Mpofu sings for environment


RISING singer Dereck Mpofu, who rocked the airwaves with his single Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe, is set to release an album on the environment titled Mr Green Ambassador, Sir.

Report by Silence Charumbira Entertainment Reporter

The production is in line with his role as Goodwill Ambassador for Water Conservation and the Zero Littering Campaign.

The young musician complements his beautiful voice with the backing of a choir on the album.

Mpofu said the album will be available on the market on Saturday, while its launch is scheduled for early next year.

“The album is one of the steps that I have taken as the goodwill ambassador and it complements the work we have managed to do so far,” said Mpofu.

“Although my obligations fall under the Ministry of Environment, you will find that there are various themes that go beyond environmental issues on the album.”

The musician makes a strong reference to Bible stories and this is likely to make the album appeal to Christians.

On the first track, Denga Rinonzi Zimbabwe, he sings about the country, equating its richness to heaven.

There is a striking use of African drums on the song.

He praises the country’s vast natural resources and encourages everyone to play their part in safeguarding the good things that the nation holds for its citizens.

On the track World Doctor, Mpofu starts off with a solemn note pointing out at environmental ills like global warming, drought and veld fires that have brought various dangers to wildlife and humans.

On the song Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, he urges the nation to be responsible so as to save the resources, recycle and reuse them where possible.

He castigates littering in the song Tisarase Marara and cites it as one of the causes for Harare’s loss of the “Sunshine City” status and lack of progress in Gweru, which is known as the “City of Progress”.

A track titled Hakuchina Mvura/Hakusela Amanzi encourages citizens to save water, while Wetlands warns against the disturbance of wetlands through various activities and construction.

The seventh and last track, Muti Shamwari Yangu, portrays trees as the true friends of human nature upon which lives depend on.

The Afro-fusion feel of the album and its jazzy appeal — probably because of Mono Mukundu’s influence — are sure destined to make it a hit. Mukundu produced the album and played some of the instruments.

Mpofu composed all the songs, while Harare Water sponsored the project.


  1. Derek is a good singer, with such a great potential. Will never forget his perfomance at high school,”Now Its A Blessing that I am Saved.” Flying the colors of MBHS.

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