MDC-T caught unaware

ZANU PF has caught the MDC-T flat footed by anchoring its election campaign on fighting against high-level corruption especially perpetrated by the MDC-T.


This came at a time when the MDC-T has dismissed councillors on allegations of corruption in Harare, Kwekwe, Zvishavane, Gweru and Gwanda.

Observers said the Zanu PF move to campaign against high level corruption was meant to decampaign the MDC-T.

According to resolutions passed at the just-ended 13th Zanu PF national people’s conference in Gweru, the party cited high-level corruption cases that had led the MDC-T to fire scores of councillors in local authorities that the party controlled across the country.

Part of the resolutions read: “Appalled by the rampant corruption in urban councils that are under the control of MDC formations across the country and which have resulted in abominable service delivery, particularly in areas such as education, health, water, power and urban roads that have led to periodic outbreaks of cholera, typhoid and all manner of water borne diseases.

“The conference therefore resolves to: ‘Exhort the party to restore full service delivery after the elections and urges the party to ensure that the government through the responsible ministry and government departments, attends to the construction of roads in rural and urban areas.”

But MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora rubbished Zanu PF and accused the party of running down most local authorities during its tenure.

“The most corrupt people are the Zanu ministers who have protected corrupt councillors. We dealt with (MDC-T) councillors in Chitungwiza, but (Local Government minister Ignatius) Chombo has shielded them. The MDC is the only party that has dealt decisively with corrupt councillors. If they want to use that then we will have answers for them,” Mwonzora said.

Both Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugabe have strongly denounced corruption with the MDC-T leader accusing corrupt councillors of soiling his party’s image.

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  1. cecil John Rhodes

    Belated Congratulations to Tvsangira and his new wife on there wedding. Sorry I could not Make it I was in London with the Queen.

    More good news I hear on Tvsangira. He was voted Class president and voted most improved student by his peers.

    he passed Math, Shona, and English

    he failed “comprehension”

    Too bad he will not be graduating this year he has to repeat grade zero.

    All the same he is a very promising “puppet” who does not “comprehend” his importance to the union jack

  2. The original Masendeke

    Oh my God! with this kind of reporters in our country, we have a long way to go. Zanu fighting corruption???? Keep on dreaming mr reporter

    1. Brother Masendeke “…not a long way to go…” but a disaster at its best. Tdii kuzvibata varume!!!!!

      1. Well these are full of shit when did a simple statement that anyone caught on the wrong side will be fired.corruption has with us for long and nothing has been done.just talkng coz we are about to have elections. Poor gvnce and corruption led to this mess zim is in, as for sanctions l dnt believe they are to blame.they are countries that did well while with zim sanctions made our politicianss and all those in control to co,me up with silly policies so as to loot and blame it on sanctions.with or without sanctions,with our resources zim could be better off but corruption is e root of all evil in long did it take our good president to just talk about our corruptin polic force, after the head of police came out supporting his officers and giving them targets on the roads everyday. Zim is rates arnd 165 out of 176 on the corruption index,while SA rated arnd 65 not so sure but they are making more noise about it than zim all we do is to run to dismiss the statistics. Both zanu and mdc have failed the people of zim but mdc is serious to me because if zanu is corrupt then mdc comes and be corrupt as well is that the change they talk about.if mdc is serious about ruling they have to behave differently from zanu. God help zim.

  3. Councillors are small fish… what of BIG Fish like Mpofu the Minister of Mines and King of Matebeleland??? What of Chombo, the Minister of Housing and possesion of Houses through out Zimbabwe, and what if Bob who hires people to market his diamond..rinotonzi urikudaramudhara here nhasi, and the President of many farms….hahahaha ZANU PF dealing with corruption over my dead body…

    1. we cannot be fooled today yet this problem have been there since the tym of Sandra comm, we lort Nyagumbo becoz of corruption, now its uncontrollable, if a minister moves around calling himself King of Matbland zvinorevei…be4 diamond era he was nobody but today he owns Mtbland North…Kurotwi said it but what happened to the most obedient son….local Gvment, Mutasa was paid a lot by Ramzue of Armed Energy when they wanted to resuscitate our Refinery……etc we cant say a lot… but there is a lot happening daily not of small deals….this killed our economy these poor councilors they tried to follow the wagon unfortunately the leadership doesnt tolerate nonsense nw you want to fool us…..we are fully aware

      1. george bachinche

        @Titus and Livingstone,

        Its easy for a person to present him or herself as wealth. but are they really wealthy. Where you must begin is to see whether or not the Minister is in debt i.e. hav they borrowed money to make themselves look rich. You must know that Ministers can easily get loans because of the offices they hold. This however does not make them rich.

        If they have no loans, its then time to think that maybe they got their money by other means.

        1. Well said my brother they just our to hide with these little guys.remember what Kangai did at gmb,what was do to him.just moved from one position to the other.they did a land redistribution audit wasting tax papers money how many years down the line the report has not been made public. This is the same shit with kasukuwere’s policy not bad a policy but implementation full of corruption.can he write in black and white all the black zim who have taken the so called 51 percent so that we evaluate and do checks and balance of the policy.

  4. @titus, councillors are only being sacrified, just to mislead pple to think something is being done. actually there is more corruption in this party sexallence.halalalah

  5. Zanu PF fighting corruption,since when?We have known these guys to be the most corrupt the whole world.Maybe fighting corruption in their own party and institutions they control will be a good starting point.

  6. Corruption is no longer a laughing matter..if we are ranked near the top of all other countries in the world..something has to be done no matter how small! We wait to see heads roll this once, this has gone on long enough without check. Sadly the ball stops right on the doorstep of the President. He really has a golden opportunity to put things right.

  7. MDC-T hasn’t been caught flat-footed here. The actual fact is that it is Mugabe and Zanu PF who havce scored own goals here – they have given the MDC-T mileage, as the MDC-T will find it very easy to say we noticed the councillors were corrupt, and we fired them, and it was Chombo and Zanu PF who have been protecting them. When was Mugabe told by Mbeki that Mbeki was being approached by Zanu PF officials who wanted bribes, and he kept that information to himself until last weekend. I have written a very strong-worded opinion piece which, if published, will expose Mugabe and Zanu PF.

  8. Tsvangirai acted when he got wind of corruption in his cabinet, Mugabe has not lifted a finger despite the fact it took a neighbour Mr Mbeki to point to him the stinking corruption in his house. The MDC-T fired corrupt councillors with Chombo jumping to protect them eg. Chitungwiza council. The ZRP corruption issue was brought to parliament for debate by the MDC-T but was shot down by ZANU(PF), with Comm Gen Chihuri vehemently defending his corrupt officers. ZANU(PF) ministers have run down once vibrant parastatals, while the few under MDC-T have excelled eg. ZESA vs NRZ. While Tsvangirai has acted on it, our dear leader Pres Mugabe has seen it fit to make it part of his speech at a party congress while Rome is burning, the old man is out of touch with reality as it is all rhetoric and no action, the nation wants results not words. The man needs to deal with his intelligence services which seems to have failed him compared to Tsvangirai’s. I say thumbs up to the Prime Minister who is still resident in Zimbabwe.

  9. Councillors who have been corrupted by Chombo have no place in MDC

    Chombo controls all local authorities in Zimbabwe from Makombe Building. The councils are run by Chombo’s hit men, Town clerks (TC) who are themselves active ZANUPF card-carrying activists. These guys were specially selected by Chombo through his Local Government Board (LGB).TCs are represented in the LGB but councillors aren’t. Most of these TCs are not administrators by profession. Citing Harare as an example, the TC is a Chemist by profession. This is a question of having round poles in square holes and is the same with all councils nationally. The poorly qualified Harare Chamber Secretaries (who must be CIS or MBA holder) only has a Law degree which is not enough for her to run Harare, the second economic giant after government. They are active political appointees who sit in council only to mislead the councillors before reporting the same to their paymaster Godfather (Chombo). Resolutions of council are selectively implemented leaving out those that can give credit to the MDC dominated Councils. Directors, (the people involved in the day to day running of Council business) are also seriously compromised. Since 2000, ZANU PF never stopped zanunising the supposed to professional workers.

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