Zimbabwe population census results released

The Zimbabwe National Statistical Agency (ZimStat) yesterday released preliminary results of the August 2012 population census showing a marginal increase in Zimbabwe’s population, which now stands at 12,9 million.


The figures show a 1,1% increase from the last census carried out in 2002.

ZimStat board chairman Douglas Hoto told journalists in Harare that at this rate, the country’s population was likely to double in 70 years.

“The population of Zimbabwe on August 18, 2012 was 12 973 808,” he said.

“From the above figures, the average annual inter-censal population growth rate between 2002 and 2012 is nearly 1,1% and with such a growth rate, the population will double in roughly 70 years.”

The census also revealed that there were 93 men for every 100 women in the country.
“Of the August 2012 population figures, 6 234 931 were males and 6 738 877 were females,” Hoto said.

In 2002, Zimbabwe had a population of 11,6 million people, consisting of 5,6 million males and 6 million females, with a sex ratio of 95 males per 100 females.

The distribution of the population by province shows that Harare is the most populous with 16% of the total population, followed by Manicaland (14%), Midlands (13%), Masvingo (11%), Mashonaland West (11%), Mashonaland Central (9%), Matabeleland North (6%), and Bulawayo as well as Matabeleland South with 5% each.

Harare has 2 098 199 people, Manicaland (1 755 000), Midlands (1 622 476), Masvingo (1 486 604), Mashonaland West (1 449 938), Mashonaland Central (1 139 940), Matabeleland North (743 871), Matabeleland South (685 046) and Bulawayo has the least people with a figure of 655 675. Bulawayo recorded a decrease in its population with a growth rate of -0,3% while Mashonaland East and West provinces had the highest growth rates of 1,7 %.

The data also shows that on average, each household has 4,2 people.

“The results show that Zimbabwe’s population density is 33 persons per square kilometre, given that its area is 392 757 square kilometers,” Hoto said.

The ZimStat boss said detailed results would be published in a series of subsequent reports after the completion of data processing and further analysis. The census operations report will be published in February next year followed by the population atlas in March.



  1. Mr Editor or reporter an increase from 11.6million to 12.9 million is not a marginal 1.1% as you have reported. It is actually 11.2%. So can you get the correct figures.

    1. The 11% increase was over a 10 year period, which translates to 1.1% rise per annum. Remember a census is carried out every 10 years.

      1. oh i see, they have corrected it now.

  2. Its good to know these statistics. They change the way people think and assume things for both economics and social information.

    The starvation and drought in Matebeleland had led to migration to SA. While internally, Manicaland cause of diamonds has become the second most populous region. This is why there are a lot of developments in that region. I also see, Mutare overtaking Harare.

  3. For those who want to tribalise the deindustrialisation of Bulawayo. Human geography will enable you to see that a decline in population will lead to a decline in economic performance of that area.

    A businessman will see it better to locate his business close to the market, meaning the business set up we have seen arising in Mutare are at the expense of Bulawayo. This is sad news to the once vibrant city.

    This also show that Bulawayo was the most place affected by economic meltdown and migration.

    On a positive outlook, it also mean Bulawayo has the highest number of migrants, which when they put their resources together for the love of Bulawayo. they can make it a vibrant city again. Bulawayoans, have can revive their industries by pulling their remittances together, than sending Changani bags. Let them send back Business Ideas to restart the industry and not Flea Markets.

  4. Lets join hands to revive our economy

  5. Pple are always crying about gvt byo pple should revive byo

  6. Tsvangirai Mugabe

    These results shld also be used for voting as yu wl see the ZPF rigging machine saying Mashonaland province has more people than Harare,,remember UMP at one time had 40000 voters versus 16000 for Hre,,cant believe this.MDC stay alert

  7. i thnk i missed the population 4 Mash East i only saw the growth rate of 1.7%. the results cd’v included hw many fom the population figures r above n below 18 yrs of age. the results cd’v also printed figures in age groups so that resources n materials r fairly rightfully distributed n we also compare voting figures wen its called for…………………………….uzumba zanu pf….60 000, ahhh

  8. The growth rate is 11.2% and the population will double in actually less than 50yrs, using Geometric progression. Reporters should verify their info!

  9. tomawanepiko mastats aya in full. vane website here vanhu ava

  10. Mina angivumelani lazo inombolo lezi ngoba phela kangibalwanga lanoma ngangikhona.
    Njalo lokhu kusitshengisa sobala ukuthi uhulumeni lo ujonge ukubulala iBulawayo.
    Vukani mahlabezulu koze kube nini sihlanjazwa.

    1. u are ryt and l was reading on e factors why bulawayo has e least population & they ddnt mention anythng abt gugurawunde

  11. not next to real coz some areas omited

    1. Usefull information for demographic data series,economic planning.

  12. @Mbonisi. These topics which needs analyticals, you wont see the MLF guys.

    Out of est.13million, only 2million are from Matebeleland combined? and this 2million makes the loudest noise. MLF should be serious, forget what you want to start. We will only take 2million out of the 11million and resettle them. and the populations becomes diluted 50%.

    Lesson from this: Stop your tribal issues. You are only 15% of the population. Just blend in. I know this is painful, but thats how facts are. STUBBORN.

    1. Blend in with your nonsense, I disagree. So you think you are an analyst? I saw that you wrote that Manicaland has the second highest population as a province because of diamond? What ignorance is that? People have actually been removed from their places and relocated, who in manicaland is in diamond mining except the Chinese and some zanu pf thieves. The people in manicaland are not directly benefiting from the diamonds and that is why they want devolution Mr. Hombarume Mambara.

      You have to be careful about your comments, it’s not the numbers that matter but what the people can do. 2 million people are lot if you want to start trouble against them ask zanu pf they will tell you better.

  13. This is the right time to revive our economy as bulawayoans,look Mutare is going further than an city in Zimbabwe.

  14. kurauone mufundisi

    You give results without paying those who worked what kind of people is dictatorship in play everywhere.

  15. Mash east ndiyo ine the highest population in Zimbabwe. I should say over 5 million. Ndokuti Zanu PF.

  16. Ko vakaverenga vacho got nothn for their sweat, so pamwe ndezvekunyepa.

  17. but pple shld be paid

  18. thanx shonas for coming to byo, we would by nw be 100 000,

  19. they are lyn’ bcz ini handina kuverengwa

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