Zimbabwe Polls likely in 2015

ZIMBABWE is not likely to go to the polls next year, but in 2015 as parties in the coalition government still need to align the country’s laws with the new constitution which might take two years, a political analyst Ibbo Mandaza has said.


Mandaza made the remarks last Thursday while addressing a Bulawayo Agenda-organised symposium at the Small City Hall. Mandaza said although the country needed elections because “the GNU has failed” it was not likely the polls would be held next year.

“It is clear that for the voter, it is difficult to decide who to vote for between Zanu PF and the MDCs,” he said. “A few months ago, I argued that the constitution was a done deal, done and dusted a long time ago. There will be no need for elections (next year) as neither the MDCs nor Zanu PF can afford one (election). They will be both comfortable with a GNU 2,” Mandaza said.

“There will be no elections in 2013. What the MPs are not telling you is that there will be need to synchronise the old laws with the new constitution. In Kenya it took two years. It will take two years here in Zimbabwe as well. The earliest elections will be in 2015 and by that time all the old ones (leaders) will not be there.”

Mandaza described as false claims that the current Parliament’s term ends in June 2013, adding the cycle of elections was disrupted by the Global Political Agreement.

“According to the GPA, elections should have been in 2010 and, therefore, the next election in 2015, thereafter,” he said.
MDC’s deputy-director of strategy and implementation Joshua Mhambi concurred.

“If we wanted to be faithful to the GPA, it is true that elections are quite far. If we wanted to tell the truth, in 2013 we might not have elections. Even if you look at it, the two bulls (MDC-T and Zanu PF) are not on the ground campaigning”.

However, MDC-T policy director and Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross said Zanu PF was likely to continue pushing for early polls to avoid electoral reforms.

“It is easy for people like Mandaza sitting on the armchair to criticise,” he said. “We have no deal with Zanu PF (on elections). The GPA and the constitution mean a death wish for Zanu PF. They (Zanu PF) want the elections now because they are afraid of the GPA reforms”.

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  1. Surely in the name of love for the Zimbabwean pipo why allow all this twisting and turning, I see this as satan’s agenda to make us suffer its beyond comprehension.

  2. stupid white fools ‘ tricks. we want election in january if not in march 2012

    1. Stupid ndiwe because January or March 2012 yakadarika.

      1. Leonard n Chitsora

        Taura hako Diano, Fools will never see the truth even when it’s staring them in the face. This brother ireally a fool playing stupid racial mad games.

    2. you are truely zanu pf. your language speaks.

    3. are u staying in zimbabwe or in another country which is not on earth.

    4. Bloody bastard,elections infact should be held in 2020.Eddie Cross is very correct okay.

  3. Mandaza, political analyst…..hehehehehe…..this chap couldn’t analyse sh*t!

  4. Why rushing for elections and regret later.Let’s have a good road map to elections and our new constitution in place to avoid blood shed.Everyone is sick and tired with this animal called GNU but we have to be wise when calling it off.Remember the slogan of the old guard ZIMBABWE NDEYE ROPA

  5. Mandaza, for once has said sense. You dont want to rush elections using old laws……there is a risk of undoing a good constitution. Those who seem to be in a hurry are those fielding old , tired candidates. Parties fielding youthful candidates are not in a hurry. In 2015, one of the candidates will be 91….I foresee a scenario akin to Mubarak debacle where the candidate will be moving around , not in a cart, but a designer bed!

  6. I suppose elections in june 2013 would be ideal and good for the nation.Teh whole process with everyone’s support should facilitare the holding of elections in June 2013. The so called political analysist are putting spanners in the whole system.

  7. zim needs neolithic revolution ‘ new policy in every sector & that comes w election . We want election soon than later coz pple didn’t vote 4 gnu let us be democtratic & those party does make zim on their own

  8. Silvester Matambo

    Mandaza is a failed condom!


    1. Daniel 2:43 should be read as well. In Zimbabwe, we have seen interparty marriages, and this has not cemented relations. THE BIBLE IS AUTHENTIC!

  10. it wl be a wiser move to have them in 2015.But lets end the dictator ship of zanupf.

  11. Constitutional student

    Good insight Mr Mandaza. We are following the patterns of Kenya. It is definite on 4 March Keya is going to polls. Then we ought to start calculating ours from there. How many fishes awaiting us before we get to elections pot.

  12. Chabwino Chauruka

    With the necessary political will free & fair elections can be held by June 2013. All necessary legislation can be put in place within 2 weeks. Legal expertise abounds in Zim. Politicians & political analysts must stop being selfish. Zimbabwe is not a personal property of the ruling politicians. Legitimacy is obtained through free & fair elections!

    1. chauruka, why do you contradict yourself? On one hand you insist elections have to be held in 2013, on the other hand you point out that legitimacy is obtained through free and fair elections. Remember free and fair elections require an enabling regulatory and legistlative regime. These two require time. Even with an abundant legal expertise, you still require time. Things legal ,of necessity, demand rigour in both content and methodology. See?

  13. whats the rush, when the ground is not even. Is it for the principals or the populace’s benefit? If the ground isn’t even then someone is gonna be cheated, its either the populace or the principals.

  14. Why rush for election?ZANU PF yafunga kumwa ropa.

  15. Gumbo, a spokesperson for ZANU PF, is reported to have said that ZANU PF resolutions are no longer carrying the day because of GNU. I therefore suspect that the push for elections by ZUNU PF is a tactical move to unsettle its protagonists. ZANU PF is not prepared for elections because even the guidelines for primary elections for the party are not there. The reason why the party is putting spanners on the constitution making process is simply delaying tactics. On the other hand the MDCs are becoming too comfortable in the marriage of convenience to the extent that some want to hide behind technical terms like confirmations, just to avoid leaving parliament, as if being an MP is a career- it’s not, it’s about servant leadership.

  16. gnu is failing to implement improvements on zim & it can’t be there up to 2015 there should create room 4 others & remove place holders like mutambara & stop pple like kasukuvere from destroying e ctr’s economy , take a look rght we got no FDI coz of bad gorvenance , soilders a still sent to DRC in respect of 1 person …….. In short we now food on e table , jobs freedom

  17. Ibbo is very right,the MPs don’t tell us the truth.There is not election next year or in 2014.MPs from zanu pf and the two mdcs do not want election which involves Mugabe,so they are playing games with the new constitution at the same time Mugabe’s advanced age won’t be appealing to the electorate come 2015.Like it or not,but this is the truth.

  18. Personally elections should be done with a new constitution in place and properly done. The reason why we don’t get the constitution itself ready in time is because we want to rush things. Its better to be late than the late. To hell with Elections in 2013

  19. Mandaza is a lying idiot.MPs are like us they also don’t know when elections are held.noone knows bcoz this is process driven.they are stages tht has to be implemented b4 we start talking of an election.we have referendum,security sector reforms, media reforms,and these issues there will be disagreements from zanu pf bcoz this party is the one which should concede power

  20. I agree with eddie cross tht mandaza is speaking from his wheelchair.he thinks things are easy to do,as easy as speaking.the same applies to welshman ncube,he thinks he can be the president of my beloved zimbabwe.I said hell NO.what did he do as the minister of industry that deserves hm presidency?nothing.just a cry babe always saying,’tsvangirai doesn’t want me to be a principal’.tsvangirai is not ncube’s
    god.tsvangirai has his party

  21. elections tomorrow please!!! even ground yekuita sei?????elections March 2013 and its too far again, should be in first of january 2013 or end of december 2012
    we don’t mind about this this silly thing constitution, what we want are elections. Mdc-t fools listen to me we are the owners of this zimbabwe. vote zanu pf in march 2013. full stop nhamo yapera ukavhotera ZANU, ZANU CHIKWATURO

    1. @John, the name gave you away. ………………………………

      Think big…or is it because you lost part or most of your brains some time back? Alternatively, you dont deliberately want to engage the correct side of the brain? Either way such shallow thinking is a cause for sleepness nights for whoever had the responsibility of depositing you on earth.

    2. chikwaturo chako iwewe kwete chevanhu vose zanu yakakwatura kunonga

  22. The original Masendeke

    mandaza, mandaza, mandaza, tibvirepo mhani

    1. mandaza arikutaurawo pfungwa dzake semuzimbabwean iwe taurawo dzako kwete kuti tibvirepo hazvina zvazvinoreva

  23. The ghost of the late Kunonga should be exorcised as well.

  24. Aaah, yezwo ke. Ati voteni ne 2014 ngono. Se bamwe beti 2013 is too near and 2015 too far, let’s settle for 2014 then tibone kuti ma Politicians iyawa banobe batji baakanya mwe ne umwe nlayo wo yendidzana ne Constitution by September 2014. Ndaaaa.

    1. i like your language it reminds me that zimbabwe is rich in languages

  25. Whether election today or when,Mugabe arikuenda chete.This tyme haana chance.

    1. u can say that again bro

  26. Weston Mutongoreya

    Mandaza is trying to be clever by saying elections may be in 2015,so that zanu and mdc may be provocked and then col 4 the election asap.Mandaza is trying to score something here.He wants the elections done asap.Kana uchida kuti vanhu vanenge chirwa varovane rough,jst try kuvanunura but uchisiya ka space kokuti vakande zvibhakera,hey panoita hondo chaiyo.So is what Mandaza is doing so that zanu and mdc are teased and then col 4 the election.

    Mwana wevhu.

    1. Chabwino Chauruka

      Ndafarira analysis yako Weston. Ino meka sense.

  27. Let’s keep on delaying the elections until some of the candidates we know get to Heroes’ Acre. They can be voted into power even if they are in the deep reverie of death. ZPF wants elections yesterday because their candidate is now so old he will likely sleep in a rally in 2013.

  28. is this the same Mandaza that zanu-pf bitched on? pathetic loser, you start talking sense now where were you in 2007?

  29. Its a shame that instead of debating contructively as a nation, we insult each other even where strong language is not called for. Lets learn to be critical and tolerant avoiding vulgar and obsene expressions.

    1. Gurundoro wekwa Seke

      Yes Mdlalose.These people seem to have great brains but used for destructive purposes.We need elections in Zimbabwe but a lot of work needs to be done to avoid the 2008 fiasco.We dont mind even if it takes long but producing uncontestable results.

  30. ZED (Zimbabwe Emergency Drink

    Mwari tinzwirei ngoni…..pindirai mukati mema politicians edu anzwe inzwi renyu….

    Why fight brother and brother…unite us ohhh Lord and do your will

  31. Hey, we want elections in March 2013 while soldiers are busy in DRC.

  32. kikikikiklikiest

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