Mpofu pays tribute to Moyo


MINES and Mining Development minister Obert Mpofu yesterday paid tribute to the late Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development minister Seiso Moyo saying he was an “amazing politician”.

Staff Reporter

Speaking at the Lutheran Church in Tshabalala ahead of Moyo’s burial at Lady Stanely cemetery in Bulawayo, Mpofu said MDC-T MP for Nketa did not have enemies.

“He was not like me and (Finance minister Tendai) Biti who speak as if we hate each other,” he said.

“Moyo was an amazing politician.He was not driven to madness by politics. Politics is a drug.”

“If you are in it, it can drive you to build or to destroy. He never said anything bad about other people. But if you put me on the stage and put Biti as well, you will think we hate each other.”

“But the truth is that even in Harare where we work, we are fine with each other and live side by side.We meet every Tuesday for Cabinet meetings. We discuss and in fact we are living lavishly together.”

“The truth of the matter is that the positions that we are occupying are your positions as the people.
“We eat because of you. We fly in airplanes because of you. We sleep in hotels, side by side, because of you.”

Biti, who also attended the service responded to Mpofu’s speech with a joke. “If I see Mpofu, I think of diamonds,” he said. “I will search him (for diamonds) after this service.”


  1. Good one Tendai for the Obert Mpofu and Diamonds connection. The natio knows very well that he has been demanding bribes, sometimes as much as $10 million, from prospective businesses

  2. Mpofu has adopted a different style of campaigning. He is now displaying smarter, caring & kind gestures everywhere. I bet he is drooling for the top post but like many within the circles he is afraid of coming out in the open. By their deeds we shall see them.

  3. muchangoti he chino nechino taurirai nyika kuti chirwere chinouraya zvaita Seiso mapills anosvika pakusashanda. Biti natsvangison pliz imwai nguva dzakatarwaa mungati siya chero nguva iyezvino murikuenda chopaz Mugabe tiinaye.

    • Why is it that everyone who dies is because of aids. Is it the only desease you know in this world. In your view, are nolonger supposed to die or get ill?

  4. Our doors in ZANU PF are open for every body to challenge any position including that of the first secretary and president of the party . We have agreed as party to remain with Bob as the head because of reasons that I will not reveal to you until elections are over. You have your own party why are you worried about our leader instead of having worries of your own who moves around with his zip open. Moyo good man RIP.

  5. @Musvamhiri, you and i are lay zimbos who are always misinformed & taken 4 granted. If you want to find out the truth about what is taking place in there find out from the statements made by your prodigal son, Jonathan moyo who after receiving the boot, lamentad on how dictactorial your leader was. Only those who have been to Rome can narrate about the going on there.

  6. Liberty makusha is lying y are u saying Zimbabwe is united ? Liar coz there are some who are not considered as people of Zimbabwe there are under pressure they are not independent since two language are dominant

  7. Pple like Dzvombi havana chavanoziva, politics is everyday life not a gateway to heaven. Stop mocking Leaders cos u are still holding on to a rotten twig.

  8. its difficult to understand i am Zanu PF but please change the leader, the Party will be stronger.Why cant you copy from SWAPO (Namibia) & ANC (SA) . Do not play with our intelligency.

  9. Maybe you need find the dictionary yourself and ask any relative of yours to explain to your empty but big head. You are just like your party which believes in recycling old robes

  10. Interesting Moyo was an MDCT representative and obviously their leader attended the funeral yet you decided not to publish what he said instead you give prominence to what the representative of the opposition said. Maybe he said nothing worth reporting or worse something so stupid.

  11. @Dzvombi your problem is that your reason like a Border Gezi recruit, iwe unoziva kunwa mapiritsi kwamMorgen naTendai vausingagare navo, vasiri vebato rako. Hezvo une ruzivo wasiirei Shamu, Grace naBobo kana iwewo futi.

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