.

  2. Internet haisi yabambo vako kana kuti yokumba kwenyu. Ndosaka muchida kugara makatifungira kunge tisina pfungwa. Makudo evnhu. Zvichakupererayi chete. Muchamama.

  3. Zanu doesnt want progress in this country in any form hence such utterances by their minister.

  4. Shamu you are crazy, who do you think you are? Go tell that to your wife and kids not us. We do not eat at your house so leave us alone. That is so childish, if you don’t agree with me I will not allow you to play with YOUR toys and do you know my father is CHINA!

  5. social media is the future,you got us with your 100% local content on zbc that was enough

  6. veduwe…Kumwe kwakurwara nepfungwa uku, tovabatsira sei vanhu vebato reZANUpf.

  7. Hey torarama the china way here? munongo furirwa ne china , chese chataurwa moti nacho, china has its own reasons why yakaisa censorship. nokuti vepa next door vauraya huku nemiwo bati jongwe. Again ma minister enyu amunoisa aya are they qualified. what does he know about information technology? does he even have a certificate in IT? Insteady of developing IT, you will ruine the little we have.
    Have we ever have any problem with Cyber crimes in Zimbabwe zvakanyanya. Moti pa TV its propaganda now ne pa internet modazve kuti sungira zvinhu.

    Pasi ne pfungwa iyi? pasi nayo.

    The next government ino fanira kuisa ma ministers ari qualified. Hatidi ku tungamirirwa ne matofo

  8. Zanu has no website? Yakasara haikona?

  9. Uku ndookurwara nebrain manje everything is now being zanunised tv yangove zanu apa waakuda kubata internet iro bato renyu risina kana website ndookudhakwa ka ikoko.saka kuChina vakatanga kudya vanhu shamu neZanu muchatoti ngazviitwe ka

    1. @Tony. Mukati vanhu ve Zanu havadyi mbwa nakare here?

  10. vanopenga nhani vanhu ava

  11. Now we know why there’s no BBM in Zimbabwe. We are in the same company as North Korea. And ZANU calls that development. Sad. Very sad.

  12. f,,,,ck mazanu mbwa,ztv maka uraya bt imi muchiona madstv,zanu yakaora

  13. f,,,,ck mazanu mbwa,ztv maka uraya bt imi muchiona madstv,zanu yakaora maduninu evanhu

  14. Shamhu uyu ndingamuti chii,ayiwa ndazoziva ikatsi mhani munhu uyu twuvana twako atusi ku enjoyawo google here iwe muroyi iwe shit,u stl wnt enslave us shuwa even in dis morden world

  15. If anything they should block pornography on the internet it is detroying young minds.

  16. I thought the internet was already regulated,cant use my blackberry within zimbabwe.Next kunenge kwava necurfew ya6.

  17. Check which minister was once a proud DJ for the Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation , broadcasting for the sovereign state of Rhodesia !

    1. Ishuwa iyoyo Akatoitwa zvekubatwa kuti aende kuChimurenga uyu

  18. Makanyeperwa vanhu imi iwe shamhu uite kwazvo moda kuirregulater here kana kuvhara ma sites e mdc

  19. Chisingapere chinoshura. Ramangwana rirongere.

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