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German govt plegdes $10m for water recycling


THE German government’s GIZ programme has pledged $10 million support towards recycling water from Khami Dam for industrial use in Bulawayo.


Speaking during a visit by Germany Economic Cooperation and Development minister Dirk Niebel to Bulawayo yesterday, GIZ deputy programme manager Axel Ulmer told NewsDay GIZ had invested $10 million for the Khami project.

“GIZ signed a memorandum of understanding with the Bulawayo City Council to reduce the water challenges facing the country and is dedicated to sponsor the water projects,” he said.

Bulawayo mayor Thaba Moyo said the city appreciated the GIZ initiative “to take up projects especially given the short notice and the need for emergency interventions.”

“As part of the city’s short to medium-term interventions, identified in our water and waste water master plan, you will today be visiting Khami Dam, which GIZ is interested in sponsoring,” he said.

Moyo also said one of the reasons why Khami Dam was decommissioned in 1989 was that it was being affected by the flow of effluent from the Southern Area Sewer Treatment Works (SAST), “and reluctantly the city had to desist from using the dam”.
“In our master plan, we have developed ways and means to ensure that the inflows from SAST will be diverted from the dam to ensure that the water is potable,” he said.

Moyo blamed successive governments since 1976 for failing to build supply dams for Bulawayo. Speaking at the same event, Niebel said: “It is very important to address water and sanitation issues so as to improve the living conditions of people in Bulawayo”.

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