NRZ to move 6m tonnes of cargo next year

THE National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) is projecting to move six million tonnes of cargo in 2013 as a result of anticipated efficiency emanating from the newly launched express trains, it has been learnt.

Report By Gamma Mudarikiri OWN Correspodent

NRZ public relations manager Fanuel Masikati told NewsDay last week that the recently introduced trains would play a critical role in meeting the set targets.

“We have the capacity to move six million tonnes of cargo next year with the express trains introduced in October 2012,” said Masikati.

For the year 2012, the company had projected to move 6,4 million tonnes of freight traffic, but in October it reported that it would not able to meet the target due to failure of most of the pledged business during the period.

Masikati, however, could not give the actual figures of how much cargo was moved this year.

He attributed the failure to meet the targets to slow business in some of the key sectors of the economy and the undercapitalisation of the parastatal.

As part of measures to recapitalise the parastatal, the government early this year announced that it had secured funds to purchase 14 locomotives from a Chinese firm and deliveries are anticipated by early next year.

The railway company needs $400 million in the short term to refurbish its infrastructure and $2 billion in the long term to fully recapitalise.

The organisation has for long been in talks with private investors to raise funds to recapitalise which, however, have not yet yielded positive results.

NRZ currently has only 65 locomotives, 3 271 wagons and 158 coaches that are functional against a requirement of 83 locomotives, 4 262 wagons and 145 coaches.

The organisation continues o battle with viability challenges and consequently has a six-month back log in salary arrears for its 7 000 employees.

Masikati said NRZ had suspended recruitment and the replacement of retirees to reduce the number of employees.


  1. This is a feel good more! Now if the PR manager has no clue how much they moved last year but is upbeat about moving 6 million tons in the new year when the economy is in free fall can he pray, tell us where all this cargo is going to come from? Given that he has no clue what he moved last year, is this an improvement we should cheer or a decline?. This business of giving half baked, pie in the sky, wishy washy drivel and disguising it as news has gone a tad too far. NO? And as for the reporter for this this really the best you can do? NRZ sits at the centre of all our economic acitivities and they should tell us what it is exactly they are going to do to make things change that they have not been doing presently, not some thumbsuck feel good pantomime as detailed above. This issue needs SERIOUS attention and the NRZ PR manager should not seek to trivialise it. If you sir, have nothing to say, why not shut the hell up? And six months without salaries? Really, how do these employees survive?

  2. The bottom line for NRZ to perform it needs competent management what do yu expect from a general manager who has experience in guns fare well in transport management.parastal managrment posts shuld be advertised and candidates who possess the relevant qualifications appointed irregardless of which political party they come from,not this ZANU millitarisation of the NRZ.

  3. Traffic is @ a pick right nw.nrz hv been moving traffic all along.nrz wrkerz hv gone 4 7mnths without pay .were is the revenue they are generating going to.nxaa mbavha.

  4. The reality of how bad things are just hit me reading these figures. I work for a very small rail company. We have about 25 locks and last year we ferried 115million towns worth of goods. We have less than 300 rail workers. Things are really bad at NRZ !

  5. 25 locomotives,sorry!

  6. @Mazambani- many thanks for this..perhaps the PR manager should think very serioulsy about engaging you to find out how to better the fortunes of NRZ. I am not holding my breath though,the geniuses at NRZ believe they have already solved the problem by shunting it sideways. This is what they have become famous for. It is not their fault as management but the GOBLIN that is stealing all their profits. Interesting thing is only THEY can see this goblin!

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