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Gokwe murder suspects back in court


TWO Gokwe men who allegedly fatally assaulted a fellow villager during a dispute over an undisclosed issue were yesterday back in court and were further remanded to January 2.


Vincent Ncube (35) and Anyway Majukanga (age not given) of Ndira Village under Chief Nenyonga, Gokwe North, were again not asked to plead to murder when they appeared before Gokwe provincial magistrate Shepherd Mjanja.

The pair was coming from prison and was again advised to apply to the High Court for bail.

Allegations against them are that on November 26 they picked up an argument with Blessing Machekera Moyo.

It later degenerated into a fist fight.

The pair teamed up and started assaulting Moyo with logs and kicking him all over the body.

They broke his spinal cord and he was rushed to hospital where he later died leading to the pair’s arrest on murder charges.

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