Dynamos woes mount

PROBLEMS in the Dynamos camp deepened yesterday after the Premiership football club’s board of directors intervened in the negotiations on payment of players without consulting the executive led by Keni Mubaiwa.


The executive engaged players on Tuesday as they sought to agree on how they would be paid following a fruitful season in which they won the league and cup double.

The executive had offered them 40% of the prize money for winning the league title and another 40% for winning the Mbada Diamonds Cup.

The reigning champions pocketed $100 000 for lifting the Mbada Diamonds Cup and another $70 000 from Delta Beverages – who sponsor the league through their Castle Lager brand.

However, the players reportedly felt the offer by the executive fell far short of their expectations and were set to resume talks with the executive yesterday.

But, sources said, the club’s executive members found themselves sidelined from the negotiations following the intervention of the founder members, who constitute the board of directors.

It is said the board of directors met representatives of the players yesterday to negotiate with the players.

Bernard Marriot, the secretary-general of the board of directors, however, denied there were problems in their camp.

“All these reports of problems in pay negotiations are not true. There is nothing like that. I have the team manager Richard Chihoro here with me. There is nothing like that,” he said.

Mubaiwa could not be reached for comment, but sources maintained there was tension in the club following the intervention of members of the board.

The $60 000 which had been offered by the executive was meant to be shared among the 30 players based on merit.

But it is said the players were not happy with the way the money was going to be shared and were united in rejecting the offer the executive had offered.

The latest problems could affect the team’s preparations for next year’s African Champions League.

The Harare giants have not stopped training since their last game against Monomotapa in the Mbada Diamonds Cup final which handed them the trophy to complete the league and cup double for the second year running.

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  1. Hie

    This is what i was saying in the comment i wrote last week, it was obvious to me that there wont be an understanding between players and management. That is the norm in Zimbabwe even if eg a sales rep brings money through sales or orders, what he gets is pathetic the management must be sensible enough and reward these guys they deserve it they are the ones who worked. I am not saying they must get 50 or 60% as they are bargaining for but something close to that so they feel its worth their sweat. Jesus for life and Dembare for blue, blue like sky which God created, water in the sea looks blue which God created, ooh my God is awesome so is Dynamos.

    1. Equating Dynamos to God’s awesomeness is Blasphemy Mr Majaya..

  2. executive musaite mbayo/dont be selfish.give the players their dues!!!!

  3. Development pliz

    I knew it kuti ndokwazvichaenda. Next is the selling and buying of players. Lets have it listed then vane mari votonga ne constitution proper. Gone are the days emacommunity clubs. Vana Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal,Orlando Pirates moved on so why cant Dynamos immitate. Musazopa marombe seredu rekwa Phiri.

    1. I think the players deserve to be paid but they must not be greedy at the same time because the club also needs money for it to start preparations for the champions league.Coz if you look at what the club got its not much and if the players want 40% of $170 000, we are talking about $68 000 to be shared among 30 players which means each player should get at least $2 266.67 which is not bad at all considering our Zimbabwean soccer in terms of remuneration. Dembare forever.I think what needs to be agreed on is the sharing modality because players mustn’t expect to share everything equally with the club owners,where on earth have you ever heard of such a thing.My advise is the money should be shared equally among the 30 players irregardless of performance and then the club should reward its top performers differently.

  4. Give the guys, what is due to them please VaMubaiwa inga manga muchiita zvakanaka wani ko maakurasika papi futi. Please don’t distract the players’ attention by not giving them money. They eke out a living from the game. They have families to look after.

  5. players need to be paid for future games so that they wont be demoralised

  6. Football is a business. Where on earth have you ever seen a company sharing dividends with it’s employees? Players are paid a monthly salary, they are paid winning bonuses for every game won, then to expect a bigger share of the prize money is a bit greedy. At best they should have expected a 13th cheque (Bonus) like every other worker. The club has many other costs to take care of, such as camping fees and allowances which when put together far exceed the prize money for the league and Mbada combined.

  7. whilst i luv Dynamos but it is blasphemy to equate it to God. The 2 are different and distinct. musadherera Mwari veduweee. The Dynamos of yesterday is not the same as the Dynamos of today and tumoro. But Mwari wedu haachinje. He is the same yesterday, today and tumoro.

  8. Dembare ngaibudise mari apa fasta! Playing soccer is different frm other professions thats why we hav winning bonuses, signing on fees, transfer fees, agents & contracts. 13th cheques r 4 admin staff not players. Soccer profession is very short hence mus b enjoyed whl it last.

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