‘Electing MDC-T councillors huge mistake’


THE Harare Residents’ Trust (HRT) says residents in the capital have conceded that they made a “huge” mistake by electing MDC-T councillors into office in 2008, accusing them of bleeding the local authority through graft.


HRT membership officer Regina Bakuri made the remarks during the relaunch of anti-cholera/typhoid taskforce by Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo in Harare yesterday.

The committee comprises Local Government ministry officials, Defence, Youth, Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development, Health, Transport, the President’s Office and the District Development Fund, among others.

“This time, we will make a good decision minister, count on me. Now we know we made a wrong decision (of electing MDC-T councillors),” Bakuri said.

Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who was also present at the meeting, accused residents of having created a “monster” for themselves by voting for the MDC-T councillors.

He said Harare residents had a taste of their own medicine for discarding Zanu PF and siding with the MDC-T.

“She is raising important issues and now the issue of who becomes councillor becomes important. Sometimes we create these problems ourselves. They are your councillors that you voted for and now you realise what you have done. You are having a taste of your own medicine,” Kasukuwere said.

MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai recently accused corrupt party councillors of tarnishing the party image.

Addressing supporters in Torwood, Redcliff, last week, Tsvangirai said the MDC-T would introduce stringent candidate selection criterion during the forthcoming elections to ensure it was represented by candidates of “good repute”.

The MDC-T fired 12 of its elected councillors and suspended 13 others across the country over corruption allegations.

“In the next elections, we are going to deal decisively with this because we are going to try and select the best candidates. We will get people who have managed to achieve something for themselves because if we take people who have failed in their own personal lives, they will get into office and only use the opportunity to loot resources. That will not be allowed,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chombo said the committee would work together with youths so that they clean up the city.


  1. Its good that the MDC-T acknowledges that some of its councillors are really corrupt. However,its efforts to take corrective measures have been hampered by Chombo who refused to remove fired councillors in Chitungwiza. It also brings to fore the issue of candidate credentials when holding primaries. If you put someone who has nothing in such a position it is a recipe for disaster. I know a councillor for ward 7 in Chitungwiza Muchawaya who had nothing but has built himself a monster house in Zengeza One and he now lives a fabulous life. There are so many other examples,so parties should be wary of gold diggers aiming to extricate themselves from the dungeons of poverty by engaging in politics. Politics is a call to serve the people. Let’s work out to kick out these people who now seem to be eternally corrupt.

    • There is nothing wrong bettering yourself when you start earning income. You can built a house and live a better life. But all this should be transparent and should come from your salary not stealing.
      I see a problem here where now people wants politician to be well off, they end up out of touch with people and become greedy.

      It is everyone’s democratic right to get involved in politics and seek public office. If these parties do not want poor people to be politicians, they can then contests as independents.

  2. zanu failed well with no intefence from Chombo during the tavengwa ear, then he brought commision after commision that run the city down, when Mudzuri came, in two weeks you could tell that Harare had changed, that warranted Chombo t flex his muscles and fired him, to day we councils that seek permission for an unelected official to do its work, who is the monster here?

  3. So, the mistake was not voting for MDC-T councillors but voting for the wrong candidates be they whichever party. Let local government issues be based on individual merit rather than the warm blanket of a ‘party’. If this principle is adopted throughout the country, our Zimbabwe will be a very progressive state and safe to live in. We can even afford to have the whole country represented by independents and still move forward at a faster pace than parties that collude to loot all possible wealth from minerals, factories, farms, industries.. and the list is endless.

    • @Pedzi Independent candidates is the way to go. The “warm blanket of a party” as you said tend to make them support each other even if they are performing below our expectations.

      • i also support independent candidates rather thn having a part dominating , thts why most wrong decision are made and supported along part lines

      • There is nothing like a wrong candidate. Laws are enacted to protect the citizens and they must be used for such.
        MDC-T fires corrupt officials and Chombo refuses to fire them. Then how are the citizens protected. The situation is that if an official is found guilty of corruption then he must be charged and removed from office then a by-election must be conducted to replace him.
        This is the only way to deal with corrupt individual and people will see justice. And the one to be elected will respect the electorate and perform.

    • Just accept that MDC T has dismally failed to run any instution they have been entrusted to. The cities country wide are in shambles because of their misplaced priorities and rampant corruption. They were not voted on the basis of their individual capabilities but on party lines. It was the responsibility of MDC T to vet its own before catapulling these corrupt, over zealous, uneducated, greedy and adulterous idiots into positions of authority. Like father like son. Their father Chemababie is like that

      • Tawanda uri kitsi yomunhu.Tanyanyiwa aiba mari kuChitungwiza achitenga maV8 Toyota nemamansion ndewe MDC?Sei asiri mujeri iye akawanikwa nemhosva some months back?Vakuru venyu zvavane mastands more than 2000 in every town/city ndeve MDC?Zvavari kuita recycle maminister ekare akambofoira panga pasina akafunda munyika muno mamwe anotogona kudarika awayo?Vese vakaba mari kuZANU akadzingwa ndiyani wawakanzwa iwe dofo?Usandipe kutaura iwe unofenda ndakuudza izvozvi,kitsi.Mamwe maminister achembera anongoita basa rokukotsira muparamendi ndiko kushanda ikoko?MP wekuGurve zvaanonzi akamitisa musikana [under age]akaitwei?Iwe-e,iwe-eka dofo.

        • I wish the discussion had been how to deal with the subject at hand, the cholera/typhoid outbreak. If it was a campaign rally, then it should have been called so. ZPF looted the city coffers, with Chombo firing elected officials and imposing his own looting mayoress who even took curtains away from a government property. Chombo appoints looters as commissioners who earn hundred times more than ministers or other government officials in order to bankrupt MDC-run councils. Regina should avoid making politics in a situation where politics is not the matter. Typhoid and Cholera were the issues. Don’t go out of topic and claim to represent Harare residents.

    • New councellors vs old council management backed by chombo, pane mimwe misangano taitonzi denga razaruka vakomana. Unity govornment must not be repeated again particularly working with a loser being your boss. The problem we have in the country is the unity government, let us have free and fair elections.

  4. besides the above comments Just take a look at the people who were at the said meeting then you will understand that they were electioneering. True many of MDC T councilors are very corrupt But we applaud the same Mdc for doing something about it .

    • Yes, you are right Jabulani. In ZPF, the corrupt ones actually get promoted. How many properties does Chombo have in the municipalities of our country? And how did he get them and when? It looks like the properties came to him ‘mysteriously’ during the times of his personally appointed Commissions. I think we should call ZPF with its correct, new name, Corruption Unlimited of Zimbabwe (CUZ) Pvt Ltd.

  5. Taurahako jabulani, Mdct inotaura pakanganiswa and it does not comfort losers unlike the gkurhndis, where did they get the money for Gweru Conference monster? where did Chombo got money for vast estates? where did Mpofu got money to own almost the whole of Victoria Falls? Why is munangagwa owning vast mining concession? Mohadhi is enjoying in Bbridge? Why Mugabe is still ruling even death is by statehouse doorsteps? why Shabani is down and thousands of Shabanie pple are now jobless? Why is esar deal still @0? why are they using media alone in a country they claim to be free? why farms and reserves are no go area for other parties?

  6. this regina bakuri 4rm hre residents trust cud b zanu pf & an idiot.zanu pf councillors since 1980 were corrupt bt no checks were made on them bcoz their party ws way 2 corrupt 2 mek those checks. mdc as an accountable party’s unearthing and rooting out all those deemed corrupt, way 2 go mdc & i 4 one wil vote u again in e nxt election

  7. Check the composition of this so called committe, all zanu. Harare was almost wiped out by cholerer during thier time now they think we are stupid. Fuck you regina.

  8. thumbs up to chinja for un earthing corruption.zanu pf think they may fool us by seeing a sperk in mdc-t’s eye ignoring their baobab log in their eyes.sando ku mdc

  9. The corrupt councillors in all cities are being protected by Ignatius Chombo. Zanu PF is wasting its time, the people already know what it is like. Iye Chombo wacho is the most corrupt Minister in Government.

  10. Does this Bakuri stooge know something we don’t know? If she’s not single-handedly going to vote ZANU she should shut up and speak for herself. ZANUoids. Chombo is like al-Qaida in Zim. Because of this man we have seen everything crumble in our cities. What has Chombo achieved in his gazillion years as a minister? Nothing.

  11. All your comments are very good because they reflect different opions. HOWEVER YOU NEED VOTE COME ELECTIONS.GO GO AND VOTE.YOUR VOTE IS NEEDED FOR THE GOOD OF OUR FUTURE. Naamai ambuya vangu varere pachuru,I WILL VOTE IN 2013. TELL YOUR FRIEND AND RELATIVES TO VOTE. So get ready to go and vote.

  12. Regina Bakuri’s point is that in June 2013, let’s interrogate the candidate first before we vote for him or her. When parties do primary elections, they should vet prospective candidates properly. I have written hundreds of articles explaining that Harare and Bulawayo are multi-billion dollars entities. If you then vote for a street vendor [okay, he may be popular, courageous, having been beaten neZANU-PF, arrested ettc], but be prepared to have a city that looks like a flea market. The best one can do is to vote for someone who is trainable or as Regina Bakuri says, with proven experience in civic or business affairs. She never said we must vote for ZANU-PF. We all know its Mugabe and his team who destroyed urban infrastructure, but Morgan and his troopers have been given a chance to prove themselves. You want to try them for another five years? I’d rather try an independent or better still, Ncube’s candidates – provided they prove themselves at primary election first.

    • Right so nw people understand where the mdc is comming from when they r calling for xtra care in in the way primaries are going to be conducted…not only popularity should be considered but experience and other suitabilities.u dont want the most popular rank martial as yo local councillor nw,do yu?

  13. nyangwe vakaita mbavha i will neverb vote 4 zpf never n my life, they are the most corrupt officials in gvt. MDCT has walked the talk because they dismissed those thieves but the opposite side shields its corrupt members shame on them. THI IS THEIR LAST SUPPER 2013 vanorova pasi chete

  14. learn to call a spade a spade and avoid stoping to political mudslingings which have taken us nowhere, i think onthis issue i believe any office holder shud be of good standing and deserving . Zanupf cud nave been corrupt all these years but MDC councillors have become even worse in their short stint in office thats a fact.

  15. Way before MDC the councils led by a different party saw to the detirioration of the council functions. The corruption was worse in that no one REALLY reigned them in. Remember ‘Big Sol’ and the different issuing of city land in an underhand manner?
    Also there has been TOO MUCH interference from the Minister on MDC councils from the time of MUDzuri. When Mudzuri worked hard to improve city amenities, including the now problematic water, he was fired together with a lot of water works staff.
    We do not need simplistic and gullible statements such as the one Regina has made. Icould list for you countles sagas of corruption in the time the other party ran down council- yes ran down- the Gwisai saga, Kanengoni, Tavengwa etc- which were not dealt with in the same manner as is happening today. I actually commend the MDC-T because they fired the corrupt councillors.
    Zimbabweans have to move from being partisan and flatterers and be truthful to revive and bolster our nation. If we continue to be partisan and man pleasers we will not leave a worthwhile legacy for the next generation.

  16. Gentle readers,,,how do we miss issues when they are as clear and open as the back of the goat. The issue here is MDC is corrupt full stop. And to vote for a self confessed party is to dig your own grave. Look, now we are drinking our own urine. Did this happen during zanu era in harare. The problem with MDC boot lickers is that they do not think.

    • Iwe b4 mdc vanhuvakaita korera ende korera inokonzerwa nemvura inemadhoti…..unotoshamisika neweti wakanganwa chazuro nehopeka,manje isu hatina myfriend.

  17. Kasuwere imbava voga ndivo varikudya mari dzeCommunity Shares .Shame to you Kasukuwere.MDC concilors they were taught the game naChombo

  18. Now comrades lets not be fooled by our own regina n her organisation.they dont represent anyone.which residents is she talking about?all the residents of harare?or our own party members in mbare?

  19. Be carefull na Chombo chezanu He is working tirelessly to discredit MDC even using dirty tactics. Dont be fooled by his suits and diplomacy The biggest mistake that the MDC DID WAS TO ACCEPT THE FIRING OF MUDZURI . DAI TANGA TINA VAMUDZURI HARARE INGADAI YAVAKUDADISA BECAUSE PROGRESS YAVAKAITA IN A SHORT SPACE OF TIME WAS AMAIZING. BRING HIM BACK AS A MAYORAL CANDIDATE

  20. MDC has done exceptionally well,both in local authorities and in government.The party has fired those councillors who were found to be greedy and corrupt.Please,Zimbabwean tisakanganwa chezuro ngehope.

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