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Schoolteacher bootlicks Mugabe


UMGUZA — A Nyamandlovu primary schoolteacher, Simbarashe Zenda, went overboard in bootlicking by showering praises for President Robert Mugabe’s anti-gay stance during a prayer at the launch of the National Tree Planting Day at the school over the weekend.


Zenda, who had been asked to deliver an opening prayer at the function where Environment minister Francis Nhema stood in for Mugabe, shocked delegates when he went into a frenzy attacking gays and lesbians while lauding the Zanu PF leader’s tough stance against the practice.

He also seized the opportunity to declare his support for the President.

“I would like to take this opportunity of the National Tree Planting Day to extend my best wishes to our beloved President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe, our country, its government and people,” he said.

Mugabe has openly declared his disdain for gays and at one time described them as being “worse than dogs and pigs”.

His party, Zanu PF, was also fervently opposed the incorporation of any aspect into the draft constitution that recognises gay rights.

Zenda prefaced his prayer with an anti-gay sermon drawing laughter from the hundreds of guests, saying: “Who are we, ladies and gentlemen, to destroy what God has ordained as good?

“What God sees as good is perfect and incorruptible. It is imperative to maintain and preserve trees because God created them and was satisfied with the work of His hands.

“This clearly shows us that major problems on earth began when man decided to go against nature. Wanton destruction of trees, more so without replacing them, can be likened to the unsavoury behaviour where man to man or woman to woman marry each other. God did not ordain gay marriages and they are therefore morally unacceptable.

“This is the reason why each and every year His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe graces this occasion (tree planting commemoration) to endorse what God ordained by planting trees. In my view, it also shows that God ordained him (Mugabe). That is the reason why the President is against gay marriages because God did not ordain gay marriages.”

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