Police record increase in road accidents

POLICE said they have recorded a 9% increase in road traffic accidents this year with most of them attributed to human error.

Report by Feluna Nleya

Officer commanding traffic Assistant Commissioner Kenny Mthombeni told NewsDay at the weekend that they had recorded 28 929 accidents between January and October this year, against 26 500 accidents recorded over the same period last year.

“Most of these accidents occurred as a result of excessive speeding, following behind too close, failure to give way and overtaking errors,” said Mthombeni.

He said during the Christmas holidays last year, they recorded 1 785 accidents with 147 fatalities and 1 304 injuries.

“The Christmas and New Year holiday period is historically associated with disregard of road rules and laws which subsequently lead to accidents and loss of life and damage to property. I, therefore, urge the motoring public and commuters to abide by the rules of the road before, during and after the festive season,” said Mthombeni.

Meanwhile, police’s anti-stock theft unit said it had closed 900 illegal butcheries, 632 food outlets and eight abattoirs countrywide as part of its clampdown on stocktheft.

“During the period January to October 2012, the national anti-stock theft unit conducted operations such as Nyama Yabvepi? and operation Eradicate Cattle Rustlers. The operations were aimed at reducing or eradicating illegal activities in the meat and livestock industries,” said police anti-stock theft national coordinator Assistant Commissioner Bernard Dumbura.

He also said 1 153 people were arrested for stocktheft, while 14 873 were arrested for stock theft- related offences.

“The number of cases reported in 2012 decreased to 4 144 from 4 978 in 2011, translating to a 17% decrease. The number of cattle stolen between January and October also decreased from 10 662 in 2011 to 9 264 in 2012, translating to a 13 % decrease,” said Dumbura.

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  1. The police are also contributing to this as motorists drive under siege from them. Imagine 16 police posts from Harare to Mutare a distance of 270 meaning you may be stopped every 20kms what does do to your mental attitude. If accidents have increased as they say so it means there presence on the roads are useless, they are money making ventures.

  2. I gree there are far too many police road blocks, the other days I passed through three road blocks from the Flyover along Seke road to Cocal cola, a short distance of only 1.5 km. These guys cause lots of congestion and drivers become impatient causing accidents in the process

  3. The traffic police in Zimbabwe are causing the better part of the accidents and it’s a pity no civilian can do anything about it, most motorists are frustrated by our police by being investigated as if every motorist is on wanted, from Harare to Marondera you get sometimes 3 road blocks and on each of them you stop for at least 20 minutes you can imagine how much time one gets delayed for a journey to Mutare. Motorists are forced to speed to cover up for the time lost through the numerous road blocks and sometimes with our hard and expensive economy to pay 40 or 60 dollars for very trivial matters is just mentally disturbing and usually when one gets emotional he/she looses focus thereby prone to loose control resulting in accidents, someone needs to educate our traffic police that in as much as they are milking the money of defenseless motorists they are also causing more harm than good, more money for them and their big bosses and also more blood flows on the roads and they sound so concerned when giving statistics as if innocent.

  4. I agree with the other scribers,our road blocks are useless,they stop you,demand unnecessary things,in other countries when you are stopped the officers check things which are likely to cause accidents,such as yr tyres,loose nuts and many others.Here Zim they will rush for driver’s licence,tv licence,disk licence,insurance ,refelectors,fire extinguisher and money.All these can not stop you from having an accident,instead they should advise on the status of one’s tyres and other things.Pliz mangonjo tibatsirei muroad,migwagwa yapedza vanhu,My mother died in a road accident thus why am so bitter about you guys.

  5. John weku Mabvuku

    Vakomana, im in deep sorrow over Adam, I cant explain how Im feeling, May His dear soul rest in eternal peace

    1. As for Adam,its painful,I started to know him when he was working at Vidio Vision with his brother Madinda,he was a gentleman and this year I met him at BF CAPS United Vs Dynamos Mbanda Cup when he wanted to let in his Chicken players via the VIP gate,but unfortunately I did not allow him because of the instructions from Mbada,but as a gentlemen he understood and paid for the boys to watch the game.Adam will be missed by all soccer loving people.May your soul rest in peace.

  6. Sometimes we just blame police imagine if there is no police for just 24 hours am a driver people are just negligent

  7. The reasons given by ithe high ranking ZRP traffic officer are correct among others such as poor state of road infrastructure,absence of road signage,lack of prompt policing skills,unlicenced drivers , non adoption to international road traffic signage for easy realisation to the many visitors to the country and traffic cops take long to be deployed where there is an accident and traffic jams etc

    My personal view is that the majority of Zim drivers do not respect policing officers, traffic rules and pedestrains.The ZRP and Metropolitan Police should be on road patrols more frequently than before since the traffic volume is on the increase due to motor vehicles which are mushrooming because we are now affording to buy vehicles.

    Zim should nature a culture of serving ie drive with a friend/neighbour/ cousin/wife/ etc you know what I mean.

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