Gays debate: Culture vs religion

THE church across the globe is coming under increasing pressure to officially recognise and embrace homosexuality, with some self-proclaimed gay pastors claiming that misinterpretation of scriptures was used against their sexual orientation.

By Veneranda Langa recently in Germany

Although most parts of Europe now officially recognise homosexuality as a human and sexual right, the church and African society — which regard dissident sexualities as an abomination — have stood their ground against the practice.

During a meeting organised by the German Foreign Affairs ministry in Berlin recently, attendants decried what they described as persecution of sexual minorities in Africa’s religious communities. The meeting was attended by gay rights activists from Germany, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Ivory Coast and the Middle East.

Most attendants were shocked by the presence of ordained gay pastors from Christian churches as well as Moslem Imams, whose religions traditionally reject homosexuality.

The pastors are part of the worldwide lobby pushing for the acceptance of lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual (LGTBI) people in religious organisations and demanding an end to their persecution.

President Robert Mugabe, a well known critic of homosexuality underlined by his branding of gays as “worse than dogs and pigs”, came under attack for his stance.

The managing director of the Joint Conference Church and Development (GKKE), Tim Kuschnerus, who was among the participants, said from as early as the late 1980s, Mugabe’s anti-gay sentiments had started influencing thought in the church.

“During a meeting on the issue in 1989, Harare, Zimbabwe, it was already clear that some churches were protesting against plenary meetings because of statements by Mugabe. They were going to protest against Mugabe,” he said.

In Germany, gay people are often seen openly kissing and showing intimate affection for each other in public. Pro-
homosexual African delegates said homosexuals were in danger in their countries and some of them were victims of “correctional rape” or murder.

A South African cleric, Reverend Judith Kotzé (41), from Cape Town, is a lesbian pastor with the Dutch Reformed Church. She said she was legally married to her gay partner.

“Homosexuals are acceptable to God because He created them that way,” argued Kotzé, who at a glimpse looks like any other heterosexual woman, smartly dressed, but speaks with a notable baritone which betrays masculine inclinations.

She bemoaned the brutality visited on South Africa’s LGBTI, some of whom she said have been “killed brutally like goats at the slaughter” and others raped by men who “wanted to teach them to behave like normal women”.

“Campaign groups say at least more than 500 gay women are raped each year allegedly to ‘correct their situation’,” she said.
Kotzé said the South African constitution protected the rights of LGBTI people, but whenever they were victimised government was not acting.

“The United Nations has tried to push for the rights of LGBTI people, but we see less of commitment by political leaders to respect that,” she said.

Muhsin Hendricks, a South African Moslem cleric who was once married to a woman, but is now married to his gay partner, said the current attitude of Moslems on homosexuals was disturbing.

“They always say Islam is against homosexuality and that is how they silence you. Moslems are still suffering between loyalty to their faith and loyalty to their children who are gay,” he said.

Hendricks said the current attitude by Moslems on gays was that even HIV and Aids was a punishment for homosexuality. Although he is a father of three, he claims his previous marriage to a woman was not satisfying and lacked affection as compared to his current marriage to another man.

Nigerian gay activist Dorothy Aken’Ova argued it had always been part of some African societies to practice homosexuality.

The gay pastors and gay Imam from Africa claimed the Bible and Koran were being read out of contest by those against homosexuality. They argued the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was not about homosexuality.

“Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed not because of homosexuality, but because it was being used as a form of rape and that was what was unacceptable to God,” argued one of the clerics.

Zaoga leader Apostle Ezekiel Guti on September 16 1995, led a demonstration against homosexuality and lesbianism in solidarity with Mugabe’s stance against sexual perversion.

“Our view as a Christian church is that righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. It is without doubt that Zimbabwe has been and is a leader in good moral standards due to our rich cultural heritage and the Christian principles,” he said then in a speech.

While Europe has made tremendous strides to legitimise and accept homosexuals, there are still people in the developed countries who are against homosexuality, especially religious communities.



  1. Felix "Fidza" Mushonga

    The gays are hated even in the US itself. How can we be worse than pigs and dogs? For God’s sake we are HUMAn and are the most supreme beings on the face of this earth and they want us to F#ck each other bin the arse? Here in Africa we must shoot the fags in the head. Or condemn them off to Eirope and the US where they will be welcomed!

    1. Yes,they can go to hell,UK or USA, whichever suits them best.

  2. God hates gays. They are an abomination to him. A curse to society. They can go to hell and f**k in hell or go to uk

    1. read ur Bible-it says God hates the ACT of homosexuality, not the homosexual people themselves.

    2. God created, the Earth and the Heavens and everything in it just the way he wanted it , he never made a mistake in his creation. God loves each and everyone of his creation just the way it is. Our God is God of love not have.

      1. God created Adam and Eve , 1 man 1 wife anything else was not in Gods plan , yet Zimbabweans are hypocrites they are busy making noise about gays how many gays are in Zim. vs how many people commiting Adultery , small houses , HIV in Zimbabwe is heterosexual not homosexual if Zimbabwe was as righteous as people claim then where is the 15 % HIV rate coming from , if Homosexuality is a sin so is Adultery so lets not be hypocrites

        1. you quote the bible where it suites your argument. Are you telling us there where no polygamous relationships in the bible? Where did the bible condemn such as it did homosexuality?

        2. where do you stand. on the fence?. try giving God excuses

  3. I stand with his excellency in condemning homosexuallity,if they say the bible is being wrongly interpreted,then give us the scriptures that support your dogmatic behaviour.Even animals know their mates.

  4. Felix "Fidza" Mushonga

    The filling of the gay blacks by fellow blacks shows us what happens when a foreign culture if forcedly impossed onto a given society…

    1. Dont be an illiterate idiot.The word ‘ngochani’ is not english.Neither is it recent.Its an old word.Homosexulas have been in African societies for time immemorial.Homosex exist in other animals as well besides humans.I’m not gay but to try and say its European is ignorance at its best.Its an act looked down upon in Africa but that doesnt mean it does not exist.

      1. Felix "Fidza" Mushonga

        YU are pro-gay man! If yu love them gays then go to Europe and join them in their gay-pride marches!

        1. You see goofball,Its a civil rights issue.Unlike you I just don’t follow what the next moron says.Its an issue African societies have to look at and debate.You have no right to stifle debate on any issue.Unlike you I would like African scientists to carry out credible investigations and see if homosexuality does not exist in people of African descent.If it does not then why do we have people who are like that.Your argument that “heh,heh it’s European” is not convincing and to be honest childish.The question is how would you want your son or daughter to treated if he or she turned out to be gay or “chose” to be gay(as you would like to put it”.Would you like your son or daughter to move to Europe?As much as I dislike the act,it’s there and it’s not going anywhere.How do we deal with it.Shouting pigs or dogs is not solving a problem.Its called kicking the can down the road.You have shown you have no capacity to deal with the problem other than shouting names which doesn’t get you anywhere.Its the same way you deal with political problems in Zimbabwe.Its either you are ZANU or MDC.Chipangano or Sellout.Remember you have something called a brain.USE IT.

          1. You are a thinker,mate!

          2. homosexuality is satan’s nonsensical idea fed to ungodly minds who rely on scientists who even want to claim that there is no God, but i tell you there is God in Heaven and he never created such filthy and unworthy behaviours, our Godd is a good God, dont be blinded by what the scientists claim

          3. It is not often that you find people with such a pragmatic approach, I once said words of a similar nature and I was accused of being a gay activist and an MDC supporter, of which I am neither, The fact remains that we are dealing with people, not dogs, cats or any such thing and using nature as an argument points out that people are being influenced by doctrine rather than looking into understanding the situation themselves, it’s better to claim that you don’t like or understand homosexuality rather than claim that as far as any limited understanding of nature and the natural world is concerned that you do not know animals to engage in homosexual acts. Or that the Bible is a reliable source to discern whether homosexuality is allowed or not as we have many scriptures that we CHOOSE to omit as we believe they are outdated, the ones relating to slavery come to mind (Google “was slavery God’s will?” the same principles apply to colonialism which is how Africa learnt about Christianity), under what criteria do we pick and choose? Do we accept what goes with our own feelings? So I agree, we need to talk about beyond the point of brazen dismissal, as a mistaken anomaly. Think of Mark 12:31 or Luke 6:31 and Mark 5:44.

      2. stupid, the word ndege came after the aeroplane was introduced by whites, does it mean if there is a name for it in shona, then it already existed in the shona society, names are given after creation, observation or discovery of something

      3. God created Adam and saw that alone Adam could not stay, he needed a helper. WHY did he created out of Adam a human of a different sex, coz He knew that it was good for a man to have a wife. So why are these people rejecting the plan of God. God remains the same He never changes and His word stands for ever. Homosexuality is more of satanism!!!!!!!

      4. That’s an extraordinary / superb observation above the rest. It’s just that there are too many geniuses you were supposed to be among the list

  5. Chenjerayi Tinofa

    We are a respectable nation because of the stance of ou leader, H.E President Mugabe. As Zim we won’t compromise on gays and lesbians. Homosexuality is pure satanism so a God-fearing nation or leader can not condone it, NEVER.

  6. Gays are an abomination we will never ever accept that here. Forget and smile!!

  7. hey wena Editor dont dare moderate that piece shamwari vanhu ngavazive kuti satan haatambe kana oda kutambudza vanhu… izvozvi machristians tiri pa warfare na satan nekuti arikutoda kupinda mukereke… vawanda vana vamwari vamutambira ivo varipazvinzvimbo muchurch saka siya vanhu vaverenge!!!!!!!!!

  8. No t gays in zim.mdara bob w wl vote for you jus to mek sure those dogs æ pigs wl never be allowed in ths country.ngochani taramba plz

  9. Where does the government come in on what happens between two consenting adults in has no gender.

    1. are you gay. God have mercy

    2. None, no one should have any say whatsoever. besides the two people involved. Their chosen actions affect no-one but themselves, assuming that they don’t already have wives.

  10. I think its ignorance to use the Christian bible to Condon homosexuality in Zimbabwe, especially when only about 26% of Zimbabweans are christians and of those Christians not all of them uses the bible. one thing people should know is that ( bhaibheri harinakudonha kubva kudenga ) the bible didnt just fall from heaven. it was written and translated buy a men not perfect just like you and me , making it open to errors. that same bible was used to support slavery and discriminate against black people and is still used against women. ( I’m not saying its not a good book but just saying its not a perfect book)
    lastly to deny homosexuals their rights saying its unAfrican is selfish especially if you call yourself Christian. as far as I know christianity and other religions you use to hate gay people are also foreign to Africa, they were brought to Africa by western countries during colonisation. Most of the life style you all live now you took from western countries. you drive Western cars, go there for holiday and to study prefer foreign products to locals. the system of government , education etc are all foreign and here you are saying no to homosexuality because It’s foreign.
    what two adults do in their private is not for the government or anyone to decide as long as no third party is affected. how does two men marrying affect you? kana zvisinei newe siyana nazvo. No one is being forced to be gay, you are either gay or not, It’s not a choice you are just born that way, hard to understand when you are not. its not a matter of allowing them muno muZim because vagara varino legalised or not, vachangoramba vachizvarwa Vamwe.

    1. Clearly the works of secret societies known as the Illuminati,furthermore that’s where it started in Germany.Satanism is now riding our brains while we are taking it as normal & unaware.

    2. Hey Farai, where are u getting your statistics, Bible is perfect. No to Gays, thus abomination. Will never accept that in Zimbabwe

    3. I couldn’t agree more with you Farai!!!!!

    4. Farai you think like a human being so you are forgiven for suggesting that the bible is not perfect….the Bible is the word og God and the word can never be less than perfect for the God Almighty is more than perfect. Do you think kuti if God wanted to glorify Homosexauality he would not have done so in the same Bible…yet Homosexaulity was condemmned and as such we condemn the practice…People….IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE….JUST CREATE YOUR OWN …INSPIRED BY YOUR OWN GOD AND STOP TRYING TO TURN US INTO ACCEPTING YOUR WAYS….if homosexuality is normal human behaviour why is it that advocates of this monster are clamouring to defend it ? why are they so much at pains to force society to accept gays as normal. why was this practice condemned time imemorial?? Any act that so contradicts the divine word of the lord is but satanic.
      homosexuality is pure satanism… how can any coupling be possible where one organ is made for procreation into another meant for excreta ever be considered to be Godly…. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and sex in the anus can never qualify for clean. If you are gay keep it unto yourself and your likes and do not try to force yourself on the rest of the world….keep your dark secret well away from God fearing people. It is a fallacy that one can serve two masters……If God said no to homosexuality then its no without negotiation. All other Rules from God were never subjected to negotiation. Why homosexuality???

    5. Actually 86% of Zimbabweans are Christian. You must be factual. God our creator knows and sees everything and so he knows no privacy of bedrooms. Finally we are always busy minding our own business and then you gays and your sympathizers are always throwing homosexuality if our faces wanting “human rights” this and human rights that. Read my post below and you will be informed on the consequences of lustful gay behavior.

    6. yea Zimbabwe is closer to 90% Christian I believe, but it doesn’t invalidate Farai’s point which I wholeheartedly agree with

  11. end times, a christian pastor who is gay, ah! I am surprised.

  12. Islam totally forbids homosexuality and its an abomination. Muhsin Hendricks does not know Islam. Let him bring the evidence that Islam permits it. I very much doubt it that he is a true muslim scholar.

  13. Big asi uringochani kanhi.Whether the word existed or not that does not mean the act was legal or morally correct. gentle readers this discourse about gays has long been concluded. It is not permissable biblically and it is not allowed in terms of the law at least in Zimbabwe. We are not as foolish as South Africans to legalise homosexuality. Those like Big can go South kwavangatsokodwa from behing without fear of being arrested.

    1. Even if i was and i have already explained to you i am not,that does not give any right to give sweeping judgments based on the ‘Bible’.What the f*ck is the bible?Who gives a sh*it what the bible says?I am not a christian and i think all kinds of religion are a lot brainwashing hogwash.I use something called a brain.Ever heard of it?The brain says live your life the best you can.The rest is just a lot of smoke.Why should i care what homos do?I have enough things to worry about as it is.

      1. Felix "Fidza" Mushonga

        HEy wena Big- Its that kind of “brains” like your that cause people to condone homosexuality. If truth is to be said:- We as Africans cannot stand the homosexuality. Simple. We hate gays. We dont even want to hear or read about them. To us they are the scum of society! Their minds have gone viral. If we are to have a referendum TODAY, i promise you that there majority of our Africans will say kill the gays or jail them for life or simple condemn them and evict them from our society.

        1. Felix speak for yourself you do nit represent Zimbabweans, so use I instead of we.

          1. i second him, and many other zimbos esp in zanu pf, well documented and spoken

        2. I have a sneaking suspicion you might be a closet gay.You see ,the hate that you have for gay people only comes from people with an inferiority complex.Even if you hold a referendum saying women belong in the kitchen,you will get a majority agreeing with you.That does not make it right.Please cut the “we Africans ” rigmarole.Some of us don’t have the capacity for so much all consuming hate.You represent the “baba vemba,ndini ngapagarwe ndini ngapatamwe” mentality.You are the type of person who still thinks women have to kneel before you because uri Zibaba.First you show your ignorance by threatening eviction which of course can’t and will never happen.Second and more idiotic you think by throwing gays in jail you can wish the problem away.Like you the act of homosexuality sickens me but to suggest that they be thrown in jail,that they be thrown out of their homes and countries is to me a cop out to a fundamental problem.Fu*ck the bible.What does science say about this issue.If we doubt foreign scientists why not engage our own to have a look at the issue.Are remedies to this problem and if they exist,what are they?Stop throwing tantrums every time something you are opposed to is brought up.

      2. Arrant fool… I would have asked you to seek the Lord God for salvation but you are an advocate of the devil… who is oblivious to the fact that the devil himself worships God. Big your utterances shall have serios consequences and in a few days time you shall be calling out to the giver of life for mercy…never blaspheme your God … Dont invoke the wrath of Almighty upon your self FOOOOL.

        1. Cut the crap.Don’t waste your energy trying to convince me to believe in mystics and nonsense.More important don’t use myths to try and set laws in Zimbabwe.There is a clear separation of nonsense and state.Even if I decided to believe in the rigmarole,there is enough of it African to go around than for me to go about parroting a Jewish religion. Like I said before idiots filled to the brim with Jonah in a whale nonsense should stop trying to be custodians of African culture.What bullcrap,people who think African traditions are demonic are suddenly turning around and using their “holy” nonsense to defend that demonic culture.Whatalaugh.

          1. Big….there a very clear lines in the African culture that are either satanic or of God. dont get mixed up… the condemnation is for homosexuality and certainly not of any African tradition. Yet even tradition is subject to change…something you cant argue with …but is that change for the good or evil is the question? Iwe wakatanga riinhi kusatenda mushoko remubible? yet vabereki vako vakakudzidzisa kutenda shoko raMwari…brain dzako dzakazokwanisa kuziva riinhi kuti Christainity is Jewish religion? your understanding of Christianity is so less than basic such as to contradict your own “brainy assertions”…Kanausina kupiwa naMwari wakapiwa nasatan simple…. koiwe why does chingochani sicken you?

        2. A fool is someone who goes about parroting a Jewish religion as their own.A fool is someone who could not find a religion in his own society and has to borrow another’s.A fool is someone who after being educated at great cost to society,still can’t figure that the bible was used to fu*ck him.A fool is someone who does not know there is clear separation of Religion and State.Separation of Nonsense and Reality.

          1. Mr Big small brains- ONLY A FOOL LIKE YOU says in his heart, “There is no God.” YOU are corrupt, YOUR deeds are vile; YOU dont do any good. Psalm 14v1-3

            Perhaps you and FARAI can hook up and spend your lives behaving like women when inwardly you know you are men. Get real.

            Are you a man or a mouse?
            Are you a man or a mannequinn ?

            “The greatest want of the world is the want of men–
            men who will not be bought or sold,
            men who in their inmost souls are true and honest,
            men who do not fear to call sin by its right name,
            men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole,
            men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.”

      3. Once again,spot on!

      4. Wow big, you do not want the wrath of God to come down on you. The Bible is the word of God, and you better give a sh….. as you say, Gods word is true and the brain you speak of is from God, part of your brain is retarded, coz if you had one you would not write the crap you do. God forbids homosexuality, and u better start worrying what God will do to you for your total disrespect of the Almighty.

  14. God made Adam and He saw it fit that Adam MUST have a friend/wife He created Eva. Akati baranai muwande sejecha regugwa now how can a man give birth anechibereko here? What scares me most is that churches are now being lead by gay pastors..eish imgaine a gay pastor preparing the Lord Supper after a long nite with his wifie or hubby… God l feel like vomitting just thinking abt it. Mwari vakasika murume nemukadzi kwete jannie najannie kanapeter napeter come on people cant u c that the devil is at working against everthing made by God.We need PRAYER WARRIORS in this world to break these bonds..

    1. one thing you should realise is not everyone is christian there for the bible and your prayers won’t apply to everyone.

  15. gays we will never allow here in can normal people think it is normal.this is were foul smelling solid comes out,and thats were some want to spend their africa we dont accept such nonsense ,if you are gay do it,but dont force people to accept you.we know they do exist and we dont bother them .we may be amazed,but if you start acting it in public therein lies the problem.traditionally,religiously its unacceptable..those pastors and imams stop trying to fool us and yourselves.we will refuse it like how werefused slavery,colonianism,neo imperialism.and looking at all this crimes they are coming from the west and they want us to accept this latest crime against nature,next they will want us to sleep with dogs

  16. Even Hitler said “If you say a lie often enough it becomes the truth” this is what the gays are trying to do .Culture or Religion no to homosexuals.

  17. Shoko raMwari harishanduki – ivo Mwari vanoti ngochani hadzipinde denga – izvozvo hazvichinje. Don’t follow these Western experiements ekubvisa Mwari kubva pahupenyu hwevanhu. Mwari variko nyangwe vanyore mabhuku nemitemo inofuratira Mwari.

  18. why dont the homosexuals start their own churches which do not need the bible in countries where they are accepted?rather than infiltrate churches that worship God in truth and in spirit.they want us to b destroyd lyk sodom and gomora. they must fyd an island where they can setle so that when God the creater dcyds 2 dil with them we wont hav 2 run away with risks lyk Noahs famly.I pray that our president R G Mugabe stands his ground against them he is the best and Zim wil never have such a wise man as him.

    1. they wont start new ones because they are advocates of satan and want to destroy the church

  19. Anzou Samanyanga

    Kusvikira taona result yemwana pa ngochani mbiri then we will accept them in society.Handiti here nhai Your Excellency?

    1. Ko iwe zvauri ngomwa result toiwanepi?

  20. The problem with idiots is they think everybody should be christian.Such ignorance of the diversity of the world in terms of cultures and religions is pathetic.There are 20 major religions in the world and thousands of minor ones.Islam,Qur’an & Hadith,Hinduism,BhagavadGita,Upanishads, Rig Veda Chinese folk religions,Buddhism,The Tripitaka,Tribal Religions,Shamanism,Animism,Prehistory,Oral tradition Atheists,New religions.Sikhism,Guru Granth Sahib,JudaismNote 3,Torah, Tanach, & Talmud,Spiritism,Baha’i Faith,Alkitab Alaqdas;Confucianism,Lun Yu,Jainism Siddhanta, Pakri,Zoroastrianism,Avesta,Shinto,Taoism etc.Forfu*cksake, Christianity isn’t the only thong going on.

    1. You are enlightened!

      1. Topman …asi ndiwe chinanzvagomarara cha big…here?????? zvaunenge usina dzako wega sei?? wakakwana here iwe? pamwe ndiwe mrs topman hameno!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. And which of these so called religions condone homosexuality?

  21. @ big saka?if christianity is not the only religion so what?ever thought about democracy?majority rule?majority constitution?if zimbos don’t want to legalise gayism that’s democracy baba majority rule,handiti constitution yakanyorwa ndiyo ka democracy,is there anywhere pakanzi nevemdc kana ve zanu or the majority tinoda ngochani ?,what if the word existed chibharo is another word that existed so is mhondi does that mean they were accaptable ?usanyepera vanhu iwe according to fbi docs in usa congressional library”there is nothing inherent or genetic about gayism,it is a choice” so don’t say gays were created or born that way they chose to bcome gay,musada kutinyepera pano no to sodomy!

    1. Democracy is not about majority rule alone but also about the protection of minority groups, such as gay people, women, foreigners, children etc

    2. Democracy does not mean trampling on the minority.No wonder you are you are a goof.

  22. This article doesn’t have the rigor that I thought it had. Sounds more like a workshop report in gay advocacy than a balanced analysis of the issues. The title says religion versus culture, but the article, in its totality fails to explicate how the interface of culture and religion influence community perceptions on this issue. Lastly, the fact that Europe has made those ‘tremendous strides’ whatever, does not make it a best practice for the world. What is it with this globalization of tastes???

  23. ndakateerera hangu..;

  24. I am so sad to see such ignorance of history and culture, such rabid intolerance of others and such a lack of respect for people different to yourselves. I guess these attitudes explain why Zimbabwe is in such a mess today.

    1. Felix "Fidza" Mushonga

      Rabid intolerence? Condemnation, persecution or even murder of gays hardly can qualify as rabid inolerance! Homosexuality is foreugn to us. We dont want it. We dont want the gays to do their thing in our country. They are a digusting group of inhuman- rather Satanic ambassadors. We hate them with a passion! Given a choice we would happily stone them all to death! Or get them jailed in solitary confinement for life! Gays must go to wherever they are welcome- prefeerably Europe I guess, because the Patriotic and hardcore Americans in the South there HATE them as well…

    2. Michael………… you uneducated atheist….how do you attribute negation of homosexualism to the state of our country….you foreign dog……and exactly which nation has done well because it tolerated homos? which history and culture do you know you cultureless owl…..Rabid intolerance????/ my foot…We passionately hate homos and yes given the chance we will stone them. If you are in Zim then get out seeing as you cant stomach the mess. but this is our Zimbabwe and certainly gays will not find a home here.

    3. You are damn right bro!

    4. You are damn right,bro

  25. Burn al the chichi burn al the chichiman friend.(*4)………!dogmatic style.dirty acts.hamunyari makaitwa sei you are a disgrace to ur familes.ngochani = satanism.

  26. See, this is why I found it hard to leave Zim and settle in another country.
    My people still think like people and not wild animals. Havangobvuma zvese zvese.
    Newsday if you keep supporting gays I will stop buying your paper.
    Surely two men busy tugging on each other’s beard?? haaa not in Zim.
    Of coz we have a few fools who think they are tolerant and modern, they should leave and go to S.A like the rest of the cowards who ran away from Bob instead of standing your ground and fighting.
    Manje muZim makasara vakawoma musoro vega vega, hapana kana achagona kudzora mumwe, kuno ngochani hadzina kana chance zvayo, ngavazviyedze vawone.
    Vamwe takavamhanyisa kubook fair, kikikiki.
    Better kutongwa naBob pane kugara nengochani, handizvo here boyz rangu.

  27. Homosexuality is a demon that nids devine intervention, one way ticket to Hell, go do it smewhere else were its tolerated, mind you all those leaders who tok 2 much of democracy are spiritually corrupt., hatidi tsika dzanaa Bananaa, no wonder wy aida kunyora rake bible.

  28. I can’t imagine murume achiridzira mumwe murume muridzo , otomuudza kuti “I luv you”.
    Guys this is stupidity of the highest order,madness which will force God to wipe out the human race from the very face of the earth.

  29. You hit the NAIL right on the head MBUMBUDZAISHE. These people are loosers PERVERTS and should not be allowed in Zimbabwe. Pls Baba Mugabe, bring in another MURAMBATSVINA and CLEANSE our land before it gets FULLY INFESTED by this highest form of FILTH ever .

    These are all signs of the times. Just as it was in SODOM and GOMORA , so shall it be in the last days. And yet some still think the BIble or God does not exist!

    Mwarivakubatsirei anaBIG GAY nanaFarirai maGAY. Ki ki ki ki ki

  30. look I love engaging in all this chit chat about homosexuality…. but I have just had a crazy weekend and my boyfriend and I, I am male by the way… are at home wit a few friends watching DVDs and having a drink. so forgive me if i dont careless about what the collective opinion of people who hate homosexuals say… my life will not change… we will still go about our lives and continue in our “homosexual” lives and not care about what the rest of you ignorant homophobes say…
    we work together, go to the gym together, eat at the same restaurants, go to the same clubs…. whether you accept homosexuality or not my life and that of my friends won’t change… you can go on saying shit and totally aware of our presence when I could care less what you think!!!

    1. Fellow Zimbabweans Watch out!! AnaJAISON, BIG & FARAYI are the kind of species that steal nhumbi dzemukati dzanaSisi nanaAMAI vavo because they think its democracy.

      Its better to be CHIGURE than kuve GAY. Things you watch on TV and you have no clue the filthiness that comes with it. Dai Banana achipo maitobatana mongobanana. kikiki

      Correct me- Is it JAISON or GAYSON , BIG or GAY, FARAYI or FULL TIME GAY . MOTOPFEKA MAPAMPA because tsinga dzekunhasingeni dzino dhamba tsvina inofamba ichiyerera. Kiki kiki NHUNZI NHUNZI

      1. Just spotted another POOF talking poof. Is it MICHAEL or MYGAY- ki ki ki ki ki kiki


  32. Homos are satanic and will never see Heaven only hell. you can fool yourself and justify yourself on earth. but don’t think you can fool God on your judgment day. i too wouldnt want to see gays in heaven. repent you ivel doers

  33. There is no such thing as a gay priest or gay Pastor. they are messengers of satan and must never be called Pastor/ Priest. its an insult to Christ

  34. Guys this is a demonic spirit attacking men and women. God created man and a woman. so this is not Godly if it was the cause, animals would have behaved the same. we should have seen female animals having sex, then why man? This is the devil at work and those gay pastor are something else. They are just messengers of satan.

  35. if God gave you feminine organs then naturally you are a woman and if you have male reproductive organs then naturally again you are a man. you can’t have best of both worlds. its known that you can’t serve two masters at one go. my arguement shall remain so, if they want to be taken seriously, they should reproduce the natural way no cloning, no adoption no whatever way which is not natural. their women sholud sleep with other women and get pregnant as well as their man getting pregnant after sleeping with another man, not going about preaching lies and converting people to pervesion. there is nothing moral in being homosexual period.

  36. I am a christian and very much againsts gays etc. however, it saddens me more that my fellow brothers and sister appear very immature and are at the fore of perpetrating hate speech. Shame on them! The only reasonable person on this forum in Big, who isnt even christian.
    Now, to the issue at hand. We need to have sound reasons why we reject homosexuality that are not based on religion and do not seek to undermine the minority – as big or someone else rightly pointed out above that democracy also seeks to protect the rights of the minority. As africans, we should be telling the west how proud we are of our social structures which are family/community based. They work in that they protect our children. By not legalising homosexuality, we do not have the headaches that will come on whether gays should marry or not. The west is now seeing the blunder they made on this issue and now are struggling to protect children/ basic social constructs. I am saying that becz i am in australia and just a few months back the govt refused to allow gay marriages for the reasons i am pointing out and many others. For brevity’s sake, Big, no homos bcz children need mothers and fathers if they cn be there, nt two confused mo/fa-thers.

  37. its a pity… people choose to worry about issues that dont affect em… you are wasting thinking that you are protecting the family construct and the children by not legalizing homosexuality but in reality there are many worse issues… typically I will say it again whether you legalize it or not, homosexuals will always and forever be a part of our lives…
    I am going about my life with my boyfriend, and surely you all know you can’t stop us from doing what we want in our home.. Zimbabwe unfortunately is for us all… when you homophobes are done screaming and shouting about how horrible homosexuals are, we are going on with our lives…

    silly silly people…

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  39. Hi, just wanted to say i liked this article. it was practical. keep on posting.

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