Elephant poachers shot dead

ZIMBABWE Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) rangers have shot and killed two suspected elephant poachers in Mushumbi Pools in the Dande Valley, a senior official confirmed yesterday.

Report by Moses Matenga

The suspects — Andrew Mapfumo and Last Stephanie — were allegedly shot after slaughtering six elephants recently.

“Investigations reveal that Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Rangers observed a human spoor of five suspected poachers in the park, and quickly made a follow up and it is during a contact that the two armed poachers were killed,” Zimparks spokesperson Caroline Washaya-Moyo said.

“The other three poachers ran away and items recovered included one 3008 calibre hunting rifle, one 3008 spent cartridge, three live 3008 rounds and six Pairs of elephant tusks weighing 51,4kg valued at $12 850 and three mortar-bombs.”

Washaya-Moyo added that the poachers started a veld fire in a bid to cover their tracks after leaving the park.

“Mapfumo has been involved in elephant poaching since 2005 and was convicted of elephant poaching and served a custodial sentence at Guruve and Bindura prisons,” she said.

Their bodies were taken to Guruve Hospital where a post mortem was conducted on December 3.

They were buried on Wednesday last week.

It is understood that the poachers were killed when they were having lunch and according to their relatives, who condemned Zimparks rangers for the killing, the suspected poachers were shot at
close range when they had not resisted arrest.

Relatives of the deceased who spoke to NewsDay said they were not happy with the way their relatives were killed and post-mortem results did not indicate their cause of death.

Meanwhile, Washaya-Moyo said a suspected Zambian poacher was also killed in Katombola, Hwange National Park, on Sunday while four others escaped.

“Two rifles, 14 rounds of ammunition and foodstuffs with Zambian labels were recovered. Much as we are resource-constrained, rangers are more than willing and ready to bring the country’s conservation efforts back on track,” she said.

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  1. It appears prison terms aren’t an enough deterrent to poachers so maybe shooting to kill is the way! In any case these guys are driven by greed which makes them so cruel and uncaring at all. A look at their weapons whch include bombs shows they are on a destructive path so let them die as well!!

  2. A poacher who has the audacity to slaughter 6 elephants and burn everything in his wake is very dangerous and has to be approached with extreme caution whether he is having lunch or sleeping.The only logical thing to do for the rangers was to shoot on sight otherwise the headline of this story will be,’Poachers escape with elephant task loot leaving 5 game rangers dead and 1 seriously wounded’.Is this what the poachers’ relatives would have loved to read.Remember the biblical truth ‘He that lives by the sword,shall of the sword die’.

  3. If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

  4. Great minds think alike, Jakachaka

  5. Just like house breakers, if they see you first, they will actually kill you. And someone thinks the rangers should have waited. For what?

  6. ukatamba nebanga, unofa nebanga. ukatamba nezvenyika. unofa nezvenyika.lol. go to hell you poachers. haudi kuti vana vangu vaone nzou nezvipembere.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. Mawhani Kangausaru

    These guys are doing a sterling job, bravo to the Parks Rangers. this is the third successful contact within a period of 2 months i have read of in the papers. The media is also doing a great, its good highlight these shootings so that the would be poachers gets a clear message. Its unfortunate people are dying but we should also understand the risk posed to rangers if they dont shoot on site

  8. bible sayed do not kill both of them are wrong


  9. Sterling job, Their relatives wanted them to be left having lunch? Kuti vaive ku Nandos or Chicken inn. Sorry 4 loss of human life but ‘ KILL THEM ALL’

    I thank you!

  10. Sterling job Rangers, Their relatives wanted them to be left having lunch? Kuti vaive ku Nandos or Chicken inn. Sorry 4 loss of human life but ‘ mbavha ngadzife’

    I thank you!

  11. Sterling job Rangers, Their relatives wanted them to be left having lunch? Kuti vaive ku Nandos or Chicken inn. Sorry 4 loss of human life but ‘ mbavha ngadzife’

  12. kungcono ababulalanga abantu.

  13. What can you do if you see an enermy with rifle. You lough at him and tell him to surrender? We are here to protect the natural resource of this country. Just imagine that one person goes away with more than 10k dollars from elephant leaving the whole nation hungry. I want you to know that we are doing what the law of Zimbabwe says. For the guy who say the bible says dont kill let me tell you that, it was written that give ceaser what belongs to him and thats what these poachers recieved. I wonder why you critise something you dont understand. Go into law sector and find out what it says. So if the war comes into Zimbabwe, solders must not kill is that so? Gentle man dont take our tempers becoz those poachers if you dont know they are more dangerous than what you think. I hope next time you should not always comment what you dont know. In Harmony With Nature. Lets keep the animals for the benefit of the future generations. I think all the relatives must do is to see that there family members must not go out there and poach. Dont do that i stand still and protect my elephants and rhinos. DONT EVER TRY TO ENTER INTO ANY NATIONAL PARKS AND DO WHAT YOU WANT. WE WILL DEFINATELY SHOW YOU HOW DANGEROUS WE ARE. WE ARE THERE TO PROTECT ALL ANIMALS NOT TO BE PAID HUGE SUMS OF MONEY BY GVT TO SIT AND RELAX. WE WILL FIGHT THE WAR. HERE I AM AND WILL DEAL WITH YOU.


    @JAKACHAKA, yours is a very good comment, nothing to add and nothing to subtract.



  16. Great job rangers but Alfa uyo is now overzealous.Ukaita dzungu you won’t last musango imomo mface wangu.

  17. Oh Well, good riddens!

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