‘Mugabe, Tsvangirai anti-Ndebele tribalists’

MDC deputy secretary-general Moses Mzila-Ndlovu has accused MDC-T and Zanu PF of merely using leaders from Matabeleland for “window dressing” while perpetuating the marginalisation of the region.

Report by Dumisani Sibanda

Addressing hundreds of people who attended an early Christmas party organised by Gwanda Central legislator Patrick Dube at Ntepe business centre, Ndlovu described Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugabe as “two faces on one coin” when it comes to dealing with people from Matabeleland.

“Before the split of the MDC, there was talk that there was now a problem because the party had too many Ndebeles, but how can you talk like that about people who voted for you?” he asked. “Now, instead of talking about solutions to problems people in the region are facing, Tsvangirai chooses to call (Welshman) Ncube (MDC president) a village politician.”

Ndlovu, who is also Minister in the Organ for National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration, said a look at Zanu PF and MDC-T would show that they did not have respect for leaders from Matabeleland.

“Ask yourself why there was no negotiator from Matabeleland in Zanu PF and MDC-T and in the leadership of Copac they had no one from Matabeleland. It’s because no one from Matabeleland is trusted to negotiate on constitutional matters. So, if you are Ndebele, what do you want in those two parties (Zanu PF and MDC-T)?” He said the same mentality was the one frustrating the process of his party’s leader, Ncube, from “taking his rightful place as a GPA principal”.

Asked to comment on the allegations, MDC-T deputy national spokesman Gabbuza Joel Gabbuza accused Ndlovu of being “unnecessarily emotional”.

“People must look at things nationally. When you say those things you sound even more and more of a village politician. Leaders must be national in outlook. Of course, we respect his (Ndlovu’s) views and he is entitled to them, but I don’t think they are accurate.”

Zanu PF national spokesman Rugare Gumbo scoffed at the allegations.

“What do you expect from MDC?” asked Gumbo. “They have nothing to offer. Their policy is just to criticise Zanu PF. There is nothing of substance you can get from MDC.”

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  1. So what makes Mzila different from Mugabe and Tsvangirai? His address is also tribalist

    1. i thought as much. he said nothing for the development of matebeland except pointing fingers. i used to lose sight of my life objectives waiting for someone to come and do it for me now am in charge of my life i can proudly move myself. you will never develop if you are always clapping hands for a guy who tells you that so and so hates you and doesn’t offer solutions to the development of your area.

    2. @Halfbaked

      Mzila’s case is different because he is reacting to an existing situation – he is not initiating anything – he is not the initiator.

      You must always know that the source of a problem is the initiator, not the one who reacts!

      If you as an individual you are always being taunted and you keep quiet. Next time the same happens and you keep quiet. At the end of the day you have had enough and you then react, since you can no longer stand the nonsense any more – who is at fault here?

  2. So it’s pointless to have these presidential elections against zanu pf because clearly Morgan & Welshman are not on the same page which is frustrating to us the Povo , out of anger people will just split the votes . So sad ,although i know that zanu pf loves playing this tribal Card .

    1. @Sai
      The problem is also you the supporters, who lurch onto evrything a politician says and regard it as gospel truth. Who in Zimbabwe doesn’t know what led to the MDC split? This is very recebnt history but people pretend they don’t know?

      Everybody now claims Welshman split the party and yet we all know what transpired over the senate vote? Its this dishonesty, this untrustworthiness and this tribalism that is tearing Zim apart!!

  3. @Halfbaked,l agree with you there,these political parties have nothing to offer us as an electrolate apart from insighting tribalism.As leaders they should be convincing us on why we should vote for them not why l should hate the other.Actualy l think they are not politicians but chancers taking pple for granted.At the end why not vote Zanu Pf then as its better the devil you know than one you dont.l dont trust these guys.On a clever part they should have been a united front if they are to bring Zanu pf down,individualy they dont stand a chance l bet you.

  4. Mzila is a village politician for sure. Has he forgotten that the Constitutional Commission was headed by Jonathan Moyo from Tsholotsho in Matebeleland? As a former rural headmaster cum lecturer at UCE we thought he was more knowledgeable but he is parroting from the same hymn book with his devolutionist handler Welshman. Obert Mpofu is in charge of the most powerful ministries and he is from Matebeleland. Joshua Nkomo was vice President of the same ZPF he seeks to portray as tribalist. It his party which is tribalist.

    1. @Tawanda

      Can you please address the issues Mzila has raised, so that we can have a fruitful discussion.

      1. His assumption that Ndebele guys are not allowed to handle constitution issues is wrong. Welshman played a pivotal role in its drafting not long back unless Mzila’s memory is too short to recall. He has failed in his own portfolio. Antagonizing the nation on tribal lines won’t get us anywhere. Fact is Shonas are more than Mthwakazis in this beautiful country.

        1. @Tawanda

          Typical, you never read anything in English and understand – I sometimes wonder how far most of you went with school?

          Show me where Mzila said “Ndebele gys are not allowed to handle constitution issues?”

          1. Knowing English is not a sign of education but just an understanding of another language. I feel sorry for you for your brainwashed mind.

          2. It’s because no one from Matabeleland is trusted to negotiate on constitutional matters. So, if you are Ndebele, what do you want in those two parties (Zanu PF and MDC-T)?” He said the same mentality was the one frustrating the process of his party’s leader, Ncube, from

  5. Clearly something is wrong with the 2 MDCs. They are playing with the future of the country. I am from Matebeleland and I support Morgan Tsvangirai. But he must know regional politics add up to make national politics. Tsvangirai will never win 60 percent of the vote in Matebeleland as long as Welshman and his people are there. And Welshman will never win in Harare or Manicaland if Tsvangirai is campaigning.

    Solution; They must unite for the sake of the country. They have worked together before and can do it again. Mugabe and Zanu pf are worse, but sadly both Ncube and Tsvangirai would rather have breakfast with Mugabe than between themselves. Ncube should accept and respect Tsvangirai as his leader, and Tsvangirai accept and respect Ncube as a powerful regional politician. Its expediency, pragmatism that wins votes. They must both catch a wake up before Mugabe wins another election.

    1. @Nkululeko

      I am a principled Mthwakazi – I stopped supporting Tswangirayi in 2005 after the split. I will never support tribalists, dictators and unprincipled leadership. It doesn’t matter, even it means the vote is split.

      PRINCIPLES are the basis of any successful modern nation – and flipfloping and dishonesty simply don’t do it for me!!

    2. Bravo!!! You must seriously consider political office! I have never come across such maturity on this forum.

      1. @ Nkululeko Dube that is

  6. @Nkululeloko- good one, ‘catch a wake up’. What divides the two MDCs is smaller than what joins them, so gentlemen,please get on with the program.

  7. @Tawanda, its you who is a village idiot, not Mzila. You are clearly not a Matabele and from today onwards, understand that you cannot speak for us. We are no longer the second citizens your grandafther Mugabe taught you to believe we are. NgesiNdebele kuthiwa ukukhudumala kwebhatshi kuzwiwa ngoligqokileyo, mina the pains of a people can only be felt by those who are in pain. You are not one of us and we do not belong to the same country

    1. so wat are u doing in our country, just pack yo bags and go back to yo country then if u are not a zimbabwean

    2. who cares

    3. muchamama mandevere

  8. why should u trouble yoselves guyz as to who wll win the elections? The winner has already won. If at al not clear to u then wait en cee. On another note the wisdom of that Matebele.. village tribalist politician is surpassed by even one hundredth of PRES. of ZIMs foolishness.

  9. Well said Mzila. Zapu split in 1963 because the Shonas did not want to be ‘led’ by a Ndebele. In 2005 the MDC split because there were ‘too many Ndebeles’ at the top. The Patriotic Front was formed and Zapu and Zanu agreed to fight the 1980 elections as one , at the last minute Zanu said it was going alone. 2008 MDC and MDC – T agreed to fight the elections as one front. Biti has just admitted that its them who reneged. So who is a tribalist? Go figure.

  10. Mzila Ndlovu is spot on. Tribalism is the guiding light in both Gukurahundi ZANU PF and the MDC-T – they are two-sides of the same coin.

    Ask your self why the leaders of the two parties always resort to issues tribal or regional whenever they address crowds in Mthwakazi. They never do this in all other provinces except in the two-Matebeleland provinces, why? Why don’t they dwell on issues of development?

    Give us one example of where either Tswangirayi or Robert Mugabe have criticised each other or any other Shona-speaking political opponent e.g. Simba Makoni on anything tribal?

    None, bafowethu, absolutely none.

    But the two have always reserved the “tribal accusattions” for Ndebele speaking politicians ONLY.

    It happened with Joshua Nkomo and PF ZAPU;

    It happended with Judge Sansole and the Forum Party;

    It happened with Dumiso Dabengwa and his ZAPU; and

    now its on Welshman Ncube and his MDC.

    Nothing tribal has ever been said against:



    Chief Chirau;

    Edgar Tekere;

    Simba Makoni; and

    Morgan Tswangirayi.

    As long as its Shona versus Shona politics – the criticism are never tribal, why? It can just be “puppets”, “sell outs”, “frogs, etc” :”ugly” womaniser etc etc

    But once its Shona politician versus Ndebele politician – it automatically becomes “Tribalist” “regional”, “village politician” “go back, dzokerayi.. ”

    So, guys, do you see the source of our tribal problems in Zimbabwe? Our tribalism problems in Zim certainly do not eminate from Matebeleland – the evidence is all there to prove this.

    TRUE MZILA, VERY TRUE – All those Mthwakazi politicians in the two evil parties are only there to eat, they are not there on the basis of principles.

    They tell themselves that because of Shona-tribalism in Zim, a Ndebele- led party will not win, therefore “we will never be able to eat!!”

  11. The same way the ZIPRA guys were driven into dissident activity is exactly the same way some in Matebeleland have been forced to form the MLF and demand secession.

    Some of these guys from Shona speaking provinces are really determined to see our country splitting. We don’t know what they want from us? Some revenged and had their pound of flesh through Gukurahundi, but alas, it seems the Gukurahundi revenge was not enough.

    No amount of Ndebele blood can ever quench their thirst, as the the tribalistic provocations continue unabated.

    1. to hell with you mbonisi. ZANU will rule for life and you shall remain disillusioned for the rest of your life.

      1. @ who cares

        Because you never want to hear the truth, therefore I have to go to hell – please advise which direction it is to hell, I don’t know the directions?

        The truth of the matter is this many of you people are so glaringly dishinest it is so unbelievable – if you as Shona people will not have us live together as equals, then I am sorry – let the Gukurahundis ruin the country for ever – we will all have nothing left, and that is the EQUALITY you are all asking for – EQUALITY IN POVERTY!!

      2. @ who cares

        Because you never want to hear the truth, therefore I have to go to hell – please advise which direction it is to hell, I don’t know the directions?

        The truth of the matter is this, many of you people are so glaringly dishonest it is so unbelievable – if you as Shona people will not have us live together as equals, then I am sorry – let the Gukurahundis ruin the country for ever – we will all have nothing left, and that is the EQUALITY you are all asking for – EQUALITY IN POVERTY!!

  12. General Pancho Villa

    So, if you are Ndebele, what do you want in those two parties (Zanu PF and MDC-T)?” is this not tribalism the other way round Mr Mzila?? What if Zanu Pf and MDC-T start asking me what do i want from your party, aren’t you going to accuse them of tribalism???

    1. @General
      Yes what exactly do you want if you are being reduced to a beggar status? That is a very fair and accurate question!

  13. Mr. Mzila-Ndlovu, you are not being honest. Priscilla was seconded to the negotiating team by yourselves representing your party. So you mean you should have forwarded a different person simply because he/she is Ndebele? You say no one from Matebeleland is taken seriously by either Zanu PF or MDC-T, yet Ndebeles have senior positions in both parties. If you are so negative about the other tribe how do Shonas, who have always be with you feel? Actually in future explicit laws shall be passed that he/she who is found to have incited or deliberately caused disharmony among tribes, for whatever reason shall be arraigned before the courts. We cannot afford this kind of politics because we have seen disastrous precedents in Rwanda and recently in Kenya. Politicians are not supposed to be excited and utter words which can destroy the whole country. Mzila-Ndlovu is a leader, who is in the healing organ and should strive to pursue avenues of healing this nation not to cause divisions. Every person has grievances, but it’s manner we put those grievances across that will sway the people and authorities to attend to them.The challenges faced by residents of Matebeleland are acknowledged by an average resident of other provinces and should be addressed in that context.

  14. You know what, these stupid politicians from Matabeleland are not good for their region.One thing for sure they are to let known is we are all equal and they have to adapt to that.No region will ever consider them as special but equal.Its high time they take their tribal hatred to grave.
    They think they are actually doing a favour to Mugabe and Tsvangirai, no thats very wrong you have to contribute as a Zimbabwean.
    Seriously reading through this article makes me sick that its coming from a Senior Politician.Let it be clear if you decide to get a position because you thing you are doing someone a favour, its not that person’s fault but yours.
    Matabeleland had people like Sydney Malunga and Mabhena they would take it as it is without labelling innocent people.
    It has become a problem that one region is so infested with tribal hatred and they want to blame someone else.

    Brothers and Sisters rise up from your graves of tribal and be a Zimbabwean like everyone else, from me I will never treat you special.Can someone from that region please stand up and be effective.
    Every region has misgiving with Zanu PF and MDCs but we are really fed up of being blamed for someone tribalistic attitude.

    Let it be known Tsvangirai is not even Shona, but son of Zwangendaba, if you know your history well that tells it.
    After all Shona and Ndebele are marrying each other everyday, some sleeping together mor than never before.Step up be responsible or just die tribalist racist.

    I love you very much, but I hate the way you want me to respect you.

    1. I get surprised you choose to attack those who react to tribalism instead of the perpetrators in this case Mugabe and Tswangirayi – which planet are you from?

  15. Tribal politics will not take anyone anywhere! National leaders should learn to understand that the country is made up of various tribes and those tribes make up the nation, and that nation in this particular case is Zimbabwe. If you look at your passport as an example, there is nowhere on this document written tribe, its your nationality. There is place of birth, which does not reflect your tribe. Leaders and their followers should try and avoid fanning divisions in the country, because if allowed to go out of hand, has the potential of leading the country into civil war. Wars are very destructive and should be avoided at all costs. We should coexist as Zimbwbweans and not to divide the country along narrow tribal lines. We need each other as Zimbabweans. There is no single tribe which is superior and cannot run this country alone. We are all equal in he eyes of the law and thus the reason why we all have the right to vote or voted for. When votes are announced, you do not hear results announced based on tribe, it is the total which matters. So concentrating on issues which do not add value to your cause is fitile exercise, because doing so may lead to one losing votes. Zimbabweans are not settled according to tribe or place of birth, and addressing people along those lines may backfire and may never know the composition of your audience. True politicians should tell the people how they are going to improve their lives when they elect them into offices. Parochial utterances will not yield anything positive, because we do not feed on utterances! We need leaders who have solutions to the problems the country is facing. If Zambians, Mozambican, Tanzanians had such a mentality, do you think they could have accepted to accomodate our liberation war fighters? The fact that we are Africans made them take the risk of housing our own people. We need mature as a people and focus on developing our ailing nation.

  16. Mzila is telling the truth, both MDC-T and Gukurahundi ZANU PF only have Shonas as representatives, Priscilla is from the MDC.

    So it means, had the MDC not been there, this whole constitution and COPAC affair would have been a purely Shona affair, as it is with the Principals affair – this is what Mzila is saying.

    Mzila tells it like it is, most Shonas only like those Ndebele people who are prepared to come under Shona leadership, not those who stand as leaders in their own right. This is their understanding of unity in the context of Zimbabwe.

    Check, almost all the Ndebele politicians that the Shonas never attack or criticise or accuse of tribalism – they are ALL in parties that are led by Shonas. All thE Ndebele people that Shonas are always attacking daily and accusing of tribalism are people who are in parties led by Ndebele speaking politicians – why?

    Is this not strange and twisted logic that once a Ndebele comes under the leadership of a Shona, he immidiately ceases to be a tribalist and all accusations of tribalism suddenly disappear?


    1. But it’s Welshman who went shopping for professor Mutambara to be his voice. The Mzila’s chose Priscilla to represent them in negotiations and now they cry fowl. Is he telling us that politicians of his calibre are good as spectators and in opposition. His argument is self defeating

  17. I am a Shona. I do not want Mugabe. I supported Joshua Nkomo. I do not support Welshman Ncube I like Skanyiso Moyo but I do not support ZANUPF. I support the values of democracy i hate violence in its entity whether verbal or physical and support the free spirit of all democrats, but i do not support gays and lesbians neither do i think they should be linched.I think Peter Ndlovu was the greatest Zimbabwean footballer to date in known and recent times, i do not support Highlanders and Dembare I prefer the underdogs. I think Cuthberth Dube and Dumiso Gumede should leave ZIFA .I think Norman Mapeza is a better coach than Rahaman Gumbo. I Know Professor Welshman Ncube is more educated than Tsvangirai and that Authrur Mutambara is more educated than Welshman Ncube though Welshman Nucbe is more politically sharp than Mutambara. Mzila is more radical and active in the Organ than Holland and Nkomo. I know the Victoria falls is a world wonder and in Matebelland and also i know that the diamonds in Chiadzwa are being presided over by Obert Mpofu who is form Matebelland but am convinced that it is not the people of Matebelelnand pilfering the natural resources but Obert, Mbada and ZANU PF. In essence I refuse to be confined by my geography and my tribal affiliation. I should speak for my people when their voices are suppressed, my village, my district my province my country and my Africa.

  18. Except for the very, very few, most Shona people thirst for Ndebele blood, its clear as daylight – they want their pound of flesh – they will never be satisfied.

    Playing hide and seek on this issue can not fool us – its the 1800s tribal stories from their great, grand parents, fathers, parents being drilled down into their minds even to this day, the year 2012.

    Not a day passes without them reminding us of Mzilikazi and Lobhengula and South Africa – they want your blood, bloodsuckers want your blood Mthwakazi – they will not rest!!

  19. Mzila tells it like it is, most Shonas only like those Ndebele people who are prepared to come under Shona leadership, not those who stand as leaders in their own right. This is their understanding of unity in the context of Zimbabwe

  20. There are vampires out there, who want your blood Mthwakazi – they will never be quenched!!

  21. Shonas have better things to do than stooping so low. Why cant we close the sad chapter once and for all. History shows that the Ndebeles wronged the Shona at some point and the Shonas wronged the Ndebeles at some point but now is the time to bury the hatchet and build our country as a united force with diversity of talents and languages. Those of us who witnessed this gukura first hand do not want to talk about it or to be reminded of it. Mbonisi you are doing the whole Zim injustice by your sensational comments. Y’see, choice of Mzila to head National Healing was a poor choice coz he is using emotions more than reason. In my view, Coltart, by virtue of his origins and race could have been a neutral and objective person to deal with national healing issues. Mzila is not objective in his approach. Why cant you pluck a leaf off Jonathan Moyo or Obert Mpofu. You cry foul that Shonas are looting Chiadzwa but a respectable gentle obedient man from Mat North is the head responsible for activities in Chiadzwa. We need one another. This is why Bosso has a bulk of Shona players

    1. @Tawanda

      Stop talking rubbish – you at again with your Gukurahundi upbringing – is that what Mugabe and his side-kick Chigwedere taught you?

      There are no Ndebele people who ever wronged Shona people and there are no Shona people who ever wronged Ndebele people – that is Gukurahundi propaganda. Get that? How could Ndebele people wrong Shonas when neither Ndebele or Shona existed in the 1880s? There was no black person known as Ndebele in 1800s and there was no black person known as Shona during that same time. Please stop this HIS-story propaganda of the Gukurahundis.

      Today we have Jonathan Moyo – Moyo is Ndebele, but Moyo is of inkosi uMambo origins – are you saying the Moyos raided themselves?

      Gukurahundi was a Zanu pf project made up of people who spoke Shona, who were sent to destroy Dr Joshua Nkomo’s support base so that ZANU PF could then establish a one-party state – how does a ZANU PF initiative suddenly become a whole Shona initiative? Are you saying ZANU PF and Shonas are one and the same thing, are they necessarily indivisible?

      So this nonsense of yours that this tribe wronged this tribe is utter rubbish – plain Gukurahundi HIS -Sstory rubbish. I for one, have never wronged anyone, this much I am sure. I have never killed anyone – maybe you have.

      Are you going to turn around tomorrow and claim Bona Mugabe, Robert Mugabe Junior and Chatunga killed Ndebele people in the ’80s, when they were not even born then?


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