Mugabe motorcade case: motorist remanded

A BULAWAYO motorist who last month allegedly obstructed President Robert Mugabe’s motorcade while the Zanu PF leader was coming from a graduation ceremony at the National University of Science and Technology has been further remanded to January 17 for trial.

By Richard Muponde Senior Court Reporter

Prayer Gavhanga (27) of Magwegwe West was again not asked to plead to contravening Section 72 (1) of the Road Traffic Act (failing to comply with lawful instructions given a by a police officer controlling traffic), when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Evelyn Mashawakure on Monday.

He is out of custody on $50 bail.

During his initial appearance in court, Gavhanga denied the charges. Charges against Gavhanga are that on November 9 this year at Ascot Shopping Centre, he was signalled to pull off the road by a Sergeant Jeche who was riding one of Mugabe’s outriders.

However he allegedly continued driving along the road behind Jeche and interfered with the motorcade. Zibusiso Ncube is representing Gavhanga.


  1. shallow story

  2. Wakulindiswe Mumpande

    Richard, dont trivialise this by describing Mugabe as a ZANU-PF leader, on that day he was going to NUST in his capacity at the President, a capacity that requires that motorists pull out of the road to make way for the his motorcade.

  3. THe gods of Africa!

  4. the motorcade is respected not because cde R G Mugabe is a ZANU PF Leader but because it is the PRESIDENT OF ZIMBABWE’s, and all other presidents in the World!

  5. Prayer Gavhanga ,our thoughts are with you and hopefully you survive this injustice ,Mugabe is not an elected president even fools know that . It shouldn’t be long now before this dictator is kicked out of power .

  6. Mugabe is not a saint.did that man ever do a harm to him.definately no.gave him a warning and leave him.gukurahundis at it again

    1. some problems we should avoid unobvei ukangobuda munzira macho ,manje uchapedzerwa shungu
      Tuku akati gondo (jongwe) rapotsa nhiyo rinokumba chero marara

  7. munyaradzei zvenyu bt uyu arikumama handiti akazviita gamba zvino chava chigamba.why is he denying the charges against him handiti aiiti haaite. ngaamame

  8. On the day in question it is narrated that after the police had eventually managed to move the accused from the road, he and his acquaintance continued to behave in a belligerent manner. It is not confirmed whether the two were under the influence, but verifiable facts are that they indeed were disrespectful of the head of state and may have, without dramatizing, undermined security and posing threat to the life of president. Prayer should therefore take the case very seriously and seek God’s help. Show remorse for the crime such that the judge may be lenient.

    1. get away hauna nyaya….verifiable facts kuita sei kwacho_nonsense wanga uripo iwe

      1. I think the better part of us here were not at that scene yet we allowed to refer to the short and I think clear report, if Prayer behaved the expected way then there is no bases to level such accusations against him, hoping we are all using brains for thinking let’s ask ourselves why just this Prayer guy in a city so big with numerous other motorists, I think he did it, he disrespected the traffic rules of Zimbabwe and if you meant it to be a joke then oops, it was in very bad taste, you have case to answer.

  9. bob and the wallers

  10. Kumbobudireiko muroad.kubudira dzakutsaku iro Bobo.hazviite izvozvi.iye mugabe chiiko munyika.hatimuzive isu akabviswa kare pahu president naTsvangirai 2008.hapana nyaya apo.ngaazviedze hake ndirimunzira ini handibude ndotoda iye Bobo

  11. Ah musamusimbise mface uyu akanongedza ambuya nesinhi ngaatsve.

    1. Anzou Samanyanga

      Achapona here Prayer uyu? Let’s PRAY he does!!!!!

  12. Unofa nekurohwa muzukuru

  13. Jokes aside gentlemen, this Prayer man should start making proper use of his name, Mr Prayer please try and now pray, you are in trouble, next time just find it easy not always be a hard nut but rather be scholarly in your conducts, I sympathies with you very much and unfortunately that’s all all of us can do now until you’re out of your mess. In this world there are some mistakes that one should never make and this one is one of them.

  14. we just write as if mutemo hatiuzivi as a motorist.If you go through the highway code what does it say about giving presedence to a police vehicle,ambulance or fire tender with its siren or its lights flshing,Lets be realistic akatadza mukomana.This happens even in any country.

  15. Zvimwe hazvidi hushasha varume,ngatiregei kuzvikudza patisingafaniri,murume anokuvara uyu and Mugabe is living pretty at his home,iwe wakavharirwa mhuri yaakutambura saka wawanei.Zimbabweans if we can’t beat them let’s join them!

  16. What where his intentions ? What harm did he cause to the motorcade?what was his mental situation before and during the incident?a warning charge is the best charge

  17. Sometimes being humble, taking the stupid side of the things helps

  18. Ko ivo varikukuudza kuti ahuna nyaya,sei ivo vachimuda munzira kana vamiswa.Uchenjere kufurirwa chikomana.

  19. Whenever i dictate a distant wailing of sirens of the presidential motorcade i get out of the road and wait. that motorcade was involved in several fatal accidents recently, and motorists get charged often for not getting out of the road quick enough. In fact there is a law against waving at that motorcade. Everyone knows that.

    I get this heavy sense of mweya wetsvina when the motorcade passes. and its not just me, everyone around freezes too. I wonder what Prayer was trying to prove.

  20. when the motorcade is coming,just pull off the doesnt take 40mins till the last car drives yourself a lot of grief for nothing

  21. Yekani inhlanya zodwa, mugabe is not a president but a bloody ditector

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