Govt sharpens knives for forced circumcision

THE Health and Child Welfare ministry has embarked on a two-week programme to train medical practitioners in preparation for compulsory circumcision of male babies, which is expected to kick off in 2015, an official has said.


Male circumcision co-ordinator Sinokuthemba Xaba told NewsDay on Thursday that the training programme started on Monday at Mbare Clinic in Harare.

“The ministry is currently preparing and laying the foundation for the circumcision of babies. According to the ministry, plans were expected to commence in 2015. Preparations were now in place and everything was going smoothly,” he said. Xaba said the ministry was conducting research to prepare for neo-natal circumcision.

“We want to find out which device is the best to use for neo-natal circumcision procedure,” he said. “We want to prepare medical practitioners for the procedure and address problems they might face in conducting the circumcision.”

Xaba said preparations for the neo-natal circumcision would be conducted gradually and in phases.

“The next phase would see the training of groups of nurses in selected facilities to prepare them for the procedure. We need to find out concerns from parents on neo-natal circumcision.”

Xaba, however, said the main priority at the moment was on the male adults and circumcision of adolescents as the government was keen to achieve its target of putting at least 1,2 million men under the knife by 2015.

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  1. chirumanzu mutetemakumbo


  2. Because the best time to get them is when they’re babies and can’t fight back.

  3. In America women do not enjoy sex nearly as much as the women in other countries do. It’s probably because male circumcision increases friction 10 TIMES. American men hate condoms because their penises are already so insensitive. That’s probably why America has by far the most STDs of any developed nation. There are significant adverse effects of male circumcision upon female sexual satisfaction. Surveys have found that women tend to experience vaginal dryness similar to female arousal disorder significantly more often when the male partner is circumcised . Women with a genitally intact male partner were significantly more likely to experience orgasm than women whose partner was circumcised. Circumcision is a scam!

  4. Circumcision is a medial fraud – sexual mutilation for profit. Forced circumcision of a minor is a violation of human rights.

  5. Compulsory circumcission is a criminal practice. People’s individual rights must be considered and respected!

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