Pamire gritty on Asiagate

FORMER Dynamos chairman Ignatius “Boss” Pamire, now leading a civic organisation — Pan African Development (Panad) — insisted yesterday Zifa violated its constitution when it banned players and officials over the Asiagate match-fixing scandal.

Sports Correspondent

He said he would take the association to court if it does not rescind the suspensions. Pamire said this in response to Zifa who dismissed his organisation as misleading players after it gave the soccer mother body a two-week ultimatum last week.

Zifa president Cuthbert Dube had not responded to the issuance of the ultimatum by Pamire’s organisation as he was away in Brazil attending a Fifa 2013 Confederations Cup organising committee. But on his return he said Zifa did not take instructions from Pamire.

Dube said Zifa was not answerable to non-football bodies or civic organisations and that the conduct of their judicial bodies was governed by Zifa, Caf and Fifa statutes.

He added that Pamire’s organisation had no right to lecture Zifa on matters of football statutes and that it was a violation of the association’s statutes and those of Fifa to take football matters to court.

However, Pamire said although they respected Zifa as leaders of the game, they expected the bosses of the association to follow procedures.

“We respect Zifa as leaders of the game, but they should follow due process in what they do. They have to respect their own statutes. It is unfair to players as it is affecting their families. So we are saying as a civic organisation, we are against poverty and it’s unfair for the players and their families to be driven into poverty without due process being followed,” Pamire said.

Pamire also dismissed Zifa’s suggestion that football matters could not be taken to court citing ex-Zifa chief executive officer Henrietta Rushwaya whose matter is before the courts.

“A football person, Zifa former chief executive officer Henrietta Rushwaya, has taken them to court. We are a civic organisation and will take them to court if they don’t nullify the suspensions they meted out on the players. They can be taken to court,” Pamire maintained.

The previously-unknown advocacy group emerged on Thursday last week accusing the soccer mother body of stripping human rights of nearly 100 players and officials affected by punishments which followed an enquiry led by Retired judge Justice Ahmed Ebrahim.

Zifa announced sanctions ranging from six-month suspensions from the game to life bans, with those affected being asked to fork out $6 000 to appeal.

Pamire’s group said Zifa was turning into “an extortionist organisation that now wants to rob players and officials in a well orchestrated scam disguised as Asiagate”.

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  1. so Asiagate is a figment of the imagination of the ZIFA board?????

  2. what did pamire do that you will be proud of in zim soccer

  3. pamire is misleading vakomana ava,if ZIFA has violated its constitution as he allege why not refer to the specific section within the the ZIFA constitution that has been violated for people to know.Pamire haasi kutozivawo jus like the funny organisation that pretends to represent players(FUZ)

    1. anorld. waakarasika hama, you should look for the Herald and read all the details outlined by PANAD, the ZIFA constitution was interpreted to them in that Herald report, all the loopholes were cited and its very clear and straightforward the violated sections were pointed for everyone to see,

  4. but, in all fairness i think ZIFA overreacted to this saga. i doubt if every player attended a hearing were before judgements was passed…and, isnt it the same ZIFA(thru Henrietta) that asked these players to go n represent the nation?

    1. Concerned.

      In all fairness ladies and gentlemen,Zifa has no mandate at all to mete life bans on players and individuals.What Zifa can only do is to recommend these bans to Fifa and Fifa will start their own Investigations.Remember Buffon of Juventus was found guilty of match-fixing and was fined and banned for six months.How then did Zifa banned players for life when in actual fact they have no authority to do so.

      Cuthbert Dube must leave our soccer immediately!

  5. What good has ever come out of anything that involves Gumede and Bennedict Moyo? Unschooled emotional pretenders. Cuthbert is educated but akafurirwa and boy he got burnt. Now everything rests on his shoulders and Gumede na Moyo hide behind a chair.Nonsense.Nxaaaaaaaaaa.Tsekkkk

  6. Zifa has destroyed socca. U can’t call players and give them life bans akomana, that’s cruelity. Sure Zifa regererai vana ava.

  7. nehanda nyakasikana

    kuti zifa ndokuti dofo

  8. Taura hako ivo vana Dube vacho vakambotamba bhora kupi. We want profeesionals in soccer not ma Retired enyu aya. Zanu pf inoda kutonga kwese nekubhora ainyari.

  9. Zifa kunzi pakata hauna kunzi ridza,,,,,,,,mwari ndiye ane final say kumunhu wese.saka you guyz mafunga kudestroyer chipo chevamwe chakabva kuna mwari maona kunge makoshei nhai.nthng wrng ne mafnes ko life ban nemazimonths, years kunevana vevamwe hutsinyeka uku u thnk ndimi muchagadzirisa Zimbabwe,, shame on you matotorana nema bad luck vakomana.chimboitai tione.

  10. Zifa thru its CEO called players 4 national duties so who s to blame ? wakadaidzwa kana kuti vakadaidza?

    1. what kind of national duty when you receive mone to lose games at the expense of the same nation. whether they were called by the ceo or team manager as long as they were mecenaries in this saga they should be banned. pamire to hell.

  11. vana pamire vave kuda kudya mari dzema donors nema plan. mhoswa imhoswa mr pamire. dont mislead vanhu with your empty threats.people should own up and take full responsibility for their actions. most of these players were invited to come forward and give statements vakaramba. iye pamire ku civic organisation do his employees do as they please. if he is so keen on helping these asiagate cheats why cant he pay for their appeal fees and attend their appeal hearings instead of issuing empty threats and in any

  12. Now zifa house has been abandoned by Dube everything is done from psmas but journalists will not do anything. about it. unveiling of pagels is done from psmas why when we have zifa has helped Dube to kill football .

  13. Zifa and journalists are killing football

  14. tight, kana ndatadza ndiudzei mhosva yangu, mondipawo mukana wekupindura, the mozopa chirango, asi hapana patakanzwa kuti committee iyi yakaita any hearing, only invitation to give statements

  15. Mitemo ye FIFA ndopainonetsa tinoramba tine mapenzi mubhora vachidzivirirwa ne FIFA. ZIFA yedu is full of shit and FIFA should know that. Seriously this vindictiveness they showed shows they are not professionals but idiots bent on destroying zim soccer, no wonder we can’t qualify for anything with this shit board. Life ban, five years, 2 years, compare van Buffon who are paid Millions in pounds or euros being banned for just 6 months mapenzi edu oti life odazve kubira vana mari. Imi vanagngove vakreswa but where do they get 6000 ivo vachipihwa 150 per game. Iyo ZIFA yacho haitorina CUP iri worth 6000 iri kutambirwa.

  16. Guys why is no one talking about the FILTH that our players & officials engaged in for money. It was corruption which typifies current Zimbabwes social & business fibre. Now when somebody takes the issue from the scruff then he becomes the victim. Somebody even chooses to play tribal by singling out Gumede & Benedict. Is that how low we have become? Not able to condemn bad practises & mete appropriate justice just because we are related or affected by the banned players. As for Pamire he must come out in the open & tell us who hes really behind. WHich players hes representing. He pays the fines & appeals for them not surreptitiously like this. SO MUCH DIRT & POLITICS & CORRUPTION is involved in many facets of Zimbabwe now. Time we stood up & said no. Njenge Harare siyalazi linga masela sela bulala i lizwe.

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